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President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for the next U.S. Ambassador to Israel is drawing wide-ranging reactions from jubilant praise to heated criticism.

Trump’s choice, David Friedman, holds distinctly conservative views in direct opposition to long-standing U.S. policy positions. Friedman opposes a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, actively supports Israeli settlements and advocates for Israel’s annexation of the West Bank, maintaining that the occupied Palestinian Territories are not occupied.

Friedman, who has no career experience with either policy or diplomacy, is an Orthodox Jewish lawyer who advised Trump during the campaign. A close friend and confidant of Trump, he specialized in bankruptcy law and represented Trump in his investments in Atlantic City casinos.

He serves as one of the co-chairmen of the Israel Advisory Committee to Trump, alongside Jason Greenblatt, another Orthodox Jewish lawyer from New York City.

In an op-ed Friday in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, its U.S. editor Chemi Shalev argued that Friedman “makes Netanyahu seem like a left-wing defeatist.”

Netanyahu’s main political rival, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, wished Friedman good luck Friday, describing him as “a great friend of Israel.”

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely “welcomed” the nomination of Friedman on her Facebook page Friday, describing it as “good news for Israel.”

Among those who have also congratulated Friedman is the Zionist Organization of America, whose president, Morton Klein, said Friedman has “the potential to be the greatest U.S. ambassador to Israel ever.”

Matt Brooks, executive director of the lobbying group Republican Jewish Coalition, tweeted “great choice!”

“David is someone who understands the President’s vision and will strengthen the US-Israel relationship,” Brooks wrote.

Friedman, as the president of the American Friends of Bet El Institutions, associated with the Jewish settlement of Bet El, has consistently and actively supported the construction of new settlements. Friedman, already a frequent visitor, also owns property in Jerusalem.

“I think the West Bank was captured from Jordan in a defensive war,” he told ABC News at an October Trump rally in Israel. “The Jordanians haven’t sought to repatriate that land so I think; I’m a lawyer, under international law I don’t think these settlements are illegal.”

Trump’s take: In an interview with Israel’s Army Radio, Jason Greenblatt, co-chairman of the Trump campaign’s Israel Advisory Committee, said, “It is certainly not Mr. Trump’s view that settlement activities should be condemned and that it is an obstacle for peace, because it is not an obstacle for peace.”

“The view is that the Israeli electorate is a peace-loving electorate, a very informed electorate,” he said. “They choose their leaders very carefully. It’s a very robust democracy and ultimately they have to live with the consequences. And so the position of the Trump Administration will be to support the decision of the Israeli people to achieve peace as they see fit.”

“The era of Palestinian State is over,” right-wing politician Naftali Bennett declared after the election.

He may be right.

Western civilization must die. If you want to help make this happen within our own lifetimes – trust me, it can be done; we just need enough people willing to do the work – please send in a contact form:

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  1. Moon Man says:


  2. Lucius Rhine says:

    ^ Exhibit A. White Nationalist Patriotard Useful idiot admitting he has no problem with Israel or the Jewish problem.

  3. handschar says:

    Whilst it was Roosevelt who banned Muslims from entering America, Hitler welcomed all Muslims into the Reich. The Wehrmacht was tasked with rebuilding all the mosques that the Communists had destroyed.

    Whereas Trump is merely following hundreds of years of historically American and British hostility toward the Muslim religion, Germany had good relations with Islam for over 200 years. The entire Muslim world and the Third Reich was ready to confront the common enemies of National Socialism and Islam. Please note this fact.

  4. Kasper says:

    Actually it would be nice if we could mix right wing violence together with leftie movements for example BDS people with same attitude like golden dawn just turned against Jews and not Muslims

  5. AS says:

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists that there is nothing wrong with his controversial policy of building Jewish towns in occupied areas that the Palestinians, with overwhelming world support, claim for their state. But Friday’s U.N. rebuke was a stark reminder that the rest of the world considers it a crime. The embattled leader is now placing his hopes in the incoming administration of Donald Trump, which is shaping up as the first major player to embrace Israel’s nationalist right and its West Bank settlements.


