Still waiting for Turkey to join the EU

Our enemies remind us why Turkey needs to join the EU ASAP:

Gabay discussed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s establishing nine councils, the members of which he appointed, and who are responsible for “offering policy proposals, ideas and strategies to the president” on the economy, foreign policy, education and law.Among those appointed to official positions within these councils, Gabay wrote, are well-known public figures who have made blatant anti-Semitic statements.

In an interview with the Turkish journal Yörünge in August, for instance, author Alev Alatl?, now a member of Erdogan’s culture and art council, said that the “anti-Erdogan forces of the world” are led by Jews and motivated by millennia-long Jewish teachings. “The real project [of the Jews] is to cleanse the universe of goyim,” she said, referring to “goyim” as those “for whom there is no place in the world unless they serve the Jews.”

In another interview the same month with the newspaper Takvim, Alatl? said:

“American imperialism and Jewish alliance (Evangelism and Jewish) have once again stepped into action today and are dragging the world into chaos. Their first target is Turkey.”

Last year, Professor Burhan Kuzu, a former MP of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), tweeted:

“Kennedy took the mandate for printing the U.S. dollar from the Jewish bank and gave it to the state’s central bank and got killed; the killer remains unidentified.”

Kuzu is also now a member of Erdogan’s law council.

Erdogan’s appointment of anti-Semites, such as those mentioned above, should not come as a surprise. When U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Erdogan responded by referring to a hadith (a saying by Islam’s prophet, Mohammed) about Judgement Day:

“Those who think they are the owners of Jerusalem today will not even be able to find trees to hide behind tomorrow,” he said, during a Human Rights Day event in Ankara on December 10.

Anti-Semitism and physical assaults against Jews have a long history in Turkey. In Istanbul’s Neve ?alom Synagogue, for example, Jews were victims of three terrorist attacks: in 1986 (by the Abu Nidal Organization); in 1992 (by Turkish Hizballah); and in 2003 (by Al-Qaeda). There are currently fewer than 15,000 Jews in Turkey and their number reportedly keeps declining.

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21 Responses to Still waiting for Turkey to join the EU

  1. Twin Ruler says:

    Again, about Bucks County Community College! I firmly suspect that the Office of Public Safety, there, has been infiltrated by The Ku Klux Klan. They usually speak in that rural drawl, associated with The Southern United States, in any event. And, much like the Klan had the nasty habit of projecting their very own latent, sado-Sexual mentality upon hapless African Americans, the Office of Public Safety, projects theirs unto hapless students, who have the misfortune to attend.

    Boycott Bucks County Community College. Get the word out about its Klan infiltration! Perhaps, one could organize not only a boycott, but also a picket. That would be a good idea. What say you?

  2. Manuel Nigao says:

    So you want Turkey to join the EU to make sure the ethnic replacement of the indigenous Europeans, especially Northern Europeans, die out?

  3. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    “So you want Turkey to join the EU to make sure the ethnic replacement of the indigenous Europeans, especially Northern Europeans, die out?”

    “Indigenous Europeans”? Wtf are you even talking about? You clearly don’t even have a basic grasp of history….

  4. Manuel Nigao says:


    Um, the English people are descended from the Anglo-Saxons, who were a European group?

    The French have Gaul ancestry?

  5. LuciferOverZion says:

    Would rather have 100,000 funny looking Turkish Mediterranid shop owners and barbers than 10,000 Brits whose maximum aspiration in life is getting a hostel paid with my taxes

  6. Manuel Nigao says:


    Yeah, because your and this site’s agenda is to replace the Europeans with dark-skinned people for so that Europeans will become extinct.

  7. Philistine says:

    @Manuel Nigao

    Turkey has anti-Zionist tendencies, which is why it needs to join the EU. Why is this so hard to understand?
    I can’t really agree with the recent talks about intelligence. If WNs were intelligent, they wouldn’t be WNs. There is no intelligent or rational reason to only see “whites” or Europeans in front of your eyes. It’s all instinct and irrational fear of extinction. I know this because I used to be a WN.
    It’s pure and simple mental illness: you convince yourself to see the world in a certain way. You stop seeing “black” people or other minorities as individuals with lives as complex as your own and instead see them as simple competitors. You start leaving your house in terror that you’ll see an interethnic couple or, God forbid, an interethnic child. It all becomes proof, validation for this reality YOU have built.

