The Katie Hopkins cultists

Recently more media attention has been given to far-right arson attacks on asylum centres, but we actually also have another problem going on – refugee dinghies being rammed and otherwise attacked by far-right speedboats:

I hope this serves as a wakeup call on how far behind we are in organizing. Consider the kind of equipment the far-right have compared to the equipment we have. It’s not funny. If there is anything at all relating to the crisis that anyone reading this can help us with, please contact us:

I repeat: the establishment governments are not on our side; if they were, they would be deploying naval vessels as an emergency ferry service so that refugees would not need to travel in dinghies in the first place. It’s ridiculous for the establishment governments to complain about “people smugglers” while not using the most obvious method to put them out of business literally overnight: namely by offering the refugees a safer and cheaper service than the smugglers can offer. This would have the additional benefit of regulating the inflow of refugees to a steady, orderly pace, which would be much easier for accomodation staff to then handle than the current uneven flow with sudden spikes and troughs leading to bottlenecks and other trivially avoidable logistical problems. (Not to mention it would mean that lifejackets could actually be re-used.) I refuse to believe that mere administrative incompetence is behind this. It is much more likely that establishment governments WANT such logistical problems to occur so that they can then show it on the news every day as part of their plan to deliberately incite far-right backlash.

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  1. Osaka Ali says:

    Here is my simple 4-step plan to end this crisis:

    1. Open your wallet.
    2. Take out the Rothschild-sanctioned-fiat money.
    3. Light it on fire.
    4. Tell your friends to do the same.

    It’s just … that … easy.

  2. RY says:

    @Osaka Ali


  3. Osaka Ali says:

    @RY … indeed.

    “In fundamental questions his (Feder’s) statements were so full of common sense that those who criticized him did not deny that AU FOND his ideas were sound but they doubted whether it be possible to put these ideas into practice. To me this seemed the strongest point in Feder’s teaching, though others considered it a weak point.” – Mein Kampf p. 174

    … whether it be possible …

    More to the point, my impression is that wallets WILL actually have to be opened, either to discard the contents or disburse them as productively as possible in order to advance the movement. If Aryanists are going to go ‘toe-to-toe’ against the predatory horde, then those of us who will not be joining them must provide support, in whatever form, even before – especially before – they arrive on the line. Logistics pre-positioning precedes employment of tactics.

  4. RY says:



  5. Alex Alexander says:


    I read the comments on the article you posted, they’re pretty interesting… they’re mostly stupid.

  6. Alex Alexander says:

    There was a shooting in San Bernardino in my home state of California!!!

    What do you guys think?

  7. AS says:


    It’s too soon to tell what really happened, but in general, be skeptical of any such attack where the alleged “attackers” are killed on the spot and hence made unable to testify (and possibly challenge the official story). Initial eyewitnesses agreed that there were three shooters; now eyewitnesses are suddenly unanimously saying that there were only two shooters…………

    Obviously the Islamophobes are going to use this as propaganda. If you are nearby, please visit your local Islamic community centres and encourage the locals to purchase firearms and ammunition ASAP if they haven’t already. Some time back I remember a report about a right-wing gun store in the US refusing to sell firearms to Muslims – this might become more widespread in the near future, and with government backing too (Obama is already talking about prohibiting some people from purchasing firearms), so it is likely to become more difficult for Muslims to purchase firearms later. They should also stock some extra non-perishable food and other products, just in case:

    (JAM also made an excellent video on equipment many years ago, which I sent to Lucius earlier; you can get it from him if you want.)

    Also, many Muslims do not vote; I admire this on principle, but if Trump becomes the Republican nominee for 2016, we will need every vote against him that we can get. So this is another thing you could talk to them about.

    Another thing you could do is organize a paramilitary group that can protect your local neighbourhood in the event of chaos – talk to Pandorastop for advice on how to do this.

  8. Alex Alexander says:


    Yes, The gun store the refused to sell Muslims weapons was right here in Florida!

    Most Most Muslims live in Democrat areas. There is a county in Florida, called Polk County, and it’s mostly Republican except for the northeastern corner which is Democrat.

    So the situation is very serious right now for that county.

    I hope I can act on it.

  9. John Johnson says:


    George Zimmerman, the person who killed Trayvon Martin and lit the powder keg for recent inter-ethnic discord in America (his acquittal triggered the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement), has teamed up with Andy Hallinan, the anti-Muslim gun store owner. Zimmerman has also jumped on the pro-Confederate flag bandwagon.

  10. Alex Alexander says:

    OK, so that all occurred in Florida. Where do I begin now?

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