    “all the mosques that the Communists had destroyed”

    Nowadays far-right propaganda often absurdly calls pro-Islam people “communists”. But you don’t even need to go back to WWII to know that Islam and communism were enemies; this was the case even during the Cold War.

    “Trump is merely following hundreds of years of historically American and British hostility toward the Muslim religion”

    handschar, please do everything you can to make sure all Muslims and all sympathetic non-Musims in every country where Muslims could be targeted by far-right violence own and are trained in the use of firearms. I hope I am wrong, but I seriously fear that they may be needing these for self-defence within the foreseeable future.

    Rightists are no longer mentally sound. In the recent Berlin truck attack, rightists (following Trump’s example) were blaming Muslims for it before any information about the event had even had time to come in, immediately believed the police had caught the perpetrator when the police wrongly arrested the initial “suspect”, just because the guy was said to have been from Pakistan, and now they continue to support the official story despite all the usual marks of an obvious false flag (eventual scapegoat’s “suspect’s” ID document conveniently found inside truck, scapegoat “suspect” shot dead before he had a chance to testify, etc.). And they, even after a year, STILL believe in the “Colocaust” FFS!!!!! Trying to reason with them to get them to stop being Islamophobic is generally a waste of time. Our time is better spent preparing their potential victims to be able to stand their ground.

  6. kasper says:

    Moon man: I have been in the WN camp,

    thanks to i really woke up and saw how dumb so called nationalists are

    They actually wasting 90% of their resources drawing mohammad getting fucked by a goat or whining about how Muslims treat fags and don’t like feminism?

    Jews often say The quran and mein kampf are the same but according to WN and islamophobes it must be “white genocide”

    well read the quran and make your own mind
    for example when allah call jews for apes and pigs, he is right

    i must be honest and say it took me a bit time before I changed my mind and agreed on the things says.. i agree with aryanism in almost everything .. except the part about homosexuality and gender roles

    Afghanistan has been in constant war for four decades, with endless tragedies in infinitely many families in infinitely many years. Of which the most arduous wars were lay down on the afghans by the Western countries. This latest Russia, followed by the United States.

    Both of which used Afghanistan as a geopolitical playground.

    The consequence is severe damage to the naturalness on the population. Ability to respect the other have been harmed. Both the man and the woman. Where then is the woman as the nearest and weakest who easily is the victim in the end. When human rights organizations from the Western world will come rushing in with their cry for women’s liberation and the like …. Should they direct their accusations against their own governments shown cynicism in relation to the Afghan people …!

  7. AS says:


    “I have been in the WN camp, thanks to i really woke up”

    I am glad to hear this.

    “read the quran and make your own mind for example when allah call jews for apes and pigs, he is right”

    Actually that is an insult to apes and pigs based on anthropocentrism, which itself is a Judaic attitude. Hitler said it infiniftely better:

    “The Jew is what is least similar to the animal on this earth.” – Adolf Hitler

    That the Uthmanic Koran contains anthropocentrism is evidence that it was corrupted with Judaism. The real Mohammed, like Hitler, did not consider other animals inferior to humans (and had if anything an impression of the contrary):

    “There is not an animal on the earth, nor a flying creature on two wings, but they are people like unto you.” – Mohammed

    “A ridden animal might be better than its rider and might remember and mention God more than its rider does.” – Mohammed

    This is why we need to restore the Jamia. (Saifullah is supposed to be working on this, but if anyone else wants to get involved, please send in a contact form.)

    “i agree with aryanism in almost everything .. except the part about homosexuality and gender roles”

    If you agree with Original Nobility, how can you not oppose traditional gender roles, considering that higher neoteny means lower sexual dimorphism?

    If you agree with the prehistoric root races, how can you not oppose traditional gender roles, considering that gender-based occupational divergence is a feature of hunting-gathering lifestyle, whereas convergence is a feature of subsistence farming lifestyle?

    If you agree that the Tanakh is the epitome of evil, how can you not oppose homophobia (which is explicitly taught in the Tanakh)?

