Our enemies concede (yet) another point to us

The following has been on the main site for a long time:


National Socialist Germany banned the highly popular novels of Sax Rohmer (Jew), creator of the fictional villain Fu Manchu designed to perpetuate “Yellow Peril” paranoia in Western countries. Rohmer retaliated by claiming that he did not understand the reason for the ban as his novels were intended to be coherent with what he called ”Nazi ideals”.

Now our enemies admit it:


In the 1932 film The Mask of Fu Manchu, the vile Dr. Fu Manchu (played by Boris Karloff) explains his goals for a Pan-Asian empire to an assembly of warlords: “[C]onquer and breed. Conquer the white man . . . and take his women!”

The idea that the Orient and the Occident will forever be at war, and that the East wants to defeat the West biologically, came from Sax Rohmer, the working-class Brummie who wrote The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu in 1913. Rohmer’s novel is widely credited with creating the literary pulp-fiction genre, the “Yellow Peril.”

Since the rise of the New Left of the 1960s, Asian scholars have earned praise and grant money by railing against the Anglo pulp fiction of yesteryear. Whole books and classes are dedicated to the “paranoia” of anti-Asian sentiment and the “pervasive” racism of Western society. These modern studies focus almost exclusively on attitudes towards Chinese immigration.

Ironically, the first country to ban Rohmer’s “Yellow Peril” yarns was Nazi Germany in 1936. Although Rohmer insisted that “my stories are not inimical to Nazi ideals,” the Third Reich banned Fu Manchu as both degenerate and the work of a suspected Jew.

As always, I am happy to achieve academic agreement with our enemies. On this occasion, our enemies concede not only that “The idea that the Orient and the Occident will forever be at war”, as sincerely believed by Westerners of every historical period up to and including ours:

https://presentdangerchina.org/guiding-principles/ (Steve Bannon)

is on the contrary regarded by National Socialists as a degenerate Jewish trick, which is what we have been saying all along:


Jews have even learned to manipulate the shallower levels of blood memory in order to incite interethnic hostility between different groups of non-Jews, including by (ironically) projecting Turanian evils onto non-Turanian groups. For example, as a consequence of repeated Turanian invasions into the Danube region (and beyond), from the prehistorical Funnelbeaker and Yamna expansions to the historical Hun and Mongol incursions (plus countless smaller-scale raids through the millenia), the valid fear of an aggressive Turanian east is vividly embedded in Midgard blood memory. Zionist propaganda, however, has managed to rewire this into a fear of the so-called “Oriental” civilizations by downplaying the Turanian component and focusing attention on the eastern component, leading to popular memes such as ”Yellow Peril”, “Turban Tide”, “Islamofascism”, etc. and hence misguided hostility towards people from the regions south of the Turanian steppe who were in reality fellow historical victims of Turanian aggression, and hence who (in a sane world) ought to have been regarded as obvious allies in any genuine anti-Turanist – including anti-Zionist – movement.

but also that what they call the “the rise of the New Left of the 1960s” (what we call the Counterculture) was indeed a continuation of the National Socialist anti-colonial narrative, which is also what we have been saying all along:


This is the only narrative that accounts for the rise of National Socialism and the development of post-WWII pop culture trends not as distinct phenomena, but as two forms of the same phenomenon: UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY. The 19th century Romantic movement in art gathered the energy for National Socialism in politics during the early 20th century (a point which Hitler explicitly acknowledged by crediting the influence of Wagner on his movement). With its political outlet attenuated by defeat in war, this energy was then recycled back into art by the late 20th century, coming full-circle.


Otto Remer not only foiled the plot but remained loyal to Hitler’s anti-colonialist vision even after WWII, arming the FLN for combat against France in the Algerian War (the same war in which far-rightists Jean-Marie Le Pen (Gentile) and Dominique Venner (Gentile) fought on the side of France). This showed once and for all which side was truly dedicated to National Socialism as a higher ideal. Similarly, the admiration for Hitler by figures such as John F. Kennedy (who was assassinated when he began trying to free the US from Jewish domination and to limit the power of Israel, and who also enforced school desegregation, created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, called for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and promoted the US as ”A Nation of Immigrants” via his book of the same name in which he argued for less restrictive immigration laws) makes little sense to those who insist that National Socialism was a right-wing ideology, but makes perfect sense to those who understand it as a left-wing ideology.

