The ‘Colocaust’

Remember the supposed ‘Holocaust’? Remember how Jews, in the aftermath of WWII, got most people believing that it actually happened? It was easy: all they had to do was call themselves ‘Holocaust survivors’ and tell horror stories of what they supposedly experienced. It didn’t matter how far-fetched the horror stories were: the sheer number of ‘Holocaust survivors’ telling roughly similar horror stories at the same time was all it took to get most people unquestioningly believing them all. People didn’t demand that the ‘Holocaust survivors’ provide evidence for their horror stories, instead people just took their horror stories at face value solely on account of the number of simultaneous horror storytellers. People didn’t consider that it would have made no strategic sense for the Third Reich to have done what the ‘Holocaust survivors’ accused it of doing (from the fact that it needed all the effort it could spare to fighting WWII and not to manufacturing luxury Jewskin lampshades, to the utter impracticality of gas chambers, ovens, etc. as methods of killing people in large numbers), nor did they consider that Zionism stood to (and in fact ultimately did) benefit immensely from a widespread belief in the ‘Holocaust’, which thus gave Jews a very strong incentive to conspire in a synchronized lie about it. All the basic principles - innocent until proven guilty, evidence weighed against interest – went out of the window as soon as the number of Jews telling ‘Holocaust’ horror stories became large enough.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2015, and a phenomenon that I hereby coin the ‘Colocaust’, by which I refer to the supposed ”mass sex assaults” and supposed ”media coverup” that has been (oxymoronically) all over the news these last few days. At worst people are blaming it on asylum seekers as a whole; at best people are saying that we don’t know who the thousands of assaulters are, and hence should not jump to conclusions.

I agree that we should not jump to conclusions. But by saying we don’t know who the thousands of assaulters are, we would be jumping to the conclusion that there were thousands of assaulters. What we should be ascertaining is whether or not all the ALLEGED assaults – and that is what they should be called by elementary standards of journalism, even though the media are virtually unanimously just calling them “assaults”  - even happened in the first place.

All we are dealing with are lots and lots of “mass sex assault” ALLEGATIONS – and that is all they are – coming in from ‘Colocaust survivors’ all from the same night (not just in Cologne, but also in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, etc.) I have seen NO online videos or photos that concretely support such allegations. All the videos and photos that I have been able to find of the night in question show nothing more than people shooting off fireworks. (I have also seen far-right channels re-upload old riot videos from the Arab Spring and other events and falsely claim these as ’Colocaust’ footage, which further convinces me that no actual ‘Colocaust’ videos exist, for if they did the far-right channels would have posted the actual videos.) I am not the only one who has noticed this:

Every single one of these “mass sex assault” ALLEGATIONS by these supposed ’Colocaust survivors’ are being auto-accepted by the media (and then auto-believed by the public) without any demand for evidence, solely because of the raw number of horror stories being told simultaneously (something like 120 complaints in Cologne so far, and I guess a few hundred total in all locations).

To those who so unquestioningly believe that the ‘Colocaust’ was a “planned asylum seeker jihad operation”, I ask the equivalent question that I routinely ask people who believe that the ‘Holocaust’ was a planned Third Reich Final Solution operation: does it make any strategic sense? If you are waiting for your asylum claim to be processed, can you think of a worse way to sabotage your own chances of receiving asylum? Therefore is it even remotely likely that you could be talked into pulling a stunt like this?

To everyone else, I ask the equivalent of the question that I routinely ask people new to ‘Holocaust’ conspiracy theory: who stands to benefit immensely from widespread belief in the ‘Colocaust’? We all know the answer to that one:

So could the far-right pull off a ‘Colocaust’ hoax? PEGIDA, AfD, NPD, and other similar groups have a combined support base in Germany numbering in the hundreds of thousands at least. There are also at least hundreds of thousands of Jews (ie. sayanim) living in Germany. Do you think that, from all these, it would be hard to get a mere few hundred to volunteer as ‘Colocaust survivors’ and go to the police and media with synchronized fictional horror stories? Remember, most of the ‘Colocaust survivors’ have been telling their horror stories anonymously, so there is no way to look for group background patterns (e.g. membership in certain organizations). It would be interesting to see how many of the storytellers chosen for media attention were Jews, for a start.