    If you agree with the duty to treat people as individuals, how can you not oppose both traditional gender roles and homophobia, which by definition fail to treat people as individuals?

  8. Sam says:

    I agree with Kasper. I still have a hard time accepting homosexuals. I agree that they shouldn’t be harmed or persecuted but we shouldn’t endorse their unnatural behavior.

  9. Lucius Rhine says:


    There’s your problem.

    Also you’re missing the point. Platonic, romantic love has nothing to do with sexual or gender identity. It is liking them for their personality. On the website we use sexual preference to denote people’s sexual tastes. The point has been made very clear.

    Aryanists make decisions based on morality. Is it moral to commit the act of coitus? Well, is it consensual? Yes? Does it commit violence (violate another’s will)? No? Then the Aryanist would have no reason to take issue with “homosex.”

    The fact that I have to spend time writing here only goes to show the magnitude of the Aryan struggle.

  10. AS says:


    “I agree with Kasper.”

    You are also welcome to answer the questions that I asked kasper at the end of my previous comment.

    “I still have a hard time accepting homosexuals.”

    If you eat food cooked by a chef of the same gender as yourself and someone starts calling you “homoculinary”, or if you see a doctor of the same gender as yourself and someone starts calling you “homomedical”, would you take them seriously? Taking the term “homosexual” seriously is no better. These are all abstractions that weaken the perception of people as individuals, including of couples simply as two individuals who have chosen each other. The only correct way to judge a couple is by the nobility of their reasons for choosing each other.

    Bonus music:

    “we shouldn’t endorse their unnatural behavior”

    What behaviour would that be? Give details. And what do you mean by “unnatural” and why should we care?


    “Platonic, romantic love”

    Note that the two are not the same thing. We go with romantic love in any conflict between the two. Here is an excerpt from an old private conversation on this subject in case you are interested:

    The problem I have with Plato’s version is that it represents love (and, by extension, the person whom one supposedly loves) as a tool for personal development, so that those primarily concerned with personal development will then approach love with this notion consciously or subconsciously in mind, thereby already contaminating the whole thing. I don’t deny that love can sometimes aid in personal development, but personal development must never be the objective of love.


    These days we read depressing stories almost every day of far-right bullying most of which goes unpunished, so here is one small piece of good news to end the year, letting us know that retribution is not entirely dead:

  11. Andalucian Warrior says:

    lol. I could see that Mosque from my bedroom window before I moved.

  12. handschar says:

    [quote] Kevin Crehan was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court in July for racially-aggravated public disorder. [...] The prison service has declined to give any further details of the circumstances of his death. [end quote]

    In making an example of its own patsies, the British government can pretend it is operating a lawful system. It has no issue with creating propaganda designed to make people mentally unstable and dangerous, using those people to initiate acts of violence, then disposing of them using its legal institutions.

    The Zionist patsy served his purpose as a tool of the British government and was then disposed of.

  13. AS says:


    Do you have to be so cynical? Can’t you let people imagine that it might have been a heroic fellow prisoner who did it? Mythical resonance is good for Aryan blood memory!

    (Now if only Paul Weston could be put in the same prison…..)

  14. Board owner says:

    If the killing of that prisoner is an approved act, how far can such logic be taken? If, as in gnosticism, we are all prisoners of the material illusion, is the killing of any jewish inmate justified? Is it even possible for the killing of a jew to be a dishonourable action?

  15. AS says:


    “If, as in gnosticism, we are all prisoners of the material illusion, is the killing of any jewish inmate justified?”

    In Gnosticism, the material prison was created and is sustained by the Demiurge/Devil whom Jews worship as Yahweh. The rest is covered here:

    As fellow prisoners in one prison, we all start out on the same side; our only valid enemies among one another are those who choose to “sell out” and side with our imprisoner by losing empathy for other prisoners

    “Is it even possible for the killing of a jew to be a dishonourable action?”

    It is not possible. And as usual I hasten to qualify firstly that children born – necessarily without their own consent – to Jewish parents are emphatically NOT Jews unless they themselves declare that they are, including by reproducing (to otherwise assume that that are Jews would be dishonourable), and secondly that what is honourable does not presently coincide with what is legal, and I am not here recommending illegal behaviour; our aim is political influence to change what is legal such that it finally matches what is honourable.

