Support Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts!

Someone who deserves to be called American:

His state agency in Montana would have to send labor data to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And as a legal secretary for the state’s labor department, Dyrdahl-Roberts would have to help process those documents — information that he said would no doubt be used to track down and deport undocumented workers.

So he talked to his wife, and without much debate they agreed on what he had to do, he said.

He quit the following day.

“My uniquely dysfunctional childhood made me deeply empathetic. … I understand what it’s like to be kicked in the teeth by life.”

Hence his swift decision to submit his two weeks’ notice Wednesday and refuse to take part in what he sees as kicking someone in the teeth.

Dyrdahl-Roberts’s resignation won’t have any impact on the subpoenas; the agency will continue to process them.

But, he said, he hopes his decision to quit — and to do so publicly — will result in something far bigger than himself.

“I want to find some way to keep this going in such a way that maybe more people will do something,” he said.

The correct ’something’ is #FightICEwithfire. Until ICE agents are getting shot dead faster than they can be replenished, deportations will continue. Only retaliatory violence can defeat initiated violence. In RoboCop 3, yes, Sgt. Reed quit the police to avoid working with Rehabs, but he didn’t stop at that. He drove straight to Cadillac Heights and prepared to shoot the Rehabs.

I have also seen other leftists calling on Dyrdahl-Roberts to run for office, even for the US Presidency in 2020. I support this in theory, as here is truly someone who indubitably is not from the elite and does not serve elite interests, the kind of person whom rightists used to say they wanted for a candidate. So supposing Dyrdahl-Roberts ran in 2020 and rightists still choose to support Trump for re-election instead (as they surely would), they would thereby prove once and for all what I have been saying for many years: rightists are not populists. Nativists, perhaps. Racists, probably. But not populists.

I repeat: populism = anti-elitism. As such, how can ANY anti-refugee/undocumented politician call themselves “populist”??? I mean, seriously, do refugees/undocumented look like the elite to you???

Finally, some useful idiot in the comments was recently complaining about the actual populist poem The New Colossus. I am of course no fan of Emma Lazarus (Jew) either, since she was an active Zionist, though I admit she was a skillful poet. OK, so how about we remove The New Colossus and replace it with this simple and similarly populist quote instead?

“I understand what it’s like to be kicked in the teeth by life.” – Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts

In my opinion, this would be perfect for a plaque inside the Statue of Liberty.

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34 Responses to Support Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts!

  1. Amaleq says:

    Was just about to post this article on the blog myself, then realized you already made a post about it.

    If only more would do this!

  2. Stanley Queen says:

    There should be another plaque inside the Statute of Liberty to romanticize the fact that the statute’s designer’s direct appreciation for the physical appearance of fellaheen heavily contributed to the actual design of the statute.

  3. Sun of the Isles says:


    That’s America for you. Controlled by Jews since 1965.

  4. Sun of the Isles says:


    Interesting. Where did you get this fact?

  5. Stanley Queen says:


    I got it from the “Smithsonian”. The designer of the statue was really influenced by the lifestyle and culture of peasants in Egypt.


    I apologize for misspelling the word statue as ‘statute’ in my previous comment. I’ll check my spelling more thoroughly from now on.

  6. AS says:

    Well-intentioned students, but how does a walkout stop their classmate from being deported by ICE? ICE will just glance at them for a few seconds and then continue deporting. Only shooting ICE agents will work.

  7. Lucius Rhine says:

    This is a fantastic firearm to equip oneself with. It is relatively cheap, and so is the ammunition for it. Reliable, and higher capacity magazines can be purchased.

  8. @Lucius Rhine

    Is that a main firearm you wish to equip your paramilitary soldiers with?

  9. Lucius Rhine says:


    It is one I am suggesting to all of my members. Everyone is a soldier.

  10. Coyotl says:

    Speaking of guns…

    Trump and Feinstein seem to be getting along well. Unfortunately, her political opponent, Kevin de Leon, is also pro-gun control.

  11. William Eastfield says:


    Is shahada a paramilitary oath?

  12. Sun of the Isles says:


    “Feinstein”… “Kloubchar”… kikes everywhere you go…


    I think it isn’t. It is just a statement of monotheism and faith. You can’t state paramilitary allegience to a dead man.

  13. John Johnson says:

    A reminder that Feinstein had a concealed carry weapon in the 1970s after an armed group began targeting her, and now she wants to make it more difficult for others to defend themselves…

  14. Amaleq says:


    Great point. Thanks for that reminder also, I remember hearing a story about that before.

    California Democratic Party isn’t endorsing Dianne Feinstein for another term apparently.

    Then there’s also this confession:
    Sen. Feinstein says there was no law that could’ve stopped the Las Vegas shooter:

  15. Otto says:

    America is the result of mass immigration, so look at America! The land of immigrants and refugees….

