Reminder of the cruelty of family

If this doesn’t make your blood boil, please leave our movement now, because we don’t need you:

We talk a lot about state control over reproduction as a means for genetic improvement, but I have always maintained - and still maintain - that the most directly ethical reason for state control over reproduction is to protect children from the cruelty of their parents. And by this I refer not only to the forms of cruelty that are illegal in current society, but just as much to what is legal (and considered socially acceptable, or even laudable, as in the above example) in current society. This particular incident made the news because the video went viral, but how much more of this is going on every day that is not even recorded on video, and never makes the news?

Every libertarian/anarchist is a passive facilitator of the above. Only positive statists can ever put an end to this by ensuring that people like that piece of shit in the link above never get to reproduce, much less look after children:

These days, whenever I am required to explain positive statism, I go straight to the issue of family tyranny and present positive statism as the countermeasure to this. It saves a lot of time. People might disagree, but at least this way we do not get mistaken for or confused with traditional statists. Please use and contrast this pair of terms a lot: we need to get it through to people that these are two completely different derivations of statism.

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  1. Ossendowski says:

    This is sick on so many levels. I just found the original video on Youtube and look what is written in the description:

    ” For the record, she’s not typically a beast child – she’s actually a pretty awesome little kid who was having a rough day. :)

    …so this is how you treat your 6 year old child when she had a bad day: mock her and post it on the internet to the delight of millions of scornful lowlifes.

    As the icing on the cake we have this article which is typical in style for the (Jew-controlled) Daily Fail:

    “Temper tantrums aren’t much fun for anyone within earshot as young children scream themselves hoarse because they aren’t getting their own way.”

    And the child isn’t feeling miserable at all, right? What a load of crap.

    Not enough? Look at the comments. This one…

    “Mocking his daughter is incredibly cruel and to air in on the Internet is wrong on so many levels. ”

    …is in fact the “Worst rated”, whereas comments like this…

    “The child’s fragile state?! What a bunch of nanny pants on here! His daughter was acting ridiculous. Funny stuff.”

    …are found among the “Best rated”. Again, typical for the Daily Fail and its readership. I think I have to puke.

  2. Phoenix says:

    These…so called parents are disgraceful wastes of life. I am immediately transported into my own childhood and adolescence, where I went through extremely similar experiences, my friends and family rolling there eyes or accused me of needing “help” after begging for understanding and acknowledgment of existence. The daughter of this family is acting out because she realises she has zero options for communication. The parents don’t understand why she is acting the way she is, or even care.

    There is obviously a huge disconnect here in terms of empathy. This video serves a more than perfect example of those people who simply LACK the ability to empathize and relate to others emotionally and conceptually. Further they GLORIFY this fact, as the video demonstrates. The Jew and the Gentile celebrate their ignorance, stupidity, and inability to feel.

    The video actually brought to mind similar video sequences of cruelty in a slaughter house. All that’s missing is the father beating the child instead of merely lip synching to her screaming. And I’m about 100% sure that if that isn’t occurring in this particular home, those people who find it amusing may be guilty of doing just that.

    Second issue is the missing realization of the parents that their duty is to teach their children by example. Totally failed here.
    The children parents raise will eventually replace them as adults. What will they act like? If they have any by genetic grace, their original nobility would all but be destroyed by the lack of a nurturing environment. By this buffoon father making a mockery of his child, he not only humiliates a tender soul but shames himself. He has no inner peace or conscience. He has destroyed it, he loves himself more than her.

    Bullshit like this I cannot believe would not be condemned! But alas, the unfeeling calloused slaughterers of beasts and men just relish in this don’t they? Feeding the chasm, expanding the void and sucking the life out of their own young even. Savage, absolutely savage.

  3. FL says:

    I come from anarchocapitalism myself and I can only say that traditional statism (describes it well) had me so confused. Anarchists are only concerned with freedom from a state that is somehow supernatural to them. If they’re so concerned with market dynamics then there they have it: just another financial institute to protect the interests for those who can afford it. And this is usually what I tell them. This world is already anarchocapitalist and needs statism today more than ever, if it can be made right. I imagine the positive statism as more of a moral community that WILL take the responsibility over the lives of those who can’t lead it by their own ethics because it HAS to in order to ensure sustainable life.