  16. handschar says:

    „Der Idee der NSDAP entsprechend sind wir die deutsche Linke. Nichts ist uns verhasster als der rechtsstehende nationale Besitzbürgerblock.“ Joseph Goebbels

  17. RY. says:

    @Board Owner


  18. Sam says:

    What I mean by unnatural is human anatomy based on the fact that two people of the same sex obviously don’t have genital organs to engage in sexual intercourse with one another. Plus certain laws have to be in order to regulate unethical sexual practices such as necrophilia, bestiality, pedophilia, etc. I guess my beliefs on homosexuality came from growing up in a religious household. I was once very homophobic. I met only a few homosexuals and like you mentioned I was able see them as individuals and the quality of their character.

  19. Lucius Rhine says:

    The only laws that should guide the individual personality through life is the laws of universal ethics. Where consent cannot be dutifully and honorably given, no action can be taken. This necessarily applies to animals, corpses, and children. You put 2 and 2 together. (Why are we discussing this when Trump will be inaugurated in less than 3 weeks?)

  20. AS says:


    Thanks for the quote! Added to the main site.


    “What I mean by unnatural is human anatomy based on the fact that two people of the same sex obviously don’t have genital organs to engage in sexual intercourse with one another.”

    A blind person obviously doesn’t have the optical organs to watch TV. Does that mean it is “unnatural” for a blind person to just listen to the TV? If you were blind, wouldn’t you still want to listen to your favourite show? And wouldn’t you consider it absurd if non-blind people called you “queer” for doing so?

    If it’s the anal/oral/etc. stuff that you dislike for hygeine reasons, that’s a separate issue, but do you also dislike these when done between a male and a female? If so, then you would actually get some sympathy from me, because I personally also find these (regardless of gender) aesthetically disgusting, though I find the vaginal stuff no less disgusting….. But at least the anal/oral/etc. don’t gamble with bringing in a completely innocent victim:


    “Where consent cannot be dutifully and honorably given, no action can be taken.”

    This is correct.

    “This necessarily applies to animals”

    What if the animal initiates?


    What if people give consent during life about what can be done with their corpse? How is permission for the bereaved to have sex with the corpse different than permission for the bereaved to cremate the corpse, ethically speaking?


    I assume you mean infants.

    “(Why are we discussing this when Trump will be inaugurated in less than 3 weeks?)”

    To defeat Trump, we must first destroy the metapolitical foundations on which his political success was built up. Homophobia is very popular in the Alt-Right, so even the slightest hint of concession to them on this issue (as on any other) will be perceived by them as weakness on our side and further embolden them on all other issues.

  21. Board owner says:


    Have you confused me for someone else? Maybe you’re thinking of something related to the ‘official’ Aryanist board being made by another person.

    As for other discussion here, nobody should feel compelled to waste time answering these but I am curious. If there is life after death in some way, can we have sex with ghosts? I imagine they are unable to bear children too, so would it be more ethical or whatever, considering the lack of childbirth consequently? In case you’re wondering, such activity would be classed as phantasmophilia, not necrophilia.

  22. RY. says:

    @Board Owner


  23. Lucius Rhine says:


    In the case of animals I would suppose that would be up to the individual’s preference. Quite tricky since the animal cannot ask verbally. In the case of corpses, prior consent would also necessarily allow the designated person(s) to engage in sexual acts with. And yes, I did mean infants, children can obviously consent.

    How I feel about this? It’s all none of my business, but if asked for council I would advise against it; just as I would advise against any sexual act at all, if the situation didn’t require it.


    Life after death in some way, can we have sex with ghosts?

    God forbid, I would sure hope any conceivable life after death would not involve corporeal form – else I would assume I am in another universe created by YHWH and would continue my struggle henceforth.

  24. Lucius Rhine says:

    And that’s what you get when you don’t close HTML markup, folks.

  25. Satya says:

    You are insane. Functionally and totally insane. We have a duty to provide human births to those who still need them. Stay true to the earth.

