Support Domenico Lucano!

Still remember Riace, the Italian town that I have been praising over and over since the refugee crisis began, and its inspirational Mayor Lucano?

If all of Italy can follow the example of Riace, then perhaps all of the EU will then follow the example of Italy. (please read my entire conversation with MS)

Francis has taken in something like two refugee families in total. Francis is a fucking joke. Here is a serious leader in comparison: If tiny Riace can do so much, how much more could the Vatican do if only it had the will?

Spread the word! The alternative to Angela Merkel is not Viktor Orban, but Domenico Lucano! (Note that the mafia has threatened Lucano over his welcoming of refugees. In other words, the attitude found in Italy’s mafia is the same as that found in Hungary’s government. Think about that for a moment.)

Well, guess what just happened now that Salvini is in power?

Pro-refugee Italian mayor arrested for ‘aiding illegal migration’

His arrest comes a week after Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, announced a series of anti-immigration measures that included slashing funds for migrant reception and integration.

It also follows the suspension by the public broadcaster, Rai, of a TV show about Riace, which had been lauded as an exemplary model for integration.

Salvini shared news of Lucano’s arrest on Twitter, alongside a comment that also made a dig at the anti-mafia author, Roberto Saviano, a staunch critic of his policies. “Damn, who knows what Saviano and all the other do-gooders who want to fill Italy with immigrants will say now,” the far-right League leader wrote.

Gioacchino Criaco, a writer from Calabria who knows Lucano well, said he foresaw the mayor’s arrest even before the investigation began. “He showed how it was possible to do concrete things with limited means,” Criaco said.

“Efficiency and humanity are not welcomed in a cynical system. This is a system that only takes consensus from politics of fear. In this respect, examples of virtuousness must be eradicated.”

Lucano received a show of support on his Facebook page, with Riace locals calling on each other to rally together in solidarity.

Sergio Bontempelli, a migrant rights campaigner with the Association of Rights and Borders, said that Riace had become too well known as an example of good integration and had been under attack for years. He said other integration projects undertaken by hundreds of people in other Italian towns were now at risk.

Stop calling Salvini a “populist”! Lucano is the populist. Riace is what actual populism looks like: a self-sufficient small town with no power elite wishing to keep power within their own circle, just ordinary people (many of whom arrived owning nothing) all given a chance to contribute in whatever way they can. Salvini, in contrast, sides with the Italian mafia (a small-scale power elite in its own right) in persecuting Riace, all in the interests of Western civilization (the power elite for the last five centuries).

Lucano’s one mistake was in failing to insist that every resident of Riace had a firearm, that they organize paramilitarily and that they shoot Rehabs on sight.

Full-length documentary about Riace:

This is what Salvini wants to destroy. This is what can only be protected by the willingness to use firearms.

Not until you learn to shoot them. Will you?

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216 Responses to Support Domenico Lucano!

  1. Manuel Nigao says:


    I also learned that this site thinks that ”ethnic mixing” is okay as long as Jews aren’t involved well about that…..

    Hitler’s thoughts on negroes:

    ”No sooner do we land in a colony than we install children’s
    creches, hospitals for the natives. All that fills me with rage.
    White women degrading themselves in the service of the

    Hitler Table Talks.

  2. Philistine says:

    No, this site says that interethnic mixing is fine whether Jews are involved or not. They aren’t, of course, but you twisting the site’s words is old hat.

    Also old hat is your systematic ignorance of Hitler’s thoughts. Hitler hated black people no more than the hated the Russians or the Ukrainians, and in fact spoke much more — and with much more venom — about the latter. Meanwhile, you would consider them great because they’re white. So if this is a contest of who follows Hitler to the letter, where’s your integrity?

    And if we’re quoting Table Talk:

    “Only in the Roman Empire and in Spain under Arab domination has culture been a potent factor. Under the latter, the standard of civilisation attained was wholly admirable; to Spain flocked the greatest scientists, thinkers, astronomers and mathematicians of the world, and side by side there flourished a spirit of sweet human tolerance and a sense of the purest chivalry. Then, with the advent of Christianity, came the barbarians. The chivalry of the Castilians has been inherited from the Arabs. Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers —already, you see, the world had fallen into the hands of the Jews, so gutless a thing was Christianity!—then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies heroism and which opens the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so.”

