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This is the Occitan spirit:

On a recent sunny Sunday, about a dozen young men, women and children sat around a wooden table belonging to Cédric Herrou, a 37-year-old farmer, laughing about who would cook that night. It could have been any family-like gathering in the pastoral setting high in the French Alps, just above the border with Italy. But it was not.

A local hero to some, a scofflaw to others, Mr. Herrou, who was arrested in August, had helped his guests — all migrants from Africa — to cross the border into France illegally.

people like Mr. Herrou, who has become the de facto leader of a low-key network of citizen smugglers, are countering police efforts in a quasi-clandestine resistance, angered by what they see as the French government’s inhumane response to the crisis.

“Either I close my eyes, or I don’t,” he said. “These are people with no papers at all. That means they have no protection. I don’t see how we can be inert.”

He takes the migrants to his property, where he has set up two small campers at the back so they can sleep and hide among the silvery olive trees of the Roya Valley. They wander his property with a rare sense of security.

Mr. Herrou estimates that he has helped more than 200 migrants this way. His accomplices in the loose network he informally leads have helped dozens more, sometimes picking up migrants as they straggle up the steep mountain railroad tracks from Italy to France, flattening themselves against the walls of the dark tunnels as the trains pass.

In Breil-sur-Roya, an old French-Italian village of ocher houses in the valley by a quiet lake, Mr. Herrou is something of a celebrity. At the Friday night local council meeting, townspeople clapped him on the back, greeting him warmly. That afternoon he had shared a beer with the town’s Socialist mayor in the main square.

“Yes, of course, we know,” the mayor, André Ipert, said in an interview. “Yes, of course, he is outside the law. This happens in France.”

That very day, three Sudanese migrants had straggled into Breil’s tiny town hall. The mayor did not turn them over to the police.

Others agreed with the assessment, and have done the same.

“We think we are doing what we should do, as citizens,” said Françoise Cotta, a well-known Paris lawyer who lives part time in Breil. She is part of the smugglers’ network. “Down there I am a citizen, and what I do is illegal,” she said. “And I help them.”

In the past I have stated that France is predisposed towards Islamophobia and general xenophobia due to its Carolingian literature. Occitania’s positive attitudes, in contrast, are explicable by not only the fact that Occitania followed Arthurian rather than Carolingian literature, but additionally by the fact that it had a few outright anti-Carolingian legends of its own (which portray Charlemagne as the villain). This had also been a theme of NSDAP literary research:

“The battle these children and their horse Begard waged against Charlemagne impressed me greatly, but I was especially touched by the fate of the horse itself. The noble animal would not sink even under the heaviest load. As long as his master kept on looking at it, the beast could always hold itself above water. But then Reinhold was forced to turn his tear-filled eyes away, and Begard sank. I cried when I thus first discovered how fidelity is rewarded in this world.” – Alfred Rosenberg

What I want to share this time are the Carcassone legends:

In this period, the best known legend of Carcassonne came into existence. The story of Madame Carcas, the wife of the Saraceen Balaak.

“When Charlemagne stood before the gates of Carcassonne with his troops, the castle army existed of only one person, Madame Carcas. She gave the illusion that many men were still on the walls. When Charlemagne wanted to starve the castle, and Dame Carcas heard of his plans, she threw a pig over the wall, filled with sweet corn. This made Charlemagne believe that there was still enough food left, so he packed up and left. On the site of his retrieve, she triumphantly blew her horn (Carcas sonne).”

Another story tells of the presence of sun temples or sun churches, which would have been responsible for the name Carcassonne (Karke Sonne). However, it is more likely that its name is based on the name of the Roman fortress, Carcasso. The connection with the sun temples and a possible Egyptian influence in its Celtic history is now a discussion between scholars.

I believe that people like Herrou and his associates subconsciously see a shadow of Charlemagne in France’s cruelty towards refugees: *

and intuitively feel that Occitania is meant to stand against this, hence their willingness to ignore French laws in order to follow their conscience. And, just like Lady Carcas, despite tiny numbers they are making a difference. We need more people like this. If you are out there, please contact us!

(* Note that terror attacks on refugee accomodation have by now become too frequent for us to keep up with, let alone post all the links about, anymore. Our recent lack of blog coverage on far-right terrorism across the EU reflects not absence of incidents, but the overwhelming quantity of them.)

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  1. “…intuitively feel that Occitania is meant to stand against this, hence their willingness to ignore French laws in order to follow their conscience.”

    For the Americans out there, the essay by Henry David Thoreau called “Civil Disobedience” could be of interest in the present climate. Thoreau wrote it to explain his stance against the Mexican-American War in the 1830s. The downer is that he wrote in prison, but like Herrou, he stood by his convictions and stands in contrast to the war-mongering neo-cons (neo-cohens) of today that push American military might in favor of imperial and Zionist interests.