    Also it is a sign of sickness and depravity to even think in the direction of children, animals or corpses. The fouling of the waters pure and simple. The keeping of the waters and the keeping of the fire are the original “Aryan” practices. The waters are the desires that are to be pure and untainted by a lust in deprecation, pain and domination. The fire is the mind aligning with the universal sound stream and the one mind. Remembering truth always, shedding all lying always, staying in prayer always, questioning always. Ashem vohu vahista asti. Also when aligning with the good mind, integrity and good governance, the soul responds in devotion, satisfaction and bliss.

    I will leave this board now. Aryanism is insanc and not better than what it opposes. It IS exactly Judaism: There is a dispersion of a chosen super-tribe of special people into all the nations. These people should actually rule the planet and this is just because they are qualitative better when they have a certain facial angle and bone structure. This bone structure and blood makes their behavior automatically just and noble.

    Case in point:

    Cute and neotenous he is looking, is he not? And a muslim, so he should know not to rape. And yet a no empathy predator. Say what. How can this be with this pretty neotenous face, can you explain that?

    Drop the bloodline non-sense and focus on truth and actual cultivation. I am out.

  26. Lucius Rhine says:

    As AS said, sexual acts, in whatever form, are disgusting. But you’re likening rape to consensual sex, so you’re welcome to leave.

  27. Moon Man says:


  28. AS says:


    “can we have sex with ghosts?”

    This is a major Mohist literary theme, and one of my personal favourite romantic genres.


    “God forbid, I would sure hope any conceivable life after death would not involve corporeal form – else I would assume I am in another universe created by YHWH and would continue my struggle henceforth.”

    Miguel Serrano also tried his best to describe this phenomenon in words, though as usual he makes it unnecessarily complicated:

    “(“if God desires I shall love you even more dead,” Elizabeth Barrett Browning) presenting him with hard tests. On leaving, she has left him pregnant with Eternity. Because “she has opened his heart as with a dagger and been installed there. And he already will not have another companion other than her, to the dark depths of the grave.” And “in all the battles he fights, she will fight in him.” And “if he is loyal to her to the death, only good fortune will accompany him.”
    The way of Esoteric Widowhood is hard and glorious. It is marked by the chastity of Knights of the Gral.
    In all this an essential difference is insinuated between the ways of Viril Initiation and Feminine Initiation, both of A-Mor. At death, she risks her eternity, since she has given it to her Lover. Only if he wins, gives birth to the Son of Death, if he becomes eternal, clothing his Astral Body with immortal matter, imperishable, Vajra, as if the weapon in hand forces the departure, will he be in a position to resurrect it, to return it to life, to make it immortal as well. She leaves married and with his face on her soul. The face of the Beloved, having to continue the way of his initiation, of his immortalization, alone on the other side, but telepathically united with him, as his Valkyrie.” – Miguel Serrano

    Just listen to the song. It is so much more intuitive. (And this isn’t even the best one yet!)

  29. Sam says:

    You made your point clear that we should be focused on more important issues such as the election of Trump. I have already published a bill that I will forward to congressional officials to destroy the zio banking system. If you ask Alex, I have sent him a copy. I ask you to read it and let me know if there are any flaws. I believe a major step to defeat international jewry and zionism is by eliminating their financial means to do so.

  30. Monique says:

    @AS you’re a paedophile???you like children?

    here are plenty of perverted freakheads out there. why entice them? being a victim of a pædophile, i can tell you it f***x u up for life! I can pray all I want, the damage is never going anywhere. the dirty indescribable feelings and the confusion of motive will always haunt me unless i have a lobotomy. i saw a documentary of deaf children at a Catholic school who were all grown up and had to sign about their experiences being victimized by a priest. I am still a Catholic but I will never understand what makes an adult a).feel sex toward a child and b). then feel they are entitled to give into in their curséd urges instead of making the child’s well being the priority.

  31. AS says:


    “they are qualitative better when they have a certain facial angle and bone structure”

    I do not ask for face photos when people send in contact forms.