    Good read! Thanks a lot and good luck dear friends.

  4. Anthony says:

    I’m glad to see that you’re still around, Ossendowski. I remember we once discussed the possibility of a blog arguing against Libertarianism from an Aryanist perspective. I will be posting an anti-Capitalist/ anti-Libertarian series of articles soon, so that would be a good time to discuss that. It may be of interest to you too, FL, since you come from Anarcho-Capitalism.

  5. Anthony says:

    Regarding this post, I think the comments in the Daily Mail article are even worse than the article itself.

  6. This is a blunt example of Judaized behavior – if you are unable to understand something, or deal with something, ridicule it. Zionist can’t refute criticisms of the Holocaust narrative, so they monstrously exaggerated their initial claims in comic books with Nazi super science and the like. They had dissent criminalized and now think anyone “foolish enough” to not believe the “Holocaust” is mentally unfit.

    This father’s behavior is inline with that model. He probably told his daughter “you’re just being stupid, pumpkin, so stop it.”

  7. Ossendowski says:


    I just registered a WordPress-blog. There has been a lot going on in my life the past months, so I haven’t had the time yet, but now that things are more laidback I’m finally ready to start. I’m already working on my first post, I’ll let you know when it’s up. Looking forward to reading your articles as well.

    “Regarding this post, I think the comments in the Daily Mail article are even worse than the article itself.”

    Definitely. Nothing is more despicable than drooling masses gaining pleasure from the misery of others.

    @Miecz Elizejski:

    “This is a blunt example of Judaized behavior – if you are unable to understand something, or deal with something, ridicule it.”

    Good observation. This tactic is scaringly common, lots and lots of people are resorting to it when confronted with something they don’t understand or simply don’t like.

  8. Victor says:

    The comments really show what kind of sick society we live in. Most people seem completely unable to empathize with the child, with some of them even recommending physical violence. Many describe how she will eventually “grow out of it” (i.e. lose her remaining Original Nobility).

    That this child abuse is considered “funny” by the masses doesn’t surprise me anymore. Another example of this mentality, though not as bad, are some of the cruel prank videos which are quite popular now. It seems like people like to laugh at the suffering of others. Even when I showed “From Farm To Fridge” in my class some people laughed at the scenes and made jokes. It is truly disgusting.

    Seeing this and thinking about the endless suffering and cruelty happening right now makes me feel angry and hopeless.

  9. Aryan Aim says:

    @Phoenix. Eloquently stated!

    @Anthony. I was thinking the same thing, the comments indicate sentiments that are exactly inline or even more unethical than the source itself. Also, looking forward to more of your anti-Capitalism writings.

    @All involved with the BN forum. Again, don’t be shy to post your writings on the appropriate thread, they’ll be needed for website content! I’m certain this approach will prove all the more successful the more ideas we have on the table.

  10. John Johnson says:

    It reminds me of my childhood as well… Those who inflict cruelty upon the helpless and powerless are disgusting.

    This also went ‘viral’ earlier this year (notice how the mother looks like a typical barbarian):

  11. Decebal says:

    Found this today. Some seem faked, but the prank in itself is quite sadistic; how does one derive pleasure from it? It doesn’t make sense…

  12. I never fully understood pranking, especially taking it so far over something that people find important of which that video is a prime example. On certain radio shows they play pranks that someone’s spouse is cheating on them or other garbage. People get, if only temporarily, quite distraught. In the end though, it is just manipulation to achieve desired results. Materialist society is packed with a plethora of manifestations of this concept.

  13. Da ONE! says:

    yeah well, i absolutelly agree with you all, its totally unbearable and discusting how these Parents act, i can especially relate to your Comment @Phoenix, about the complete Fight to even be acknowledged/seen let allone viewed as its own Person with its own MORALS! ( i guess thats the Original Nobility!)
    I also agree about the AnarchoCapitalism but i am unsure that Statism is the Answer…..however when i do watch the roaring Crowds laughing at crying wee 6 yr olds then again i am not sure of my Ideal that each Person wants real Freedom and Equal Rights to all Humans, not sure at all
    @Hashtali i agree wth you on this for sure, will view the other Materials and get back to you ASAP

  14. Da ONE! says:

    just fyi there is also a vid of a laughing brutal mother and a crying child girl who did not want to eat Meat

  15. Isaac Wakeman says:

    I think this must be the link for the video Da ONE! is talking about:

  16. Da ONE! says:

    yes thats the one Isaac, some counter Propaganda is very welcome!! Its so sickening how some Filth is allowed to have Kids!