    It should be dispelled with a question as simple as “why does this matter?” Because this question has no rational answer. You can argue for the necessity of the existence of justice and goodness from a thousand points of view (God commanded it; it is necessary for the existence of social order; do to others what you would like to be done to you), but you can’t argue for the existence of any specific ethnicity. It must exist because it must exist? It must exist because it exists?

    The example I always give is that of Japan and America. We oppose the European invasion of the Inca Empire not because the Incas were natives, but because the Europeans were an inferior society with evil intentions. As for Japan, we fully support the displacement of the native Ainu not because we have some irrational hatred for native peoples, but because they were inferior to the “Children of the Sun” who were invading them.

    So nobody here cares about “white” people. We care about good people. And if you are a hindrance to anti-Zionism because you’re too busy caring about yourself to care about the injustices being done to others, then you’re evil. THAT is what we have a problem with, not the fact that you’re “white” or whatever other pointless identity you didn’t choose. In behaving like this, you’re behaving like the jews. If you oppose their actions, you oppose their whole group, you’re just another anti-Semite who wants jewish genocide. Now the invention is “white genocide.” What’s the difference?

  8. Manuel Nigao says:


    The problem with this site is that it pretends that native peoples are just an irrelevant portion of the populations even to the point where they don’t/shouldn’t exist. Take a look at where it talks on FAQ about being anti-semites. It says that Semites are people who speak Semitic languages, such as Arabic when that clearly isn’t just only people who speak the Semitic languages but are the Semitic people who spoke their native Semitic language.

    Also, this site tries to portray the liberal-leftist definition of what ethnicity is, AS has previously stated that German is not an ethnicity, and that it is instead a nationality and citizenship. That is the problem with this site, pretending that ancestral heritage does not exist, which is extremely civic nationalist, when German is also the indigenous peoples of Germany.

    Also you say that it is an irrational fear that WN’s are worried about the extinction of the white race.

    How is it an irrational fear? When these European governments have forced mass immigration from Africa and Asia on the indigenous peoples of England, France, Germany and Ireland for example. To the point where the English are a vast minority in their own major cities. The Portuguese even, when the Portuguese have a mixed population where people pretend that Angolans and Mozambique people are Portuguese, when they are actual Africans and not Portuguese at all.

    All that this site promotes is procreation mixing and what it called ”interethnic” mixing between Europeans and non-Europeans, to finally kill off all Europeans, because the authors and many commenters/members of this site hate the fact that we exist and want a world of mixed heritage peoples.

    Also, this site says that when someone immigrates to a new country, they should learn the new language fast, well then how do you expect people to learn that language when the native people are what’s keeping that language alive, without the native people those languages native to the given nation will die. Do you seriously think that bringing in many immigrants from all around the world will want to swiftly learn that language? Of course not, even manyEuropeans can’t speak English that well when they come to the United Kingdom. If we had millions of more Negroes and Asians coming to Europe, they’d bring languages over like Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Yoruba for example.

    And no, I’m certainly not the one who is evil because, apart from Jews, I want all races and indigenous peoples to be able to remain the vast majority in their own countries where they are at no risk of being bred out.

    What wants is to kill of all non-Europeans, get all of them to mix and create a multiracial population where all of the world is just dark skinned people. That is the sickening hatred that Aryanists have.

  9. Robert Young says:


    ‘And no, I’m certainly not the one who is evil because, apart from Jews, I want all races and indigenous peoples to be able to remain the vast majority in their own countries where they are at no risk of being bred out.’

    So, you are against Hitler’s invasion into Poland?

    How about realizing that each situation of ethnic replacement deserves approval or disproven on a case by case basis.

    For instance, my only cause for concern against the many Middle Eastern people coming into Central and Western Europe (and other places outside the Middle East) is that too many of them violently oppose Assad and good leadership in general, which this site has no problem with. However, I have no problem with a good European leader (such as Frederick the Great) inviting good Muslims into their land, even at the expense of natives that oppose such an invite due to their own nativism; and I especially can appreciate Putin’s campaign against Islamophobia in Russia.

    America is a different subject though. It’s just a monsterous country in need of severe compromise. No sincere National Socialist should ever truly be pro-American.