The Beatles, roundly condemned by post-WWII rightists as underminers of traditional Western values, found a sympathetic listener in Rudolf Hess from his lifelong solitary confinement inside Spandau Prison: “The youth of today are protesting for many reasons and they want to be heard. One way of being heard is through their music. I do enjoy the Beatles however; their music has a definite beat and in many ways their music is good music.” (In fact, the only element of the 1960s youth culture that Hess ever criticized was its drug use.)

As for “Whole books and classes are dedicated to the “paranoia” of anti-Asian sentiment and the “pervasive” racism of Western society. These modern studies focus almost exclusively on attitudes towards Chinese immigration.”, guess who started this:


Alfred Rosenberg uses the Far East as an example: “To forbid immigration to North America and Australia to the Yellow races, but at the same time to wish to colonise or rule the far east, is a Capitalist insanity … It is possible that the misused technology of the Whites still triumphs today. It is possible that the Yellow man is pushed back, throttled. But then he will necessarily turn his face in other directions … Bismarck’s words, The Yellow men will one day water their camels in the Rhine, may find fulfilment.”

Rosenberg was not telling his readers that immigration would not happen; he was saying that immigration would happen and moreover that it is well justified on account of Western colonialism. Today’s immigrant advocates:


are merely elaborating on a position that National Socialism had already proposed almost a century ago!

So what is the remainder of the above enemy article about? Admitting that National Socialist anti-colonialism is the correct worldview after all? Not a chance. The point of their article is to distance themselves from Hitler & Co. (which we are always glad to see them do), and side ever more unrepentantly with Western civilization (which is why we must fight them):

Created by the Belgian illustrator Edgar P. Jacobs, the Blake and Mortimer series began on September 26, 1946, with the publication of a short story called “The U Ray” in Tintin magazine. An expanded version become The Secret of the Swordfish in 1950, and the final graphic novel in the series was published in 1953 [2].The stories were about Jacobs’s two principle characters: the Scottish scientist Philip Mortimer and his friend Captain Francis Blake of MI5. Blake and Mortimer, much like the Hammer films of the 1950s and 1960s, added futurist technology and modern sensibilities to otherwise deeply Victorian tales. Call it pop culture archaeofuturism or pulp fascism, but Blake and Mortimer reflected a populist European desire to maintain the order, stability, and glory of empire.

Many on the dissident Right praise Japan as an ethnostate and even defend its goals during the Second World War, but Jacobs and his generation saw things differently. For them, the Japanese army saw it as its divine mission to “lead the people of Asia out of slavery to the white man” [3]. This meant not only invading British Hong Kong, British Singapore, British Burma, French Indochina, the Dutch East Indies, and American Philippines, but also forcing white POWs to clean Chinese and Korean streets like coolies [4] to humble them before Asian crowds. Interning and raping white and Eurasian families on Java had the same purpose [5].

Jacobs died at age 82 in 1987. Since then, Belgian writers and cartoonists have kept the Blake and Mortimer characters alive in comic books and on television. The imperialism of the Jacobs originals is still alive, too. Written by Yves Sente and drawn by Peter Van Dongen and Teun Berserik, The Valley of the Immortals, which was translated into English just last year, returns to the Yellow Peril themes of The Secret of the Swordfish.

These stories remain popular and even critically celebrated. In 2004, Paris’s Palais de Chaillot hosted a huge exhibit of Blake and Mortimer. Between 1997 and 1998, French children gobbled up the Blake and Mortimer cartoon, and in 2014 it was announced that the beloved duo would finally get a new comic strip. English speakers in 2019 can enjoy old translations of the series and new editions thanks to British publisher Cinebook, all of which are available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Although Blake and Mortimer are virtually unknown to Americans, they rank with Tintin and Asterix as the most popular comic-book heroes in Europe. Fans have bought more than 15 million copies, and the new incarnations sell in the hundreds of thousands.

