The False Left is finished

Our enemies acknowledge decisive True Left victory over False Left:

Twitter users have decided that the reason she survived two years in hiding and her journal, The Diary of Anne Frank, became a legend is because of her “white privilege.”

I agree with this.

Critical Race Theory cannot cope with the Holocaust so it pretends those killed were oppressors.

They were oppressors! (Whether or not they were killed is uncertain.)

learning about the Holocaust is seen as “Jewish privilege” as well.

The “Holocaust” is the only narrative about any event in the entire totality of world history that one can be imprisoned for investigating. This tells you everything you need to know about it.

No doubt, most of those supporting this crap are Leftists and Muslims, who themselves should be considered the Nazis and IslamoNazis of the 21st Century.

This was my plan all along.

Needless to say, Jews are panicking:

The Russian atrocities in Ukraine are mainly being committed against white people. Should we also consider that despite their suffering, they also have white privilege?

YES, FFS!!! (and below) (and below)

Another panicking Jew:

For if the victim is a white girl whose father was a businessman, then she cannot possibly be oppressed. And if she later became famous, then surely she must have had connections that helped her pave the way to stardom.

Firstly, thank you for agreeing that Jews are indeed “white”. Secondly:

The Diary of a Young Girl – Wikipedia

In 1950, the Dutch translator Rosey E. Pool made a first translation of the diary

Rosey E. Pool – Wikipedia

Rosey Pool was born and raised in a secular Jewish family in Amsterdam.


The Diary of Anne Frank (play) – Wikipedia

The play was produced by Kermit Bloomgarden and directed by Garson Kanin

Garson Kanin – Wikipedia

He was of Jewish descent.[2]


The Diary of Anne Frank (1959 film) – Wikipedia

A fiftieth-anniversary edition of the film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 16, 2009, three months after its actual release anniversary, in commemoration of what would have been Anne Frank’s 80th birthday.[14] It included seven major new featurettes: three cast interviews, a behind-the scenes look at the score, two short documentaries about George Stevens’ memories from the war and the history of the diary, and a perspective piece on the film’s legacy by Thomas Rothman.[15]

Tom Rothman – Wikipedia

Rothman was born in to a Jewish family[17][18][19] in Baltimore, Maryland.


Anne (play) – Wikipedia

Written by
Anne Frank, Leon de Winter, Jessica Durlacher

Leon de Winter – Wikipedia

Leon de Winter was born on 24 February 1954 in Den Bosch, in the southern Netherlands. He grew up in a Jewish orthodox family

Jessica Durlacher – Wikipedia

Her father is the sociologist and writer Gerhard Durlacher, who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp.


So, yes?

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9 Responses to The False Left is finished

  1. Twin Ruler says:

    What is the purpose of Holocaust Education? The purpose of Holocaust Education is to teach students to hate Germany, Germans, and all things German. That is its only goal. Now, the Ashkenazi Jews carried out many, many of the same types of crimes against Humanity and military atrocities usually associated with the Germans and the National Socialists. Still, when the Ashkenazi did it, it was done over in Russia and in the name of “Communism”. The Ashkenazi were not above setting up Prison Camps either, and even sent their victims there, via cattle cars, to be tortured, butchered, and worked to death in the most horrid ways one can envision!

    Suffice, Jews are only sore that the National Socialists did to them, what they, the Ashkenazi Jews in particular, liked to do to other people. They are so obsessed with The Holocaust. They are so obsessed with seeking revenge for The Holocaust, that they overlook the fact that The Holocaust was, itself, an act of revenge for Jewish Bolshevism!

  2. Twin Ruler says:

    It is really intriguing how the whole narrative of The Second World War changes over time. They now say that the Nazis were pro-Muslim of all things, even letting Arabs into the Waffen SS. This, of course, seems rather illogical. It contradicts the earlier claim that the Nazis were Nordicists and Aryanists. I wonder who is writing the history books, these days? One really has to ask that question.

    They really cannot keep their story straight. More over, though they claim there is no other atrocity quite like The Holocaust, what supposedly happened in The Holocaust always sounded to me like Standard Operating Procedure of, of all things, Marxist regimes like Soviet Russia and Red China– except, of course, for the magical gas chambers and the soap made of Human fat. One needs to develop a sense of humor about all of this. What do the rest of you think of that? I wonder!

  3. AS says:

    “They now say that the Nazis were pro-Muslim of all things”

    We were already saying this in the 00s. The mainstream belatedly caught up.

    “It contradicts the earlier claim that the Nazis were Nordicists and Aryanists.”

    The Nordicist faction within the NSDAP was never particularly fond of either Muslims or Christians, since they wanted to return Germany to paganism which they believed came from Hyperborea.

    There is no contradiction between Aryanism and a positive view towards Muslims. Only Eurocentrist useful idiots believe there is a contradiction:

    “I wonder who is writing the history books, these days? One really has to ask that question.”

  4. Twin Ruler says:

    That is really weird. Seems to me that Islam is a more fanatical sect of Judaism. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. CX says:

    I agree with the idea that National Socialism at it’s root was not racist in the traditional sense. I think however, Aryanism itself as a concept stems more from the Hyperborean archetype. This archetype is also obviously connected to the white skin/blonde hair look. That doesn’t mean that nobility is intrinsically a “white” thing, but this site often comes of almost as anti Nordic, which is silly to me. We should recognize as authentic National Socialists that the importance of this ideal is still present. However, it is not necessarily a birthright, it is the spirit within someone that influences their physical perspective as well as looks if you know how biokensis works and things of that nature. Also may I ask what has happened to the main site and its contents?

  6. AS says:

    “I think however, Aryanism itself as a concept stems more from the Hyperborean archetype.”




    The influential Russian philosopher, mystic, and radical political theorist Aleksandr Dugin has “touted ancient legends about the sunken city of Atlantis and the mythical civilisation Hyperborea” in defense of his vision of a Russian Empire that might span from Vladivostok in the East to Dublin at the Western edge of Europe. “He believes Russia is the modern-day reincarnation of the ancient ‘Hyperboreans’ – who need to stand at odds with the modern-day ‘Atlanteans’, the United States.[46] Dugin long demonstrated a belief in “Hyperboreans” having published The Hyperborean Theory (1992).[47][48]

    “this site often comes of almost as anti Nordic”

    See also:

  7. CX says:

    Yeah I think trust Serrano’s take more than yours. But I digress you are probably serving your own interests as are many.

  8. Manuel Nigao says:

    Ah I see you fools are still LARPing as National Socialists! Ahahaha!

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