Secession updates: Scotland and Catalonia

We have been talking about Scottish independence for some time now, therefore we are pleased that the Scottish independence referendum is finally going ahead, set for 2014:

Now is the perfect timing for Aryanists and anti-Zionists in the UK to apply entryism to pro-independence groups, which will provide a chance to talk to politically interested people hopefully with a folkish mindset. As previously discussed, the logical sequence of propaganda objectives goes like this:

1) If you support Scottish independence, you should support genuine rather than merely nominal independence.

2) Genuine independence requires an independent state-issued fiat Scottish currency.

3) Such a currency will have to be backed by a Scottish economy that is self-sufficient at least in essential products.

4) Current Scottish population is far too high for a self-sufficient economy, therefore the state should limit new births to bring down the population in a controlled way.

5) While at it, why not use state control over reproduction to improve genetic quality?

Another secession initiative we definitely support, though we have not mentioned it previously, is Catalonia. Gaizka the Dynamiteman, if you are reading this, please contact us as you are our only existing correspondent in that region and we need your input! If there are any Aryanists and anti-Zionists in Spain who have not previously contacted us and who are interested in this issue, we want to hear from you now also:

Here is what the current secession initiative looks like, as presented by the Republican Left of Catalonia:

To this we repeat exactly the same thing as with Scotland: Catalonia will need its own currency and economic self-sufficiency to be genuinely independent. This, together with the social attitude of folkish unification, is what we need to be spreading among supporters of Catalan independence.

Of course we are additionally hoping that Catalan independence from Spain can encourage not only other secessionist initiatives from Spain, such as of neighbours Aragon and Majorca, but also the currently sidelined (but potentially most powerful) idea of Occitan independence from France, as mentioned previously:

By the way, new page:

There are big projects in the works taking up most of our time, so please continue to expect main site updates to be slow.

Finally, I know that the violence and increasing popularity of Golden Dawn in Greece are worrying, but do not lose hope; there are also more and more people starting to figure out what is going on, and doing their bit to spread awareness:

Aryanists and anti-Zionists in Greece, please contact us. There is much that can be done on the grassroots level to stop Golden Dawn and encourage local folkish unity; all we need are people willing to step up.

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42 Responses to Secession updates: Scotland and Catalonia

  1. mandrake says:

    Re: Scottish independence.

    It’s highly unlikely to happen to be honest, the people of Scotland are well aware that the state can only survive within the bounds of the UK. Even those who are pushing for independence such as Salmond, know that the Euro is a failing currency and will not join it, but they want to keep the UK pound sterling.

    They shouldn’t be allowed ‘devolution-max’ as Salmond wants, it’s either full independence or it’s not. But Salmond knows full well his scheme is unworkable. He simply operates from ego, he wishes to go down in the history books and the man who broke the United Kingdom. Think of Geo. W Bush and his desire to become a ‘war leader’. Hang the consequences for the people as long as you get in the history books.

    The case with Scotland is complex. But simply put, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Why would a small nation who relies on subsidies from England that the English aren’t privy to risk this? Free prescriptions for National Health Service drugs for one, the Scots have this for nothing, the English and Welsh and Irish pay a standard £7.50.

    Free university fees also, the rest of the UK pay up to £12,000 for their degrees and tuition. Scottish scholars again get this for free. It’s all a game of compromise, one that the English back down from again and again, because they don’t want to lose Scotland in the Union and thus inviting Welsh Nationalists to follow suit.

    It will be interesting when the vote actually comes.

  2. Pandorastop says:

    Mandrake have you any news on Aryan Dawn?

  3. Gaizka the Dynamiteman says:

    Mandrake, they say the same about us, but we should start someday. Independence is a process, not a moment.

  4. mandrake says:

    Pandorastop, AD is now permanently defunct. Lewenhaupt has been in contact with Anthony and relayed this information.

  5. mandrake says:

    Gaizka, what you say is of course true. But the people of Scotland don’t want independence, only Salmond and the SNP wish for ‘independence’ whilst retaining the perks of the Union.

    A wish for an Aryanist society is a sincere wish for freedom from the people, not a few megalomaniacs.

