Spot the non-false-flag vehicular attack

Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was shot and killed by police

he was killed in a shootout with police

 He was then shot by an armed police officer and died at the scene.

The three attackers, who wore fake explosive vests, were all shot dead by police.

One person has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Can you figure out what is going on?

As I was saying earlier, just because the UK does not have a far-right party threatening to enter government does not imply that it has nothing to worry about. Islamophobia is spreading in the UK no less than elsewhere. Attacks on Muslims will happen again and again until Islamophobia is utterly crushed. (False flag attacks blamed on Muslims will also happen again and again so long as they continue to be useful in perpetuating Islamophobia.)

Some on our side believe that it is pointless to try to debate with convinced Islamophobes, and if they mean that the convinced Islamophobes are beyond redemption and will simply have to be fought physically sooner or later, they would be correct (which is why I keep telling Muslims to equip, train and organize paramilitarily). But what I keep having to remind these people is that when we debate, we are trying not so much to change the mind of our opponents themselves, but mostly to win over the fence-sitters. The convinced Islamophobes are indeed write-offs, but there are many more who are still digesting the propaganda of both sides and who have yet to make up their minds on the issue. It is for the sake of this latter group that we debate. By giving up on them, we are effectively handing these people over to the enemy for free, and additionally those whom they in turn as propagandists might influence subsequently. So do not give up on them. Prepare for physical combat, sure, but also continue the propaganda war. Each one person whom we can dissuade through propaganda from becoming Islamophobic today is one less person whom we will have to fight physically tomorrow. Each one person whom we can persuade through propaganda to become actively anti-Islamophobic today could potentially be one more person who will fight physically alongside us against the Islamophobes tomorrow.

“The ink of scholars will be weighed in the scale with the blood of martyrs.” – Mohammed

As for the method of propaganda, it should be obvious by now that the antifa and broader False Left approach of ridiculing the enemy’s technical competence is almost the worst possible approach there is. Painting a portrait of the enemy as technically incompetent only leads those on our own side to dangerously underestimate them. Since we are preparing for an eventual physical confrontation against the Islamophobes, this is a path to almost certain ruin.

“It was, for example, a fundamental mistake to ridicule the worth of the enemy as the Austrian and German comic papers made a chief point of doing in their propaganda. The very principle here is a mistaken one; for, when they came face to face with the enemy, our soldiers had quite a different impression. Therefore, the mistake had disastrous results. Once the German soldier realised what a tough enemy he had to fight, he felt that he had been deceived by the manufacturers of the information which had been given him. Therefore, instead of strengthening and stimulating his fighting spirit, this information had quite the contrary effect. Finally he lost heart. On the other hand, British and American war propaganda was psychologically efficient. By picturing the Germans to their own people as Barbarians and Huns, they were preparing their soldiers for the horrors of war and safeguarding them against illusions. … Thus the British soldier was never allowed to feel that the information which he received at home was untrue. Unfortunately the opposite was the case with the Germans, who finally wound up by rejecting everything from home as pure swindle and humbug.” – Adolf Hitler

We already saw what happened in the US when the False Left spent the entire election season complacently laughing at how Trump believed he could actually win, instead of taking his chances seriously. We are still reeling from the consequences of that. Yet we have the same False Left today laughing at how our enemies are just a “tiny number” of “lonely basement dwellers” who “do not realize it is [current year]“. No! Our enemies have the ability to organize blockades of NGO vessels to reduce their chances of rescuing drowning refugees in time! Our enemies have the ability to burn down hundreds of asylum centres! Our enemies have the ability to pull off the Colohoax! Our enemies represent Western civilization itself, which a century ago had come close to colonizing the entire planet! Stop underestimating them!

First question for False Leftists: if our enemies really are a “tiny number” of “lonely basement dwellers”, then who are holding all these flags?

Second question for False Leftists: are you deliberately trying to get our side slaughtered?

Western civilization must die. Western civilization will not die unless we get absolutely serious about actively killing it, which begins with ridding our side of every last wishful delusion that it will die on its own.

By the way, if anyone claims that people of whatever minority ethnic group in the UK are “not British”, remember that the quickest way to shut them up is to show them this picture:

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  1. Numinous_Sun says:

    “Painting a portrait of the enemy as technically incompetent only leads those on our own side to dangerously underestimate them.”

    Such a good point to make, and one Hitler also makes in Mein Kampf when he compares the British war propaganda of WWI with that of Germany’s war propaganda of the same period. Hitler explains how Germany war propaganda focused on the ineptness of the British soldiers, and that it was so successful that the average German soldier truly believed the British to be weaklings on the battlefield. Once German soldiers actually encountered the enemy, they quickly realized that the German war propaganda was wrong. Thus, many Germans began to wonder if they had been lied to intentionally. In short, once a supporter of your cause feels that they have been betrayed by you, there is often nothing that can be said after-wards in-order to bring them back over to your side. Effectively, they become lost to you forever…

  2. Numinous_Sun says:

    I obviously hadn’t read the entire post before my previous comment, apologies for the redundancy…

  3. Numinous_Sun says:


    It is mind-boggling how delusional most false leftists truly are, even more-so today than yesterday it often appears. One would have hoped that the Trump presidential victory would have shattered all of the illusions false leftists love to surround themselves with to make themselves feel warm and fuzzy inside, but shamefully it looks like most have sunk even further into delusion, and cannot see how dangerous things are really getting.

