Persistence pays

Earlier this year:


“I’m asking the mayor to declare a state of emergency here in New York with regard to anti-Semitism,” Hikind said.

The NYPD says anti-Semitic hate crimes are up 63 percent this year compared to 2018 and that more than half of hate crimes committed in New York City are against Jews.

Out of the 290 reported hate crimes this year, 152 were anti-Semitic in nature, according to the NYPD. In 2018, there were 93 anti-Semitic hate crimes.

While the majority of the crimes are acts of vandalism, like scrawled swastikas, there has also been violence, including a 63-year-old Jewish man who was attacked with a brick while running in Brooklyn.

“Attacks on Jews are more numerous than all other racial attacks,” Hikind told demonstrators.

Many at the rally criticized de Blasio for what they say is a lack of interest in the issue and a tendency by the mayor to paint it as a right-wing problem.

De Blasio is a False Leftist who still thinks that leftists cannot hate Jews. Most people know better by now.

Morton Klein, of the Zionist Organization of America, said politicians care less about attacks on Jews than on other minorities.

“Not only do black lives matter, but Jewish lives matter,” Klein said.

Jewish lives do not matter. The moment you accept Jewishness (an identity invented by Jews for Jews, unlike “blackness” which was invented by “whites” (including Jews!) and imposed on “blacks” without their consent), you have already voluntarily handed over your life to the Jewish tribe. You are taking an initiative to declare to all enemies of Jews that you too are henceforth our enemy. There was no coercion from our side for you to do so. You could have chosen otherwise. You would have chosen otherwise if you believe your life matters. But you did not.

If you want your life to matter in our eyes, publicly renounce your Jewishness and voluntarily refrain from reproducing. Oh, wait:

Morton A. “Mort” Klein (born 1947) is a German-born American economist, statistician, and pro-Israeli activist. He is the president of the Zionist Organization of America. In 2004, he was named one of the top five Jewish leaders in the United States by The Forward.[1] Outspoken, Klein has called for Rashida Tlaib to be removed from Democratic Party for what he views as antisemitic comments.[2]

Klein was the target of condemnation in September 2018 for using the term “filthy Arabs” on Twitter.[23] He has stood for his comment.[24]

Klein is married to Rita, has a married daughter Rachael, and four grandchildren.

It’s too late for your life to matter.

We have them frightened just from attacks using nothing more than rather tame weapons. A weaponry upgrade is the obvious next step.

And of course similar tactics can be used in other locations. Why feel limited to NYC?

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  1. Kevin says:

    How do I become a member and join Aryanism? I fully agree with the positions and would like to be a part of you guys.

  2. Did you see this page?
    If you’d like to join, first you should first say what you can do.

    Second, show that you’ve moved on from being the BamaFuhrer88 troll who wasted everyone’s time earlier.

    The blog I run, Sword of Elysium also has a page with prospective positions that you could look at.

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