  2. Kasper says:

    Muslims aren’t opening Europe’s borders. Muslims don’t control the media, or buy off our candidates, or force German children to be playing with their genitals in kindergartens. Muslims don’t promote the biggest war atrocity lie ever created (the Holocaust), and jail people who disagree.

    So why are we wasting 90% of our resources drawing mohammad getting fucked by a goat or whining about how Muslims treat fags and don’t like feminism? What do we gain out of this?

    The real solution is to support Arabs and muslims in their national liberation, and have good terms with them in order to facilitate future population transfers. The main reason the Islamic world hates France and America is simply because we’re always fucking bombing them or supporting their enemies

    Actually, the Islamic world has constantly tried to reach out to dissidents , including WNs, in the West, and with the exception of David Duke and E. Michael Jones, they’ve mostly found crackpots or morons (not their fault) so they’ve somewhat given up. Even the costume Nazi Bill White had a gig with Iranian Press TV! Lol. Unfortunately, crass bigotry and contemporary infiltration of Jews and conservatives into our movement has understandably dissuaded them greatly in recent years, but attempts to reach out to the Left has left them equally as disappointed as it is even more Judaic.

    In Syria, the Syrian government hosted and met the Alliance for Peace and Freedom , which included delegates of NPD, Forza Nuova, and Golden Dawn not long ago. Open Nationalsocialists, some who practice Islam, are in a coalition with the Ba’athists there (SSNP) and they certainly are not against us (the racialist movement, not our imperialist Zionist government).

    To this date, the only statesman in the history of the world who has absolved the German people of the Holocaust and made issues at the UN for the freedom of Holocaust revisionists is the Iranian Ahmadinejad, and this policy still exists to a much lesser extent in Iran today. Even Jared Taylor won’t stand up for the rights of historians to question the blood libel against Germans. We need to have our own point of view, one that supports universal nationalism and anti-imperialism. There’s nothing wrong with Islam per se (outside of Wahaabism and Salafism, which will go away once the US government and Israel stop sponsoring Saudi Arabia), and there’s a lot to learn from groups like Hezbollah, who unlike the “North American New right”, are actual effective vehicles for national revolution standing off against the NWO.

    One could even argue that the Iranian system today is more Aryan in its structure (Plato’s republic) than anything in Europe or the West. Pretending these people are our enemy when Iran is the sole country where figures like David Duke and E. Michael Jones are greeted as guests of honor is a gross mistake.

    There’s no need for contradiction between the West and the Islamic world. The grievances of the Muslims are quite legitimate–they want us to stop imposing Judeo-liberalism on them, and to stop bombing them. Any conversation about the relationship between the West and Islam needs to start there, rather than pretending they hate us because we’re beautiful.

    its funny how 6 million jews still live in europe –
    Israel Helping Migrants Invade Europe

  3. Lars Steinar says:

    People like Cedric Herrou are mega idiots! Helping our future killers is an example of complete lack of inteligence.

  4. @Lars Steinar

    It’s corrupt and Zionist subservient Western governments that fund and train the likes of ISIS, unless the Mossad does it first, which creates the “killers” that you have mentioned. But it also creates refugees and people fleeing from those killers if they were fortunate enough to escape. ERGO, supporting Israel and it’s activities is “supportng out future killers” (read about the Samson Option), while helping people who genuinely need it is the OPPOSITE of not just what Israel wants, but the OPPOSITE of they expect Europe to do.

    That said, I hope Cedric Herrou has guns and is able to use them well, because if an ISraelIS rat comes his way, it will be his duty to protect his refugees in hosting, his family, and finally himself.

  5. Marilyn LUDZKI says:

    Why don’t you sponsor refugees to your community? Why aren’t you protesting the quotas against middle easterners seeking entry to US?

  6. AS says:

    Unfortunate update:

    Cedric Herrou, 37, is one of three people to appear before the courts in southern France for assisting migrants fleeing war, poverty and persecution to Europe.
    Accused of “helping undocumented foreigners enter, move about and reside in” France, he risks up to five years in prison and a 30,000-euro ($31,300) fine if convicted.
    Herrou’s olive farm sits in a valley on the border of France and Italy, near a popular route for migrants trying to slip past French border controls.
    He has been unapologetic about helping migrants travelling up through Europe after crossing the Mediterranean in rickety boats that regularly sink.
    “If we have to break the law to help people, let’s do it!” he told supporters outside the Nice courthouse on Wednesday, where a crowd of around 300 people gathered.
    “Our role is to help people overcome danger, and the danger is this border,”

    Yet according to far-right propaganda, the French establishment is “pro-refugee”….. If this were really the case, not only would Herrou not have been charged with crime, but indeed he would never have needed to be an activist in the first place because the French navy would be deployed to ferry refugees round the clock across the Mediterranean and into France directly! The very reason that concerned citizens like Herrou have to spend their own time and money on this is because of what the French government has been NEGLECTING to do since the beginning of the refugee crisis!

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