The mist is clearing

When, early in 2009, I first started voicing my suspicions of the European far-right parties as a Zionist front to distract attention away from anti-Zionist groups, I received much opposition, mainly from racists who saw immigrants as enemies rather than potential recruits. Now, approaching the end of 2009, it is much more evident why Jews are more worried about immigration than anyone else:

I find it hard to believe that some people still believe that Zionists want to replace existing populations with immigrants – who are on the whole more aware of Jewish crimes than locals - since it does not benefit Jewish interests to do so. It makes much more sense to consider that Zionists want to create a situation in which immigrants can become an easy scapegoat, so that on one hand people do not bother to learn about Jewish crimes, and on the other hand people vote for far-right parties, all of which are more pro-Zionist than the current governments.This speculation is supported by recent enemy propaganda. The following essays by BNP supporter (Zionist agent?) Reconquista have been popular:

Here are some extracts (my bold):

what is happening in the world now – and has been happening for at least fifty years – amounts to a holocaust against western civilisation and the two peoples who advanced humanity more than any other: The Whites and the Jews.

under Multiculturalism, every single race has the right to live where they choose all except two: Whites … and Jews

there is no depth to which these devious and conniving pity-filled tyrants will not stoop to always prove their ideology is right, that other races are always the victims and that whites and Jews are always strong, evil, ignoble oppressors

The Jews, just like whites, are affected by self-loathing, guilt and self-hatred

the Jews are one very creative, highly intelligent people, a Titan race just like the British. Look at what the Israelis have achieved in just sixty years. … You know what? I think that other Titan races could emulate their brilliant achievement

Can you figure out what is going on? Do you remember me predicting this move long ago?

If the Jews have been such a threat throughout British history and they damaged Great Britain so badly, well how did Great Britain manage to build the greatest Empire the world has ever seen?

Our claim is not that Jews have damaged Britain, but that Jews and British have been consistent collaborators in damaging the whole world. Funnily enough, Reconquista himself implicitly agrees:

let’s remember that the systems of commerce that brought trade all around the Empire and contributed to Britain’s wealth were developed in the main by Jews.

When our enemies boast about their own tribalism, all we need to do is quote them.

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