Support Lara Kollab!


Lightning: (Please read the article!)

We need more like her. If anyone reading this works in healthcare, please follow her excellent example, one that she was willing to blow her own cover in order to inspire us with.

‘The mission of Touro College is to educate, perpetuate and enrich the historic Jewish tradition of tolerance and dignity.

‘We are shocked that one of our graduates would voice statements that are antithetical to Touro and to the physicians’ Hippocratic Oath.’

The Hippocratic Oath, part of Western civilization (which must die), should be replaced by the Kollab Principle.

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4 Responses to Support Lara Kollab!

  1. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    If she was going to get fired anyway, why apologize? I could understand apologizing to keep ones job, even though we may wish they hadn’t. But, she lost her job anyway. No need for an apology then! (Technically, apologizing just to keep ones job turns into a lie, especially when one knows that they are right and everyone else is wrong. But then again, to lie in the war against Jewry is merely retaliatory violence….)

  2. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    Lindsay K
    ? @ellekay
    Jan 2

    It’s happening again. Someone with a very similar Twitter name must be saying some crazy shit and I am getting the hate storm. Can you please all stop, it’s not me.

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