  16. Otto says:

    I still cannot understand how “Aryanism” = “Refugees Welcome”…. I cannot understand how someone running away from problems is an Aryan? Am I missing something here?

  17. Otto says:

    How does the Statue of Liberty represent Aryans? Is suggesting that all refugees are Aryans? Is that what makes one an Aryan, to run away? “Run away, run away”.

  18. Otto says:

    Is someone who chooses to fight for his homeland a racist? Is someone who chooses to run away from his homeland an Aryan?

  19. Stanley Queen says:


    “I cannot understand how someone running away from problems is an Aryan?”

    Hitler did that, you moron.

  20. Otto says:

    @ Stanley Queen,

    Hitler ran away from problems?

  21. Otto says:

    Isn’t it a sad state of human affairs when Adolf Hitler is considered to be the champion of refugees running away from problems… But, Hitler did say that if Germany was defeated then the mission of humanity would be over…. At an end… With the defeat of Germany comes the defeat of humanity… So it is all over.

  22. Otto says:

    It must be remembered that America is the enemy of Germany….If a nation completely bombs to hell another country that surely there must be a discrepancy between the two nations for evermore…. Hannah Arendt… Is not your champion a devotee of Hannah Arendt?

  23. Otto says:

    Does support Hannah Arendt? How does this be congruent with supposed support of Adolf Hilter? Perhaps we can reconcile the two? How is this possible? Are readers unable to access Google?

  24. SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Daniel says:


    Of course people who run away from their homeland don’t automatically become Aryans, for they have to show a noble character.

  25. Jaso Mueller says:

    The Jew is seen as taking away from the gentile what the gentile is seen as taking from the Jew.

    Why does the Jew go for the mouth to cut in the Aryan and Gentile when an Aryan and Gentile had nice teeth and lips, and could have reproduced with such luxuries. It’s all because of the history of, when this did happen, the Jew was seen as someone who had to further its inferior genes to a higher point. He had to take what the Gentile had and what the Aryan had to take the women away from the men so they could mate and have Jewish children with those of, the Aryan and Gentile, to take away from their inferior genes and looks and steal from the bonds if Aryan men and Gentile men with Aryan women and Gentile Women.

    Then the Jew would stir up the masses and create trauma in front of the Aryan men and Gentile men by taking the better looking women away with certain hormonal changes in the women who were Aryan and Gentile in origin.

    This is known as where the Jew is sexually isomorphic and needed to take women away from the Aryan and Gentile who they loved sexually instead of emotionally, because the Jew has no emotion with regard to those who are not Jews. They are sexually exclusive.

  26. Otto says:

    I am starting to think that could be charged with Fraud? I mean, perhaps I message Jordon and tell him that is “supporting” him, and that he is associated therefore with I dont think he knows that you are associating him with Aryanism? Perhaps he should be told? And what about everybody else that is trying to associate with themselves, is this not some type of fraudulent behavior?

  27. Jaso Mueller says:

    Michael Jackson is a Hebrew.

  28. Danish ?? says:

    How to deal with muslims who Bring up “transfer agreement” when i try to make alliance with them ? Not even if i show them evidence that NS was not “KKK white supramacy”

    They totally Reject the Muslim-Christian alliance in WW2 and hitlers strong support for palestine ? it seems like they believe more what jews and commies say than i do ..

  29. Stanley Queen says:


    “I am starting to think that could be charged with Fraud? I mean, perhaps I message Jordon and tell him that is “supporting” him, and that he is associated therefore with I dont think he knows that you are associating him with Aryanism? Perhaps he should be told? And what about everybody else that is trying to associate with themselves, is this not some type of fraudulent behavior?”

    I don’t really support your philosophy, Otto, but I support your attempt in contacting Jordon. If Jordon himself also doesn’t approve of using his name, acts and reputation, then this site justly deserves to be subjected to a civil lawsuit by Jordon for fraud.

    Fraud is a form of violence; and may be engaging in it.


    “Michael Jackson is a Hebrew.”

    That may or may not be true, but, regardless, he still considered himself a Jew.

  30. Lucius Rhine says:

    Go ahead. I think Jordon would be surprised to see such respect from a swastika. We are not hiding anything.

    On account of “fraud” we are not fraudulent, nor is our support of Jordon able to be considered fraud. (What????) If I support my local farmers market because they provide fresh vegan produce, and I do not tell them I am an aryanist, does that make me a fraud? I have no idea what you all are getting at.

    But go ahead and shoot Jordon a link, it would only be a boon for us authentic bearers of the swastika.

  31. John Johnson says:

    Stanley, if you are in the same league as Otto, I regret wasting so much time bothering to reply to your earlier posts.

    In any case, I hope no one ever gets stuck with you as their lawyer.


    I’m starting to think Otto is a bot for posting the same lines week after week.

    I will leave most of these comments up as a testament to how deranged our enemies are, but I’m not going to tolerate any more spam.

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