  10. Jack says:

    @Robert Young

    “For instance, my only cause for concern against the many Middle Eastern people coming into Central and Western Europe (and other places outside the Middle East) is that too many of them violently oppose Assad and good leadership in general”

    Was your inclusion of the word “only” deliberate? I agree with your points but there are many more concerns to be had. To focus on just one, child genital mutilation is rampant in the Islamic world, with males born to Muslim parents having similar rates of mutilation to those unfortunate enough to be born to Jews. In fact, it’s arguably even worse, considering Jews at least spare their girls. (compare Turkey, Albania, Bosnia, and Kosovo to other countries in Europe)
    Muslims have brought this barbarism with them to the few countries that have stepped toward banning MGM (What a sick world this is that we must commend countries for suggesting that a child’s basic bodily autonomy should be respected…) and spineless liberals will surely accommodate them. Now it’s happening to girls in my own place of residence!
    US district judge Bernard Friedman (take a wild guess…) said Congress lacked authority under the commerce clause to adopt the 1996 law, and that the power to outlaw female genital mutilation, or FGM, belonged to individual states.

    It goes without saying that anyone who thinks it is okay for an individual’s first sexual experience to be that of extreme sexual violence should be sterilized at minimum. Few Muslims would escape that. They may be anti-Western, but most are just another breed of barbarian (and the Muslims who oppose genital mutilation tend to be the “Westernized” ones, if anecdotal evidence is worth anything).

  11. Robert Young says:


    In other words, the only Muslim immigrants that I oppose are the ones that have violently opposed Assad’s rule.

    Also, should Europe start banning Americans into places subject to its jurisdiction? American adults circumcise male babies a lot there.

  12. Jack says:

    @Robert Young

    My language was inappropriate and referred to Muslims as a group rather than as individuals. I intended to point out that many Muslim individuals support genital mutilation, as you pointed out that some oppose Assad. You said that this was your “only” concern, I was just curious whether “only” was to be taken literally as anti-Assad demographics are not the only downside. The demographic trend in Europe through immigration is towards anti-Zionism (good), but also toward higher rates of genital mutilation (bad). The two can’t compare in importance and I don’t mean to weigh them against each other. Bodily autonomy laws won’t mean anything in the not-so-far future if Israel is not dissolved.

    Also, should Europe start banning Americans into places subject to its jurisdiction? American adults circumcise male babies a lot there.
    I did not call for a ban on Muslim immigration to Europe (I consider the current trends a net benefit), and I would not call for a ban on American immigration to Europe. Neither Americans nor Muslims inherently support genital mutilation, obviously, but the net effect of bringing in large amounts of either without quality control would be towards genital mutilation.

    Big error on my part – “They may be anti-Western, but most are just another breed of barbarian”. Here I didn’t make it clear that the barbarians I’m referring to are those who support genital mutilation. Nothing is inherently barbaric about the Muslim identity.

  13. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    “Um, the English people are descended from the Anglo-Saxons, who were a European group?”

    Interesting! Didn’t English right-wingers just vote for a “Brexit”? When will you “whites” make up your minds I wonder?

    I guess in your minds Germany should shoulder the burden of the destruction and oppression of the Middle-East by English and American Judeo-Anglo’s all by herself, right? Sounds fair…

    Oh, I forgot. The word “fair” does not exist in the Judeo-Anglo “white” lexicon. My bad!

    By the way, I lived in England from about two years of age until about 9. My step-father is British, and he is darker than most Arabs. Probably got quite a bit of Italian in him somewhere down the line I imagine. You do know that Rome invaded Britain right? You do know that Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain right? Do you know how many times Britain has actually been invaded by outside groups?

    Doesn’t matter to you though, because these were just European groups invading each other in Europe, right? Yet, Brexit



    The Qur’an itself does not mention circumcision explicitly in any verse. In the time of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, circumcision of men was carried out by most pagan Arabian tribes and female circumcision by some, and male circumcision by Jews for religious reasons.[9] This has also been attested by Al-Jahiz,[10] as well as by Josephus.[11]

  14. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    Mohammedanism is the religion founded by Mohammed ibn-Abdullah. Aware that Jesus’ true teachings had been altered by Jews, he took it upon himself to provide an update to undo the corruption. However, as his career demanded him to motivate as many people as possible towards activism against Jewish domination and to end the intertribal wars throughout the region, he was forced to adapt his teachings depending on the occasion to suit his audience and political environment. This made them in turn vulnerable to corruption by both Judeo-Christian mythology and Bedouin traditionalism. Immediately after his death by Jewish poisoning, the power struggles between Fatimah and Ali (Shias) on one side and Abu Bakr and Aisha (Sunnis) on the other side began the process of degeneration, which has continued as its worldwide following increased.