    Which neo-nazi today rejects Charles Martel in favor of the Arabs? Which neo-nazi today would welcome the conversion of the Germans to Islam? Which neo-nazi today would praise the interethnic cooperation of the Roman Empire or Al-Andalus?

    Why don’t you hold yourself to the same standard you hold us and follow Hitler to the letter?

  3. Manuel Nigao says:


    Hitler ”hated” the Russians because he rightly knew that the Russian people were under control of the Bolshevik and murderous Jews like Lavrentiy Beria, Maxim Litvinov, Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda.

    Hitler in Mein Kampf clearly made references he thought that people of Aryan race are above people of jewish or Roma or Slavic descent. Not all Slavs are white by the way. Some of the most horrific fighting, in fact, did obviously happened between the Russians and Germans. It is safe to say that neither liked each other. They were both quite unforgiving, in general, to each other. It was further elevated by different political beliefs (National Socialism vs Jewish Marxism). It was Hitler’s intent to take over Eastern Europe. If it was not for the win in the battle of Stalingrad, a major turning point in the war in Europe, then the Germans may have succeeded and got the Pan-Germanic Europe they wanted.

    Many Russians are Slavs, and Hitler viewed some Slavs as non-Aryan, considering them little better than Jews. After exterminating all the world’s Jews, his next priority was to displace the Polish people in their homeland and move in the Germans to settle Polish land as part of Lebensraum. If he had been able to conquer the Soviet Union, probably he would have lessened the number of the Russian people as well.

    Hitler still did not like Negro presence in Europe, if he did he wouldn’t have described the African occupation soldiers as contamination of the white race ”by Negro blood on Rhine in the heart of Europe.”

    “The Americans should be ashamed of themselves, letting Negroes win their medals for them. I shall not shake hands with this Negro… Do you really think that I will allow myself to be photographed shaking hands with a Negro?” – Adolf Hitler

    Your main author which is AS is too stupid and pathetic to not provide proof that a Princess Tamilla existed. There has never been a monarchy in Mauritania. AS just loves to bullshit doesn’t he?

    Also ”inter-ethnic cooperation”, is common among armies, whether modern or ancient. Many auxiliaries could be multiracial but that doesn’t mean that race mixing was accepted.

    You’ve just used quote where Hitler uses the words ”Germanic races”…….

    If Hitler and the NSDAP weren’t pan-Germanic, then why did Odilo Globocnik get Germanized? Because they were Pan-Germanic and they saw Globocnik as being racially fit to be considered part of the Aryan race despite having Slavic blood.
    Can’t you see you’ve completely contradicted yourself whilst previously making claims, along with other ”Aryanists”, that Hitler was not a tribalist? If anything that quote suggests that Hitler was indeed a pan-Germanic nationalist.

  4. Manuel Nigao says:

    That Lucius Rhine too, loves going on about that Platterhof speech and even he tries to refute the claim that Hitler was not a Pan-Germanic nationalist, well let’s look at that Platterhof speech:

    ”The German Volk survived the Romans, it survived the invasions by the Huns, countless wars, the Thirty Years’ War, the Seven Years’ War, the War of the Spanish Succession, the World War. It will survive this, too.”

    Look at how Hitler talks about the German Volk (Germanics) surviving against ethnic peoples across Europe and Asia, he’s even talking about Germany surviving a war, the Thirty Year’s War, when Germany was under the Holy Roman Empire ffs. How is this not living proof that he was a Pan-Germanic nationalist?

  5. Manuel Nigao says:

    What’s even more disgusting is how you people justify the attacks and rapes on white South Africans and Zimbabwean people because of apartheid and white minority rule.