    Which Alex? Anyway, I trust PACPO to handle this competently, so unless they are stuck, I would rather leave them to it. Thanks for your work.


    The reason you became a victim of a paedophile is because society taught you that adults have authority over children, which is the unavoidable implication when society does not consider the consent of children to be valid. If we taught children instead that they are not lesser entities than adults and that their own choice is what matters, countless more children would have the self-confidence to forcefully reject UNWELCOME sexual advances from adults, and that would mean far fewer victims. “No” really means “no” only when “yes” really means “yes”. Don’t forget that I also advocate children carrying firearms. If you had lived in my society, you would have been able in self-defence to shoot your rapist, and that is exactly what you deserved to have been able to do, BUT WHICH THE PRESENT-DAY SYSTEM DENIED YOU.

    You were a victim INSIDE THIS PRESENT-DAY SYSTEM in which children’s consent doesn’t count. It was THIS SYSTEM which failed you, THIS SYSTEM which left you vulnerable. My system would have protected you.

  32. Lucius Rhine says:

    Hey Sam, do me a favor and send in a contact form on my website, would you?

  33. Alex Alexander says:

    @AS and all.

    “Which Alex?”

    This is to go on record that I am no long affiliated with politics and I am living a fairly apolitical life, at least for now, not sure what my intentions are in the future. At the moment I have been getting physically sick a lot more often than before, I can’t focus anymore, I just can’t handle the stress right now, this world makes me sad and angry and facing it head on right now just hurts me. I am just looking for my love right now.

    Peace to you all, and I hope you all make the right decisions for our world.


  34. He’s probably meaning Alex who used to be working with Donny before he split for various reasons…

  35. Lucius Rhine says:

    Alex, I request you email me if you still have my address.

  36. Alex Alexander says:

    Sure, but I don’t remember your address anymore. I am guessing, I have to send in a contact form on PACPO?

  37. Lucius Rhine says:

    That would also work.

  38. Satya says:


    NO. A child cannot consent to having sex with an adult. It is always exploitation of the naive and innocent mind. Children are easily enthralled by there innocent need for approval and pedophiles have a way with them, giving them what they like to then predate on them. Other than that fostering instinct in children is important. However emphasizing order following at the same time as part of your movement is going to undercut these efforts. Look at hynotists videos on youtube. Simply causing confusion can be enough to disable defenses and inserting whatever suggestion you like.

    Pedophilia is unpermissable. You must seek therapy and work out your perversion. All people lobbying for the lowering of the age of consent go on a list.

  39. Satya says:

    I would go as far as having the home of anyone raided that advocates for any form of pedophilia or the lowering of the age of consent and have their hard drives taken and checked for pedoporn. Any predation on children is really rock bottom societally. You cannot any sink lower. Or perhaps you can: organized organ trade. Literally the trading of human meat and blood and fetuses from abortion clinics for a variety of purposes.

    So no.
    You cannot consent to having sex with an adult as child.
    You cannot consent to have your organs harvested.
    You cannot consent to be eaten.
    You cannot consent to debt based money.
    You cannot consent to life long slavery.

    All of these happen when predators prey on weakened and diminished individuals orsocieties. Consent as in contract is the excuse given to make all of this OK. This way the predator believes himself off the hook. That is why libertinage is pushed all over Western societies. No. Absolutely no.

  40. JustAnotherAryan says:


    You people are delusional. There is no magical time during human development when sexual feelings crossover from being distressing to being pleasurable
    You said:
    “children cannot consent to any type of sexual activity with an adult.”
    Consent just means to express a willingness or an unwillingness to be involved in whatever one is brought to be involved in. There is no time during human development when that isn’t possible. It’s practically a young child’s job to let you know when they don’t like something. What would a scientific study even look like which investigated the claim that sexual activity requires informed consent? The dumbest of wild beasts have sex. Sex isn’t some kind of complicated social contract. It’s just pleasure, basically; merely a more intense form of it than usual. Many religions believe that choosing the wrong faith can have negative consequences lasting all of eternity; can a child make an informed decision about that? If someone didn’t express fear and guilt and shame, or some deep sense of wrongness, for engaging in sexual activity with an adult as a child, but testified to it having been a positive experience, they would be treated like a pariah. No one is even allowed to not be traumatized without being told that they’re broken and that they need help to heal so that they can learn right from wrong like everybody else. They would be treated with condescension and dismissed as having anything of value to say.

