The last word on Marxism

I recently added a link to this page on the main site:

but I feel it is important enough to also post here for extra emphasis, the reason being that over the years I have been (as regular readers will have surely witnessed) slandered as a “Marxist”/”communist” more times than I can count, both by sundry uneducable useful idiots and by occasional deliberately trolling Zionist agents, whereas I myself have been insisting the entire time that the racist far-right are the true Bolsheviks of the 21st century, also on this page:

and in many blog comments (not to mention at times having to resort to pointing at pop culture Soviet caricatures such as Ivan Drago(!) and Zangief(!!) to get my point across…..)

Finally, a renowned Marxist scholar has taken the trouble to write an article which, in effect, declares me to have been correct all along and those who call today’s leftists “Marxists”/”communists” to have never had the slightest clue what they are talking about. He himself is significantly sympathetic to the Alt-Right, which just further rests my case as to where 21st century Bolshevism is to be found:

Marx Would Line Today’s Leftists Up Against the Wall and Shoot Them

Slavoj Zizek, the world’s most famous living Marxist theorist, wrote an interesting column in the Independent the other day. He defended the alt-right and populist right-wing figures like Steve Bannon by saying that they represent a genuine form of class consciousness, in other words they understand that their primary enemies are the bourgeois globalist elite who currently control the establishment of both parties.

In Marxist thought, the lumpenproletariat are proletarians (that is: workers) who lack class consciousness … Black Lives Matter activists are often deployed against the alt-right and other working class whites to instill violence and shut down their pro-worker rallies — does this not make Black Lives matter the very definition of lumpenproles?

As for the LGBT movement, … they focus exclusively on homosexuality, transsexuality, and other non-hetero sexualities that were illegal in most Marxist countries because they were considered a form of bourgeois sexual deviancy. And judging by today’s society, it seems the Marxists were right about that. …

Immigrant rights groups, which represent a powerful faction within today’s left, don’t give a damn about worker’s issues. …

Lastly, we have violent far-left groups like Antifa and By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). Who are they made up of? Go into any working class community and try to find a chapter of either of these groups — good luck.

This, overall, holds true for the rest of the left: none of them have a class consciousness, they are all either rich boujee kids from the suburbs or lumpenproletariat who have been fooled into believing that hating whitey or straight people is more important than class struggle. If anything, if a modern Marxist revolution actually happened in the West, all of these groups would be lined up against the wall and shot as traitors to class struggle. So how could any truly class-conscious movement like the alt-right or the populist right take the modern left seriously?

You may recall that I made virtually the same assertion long ago when I invited readers to imagine what Stalin or Mao would think of today’s leftists. Frankly, it’s not a difficult thought experiment.

The most important thing to remember is that Hitler, who should indeed be remembered  for his fight against Marxism, was fighting against the real Marxism as is accurately depicted by the above article, not what Red Pill junkies erroneously call “Marxism” today. It is precisely those useful idiots who imagine that Hitler was fighting against Red-Pill-hallucinatory ”Marxism” who necessarily presume that Hitler’s ideology was the same as neo-Nazism. On the other hand, it is those who understand that Hitler was fighting against the real Marxism who have an easier time beginning to understand authentic National Socialism.

In short, I wholly agree with the title of the linked article: yes, Marx would line today’s leftists up against a wall and shoot them. I only add: fortunately, Hitler would shoot Marx before Marx could shoot today’s leftists.

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  1. Otto says:

    I am not a “National Socialist” by the way… I dont have nation to belong to.

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