  15. Lucius Rhine says:

    I know the debate here finds use in the display to visitors, but it is also unproductive for actual work. I do not participate here much, because of this. The political world is already too confusing and smoky as it stands.

    In other goings-on, I reached out a letter to Ocasio-Cortez. Despite criticism from the right calling her childish (Which complements us) and her father “unprofessional“ demeanor and body language (Thanks, William Eastfield, for the link to analysis, I found it insightful) I think she has the potential to be a true leftist after some refinement. I almost barfed when I saw her lighting a menorah on Instagram.

    Additionally, rising right now, a section of old-school Democrats that branded themselves “Justice Democrats” on the social media sphere. Obviously, their rhetoric and lexicon does not 100% align with ours—and some is downright Marxist—but their emanent light of empathy and grace gives me hope. I prefer simple “Justice” as opposed to “Social Justice,” any day; there is only one true system of justice, n’est-ce pas?

  16. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    I would think it would be better to participate here than on a Discord server for example, because then at the least newcomers can witness an actual movement at work, rather than walk away with the feeling that there is no actual Aryanist movement at all to join, just a an Aryanist blog that Aryanists themselves do not even wish to defend from troll and useful idiot attack. We should not forget that Hitler invited all manner of Germans to come witness his speeches in the early days of the NSDAP, and that in the early years of the NSDAP many brawls broke out in the halls in which he spoke between the NSDAP and useful Marxist idiots.

    From what I’ve witnessed of this movement, many Aryanists stick around for a while here, and then fade off into oblivion. Are we to assume that these Aryanists that used to post here are actually off doing Aryanist “work”?

    I must say, these facts have left me unimpressed in regards to this movement.

    I keep hearing of this “work” Aryanists talk about, yet I’ve never actually seen much of it? Even when I was in full assault on Twitter and Minds attempting to get parts of the Aryanist message through to the general public, I had zero support from any so-called “Aryanist” at that point?

  17. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    Perhaps as long as there is no way to enforce a direct order from a ranking member of a movement, especially a movement based on militirasim, then such a movement is doomed to fail? Maybe a question Aryanists should themselves contemplate?

  18. Lucius Rhine says:


    My operations are local, as I see little value in the internet for recruitment. I learned my lesson with online recruitment when I was working with JAM on the Monarchist Party. Sure you will get people cheering you on and motivated to do work, until they actually are ordered to work. Then the excuses—whether from the mouth of an aryanist or not—have no end. At least if I have comrades down the street, I can go knock on their door and harass them a bit.

    I also no longer participate in the Discord, as the application lives up quite well to its name. There is little to no value.

    As far as seeing no work from fellow aryanists… if you and I were in the field, and we were part of different brigades, would you expect to see evidence of my units handiwork? On that note, remember that—even though aryanism is a militarist philosophy—most civilians (even the most fervent aryanists) have no idea what the application of militarism looks like. You and I, having military experience, have a work ethic and way of getting things done that simply would not even occur to the civilian. Remember that.

    Keep working, because the atmosphere is starting to shift.

  19. Manuel Nigao says:

    Wait, so this site has been around apparently since like 2003, and these ”’Aryanists” and ”National Socialists” still cannot even set up a party organisation. Laughable. Do you seriously think you’d get power but writing articles which only about less than ten people react to?

  20. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    So why are you wasting your time here? Do you really not see how what you’ve written above makes you look like a complete jackass? Obviously not…

  21. Manuel Nigao says:


    I’m here to see your ridiculous portrayal of National Socialism, I think it is hilarious how none of you have parties set up in this present day. Many in the past on organisations like Stormfront have commented on how ridiculous this site and its authors think National Socialism was a multiracial ideology where Negroes can mix with white Europeans.

    You will never come to power, because you’ve even got disunity in your own movement and you have no financial power even close to the alt-right or NSM.

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