The enduring popularity of Blake and Mortimer shows that readers in the West still want imperial adventures about strong white men. Blake and Mortimer are not the weaklings who live in London or Brussels today. They are like the hardy men who settled the American West, the Pioneer Column that planted the Union Jack in Rhodesia, and the British soldiers who fought two world wars to protect the Empire. French-speaking children love Blake and Mortimer; we should too. They are a reminder of our past and an inspiration for our future.

And guess what? We predicted this too!


Furthermore, we must never believe the WN lie that their ambitions are solely defensive, just as we have never believed that Israel is solely defensive. WNs may say in public that they have no interest in dominating others or taking the territory of others, but this can be proven as a lie even from their own 14 Words motto. When they say “We must secure the existence of our people…”, it logically follows that if dominating others or taking the territory of others is conducive to ”white” security, that is what they will do. And it is quite practically obvious that the more domination and the more territory they possess, the more secure they will be, so their ideology actually commands them to dominate people and capture territory to whatever extent is beneficial to the security of their tribe, contrary to what they claim in public. Anyone who thinks ”white”-only intentional communities (“PLE”s) are not dangerous should study how Israel was created in 1949 from similar Jew-only intentional communities. The Palestinians are paying for their naiveity.

“Let me just make this very clear: I don’t give a flying fuck about national determination. ‘Nationalism for all nations…’, ‘The Turks should have their own nation…’, I don’t give a flying fuck about the destiny of the Turkish people. We should rip Constantinople, entire Eurasia, from them. We should throw every Turk into the ocean. I do not care about them. I do not give a flying fuck about them. … I will only be satisfied, I will only know that the white race is back, that we are once again a powerful people, when we unify and take back all of Eurasia. … That is what I believe. This is what the world is about. The world is fundamentally about power, it’s about people who are willing and able to use power for the benefit of our race. That is what existence on this planet is fundamentally about.” – Richard Spencer (Gentile)

Anyone with any geopolitical sense is able to see that WNs want “white” ethnostates in the way that Jews wanted a Jewish ethnostate: as a launchpad for an eventual second round of colonialism for the sake of “white” security in the none-too-distant future (just as Greater Israel is unquestionably for the sake of Jewish security).

With a few substitutions of proper nouns, Spencer’s speech sounds like a speech Fu Manchu would give to his warlords. But, unlike Fu Manchu, Spencer exists in real life.

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19 Responses to Our enemies concede (yet) another point to us

  1. hiroo says:

    Korean insight on the matter:

    “Jews make up slightly more than 2% of the American population. They control American finance and naturally the American economy controls the world economy. They twist the media to their own ends and control the world of politics. They pilot the U.S. government from behind the scenes and they even have world politics wrapped around their finger (????). They have a monopoly on Hollywood and paint a picture of the Jewish people as virtuous victims. They play the part of herald for the message that the Arabs and Muslims that they oppose are a barbarous and violent mass. In a word, the whites at the heart of America are called WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants).”


  2. AutumnBay says:

    Is it alright if new Aryanists carry on the usage of the runes from the runic alphabet Futharkh just as the NSDAP and SS did.

    Does AS feel that the runes possess nobility?