    It’s delusional fools like you and the intolerance you express for harmless sexual activities between children and adults, and the laws you support which criminalizes it, that causes so much emotional damage. There is literally not one scientific study which demonstrates that distress from childhood sexual experiences occurs irrespective of cultural conditioning. You show me one, and I’ll immediately change my beliefs. Is there any criteria that would convince you to change your beliefs??

  41. Lucius Rhine says:

    You telling me I cannot consent to having my organs harvested is violating my consent.

  42. handschar says:

    The Pascha is a 12-storey 9,000 square metre brothel in Cologne, Germany. With up to 1000 customers per day, it is the largest brothel in Europe.

    When it cimes to consent we are talking about the will of an individual or group. What non-Aryans most eagerly consent to is every act of venal squalor that they can fit into a weekend.

    Any time Muslims attempt a crackdown on civil service corruption and organized crime – in attempt to maintain its aura of invincibility – the occupation government responds with more Islamophobic internet propaganda, fake statistics and horror stories.

    In Germany, none of these red light districts, nightclubs, brothels, and drug dens have been shut down, but there was over 200 arson attacks on refugee shelters and mosques, with only 4 convictions.

    Germany is not the only country with legalized prostitution, pornography and intoxicants. Non-Aryan zones like Canada, Amsterdam, and the U.K., have governments that give complete consent to citizens to engage in everythung profane and dishonourable in this world.

    The world is run by incomprehensibly sick minds. Grinning perverts occupy positions of authority. Social workers are child traffickers. Policeman liaise with prostitutes. Magistrates head drug cartels. The West accommodates the will of the infidel.

    Imagine being a German grandfather finding out your granddaughter has consented to become a prostitute in a “legal” brothel only to be arrested and detained on terrorist charges because you object and forbid it and therefore become an intimidating presence to the pimps and Johns at their workplace.

    The justice that the Muslim represents threatens the criminal organisations who own the legal institutions of the West.

  43. Satya says:


    I understand. I prefer no prostitution and no pornography, too. Muslims have to find a way to inocculate their daughters to this madness. Islam alone is a bit too dry and unfeminine so, I suggest collaboration with other traditions. First of all by researching the true purpose of the sexual power in the ascent of the soul. Morality alone does not suffice, there needs to be joy and happiness as well. Subjecting your daughter to cultural activities will honor her natural drive for beauty. Well rounded coalitions with other traditions can be used diffuse enmity (think of Sikhi or Kundalini Yoga). So far Islam is perceived as intolerant and thus intolerable. The opposite would have to be stressed, but not the tolerance to the insufferable degeneracy all around but to everything that is good and beautiful equally. Art and culture, beautiful muslim garb etc are also ideas. The Iranians are particularly gifted there. Beauty is key.

    @ Lucius Rhine

    “You telling me I cannot consent to having my organs harvested is violating my consent.”

    I would forbid any doctor to extract them from you, or cut your privates into shape or mutilate you alive in any other way however bad you want it. Google Lazarus effect. People with brain failure have given birth to babies. That kind of “dead”. Some have even come back. The Hippokratic Oath has to be respected. Organs are no commodity.

  44. Mann says:

    The most commenters of this blog has no credibility – both anti-pedo/pro-pedo – it displays all the clear-thinking, reason, humanity and honesty that one would expect of an islamist.

    Aisha was six when she was sold by her father to mohammed and sometime between the age of six and nine he started non-penetrative sex on her (‘thighing’ – a method in which he would rub his penis between her thighs – and he used a rag to cover the child’s genitals- presumably so she would get no pleasure out of the activity).

    She was nine when mohammed first, ahem, ‘penetrated’ her. If you question these numbers (as some moslems have recently started to try to do) then you doubt bukhari – and must therefore also equally doubt the Pillars of Islam, which bukhari repeat).