  6. Longinus says:

    What geopolitical conclusions can be drawn based on Aryanism’s support of USA unity plus sideing with fractions within France and Britain (but not Germany or Switzerland)? It becomes pretty clear what “Aryanism” is about American-German Axis. US strategy of NATO’s eastern enlargement (military basis in Eastern Europe, color revolutions in Ukraine, ‘Pussy Riot’ in Russia) and German ‘Drang nach Osten’ (German neo-colonialism in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, debt slavery of ex-socialist Slavs to Frankfurt Bank) are compatible and intertwined.

    As General Leonid Ivashov recently noted, it takes the unanimous decision of NATO Council to engage Russian troops and 3 members (which he did not specify) would be opposed. Which states?

    France has traditional ties to Russia, so strong that even Kaiser Wilhelm’s blood ties to Nikolai and other German plots were unable to break at the dawn of ww1. These ties have made Hitler (sponsored by US industrials) angry as well, as he mentioned in Mein Kampf. France has always played it’s own game within NATO. Yanks and Krauts hate the French…I’m pretty sure Russia and dissidents within EU under neo-Venetian German joke can count on the French friendship. But wich other two countries stand against American-German Axis? Who shall aid the new Zhukov and new Foch against the New Venice on Rhine?

    Is it Britain? Clearly not under Jesuite Crusaders like Blair was. And yet the fact that post ww2 Britain is a second-grade power and that the biggest slice of the cake in Europe Americans gave to Germany might bring anglo-saxon blut-und-sprache solidarity into question.

  7. Gaizka the Dynamiteman says:

    What are you talking about? This is about secession and self-determination of national cultures. It seems like you are a bit obsessed with geopolitics. And I have to say something more: Your “imperial geopolitics” are something obsolete. This isn’t about “axis” or “New Venices” anymore, now it’s all about Jewish imperialist tendencies vs fighters for ethno-cultural independence.

  8. Longinus says:

    Fine. So Aryanists are in support of the petition of Louisiana and 15 other states to secede from American union?

    When are Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein seceding?

  9. Pandorastop says:

    “Pandorastop, AD is now permanently defunct. Lewenhaupt has been in contact with Anthony and relayed this information.”

    I see. This situation must be remedied. AD was attacked because it’s overall message was effective. This movement will never die, I pledge myself to it, even on the Internet front. We will begin once again anew!

  10. AS says:

    “Aryanism’s support of USA unity”

    Longinus, you have apparently forgotten about our support of Hawaiian independence:

    As for the other states petitioning to leave the USA, we would have to assess each one individually in relation to our previously outlined criteria:

  11. Longinus says:

    I remember I had to yawn the first time I noticed that entry about Hawaii. What is Hawaii compared to Texas, a country as big as France? Global might of USA without Hawaii remains intact. Even in order to meddle into Asian affairs against China you don’t need that small archipelago in the Pacific since you can use Japan, a force in its own right for that purpose. First dismantle your own military and financial power bases such as USA, Germany and Switzerland and than expect Chinese, Russians, French etc. to do the same.

    This is the lacmus test of sincerity when it comes to reducing the possibility of WWIII.

    By remaining silent about such big and actual issue you only demonstrate Kissingerian deceitfulness toward other parties. Southerners, Midwesterners should note that American tyrant Lincoln and German imperialist/nationalist Bismark were pals. It is impossible to oppose imperialism and work on “leaders of outstanding charisma”.

  12. Gaizka the Dynamiteman says:

    “First dismantle your own military and financial power bases such as USA, Germany and Switzerland and than expect Chinese, Russians, French etc. to do the same”
    First, France isn’t an ally of Russia.
    Second, Switzerland is one of the few (three I think) neutral countries.
    Third, we weren’t born yesterday. Chinese and Russian imperialism exists.

  13. Longinus says:

    Let us recall Zbigniew Brzezinski who advocated division of Russia into several independent states. His plans did not materialize and now your American Weimar has only two options: feverish hitlerite effort to maintain American hegemony until the resources run out or the dissolution or a break up. If possible in an orderly manner into a loose confederation, or even into several independent states with limited, local conflicts, which will not jeopardize global security.