  17. Here’s another example:

    All the more reason to organize Youth Groups and get children to learn self-sufficiency as early as possible, so that the Tanakh Rod may forever be prevented from “correcting” children.

  18. Ted Jones says:

    How about you freaks leave these movement. Absolutely nothing here is of the original NS ethos. You’re a disgrace to the leaders and clearly never read any works from the era.

  19. Pandorastop says:

    @Ted Jones

    And yet you provide absolutely nothing to add weight to your contention(s)…

    Ted, educate me in National Socialism – I am an eager student!

  20. Pandorastop says:

    @Miecz Elizejski

    Interesting article.

  21. Board owner says:

    Ted, you don’t understand. NS is about acting like a baby because that is when we were most noble. So start talking in baby gibberish and crawling around on all fours. Piss and shit yourself with a dumb grin and cry a lot. Everything must be as close to your state of original nobility as possible. If you’re lucky enough to have it still, reattach your umbilical cord too. It goes without saying you should suck a dummy and sleep with a teddy bear as well.

  22. Hypnotix says:

    Right, because Nobility means pissing yourself and being unable to talk. Uh-huh.

    Strawman arguments fail to impress me, pal.

  23. Board owner says:

    I just want to give your opposition some hints. They don’t attack the stuff they could make entertaining lies about. I’m sick of it. Surely there is some jew willing to pay for effective anti-Aryanist material, all I’ve seen so far is low effort, no energy bait. It almost makes me miss the Soviet Union. A proper, uniformed enemy with a flag, anthem and propaganda department. If only WW3 happened in the 80s, I could be living in a cool post-apocalyptic wasteland as some fascist dictator, ruling a group of feral children. As it stands we won’t even get the schway cyber dystopia if you lot get your way. No asteroid mining, no cybernazis with glowing red eyes. I’m ranting now so I’ll stop.

    Just know not to take muh shitposting seriously, it is mostly a coping mechanism.

  24. Hypnotix says:

    Yeah, our opposition sucks at what it does; that’s kind of how I prefer it to be.

    Props on wishing apocalyptic world conflict happens… I don’t get why you would want to rule over “feral children”, though, but okay.

    “Just know not to take muh shitposting seriously, it is mostly a coping mechanism.”

    Noted. Can you, uh… cope somewhere else, though?

  25. Board owner says:

    I won’t be leaving while there is still some good fishing to be had here

  26. Legion says:

    @Board owner The incompetence of new born children is exactly what an Aryanist would describe as slavery. One who can no be self-sufficient can not be truly free. So an Aryanist would strive for this in their own life, and on a national scale.

  27. Atmajyoti says:

    @Board Owner:

    They always start out ignoring us, until they no-longer can. Hitler even talks of this in Mein Kampf.

  28. The guy in the video definitely fits into more than one of these categories:

    Not all 20 signs are readily apparent at any given moment. However, a “toxic parent” will cover most of them over the years.

  29. AS says:


    “Not all 20 signs are readily apparent at any given moment. However, a “toxic parent” will cover most of them over the years.”

    Good link. I am sure many of us here have first-hand experience of this. I certainly do. The question we should be asking is: how much more could the state quite easily be doing to protect children from their parents, but is not doing? What we and children before us went through, countless other children are going through as we speak, and even more will continue going through into the future so long as the state does not act. The duty of the state is to ensure that no child has to live through this in the first place.

    Which is of course not to say that I trust PRESENT-DAY state institutions with looking after children:

    But at least when state employees do stuff like this, it is all captured on camera, and the offenders can be punished. In contrast, most of what goes on behind closed doors in families is hidden from sight (the video in the original post is an exception).

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