Shithole countries?

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Trump recently referred to Haiti, El Salvador and “African” countries in general as “shithole countries”, and stated a preference for immigrants from Norway:

The Alt-Right has since been heaping praise on Trump non-stop for telling the “truth”.

But which countries are the actual shithole countries? Looking for an answer to this question, I quickly found this map:

Not only do Haiti, El Salvador and every “African” country except South Africa do relatively well, which should come as no surprise, but it ironically turns out that two of the biggest shithole countries in the world are the US and Norway.

So, another day, another tidbit to remind us that Trump is a dotard “stable genius”.

Other relevant maps already on the main site:

And, for completeness, the two interactive maps that regulars will have seen many times by now but which I will repost anyway:

Did I mention that Western civilization must die?

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  1. AS says:


    I came across a US-only version of the feed-vs-food map. Perhaps you might find it useful:

    I hardly need to point out the correlation:

    Go Hawaii!

  2. Lucius Rhine says:


    Interesting how a lot of the traditionally ‘Blue States’ are green on the first map. I might point this out in an article. You have my thanks!

  3. AS says:


    “Interesting how a lot of the traditionally ‘Blue States’ are green on the first map.”

    You know how rightists say that California, Florida, etc. are “Third World” states? It is true in this case, and it is something leftists need to be proud of! “Third World” must no longer carry negative connotations. As I always say, National Socialist Germany was the original Third World country in the true sense of the term (aligned with neither the USA nor the USSR)!


    The usual questions:

    1) Does it have an armed paramilitary wing?

    2) Will New Jersey police cooperate at least by not investigating deaths of ICE agents on New Jersey soil?

    If not, then it will be as useless as California, which has zero practical ability to stop ICE despite calling itself a “sanctuary state”:

    Ultimately Governor Murphy needs to learn from the other Murphy:

  4. John Johnson says:

    No doubt the Norway reference is a nod to the Immigration Act of 1924, which favored Northern Europeans. Bannon must have mentioned this to Trump before…

    And of course, Nordicist Madison Grant loved this Act:

    “The Passing of the Great Race, in its original form, was designed by the author to rouse his fellow-Americans to the overwhelming importance of race and to the folly of the “Melting Pot” theory, even at the expense of bitter controversy. This purpose has been accomplished thoroughly, and one of the most far-reaching effects of the doctrines enunciated in this volume and in the discussions that followed its publication was the decision of the Congress of the United States to adopt discriminatory and restrictive measures against the immigration of undesirable races and peoples.” -Madison Grant

    “Denmark, Norway and Sweden are purely Nordic and yearly contribute swarms to a splendid type of immigrants to America and are now, as they have been for thousands of years, the chief nursery and broodland of the master race.” -Madison Grant

    Here’s another meat map making Western degeneracy more obvious:

  5. Amaleq says:

    “PROMINENT North Koreans who were believed to have been executed under the orders of Kim Jong-un have mysteriously reappeared in Pyongyang’s public circles. The despot leader has been known to execute North Koreans who oppose him or who have fallen out of favour with his regime – but not all is now as it appears….”

    Not so mysterious to some….

    “…Kim Jong-un’s aunt Kim Kyong-hui was reportedly executed by poisoning according to a North Korea defector, who spoke to Western media.

    However, these reports turned out to be false after South Korea officials revealed that Kim Kyong-hui – who is the sister of Kim Jong-un’s father – was very much alive but was being treated for various illnesses….”

  6. Nussun says:

    Good documentary on Netflix right now about the Rajneesh that Aryanists might want to watch titled: “Wild Wild Country”.

  7. Sun of the Isles says:


    By Rajneesh, were you referring to the Indian guru?

  8. Nussun says:



    Another topic: The Chinese Social Credit system.

    Not a bad idea I think, although I can already see the possibility of several flaws.

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