  14. Gaizka the Dynamiteman says:

    Then you are advocating Texas’ independence but not Mari Ei independence. You’re saying the same that Mister Brzezinski said.

  15. AS says:


    We also support Ryukyuan independence:

    Gaizka, Switzerland is not a neutral country. Switzerland recognizes Israel. We are anti-Zionists. There are no neutral countries in our worldview. A country either recognizes Israel or it doesn’t:

    All countries coloured blue are on the same side. Our objective with strategic secession is to expand the non-blue part, and we believe that many newly independent states can be more easily persuaded to be anti-Israel than the states they seceded from (though we will try our best to persuade the latter also). As discussed over email, we want to create a bloc of EU member states that does not recognize Israel. This is why we need Scotland, Catalonia, etc. to rejoin the EU after seceding (but of course stay away from the Euro currency!).

  16. Longinus says:

    I see benefits in either path you choose. It is of marginal interest to me how you choose to expire as the global empire. You strive toward Lincolnian Hitlerism? Fine. That plus imperial overstretch will in all likelihood only accelerate your downfall and further increase anti-Western resentments worldwide. Without USA as the global power-base the Western civilization and Germanic race will find it hard to spread and universalize their path of development.

    Ron Paul’s approach sounds good as well because it saves us from the sad task of repeating 1945. scenario in NATO’s European outposts like Poland and Germany

  17. Longinus says:

    It only confirms my observation. In the case of USA and it’s 100% obedient puppets like Japan and Germany you can only spot your secession candidates with a microscope (Ryukyu & Hawaii). But when it comes to less reliable partners (France) or partners potentially dangerous to American-German EU project (Britain & Spain) than “Aryanist generosity” can be spotted from the airplane – huge chunks of land like Southern France, Catalonia and Scotland.

    My sixth sense tells me we’ll sooner cheer to the independent Texas. Without the muscle of North-American continent EU/Germany will be unable to westernize/colonize Eurasian space further eastwards and leach out it’s inhabitants. :)

  18. SolAryan says:

    “Lincolnian Hitlerism”?? What kind of absurd neologism is this? Lincoln was a liar and warmonger. Hitler was neither..
    As for Ron Paul- his “Freemasonry with a smile” has already been thoroughly pointed out.. No man who advocates a Jew-Gold backed currency, a “return to the Constitution” (a work of freemasonic mass-hypnosis which guarantees NOTHING in the way of security of liberties-as opposed to, say, a firearm), and the weak-kneed libertarian philosophy of “non-interventionism”, is no friend of the American Folk, and can effectively be considered as an enemy of Arya..
    Democracy has proven itself a failure time and time again, as is clearly evident from even the most cursory glance at the history of the US alone (Not to mention parliamentary Britain, France, or post WWII Germany). A single charismatic, absolute leader need not automatically equate to tyranny,hegemony, or imperialistic aims (as again amply proven by the glorious example of the Third Reich [or any one of the many shining examples of beneficent Aryan rule by absolute monarchs throughout the ages])
    As the French poet, journalist, and novelist Anatole France once so succinctly put it:
    “For every monarchy overthrown the sky becomes less brilliant, because it loses a star. A republic is ugliness set free.”

    No Ron Paul can inspire or offer the Unity that a folk needs to achieve a Noble Aryan Ideal.. However, such charismatic absolute leader as you seem to decry, Longinus, can indeed provide the catalyst for such a task..
    Democracy divides into mutually exnlusive, mutually hostile “in-groups” and “out-groups”
    , Aryanism unites through Nobilty and trancendent Idealism..

  19. Longinus says:

    >>>Lincoln was a liar and warmonger. Hitler was neither..

    They were both populistic warmongers and unitaristic dictators.

    >>>As for Ron Paul- his “Freemasonry with a smile”…

    This is not about Ron Paul or his ideology but inevitable issues he addressed such as American exceptionalism, incessant warfare, consequent dispersion of American power and now finally the unsustainability of the artificial maintenance of America itself.

    >>>A single charismatic, absolute leader need not automatically equate to tyranny,hegemony, or imperialistic aims…

    True. As American power is falling inwards and outwards her competitors will find one or few sooner than you think.