  6. Robert Young says:


    Not here to defend this site, but Hitler had more of a problem with America using Jesse Owens than Owens himself. Hitler had anger against America for sending one of its negro servants, rather than one of its white citizens, to compete in the Olympics. He also usually acknowledged the Germans that competed rather than anyone else. Hitler also did not hate negroes (even with the fact that he acknowledged them to be racially different from Germanic people), and would often complain about white people that overly associated themselves with negroes, rather than negroes themselves specifically.

    There’s also testimony that Owens actually received a handshake from Hitler, just away from the world press to witness. The person that explicitly claimed that Owens was snubbed from a handshake from Hitler was Baldur von Schirach, a person that would explicitly turn against Hitler during the Nuremberg Trials (along with Hans Frank and Albert Speer).

  7. Manuel Nigao says:


    The problem I have with this site is that it tries to portray the Negroes in a more positive light than the NSDAP did when they ruled Germany. No propaganda put the Negroes in a positive light in fact it was negative.

    @All ”Aryanists”

    Does that look like the NSDAP liked Negroes?

  8. Manuel Nigao says:

    Ahnenerbe was set up and approved by Hitler for research into the Nordic-Germanic Aryan race.

  9. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    Apparently Manuel is more interested in proving that Hitler and his NSDAP are wrong about Aryanism than is. Weird, considering he is doing it from a platform of supposed Hitler worship. Why is it trying to prove Hitler the ultimate fool I wonder?

  10. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    I personally would like to believe that Hitler himself was at-least intuitively on the right path to understanding Aryanism. After-all, Aryanism is correct.

    Aryan races-often absurdly small numerically-subject foreign peoples, and then, stimulated by the special living conditions of the new territory (fertility, climatic conditions, etc.) and assisted by the multitude of lower-type beings standing at their disposal as helpers, develop the intellectual and organizational capacities dormant within them. Often in a few millenniums or even centuries they create cultures which originally bear all the inner characteristics of their nature, adapted to the above-indicated special qualities of the soil and subjected beings. In the end, however, the conquerors transgress against the principle of blood purity, to which they had first adhered; they begin to mix with the subjugated inhabitants and thus end their own existence; for the fall of man in paradise has always been followed by his expulsion.” — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, pg. 212

    Doesn’t sound very “Pan-Germanic” to me. This excerpt also doesn’t sound like Hitler is saying that all Germans, and Nordic types, are of the Aryan race simply because they are Nordic, or German, does it? “Aryan races-often absurdly small numerically…” Does not sound to me as if Hitler is equating the Aryan Race with entire nations of people, just a very select group to me.

    This excerpt alone from Mein Kampf backs up everything is claiming about the Aryan race, and ties it directly to Hitler’s own thoughts and intuition on the subject.

    “The Neolithic Revolution, Neolithic Demographic Transition, Agricultural Revolution, or First Agricultural Revolution was the wide-scale transition of many human cultures during the Neolithic period from a lifestyle of hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and settlement, making an increasingly larger population possible…”.

    These developments, sometimes called the Neolithic package, provided the basis for centralized administrations and political structures, hierarchical ideologies, depersonalized systems of knowledge (e.g. writing), densely populated settlements, specialization and division of labour, more trade, the development of non-portable art and architecture, and property ownership. The earliest known civilization developed in Sumer in southern Mesopotamia (c.? 6,500 BP); its emergence also heralded the beginning of the Bronze Age.”

    Had Hitler been around to read he may have actually changed his ideas on a variety of subjects? As, undeniably is correct in its claims. The only question is, was Hitler’s NSDAP correct about Aryanism and the Aryan race also. I believe the excerpt I have provided above from Mein Kampf shows that Hitler was at-least intuitively on the right path.

    Unfortunately, the NSDAP did not have access to the internet.

    @Manuel is undoubtedly correct about the Aryan race. The only question is whether or not Hitler himself was on the right path. You seem to want to prove that he was not, am I right?