    Especially in an unhealthy, backwards society such as they would have been living in – puberty would probably be much delayed by ignorance, brutality, malnutrition and poor hygiene and superstition (viz the kuran’s failure to anywhere condemn bestiality and the mixed messages in the ahadith regarding bestiality – “Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: There is no prescribed punishment for one who has sexual intercourse with an animal.” Abu Dawud 38:4450 ).

    Is there any evidence that Aisha had passed puberty when mohammed first…’penetrated’ …her? Other than wishful thinking – ‘muhamud would never break his own rules’?


    Also mohammud constantly broke his own rules. Then he would tell his followers – ‘oh, alah said it was ok’ – or words to that effect.

    Compare the number of wives he permitted others (four) and the number he permitted himself (19 in all, and at one moment probably had eleven at the same time – and god knows how many if you include as ‘wives’ the sex slaves he permitted himself to ‘enjoy’).

    This and many other verses and incidents show that mohamed didn’t feel any compunction in breaking the rules he enforced on others with an iron fist.

    And why not rape Aisha?

    Sharia law stipulates that it requires 4 male eyewitnesses willing to support a girl’s testimony before that testimony is accepted in court. Not surprising marital rape is either not recognised as an offense or almost ‘zero’ in islamic countries.

    So really, once married, mohamad could do anything, short of actual violence, to obtain sexual satisfaction against little Aisha. His obsession with sex and his general brutality (“He struck me on the chest which caused me pain” – Aisha) suggests that he probably was willing to use coercion against her.

    Is there any evidence that Aisha at any point in her first nine years consented to anything that happened to her?

    Or do you take the line that “Silence is Consent”*? How would that stand in a court of law in a *civilised* legal system?”

    *”Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger ( ) as having said: A woman without a husband (or divorced or a widow) must not be married until she is consulted, and a virgin must not be married until her permission is sought. They asked the ‘Prophet’ of ‘Allah’ ( ): How her (virgin’s) consent can be solicited? He (the ‘Holy’ ‘Prophet’) said: That she keeps silence.“

    Declaring “paedophilia” as unpermissable while being an Islamist is a total lack of honesty.

  45. Lucius Rhine says:

    So, by your definition of consent, self-immolation is off-limits?

  46. handschar says:


    The Qur’an contains warning about the fabrication of hadith by Islam’s enemies and the Qur’an forbids the writing of all ahadith books.

    The only sunnah is the sunnah of Allah and the only hadith in Islam is written in the Qur’an itself. The only way a hadith could be said to be authentic is if it is paraphrasing part of the Qur’an. Even this is not permitted now since the Qur’an has already been written down.

    There is no hadith nor sunnah of Muhammad [Rasoolullah salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam]; there is only the sunnah of Allah [Azza wa Jal] and it is written in the Qur’an. To practice authentic Islam one must follow the word of Allah [Azza wa jal] in the Qur’an, the whole Qur’an and nothing but the Qur’an.

  47. handschar says:

    The only man to be lied about as much as Hitler, is the Prophet [Rasoolullah salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam] of Islam. The message of Islam is in the Qur’an, and Muhammad is His messenger [not Bukhari nor anyone else]. It is major shirk to prescribe companions to Allah [Azza wa Jal].

    Hitler describes the phenomenon: “Every time new and promising opportunities for meddling have arisen, the Jew has been immediately involved. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to sniff out like a bloodhound anything which was dangerous to him. Having found it, he uses all his cunning to get at it, to divert it, to change its nature, or, at least, to deflect its point from its goal. Schopenhauer called the Jew ‘the dregs of mankind,’ ‘a beast,’ ‘the great master of the lie.’ How does the Jew respond? He establishes a Schopenhauer Society.”

  48. Aestheticaf says:

    I would just like to add that Pedophilia is explicitly attraction to PREPUBESCENT individuals.

  49. AristocraticLove says:

    Thank you for your sanity and honestity, Aestheticaf, I tell you as a person attracted to adolescents individuals

  50. Lucius Rhine says:


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