    >>>proven by the glorious example of the Third Reich

    Hitler has violated Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement and caused deaths of 10 million 700 thousand Soviets, predominantly ethnic Russians. Danger from Western Allies and Cold War is probably the only reason Soviets haven’t considered the systematic depopulation of his folk.

  20. Gaizka the Dynamiteman says:

    Sorry, I didn’t know about Switzerland
    Spain potentially dangerous? Don’t make me laugh, please.

  21. Longinus says:

    Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you must have heard about the revolt of the debt slaves in Spain and Portugal especially where the rage took explicitly anti-Merkel form. South European political elites will remain loyal to the German banksters but the masses have had enough.

  22. Longinus says:

    As Comrade Stalin observed, “Indestructible Union of peoples can be built only on the grounds of mutual understanding and trust.”
    There can be no trust between German industrials/elected politicians and the proletariat.

  23. Gaizka the Dynamiteman says:

    A revolt channeled by the political opposition, the ones who previously were in the government and destroyed State economy. Nah, the revolution has to be national or hasn’t to be.

  24. Longinus says:

    Start off with nationalism you end up with plutocracy/liberal anti-nationalism sooner than you think. Nationalism is the right goal, but socialism is the right instrument to achieve that goal. The marriage between nationalism and capitalism/liberalism is unfortunate one. It is a western phenomenon and it will perish with the West.

  25. SolAryan says:

    I do not wish to argue the fine points of WWII history here, as the topic is supposed to be Scottish and Catalan secession efforts.. However, as far as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Agreement is concerned- are we to believe that such an agreement could really last in perpetuity? There can be no lasting peace between National Socialism and International Jewish Bolshevism.. I do not seek to gloss over the deaths of those men who fell in battle, but one must realize that it was always Bolshevism/Communism that was the true culprit in the deaths of those millions.. Hitler’s action was a mere pre-emptive measure to curtail the spread of Bolshevism throughout Europa.. Besides, it wasn’t as if this was done on a mere whim– after all there were already close to six million Soviet troops assembled along the eastern frontier and near 25,000 tanks.. Rather superfluous for such a supposedly “benign” national relation, don’t you think? To blame Hitler and ignore the Jewish hand behind both the Bolshevist Terror and the wranglings of International capitalistic High Finance is to ignore the very forces which led to war in the first place.. And personally, I have no problem with a “populistic, unitaristic dictator” as you have referred to Hitler- however I still must adamantly deny the “warmonger” charge.. Nothing could be further from the truth.. Certainly we National Socialists are not afraid to fight for our ends, but the designation of “warmonger” is a grave misnomer..

    “My intention was NEVER to wage war, but to build a new social state of the highest level of culture”
    – Adolf Hitler

  26. Longinus says:

    >>> as far as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Agreement is concerned- are we to believe that such an agreement could really last in perpetuity?

    Never with a parties prone to make such self-fulfilling prophecies. Based on 20th century experiences, the successful diplomatic correspondence with Germans is based on short yes/no ultimatums, never agreements. This is a good rule of thumb for the Anglosphere as it progresses further into militarism and preemptive wars.

    >>> International Jewish Bolshevism

    That’s an assertation, not an argument. Axis were international as well. Bolshevism is Russian Socialism and Soviet Union under Stalin was anything but Jewish. Hitler’s true problem with with the Soviet Union was the fact that it was not ruled by German oligarchs like Romanovs and colonized by Germans.

    >>> Hitler’s action was a mere pre-emptive measure to curtail the spread of Bolshevism throughout Europa..

    Bolshevism presented no threat to Germans or Italians who were apparently satisfied with their own systems.

    >>> Besides, it wasn’t as if this was done on a mere whim– after all there were already close to six million Soviet troops assembled along the eastern frontier and near 25,000 tanks..

    Blatant propaganda. It took some time to persuade our trustful and somewhat naive Comrade Stalin that the news of German aggression is not the rumor of Western espionage and that Hitler has committed a sly treachery.

  27. mandrake says:

    This thread has gone so way off topic. Please, can we return to the original points of the post, since the other points are covered elsewhere.

