Support Sheikh Hasina!

Mainstream journalism is gradually catching up to what we have been saying for ages, namely that Westernized leaders in former colonial possessions are nothing but pieces of Eurocentric shit, and only non-Westernized leaders have any chance at all of coming through on our side when things get nasty:

Forget Aung San Suu Kyi. This is the Real Heroine of the Rohingya Crisis

though “the lady of Dhaka” may not translate as readily for Western consumption as “the lady of Yangon,” the Rohingya crisis is undoubtedly Hasina’s moment.

By accepting a large number of refugees in her poor and densely populated land, Hasina has shown greater compassion than many leaders from larger and richer countries. As Hasina said to me, “Bangladesh is not a rich country, but we have a big heart.”

While this is a politically risky move (as it could be spun to reinforce Myanmar’s claim that the Rohingya are merely undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh in the first place), now that the move has been made it should be supported.

It goes without saying that, unlike Zionist Myanmar, Bangladesh has never recognized Israel:

Now Bangladesh should also stop recognizing Myanmar (and Hungary, for that matter). The Rohingya massacre has provided more than sufficient evidence of Myanmar’s moral inferiority, for which it should now be militarily conquered as per Lebensraum, in order to restore to the Rohingya their homeland as well as provide Bangladesh itself with some much-needed additional territory that it deserves for its willingness to aid refugees. (It would also be a good chance for China to assist in the conquest to show its ability to keep regional order.) Conscientious individuals currently living in Myanmar should at the very minimum promptly emigrate in order to cease contributing to the Myanmar economy and paying taxes to the state. Those who have not emigrated by the time military invasion occurs deserve no mercy. Above all, the fake “Buddhists” in Myanmar:

who have actively led the persecution of the Rohingya need to be totally wiped out, as much for the sake of true Buddhism as for the sake of the Rohingya.

But if Bangladesh, having received Rohingya refugees, yet lacks the courage to follow up by invading Myanmar, it will only embolden Myanmar to further step up the massacres in an attempt at total ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya from Myanmar. Thus, while we agree that Hasina has good intentions, we unlike mainstream journalism will not so easily call her a “heroine”, at least not until she demonstrates Lightning as well as Sun.

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  1. Video of Rohingya refugees crossing a river the hard way:

    I wonder if Aung San Suu Kyi is saying the same thing about their plight as Netanyahu and the Kosher Krew in Israel are saying about Palestinians. Or Trump about Puerto Rico.

  2. Thundra Boier says:

    How we can show our Support for Sheikh Hasina?

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