  11. Philistine says:


    Now watch as Manuel ignores everything you said and copypastes one of the shitposts he has saved on his desktop

  12. ItIsWhatItIs says:


  13. Janus says:

    >This excerpt alone from Mein Kampf backs up everything is claiming about the Aryan race, and ties it directly to Hitler’s own thoughts and intuition on the subject.

    This site explicitly states that Nature was on the side of Jews (who are a thoroughly mixed peoples) under the article Naturalism vs Idealism. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf the very opposite: Nature “is not much in favour of the mongrel”. If the site was insisting on a theoretical/philosophical interpretation of Jewry (as supposed by the differentiation between “Gentiles” and Aryans), then it should have clarified on this position beforehand.

    >“Aryan races-often absurdly small numerically…” Does not sound to me as if Hitler is equating the Aryan Race with entire nations of people, just a very select group to me.

    His frequent allusions to Sparta plainly indicate that he’s equating the Aryan nomenclature with entire nations of peoples.

  14. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    I believe the NSDAP was in it’s infancy and a work in progress, as was it’s understanding of race. This is why I also stated I believe Hitler was at-least on the right path.

    Had the NSDAP lasted even just another ten years it would have witnessed the Dead Sea Scroll findings as well. This would have certainly had an impact on NS thought also.

    Who knows how the NSDAP would have changed had it not been attacked by over 50 different countries? We can only imagine….

  15. @Miguel Nigao
    As far as Hitler considering Slavs untermenschen, he was perhaps inclined a bit that way when years worth of negotiations with Poland fell apart, after the Polish Government allowed itself to be duped by the British.

    However, up until April 1939, Hitler (being the first post-WW1 German statesman to recognize and independent Poland) based his entire Eastern policy on the assumption that Poland will ally with Germany to counter the USSR. It’s no mistake that the infamous “Nazi-Soviet pact” came right before the outbreak of war, it was literally the last thing Hitler wanted to do before any breaking point.

    To prevent this historical digression from going too far here, check out this info graphic:

    The one thing that’s missing from the graphic is the fact that Hitler’s government organized an exhibit of Polish Art in Berlin:
    Hitler and Goring both attended that event.

    TL;DR – the whole “Hitler hated Slavic people” is a corresponding fallacy to “Hitler hated blacks.” There are plenty of war photos on non-segregated units to prove this, yet the Allies have to resort to movies like the recent Overlord to show non-segregated US Army units.

  16. Janus says:

    >I believe the NSDAP was in it’s infancy and a work in progress, as was it’s understanding of race. This is why I also stated I believe Hitler was at-least on the right path.

    It was an attempt to revive Sparta. In other words, it was building on an already existing foundation, not fumbling in the dark with it’s social experiment.

    >Had the NSDAP lasted even just another ten years it would have witnessed the Dead Sea Scroll findings as well. This would have certainly had an impact on NS thought also.

    The timing of the Dead Sea Scrolls “discovery” was too convenient. There are a lot of questionable passages in those manuscripts, I question if they can even be considered Aryan at all.
    The Essenes are the only ones omitted from the NT and are the only Jewish sect admired by ancient pagans (i.e. Pliny, Porphyry) and countless occultists. It’s quite clear that both Philo and Josephus were attempting to rehabilitate this sect in the eyes of their Gentile readers, despite not being avowed members of the sect. The liberal leaning, Roman fearing Pharisees make a convenient scapegoat.

    I find that the woes of Jesus are more applicable towards the Essene sect. The reference to white-washed tombs and how a Jewish sect washes cups and dishes for instance. The Essenes were obsessed with cleanliness, to the point that they regarded the natural resource oil as defilement.

    The claim that the Essenes worshiped Jahwe alongside the Sun is preposterous. “No man can serve two masters.” Neither Philo nor Josephus said that they saw in Jahwe within the Sun. The implication, especially in Josephus’ wording, is that they treated the Sun as a separate deity.

    >Who knows how the NSDAP would have changed had it not been attacked by over 50 different countries? We can only imagine….

    According to Otto Wagener, it would have developed into an order like that of the Freemasons, that was meant to be the goal in the long run.

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