  28. Gaizka the Dynamiteman says:

    I agree. Let’s get back to main topic (trolls abstain to comment)

  29. SolAryan says:

    >>>Bolshevism is Russian Socialism and Soviet Union under Stalin was anything but Jewish. >>>

    I would argue that Bolshevism is anything but Russian, as it doesn’t take the eye of a scholar to see the overwhelmingly Jewish hand instigating and guiding the events of October 1917 and beyond. As for the Jews behind Stalin– here is but a introductory list–

    And though there seems to be quite a cover-up effort by Stalinist sympathizers, there are quite a preponderance of sources citing Lazar Kaganovich’s(Jew) sister to be a third wife of Stalin.. Stalin’s own daughter Svetlana married into that same Kaganovich family (the son, Mihail), and his son Vassili married the half-jew daughter of Molotov, whose wife Polina Zhemchuzhina became good friends with Golda Meir who arrived in Moscow in November 1948 as the first Israeli ambassador to the USSR.. Need I go on? There has even been speculation of Stalin (real name Iosif Dzhugashvili) himself being of Georgian Jewish ancestry (note I say speculation, but definitely something worth looking into)..

    From Moses to Marx to Lenin, from the Tanakh to Das Kapital, Communism/Bolshevism has since its inception been a thoroughly Jewish affair. As the Jew Otto Weininger stated in his book “Geschlecht und Charakter (Sex and Character)”,
    “The Jew is an inborn communist.” The Jewish Chronicle of April 4 1919 had this to say concerning the issue-

    “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism (Communism) itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”

    “The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.” – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919.

    “The governments of the peoples included in this world republic, with the aid of the victorious proletariat, all will fall without difficulty into Jewish hands. Private property will then be strangled by the Jewish directors, who will administer the state patrimony everywhere. Thus the promise of the Talmud will be fulfilled, that is, the promise that the Jews, at the arrival of the Messiah, will possess the key to the wealth of all the peoples of the earth.” – Baruch Levy, in a letter to Karl Marx, published in the Rothschild controlled La Revue de Paris, June 1, 1928.

    I think I’ve made my point abundantly clear.

    For more information regarding the Jewish and Freemasonic hand behind Bolshevism/Communism, please see the following documentary based on Jura Lina’s book “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”
    I think you will find it quite interesting.

    My apologies to the Admininstrator and my fellow Aryanists for going so far off topic, but I felt this was an important point to make.


  30. SolAryan says:

    Anyway, back to Scottish Independence- It certainly will be quite interesting to see how things develop between now and the referendum in 2014.. Here’s hoping a solid Folkish platform will come to the fore soon!

  31. Longinus says:

    >>>I would argue that Bolshevism is anything but Russian…

    I’ve watched dozens of these Western films. They are oversimplified because they ignore the Germanic nature of Romanov’s forces and the other side of Bolshevism that is far more Russian and mysteriously traditional than Romanov’s monarchy. No one has ever denied the Jewish side of early Russian Bolshevism and there’s too much written about this. But who usually brings it up in these debate? The explicit biocentrist and nazifiliac who refuses to see further than DNA tests and acknowledge that 20th century was a battle of ideas – those of imperialist/universalist west and others.

  32. mandrake says:

    @ SolAryan

    Scotland has always been predominantly Socialist country, due to it’s relationship with France and it’s Protestant past. I’m fairly sure they won’t leave the Union and even if they do, Scotland will be devoured by EU bureaucracy.

  33. JAM says:

    The Russians are monarchists and Christian at heart. This creature should be banned. Free speech is for the Jews.

  34. Falk says:

    JAM, AS, and everyone else it may concern..

    We don’t want a monarchy or a republic. We want the REICH.

    We don’t want a monarch or a president. We want the FÜHRER.

    Stop your false dichotomy!

  35. Longinus says:

    This is a false dichotomy, especially in West Europe’s case since the monarchs there relied on merchant Jewry and the Third Estate or early bourgeoisie. This was not the case with Russian Tzars before Peter I., a German freemason, westernizer and the enemy of Orthodox Russia and it’s peasantry. The entire reign of Romanov (Oldenburg) dynasty was un-Christian, incompatible to Russia’s traditions and has caused bitter resentment long before the October Revolution (Pugachov Cossack insurrection). Europe’s first bourses, the emergence of big jew-money took place after Crusader kings plundered the Eastern Roman Empire, the Center of Orthodox Christianity.