In short, an asylum seeker has massive disincentive against perpetrating a “mass sex assault”, but the far-right has massive incentive to file false complaints of “mass sex assault” which they know will be blamed on asylum seekers. So when hundreds of such complaints come flooding in, who would you guess are behind most of them? Seriously, if you were an asylum seeker, would you be interested in participating in a “mass sex assault”? But if you were a far-right or Zionist strategist, wouldn’t precisely this ‘Colocaust’ trick be an obvious opportunistic move for the sake of advancing your side’s propaganda objectives?

Next, imagine yourself in the perspective of the police: how would you tell the difference between a real victim reporting an actual crime and a fake complainer alleging a similar fictitous crime?

Furthermore, the “mass sex assault” ALLEGATIONS have come from multiple cities across several countries. Which would be technically easier to achieve? Asylum seekers living in all these different cities (who don’t even know one another) communicating with one another for the purpose of coordinating “mass sex attacks” in all these cities on New Years’ Eve? Or far-right groups in all these cities (who already know one another) communicating with one another for the purpose of concocting a mass lie about what happened on New Years’ Eve? (And again, who has the incentive? Real sex assaulters gain absolutely nothing from synchronizing their sexual assault with other sex assaults in other cities. But the far-right gains much from making the ‘Colocaust’ as spectacular as possible, which synchronicity across many locations provides.)

And here is the kicker. You would think that those who are sceptical towards the ‘Holocaust’ would also be sceptical towards the ‘Colocaust’ based on parallel reasoning. But no. Many of the people who usually talk loudest about the ‘Holocaust’ being 100% fake are the same people who most blindly accept the ‘Colocaust’ as 100% real. When I suggested to one such idiot about the possibility of the ‘Colocaust’ being a far-right or Zionist conspiracy, this idiot assumed that what I meant was far-rightists/Mossad agents disguising themselves to look like “Arabs/North Africans” and then carrying out the “mass sex assault” as a false flag operation. Never did it occur to him that I was conjecturing the far more efficient approach of mass false accusations by ’Colocaust survivors’. This was how completely he auto-trusted the ‘Colocaust survivors’. And – I’m not joking – this was a self-proclaimed “Holohoax expert”. (In contrast, a serious psychological warfare expert like JAM understands trivially the power of false accusations of sexual assault as a weapon, which is why the Monarchist Party would make false accusations of sexual assault punishable by death.)

Am I saying that none of the allegations are true? No, I am not. Probably there were a few genuine cases in there. Similarly, I have never claimed that none of the Third Reich concentration camp guards ever mistreated Jewish inmates. Probably a few did. It goes without saying that I do not defend the actual criminals in either case. But just as it is exceedingly likely that the ‘Holocaust’ was a conspiratorial exaggeration for propaganda objectives, it is as likely that the same applies to the ‘Colocaust’. Immediately after the night in question, but before the ‘Colocaust survivors’ started flooding the police with complaints, Cologne’s police chief was on record as initially saying: “New Years’ Eve celebrations passed peacefully, in a relaxed atmosphere.” (Much like pre-’Holocaust-survivor-complaint’ visitors to Third Reich concentration camps remarked on the nice living conditions they offered the Jewish inmates.) He would not have said this unless he expected those present at the celebrations that night to generally agree with him, in other words this was his sincere impression at the time, which in turn indicates that many of the horror stories are likely to be fiction. Here is another source (my bold) that corroborates the police chief’s initial account and contradicts the zombie movie narrative:

I was at the main station, alone after midnight, as I often am, happy to have had a lovely night watching fireworks at the Rhine. Imagine my surprise, six days later, to discover I had been within 100 metres of a roving gang of rapists without noticing that anything was amiss. … People from home are asking me if I’m frightened. I am more afraid than I was yesterday, but not of being attacked. I will still walk the city centre as I have always done and not think twice about it. It’s other people’s fear that makes me wary.

