Proto-folkism in West America?

Further exploring the secession trend, I found out about this:

As we pointed out previously, Jan Brewer (Jew), can be considered the American equivalent of Geert Wilders (Jew) and other far-right European leaders. She is a backlash surfer, herding people towards another pre-planned ZC revolt in order to siphon energy away from genuine revolution. In which case, this Pima County initiative to secede from Arizona and form a new state called Baja Arizona, in essence a rejection of her backlash surfing, might be something we can work from. I recommend our American Aryanists follow developments of this campaign and see what you can find out. Do we have any Aryanists or at least anti-Zionists in Arizona who can report on this first-hand?

First of all we need to find out if this Start Our State campaign is genuine, or another Jew-backed group. Any information would be appreciated. Why is Alex Jones (ultra disinfo agent) attacking it? If it is genuine, one or more of us should get involved in the discussion and try to encourage the folk idea within it. If it is not genuine, we need not lose hope, as it will still have drawn some well-meaning radicals, whom we could try to get on our side:

Second of all, we need to study the possibilities of equivalent campaigns in other states. If so, ideally we should be trying to start at least one of these campaigns. Here is something that rockstar and Andrew should be working on. If/when the ZCs make their move to start interethnic tribal fights all over America, such campaigns could be invaluable in gathering together the people who reject such stupidity, and who can try to form and defend a network of safe havens (for ALL non-Jews) amid the chaos. If we still have any former New Vinlanders with us, this is what you should be exploring now. Start writing a new constitution on Aryanist principles tailored to local conditions (I will assist you if required); you never know when it might come in handy:

I emphasize that we are not talking about secession of states from the US federal government (except for Hawaii); our enemies already have that base covered. We are talking about secession of sub-states from states, which is much more unpredictable (since there are so many more possibilities) and therefore harder for them to control. It is the same thing with the EU: all the far-right parties calling for pulling member states out of the EU are Zionist front groups; our only hope is pulling a sub-state out of the separate states, such as Scotland from the UK (see previous post).

Aesthetically, the Tucson area seems to have an edge over the Phoenix area by Aryan standards, the former representing the authentic desert landscape, the latter representing an artificial green habitat sustained by ridiculous levels of water – and therefore also energy – consumption. (Don’t we know another place famous for its green lawns while the Palestinians next door don’t have enough water to drink?) Geographical factors are important; low-maintenance areas are more easily made independent than high-maintenance areas.

The big flaw in the current Save Our State rhetoric, of course, is that they are seceding with the intention of rejoining the federal government. But I suspect this will unravel by itself. Our main concern is that, once the undesirability of supporting the federal unit becomes apparent, people still have a third option besides going with the old state unit (which is likely to have become overtly ZC or BS by this time). In this way we at least have a chance to filter those who will choose the third option from those who will choose the ZC/BS option.

In absence of a great spiritual leader to unite us, the next best thing is a scaled-down community to which one can pledge service, and see others do the same, thereby generating at least some measure of rapport between ordinary people stuck in the same crisis. Leaderless resistance might be unrealistic, but leaderless unity is very much worth a try.

“Nobody set me over the people. Grown up among the people, I have ever remained one of the people, and to the people will I return.” – Adolf Hitler

(No foppery this time, please; just serious, down-to-earth input. And OC, please stop misrepresenting my views. Disagree with me all you want, but don’t try to warp what I said into what you want me to say or what you want others to think I said.)

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  1. This is quite interesting, but the “scaled down community” is an excellent point. Though, the “scaling down” might not be so drastic as you think. For instance, North Dakota is the only state with a still functioning state-run bank… and guess what? Their budget is the ONLY state budget to be at a surplus after the last crisis and many states have considered adopting ND’s model.

    The states listed in that article include both traditionally “conservative” states as well as “liberal” ones. Also states with many and few immigrants (including illegals), thus… this is great! People seem to be slowly but surely seeing that the issues at hand are not solvable by either liberalism or conservatism. The problem is also not caused by those people so desperate for work that they willingly cross a desert and/or tight security to be able to mop floors for minimum wage.

    Alo, the US state with the most Jews, New York, didn’t make the list. Go figure.

    If militia movements catch onto these initiatives and start making propaganda for them, then that could be the start of cleaning the subverted nation.

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