  36. JAM says:

    In the US our language is English. If you want a Reich and Fuhrer you’ll have to go to Germany and hope for a rare someone to appear. However, if you want a Leader and a Realm/Nation, that can be had in the US. Of course, convincing Americans to call the head of state “My Leader” and paint the town with swastikas might prove difficult. You can find pro-monarchy media in the US that works in our favor, such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. Good luck finding pro-National Socialist media.

  37. mandrake says:

    @ Falk.

    I too want those things you describe, but how many people are brainwashed into believing the Jewish lies about NS Germany? 90%? Or even higher. I know many rational intelligent people who would balk at the idea of one leader, one land and one people, purely because they’ve been sold Democracy as freedom.

    JAM is correct here, abstinence from NSDAP propaganda is the way to move forward. We should not be ashamed of the past however, we’re mostly non-German and to return to the past via words and symbolism is anachronistic and will evidently turn some potential allies into enemies.

  38. Longinus says:

    BTW I support Scottish and Catalan independence primarily because it can inspire other, more important secession movements like Texan. Total population of Scotland is 1/5th of Texas. The total number of members of Scottish National Party is circa 50 000. If you scale that number to Texas 250 000 Texan patriots can lead Texas to independence. Texas has strong military industry and petroleum industry necessary to deter the central government.

    What Texas needs is independence led by Texan nationalists, not a Mestizo king or a Yankee fuhrer. You can have that in negro Detroit, Jewish New York or even liberal Vancouver.

  39. Anthony says:

    Longinus, you are not but a degenerate worm. Again and again your bullshit has been refuted and exposed, and yet you still have the audacity to come back here. Maybe if you actually did something to fight against the Jew, like create a website detailing your ideology in the minutest detail taking every possible consideration into account (like we have) or created a documentary exposing Jewish terrorism (like John has) or created a political party to get something done instead of droning on about absolute fucking nonsense(like John has more than once) or actually been taken seriously enough ny the Jew to have serious financial and legal difficulties (like John has), then you would actually be justified in criticising us. As it stands, you are NOTHING. Nothing but a pawn in the struggle between good and evil.

  40. Anthony says:

    You have perhaps never lost an argument on this site, but nor have you ever won one. This is because you employ the tactics seen in this video, appropriately taken from a TV series called ‘Jam’.

  41. Pandorastop says:

    Heh @ the Video.

    I know this is off-topic but if anyone is interested I’ve put up another Aryan-Dawn forum. You can find it at

    It’s a quick domain for the moment, hope to see you there! especially those that were members of the original AD.

  42. Longinus says:

    >>>Maybe if you actually did something to fight against the Jew, like create a website detailing your ideology in the minutest detail

    I am not an ideologue, I leave this to wise men like Dugin but I do have a practical, Pilatus-type solution for the Jewish problem. You would not like it since it involves your own demise. In the ideal National-Boslhevik state as I envisioned the solution of Jewish question differs from National Socialist attempts. Only capitalist, intellectual and other powerful and elite Jews are persecuted. Average Jews (bio-robots) have a significant role in this scheme of things. They shall do the dirty work for us and serve as prison guards and executioners of various antagonistic ideologues and elements: west-liberals, ‘profound’ Hitlerites, vulgar neo-nazis, Trotskysts, International Communists, lumpenproletariat etc.

    “Concentration camp” is not a popular word (thanks to Hitler) so we can call it “Gulags” (or invent some other new word). These institutions can be administered by Jews. I cannot think of a better candidate for that job than a Jew … Torquemada himself was an ex-Jew. As we lead our Gentie peoples into the realm of traditions Jews can lead you into Gehenna.

    Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” was banned the last year in Russia…this is not a very good news for profound Hitlerites.

    Nazi propaganda (symbolism of the greatest enemy since the Mongols) to be banned…not a very good news for vulgar neo-nazis.

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