    How many of us have actually sat back and tried to visualize what right-wing mob rule completely unshackled would look like? Perhaps this is an exercise in thought false leftists should attempt…

    I think I will use your Care-Bear analogy on the True Left site, if you don’t mind?

  4. anon says:

    “Can you figure out what is going on?”

    Maybe shooting perpetrators on the spot could be interpreted as an informal capital punishment.

  5. Numinous_Sun says:


    “By the way, if anyone claims that people of whatever minority ethnic group in the UK are “not British”, remember that the quickest way to shut them up is to show them this picture:”

    There’s also this from the Telegraph:

    How patriotic are British Muslims? Much more than you think, actually
    Nigel Farage fears some Muslims are “conflicted in their loyalties”, but many feel more British than other Britons

  6. Numinous_Sun says:

    …and we know what Nigel Farage really means when he uses the word Muslim

  7. Gallery Guy says:


    AS is essentially defending individuals that had their life deprived by Britain without a proper trial of any sort due to their ‘association’ with terrorism, despite lack of proof and logic. So, I have no problem with AS calling these incidents false flag attacks since he’s defending the reputations of individuals that Britain has gone after through questionable violence.

  8. Gallery Guy says:


    I’ve made it point to individuals in my area about this but they care more about preaching ‘tolerance’ and coexistence’; thus, essentially saying that the people killed are guilty.

  9. Gallery Guy says:


    If you need funds for any sites you’re trying to establish, I can help provide you with funds. I’d also love to formally join this site’s movement , but I’m caught up with a lot of issues in my personal life, relating to issues I have with rightists and insincere leftists, that I’m afraid will only bring negative attention to it, so I’ll do what I can for it in an informal context.

  10. Jason Bateman says:

    Ha! Ha! You call guys call yourselves “leftists”! You’re just a bunch of far-right capitalist. The real socialists ( i.e leftists) are the communists and anarchists because we advocate that the workers should own the means of production, yet the Nazis have supported bourgeois capitalists like Henry Ford! Hitler would’ve send you guys to the concentration camps for claiming Nazi Germany supported LGBT rights, Nazi Germany promoted state mandated discrimination of homosexuals and transsexuals! You idiots can just go fuck off because you’re not fooling anyone. Also this real leftist Facebook page has exposed your idiocy and I’ll put the link as proof! The working class will triumph over Nazi scum and neoconservative Trump supporters! The Nazis will get the bullet before they harm an innocent homosexual.

  11. NuminousSun says:


    Sounds good, and thank you for the offer! I should be good fund wise though. Perhaps I’ll post pages that I complete for the site here so everyone can get a sneak-peek of what I’m working on. Hope to have the first one done by the end of the week. I think the only thing I really need help with is editing, as my grammar is still subpar in many aspects…

  12. Hypnotix says:

    @ Numinous Sun

    I believe I can assist you with editing if you want.

  13. NuminousSun says:


    Thanks! I will take you up on that offer. I will DM you my contact info in the Discord server sometime this week.

  14. Gallery Guy says:


    That link you provided is an interesting one. Thank you for publically sharing it on this site.

  15. John Johnson says:

    “The Nazis will get the bullet before they harm an innocent homosexual.”

    Best of luck in your endeavor. However, seeing as Trump supporters have already murdered multiple “non-whites” (not to mention the ongoing deportations throughout the West), it seems communists and anarchists haven’t been too successful in protecting innocent individuals from violence.

    Instead of wasting your time attacking other leftists, you could have used the time you spent “exposing” us to write a piece attacking Trump supporters or organizing leftists into community defense groups to make true on your promise that no more innocents will be harmed by bigots.

    “Hitler would’ve send you guys to the concentration camps for claiming Nazi Germany supported LGBT rights,”

    Hitler would have sent you to a camp for claiming to support LGBTs, yet wasting your time attacking us (whom you admit support LGBTs) and in turn necessitating us to waste our time responding to you, when we both could have used our time much more productively by making plans to protect innocent individuals from being harmed. Instead of seeking unity, you seek to sow division in a time during which unity is needed more than ever.

    No wonder Hitler hated communists.

  16. Numinous_Sun says:


    I recommend you actually also read the websites of those you wish to “expose” in the future, or you’re just going to keep making a fool of yourself…

  17. AS says:

    And the pattern continues:

    Younes Abouyaaqoub aged 22, was born on 1 January, 1995 in M’rirt, Morocco.[84] He is believed to have been the driver of the van that killed 13 people on La Rambla. … Police shot and killed him.

    Houssaine Abouyaaqoub, brother of Younes Abouyaaqoub, was one of the attackers killed in Cambrils

    Moussa Oukabir was 18 at the time of the attack.[89][90]. He was shot and killed by police

    Said Aallaa, 19, was born in Naour, Morocco.[97] He had been living in Ribes de Freser, Spain, a village near Ripoll.[98] He was shot and killed by police after the Cambrils attack.

    Youssef Aalla is missing and may have been killed

    Mohammed Hychami was 24 years old; his brother Omar Hychami was 21, both were born in Morocco. They were cousins of Younes Abouyaaqoub, the alleged driver of the van in the La Rambla attack. They both were in the Audi used in the Cambrils attack and both were shot and killed by police there

    So again, no chance for testimony from the scapegoats suspects.

    Whereas in Charlottesville the police had no trouble arresting the driver alive…..

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