This would also explain why it took several days before the media started reporting on the ‘Colocaust’; that was the amount of time it took for all the ‘Colocaust survivor’ horror stories to arrive in sufficient volume for anyone to even consider this significant enough to be worth reporting on. There was no “media coverup”, any more than there was ever a “media coverup” about the ‘Holocaust’ prior to the end of WWII – in each case, it wasn’t even a phenomenon until the number of horror stories by its respective supposed ‘survivors’ made it into one.

If you prefer to believe every single one of the ‘Colocaust survivors’, you are entitled to do so. All I am saying is that, in that case, you had better start believing every single one of the ‘Holocuast survivors’ also. No double-standards.

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58 Responses to The ‘Colocaust’

  1. Christian Reuter says:

    @Twin Ruler: Germany should leave NATO. She will be attacked in one way or another if and when she tries, as will any leaders who promote it. There were many political assassinations in Europe prior to WWI, and many after WWII through ‘Operation Gladio.’ It will take leadership without cowardice to accomplish this!

    A huge ground swell of grass-roots activism may be able to force some ones hand eventually, maybe giving that person the intestinal fortitude it actually takes to lead from the front, and not the rear, as so many German politicians like to do…

    Christoph Horstel, a government consultant and publicist from Germany, began collecting signatures against the presence of US and UK troops in Germany. The petition has gathered more than 40,000 signatures.

    Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary BBC

  2. AS says:

    Another Trump-endorsing Jew to add to our growing list of Trump-endorsing Jews:

    Yes, this is the same Jan Brewer (Governor of Arizona) covered back when we had been supporting the Baja Arizona secession project.


    Here is some positive news to compensate:

    Italy, which is urging the EU to use airlifts to ease the migrant crisis.

    As several European countries seek to close their borders and accusations fly that Austria and Balkan states are abandoning Athens to refugee chaos, Italy’s foreign minister insisted it was time to provide open passage.

    (You won’t see Merkel saying this.)

  3. @AS – Wow, the Italy story is very nice, especially considering LOZ is heading back to Italy soon. Maybe it gives hope for something that could start heading in the right direction in Europe?

  4. @IW AS: More good news. Germany’s Bundesrat moves to ban far-right NPD

    This move will likely force the Neo-Nazis underground, but I feel a wave of intelligently designed anti-Neo-Nazi propaganda throughout Germany as a follow-up will be the last nail in their coffin, so-to-speak.

    Now we just need to push to get them to crush PEGIDA, and we’re well on our way in Germany.

  5. AS says:


    “More good news. Germany’s Bundesrat moves to ban far-right NPD”

    I’m not sure it’s good news….. This seems to me more like a deliberate move to help the AfD by preventing the far-right vote from being split. Even if not deliberate, the AfD would doubtless be the biggest beneficiaries.

  6. @AS: Good point. I think as austerity gets worse and the neoliberal economic agenda wrecks more lives, right-wingers will find it increasingly hard to get into office, however. As the global economy becomes stagnant, right-wingers, and the capitalist establishment in general are going to have an even harder time defending capitalism in front of the masses.

    I think this is a point leftists need to make more often, that free-trade economy is an illusion, no market has ever been free, and that ‘neoliberalism’ is in fact a right-wing economic agenda. I think that name confuses a lot of people, and perhaps intentionally so…

  7. great analogy, I have thought this whole thing was a psyop and your holocaust comparison is perfect. Also, I read your”Western Civ. must die” articel!. I think I now understand your preoccupation with Western civilization being the problem. …Where you go from there, since Jews are western civilization and more responsible for it’s shape today than whites, I don’t follow. Especially blaming it all on rightest, when even you yourself claim leftist support western civilization as well from a different angle. Something to think about and really great article!
    We are all evolving so…..

  8. @TNH:

    “Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the “natural” or “background” rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago.”

    What’s coming is coming whether we want it or not. That is one example of many. Who is going to pick up the pieces and lay the ground work for a new and noble civilization afterwards is what we are mainly concerned with.

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