RoboCop 3 becoming real

Eric Zemmour (Jew) proudly announces what I worriedly predicted years ago:

In the following interview Mr. Zemmour discusses the Islamization of France, the expansion of the no-go zones, and the inevitability of a French military response to Muslim colonization. One of the most intriguing revelations in this interview is his assertion that the French military has consulted with its Israeli counterparts for advice on how to re-conquer the “sensitive urban zones” that have been lost to French control.

“The plan is already written. It is called “Operation Ronce”. It was designed with the help of the specialists for the Israeli army. … They went to see the specialists from the Israeli army and, the French that explained this to me, told me that, like they did a Gaza, they would advise them to do the same; they explained to them how to proceed, because Israelis are the specialists, of course, and so the French plan is ready.”

If this is not a wakeup call as to how serious the ZC threat is, I honestly don’t know what is. The present government is unlikely to implement this plan, but if the far-right come into power in the future, I guarantee they will have no qualms about doing so. This is what we must prevent. (If you haven’t seen Robocop 3, please do so.)

If you are a solider in the French armed forces, it is your duty to open fire on your officers if they order you to attack innocent people. People simply living in so-called “no-go zones” (which cost the state nothing and indeed saves money for the state, as they refuse the usual state-provided social services, which enables these services to focus on serving the neighbourhoods which do want them) are innocent; they are merely rejecting democracy, which is what everyone should be doing anyway, because democracy is the very system ultimately asserting that a majority of voters wanting soldiers to attack innocents is enough reason for soldiers to do as the majority wants. It is not. A true soldier’s most fundamental duty is to combat initiated violence, and thus to stand against democracy which potentially condones any initiated violence so long as it is sufficiently popular:

If you are a resident of the neighbourhoods targeted by this plan, make sure you own firearms (rifles at the very least; handguns are virtually useless against fully equipped troops) and other supplies, and get organized:

The best response to enemies who claim based on your ethnic background or religion that you are somehow “not French” (as Zemmour was insinuating above) is to simply show them this picture:

We would love to hear from you! Contact us:

(And one more thing: does anyone really believe that France is the only country which the IDF has been helping to lay this type of plan? It is likely that similar plans exist in many Zionist countries, except they merely haven’t announced them yet. So this is far from just a French problem.)

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  1. Numinous Sun says:

    Robocop 3 starts out with Robots patrolling the streets of Tehran, Iran. Think about that one for a second…

    The ‘Israelization’ of police forces is a world wide phenomenon at this point, that is a fact.

  2. AS says:


    I think you are referring to the 2014 movie:

    I am referring to the 1993 movie:

    Have you seen this one?

  3. Robocop 3 fact: it was written by Frank Miller who also wrote the infamous graphic novel “300.” The OCP Corporation is even portrayed with the “Nazi” twist that’s given to many on screen badguys to make them seem just a bit more evil – grey uniforms, some tall boots, and even a yellow sun-like icon on their upper sleeve.

    Anything by Frank Miller is sure to packed with Zionist compatible ideas. He even wrote a Batman comic where Batman kills a group of street punks. Oh, and a massively anti-Muslim graphic novel “Holy Terror.” AT which the media hardly batted an eyelid.

    On the flip side, the Turkish movie “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq” contains one brief scene where an organ trader is sending a crate to, among others, Tel Aviv, and the ZC media goes crazy saying it’s just like the “Protocols of Zion.”

    Orwell is becoming real, but Robocop’s sure to be here first, though.

  4. AS says:


    “Anything by Frank Miller is sure to packed with Zionist compatible ideas.”

    But surely you see the easy parallel between the Rehabs and the IDF? In which case, surely fans of RoboCop 3 should be intuitively anti-Zionist, irrespective of Miller’s intentions when writing? I say this as someone who seeing the film as a child hated OCP and sided strongly with the rebels, and who of course went on to become avowedly anti-Zionist. No matter how incompatible with our views Miller’s more recent works (*cough300cough*) may be, I believe RoboCop 3 is one work of his which is worth adopting into our narrative. Also, in this case Miller was only the co-writer with Fred Dekker (who also directed), so maybe that accounts for the difference.

    Meanwhile, Jews would obviously prefer us to view so-called “Third World” people as the zombies in World War Z (have you seen this one?).

  5. @AS

    “But surely you see the easy parallel between the Rehabs and the IDF?”

    Yes, I do. And what irks me is that no one makes this comparison, but they just look at the Rehabs and scream “omg, they’re just like nazis.”

    The Combine in the Half-Life game world are also much like the IDF. I wrote about this on my blog.

    I have seen World War Z. There is very obvious and intentional comparison between Palestinians and the Zombies in that movie.

  6. KKKBoy says:

    I found this site through a download of 20th century myth.

    Do you have a list of booklet downloads on here somewhere? I am interested in seeing what downloads you have of books.

  7. KKKBoy says:

    OH YEAH! That’s what I’m talking about. Good stuff in that archive. Keep up the nice blog.

  8. Sam says:


    Enjoy and share with others.

  9. KKKBoy says:

    Yep this site is top notch. All the articles are something I wouldn’t mind having a giant book of. Especially the philosophy, culture, etc. Great information and nice layout.

  10. TopKek says:

    I’m sure that the people living in the “so-called “no-go zones” [why the scare quotes?] (which cost the state nothing and indeed saves money for the state, as they refuse the usual state-provided social services, which enables these services to focus on serving the neighbourhoods which do want them)” that Aryanism.Net so resoundingly endorses all consent to Shariah law in their neighborhoods and wouldn’t ever want any Kuffar emergency services to come into their neighborhoods. Especially women and children–they are treated so well, in accordance with’s philosophy of love for children.

  11. AS says:


    “[why the scare quotes?]”

    Because they are not really no-go. I (formally non-Muslim, though of course a big fan of Mohammed) have done everything from food shopping to martial arts classes in such neighbourhoods. It probably helps that I am vegan and therefore not a pork-eater.

    “Especially women and children–they are treated so well, in accordance with’s philosophy of love for children.”

    I used to live next door to a Muslim family. What the youngest child (a girl, baby-toddler back then) wanted was always the most important. After getting out of the car, everyone else would leave the car doors open and wait patiently (while carrying shopping bags) for her to slam them shut because they knew she liked doing so. When she went out to play in the yard without wearing shoes, they would leave her shoes on the doorstep but would never force her to put them on. When it was time to go back indoors, she disliked being picked up by the older sister, so the sister never picked her up by violence (though always offered to pick her up), but after being refused would go all the way back inside the house to get either the older brother or a fat boy (a friend), both of whom the little girl preferred, to pick her up instead. And I especially remember one time when she came up to the father with a headscarf in her hand, and he put it on for her, then she ran back inside the house and a moment later ran out into the yard again wearing also a taqiyah on top of her headscarf!

    In short, all I ever saw them do was affirm and reinforce her. Over a duration of several years, I only ever heard the little girl cry ONCE, and that was when the mother had a medical emergency. Not once did I hear the youngest child cry due to violence by either the parents or the older siblings. (In contrast, during that same period I frequently saw on the street young children of Western parents crying from parental/older sibling violence within observation durations of mere minutes. I’ve also lived next door to Confucianist parents, and when I think of parents that deserve to burn in eternal hellfire, they always come to mind.)

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