  3. Christian Bethel says:

    Hello, AS. I trust you are doing well. I certainly am. I’m going through Aryanism.net and reviewing its content. It is for the most part very informative; the pages are quite wordy but they convey their message with purpose. As you possibly may know, I am still studying Aryanism and trying to become an Aryan(ist). I am accumulating all the books and documentaries I can find on the various subjects, including the books presented on the site despite the fact that some of them have nothing to do with Aryanism. I discussed this with my mother (with whom I live) and she was less than thrilled I became an advocate for Hitler. Even so, she gave me permission to conduct research on the contents of your site. Here’s the problem: the site has no sources or bibliography. You have not cited any books, films, articles, etc. It’s possible the information on the site was conceived from a personal bias against Jews, or is mere fabrication. You cannot expect me to read the site’s pages and at face value and automatically accept it as truth. Readers must know where to research topics of history, race, religion, politics, et al. I assume there is a good reason for not citing your sources and I am not discounting your many years of service. I simply view the presence of some sort of bibliography for each page to be more assuring for potential followers. I’ll even make the bibliography if you wish! There just needs to be some major changes to the site’s content. Whenever I tell people in real life to view the site, they complain it doesn’t cite it’s sources. If we want people on our side in this conflict, I suggest someone provide background information on the pages of the site and the numerous quotes as well. I must temporarily cease to rely on the site for information as I have doubts to the veracity and legitimacy of its content. I will look elsewhere for Aryanist thought and action and lifestyle. Thank you in advance.

  4. AS says:


    Regarding runes in the context of the NSDAP:

    The fascination with runic symbolism was mostly limited to Heinrich Himmler, and not shared by the other members of the Nazi top echelon.

    Regarding ancient history:

    The earliest runic inscriptions date from around 150 AD. The characters were generally replaced by the Latin alphabet as the cultures that had used runes underwent Christianisation, by approximately 700 AD in central Europe and 1100 AD in northern Europe.

    The runes developed centuries after the Old Italic alphabets from which they are probably historically derived. The debate on the development of the runic script concerns the question regarding which of the Italic alphabets should be taken as their point of origin and which, if any, signs should be considered original innovations added to the letters found in the Italic scripts. The historical context of the script’s origin is the cultural contact between Germanic people, who often served as mercenaries in the Roman army, and the Italian peninsula during the Roman imperial period (1st century BC to 5th century AD).[citation needed] The formation of the Elder Futhark was complete by the early 5th century, with the Kylver Stone being the first evidence of the futhark ordering as well as of the p rune.

    It is well known that Himmler hated Christianity, therefore I would join the dots to interpret his promotion of runes as an expression of preference for pre-Christian Germany. Since our movement is pro-Christian (wishing only to de-Judaize and Gnosticize it), I would not particularly recommend promoting runes on this account.

    On the other hand, If we trace runes to the Etruscan alphabet (the oldest of the Old Italic alphabets), then we have to go even further back:


    The very large mtDNA study from 2013 indicates, based on maternally-inherited DNA, that the Etruscans were most likely a native population.[8][9] The study extracted and typed the hypervariable region of mitochondrial DNA of 14 individuals buried in two Etruscan necropoleis, analyzing them along with previously analyzed Etruscan mtDNA, other ancient European mtDNA, modern and Medieval samples from Tuscany, and 4,910 modern individuals from the Mediterranean basin. The ancient (30 Etruscans, 27 Medieval Tuscans) and modern DNA sequences (370 Tuscans) were subjected to several million computer simulation runs, showing that the Etruscans can be considered ancestral to Medieval and, especially in the subpopulations from Casentino and Volterra, of modern Tuscans; modern populations from Murlo and Florence, by contrast, were shown not to continue the Medieval population. By further considering two Anatolian samples (35 and 123 individuals), it was estimated that the genetic links between Tuscany and Anatolia date back to at least 5,000 years ago, between 6,000 and 7,000 years ago during the Neolithic Revolution,

    An additional elaboration conjectures that the Etruscans were[13] …an ethnic island of very ancient peoples isolated by the flood of Indo-European speakers.

    If we believe this, then there could be a case for using runes as an expression of loyalty to the Saturnians. But in this case it would surely make more sense to promote the Etruscan alphabet itself!

    Please continue the discussion here:


    The comments section on this blog should be used to discuss only the topic of respective posts (“Yellow Peril” Zionist trick in this case).

  5. Edward Ingersoll says:

    Hey, I’m kind of interested since Aryanism is a more non-racial NatSoc website, I’m wondering what your thoughts are in regards to Gypsies. I know Hitler (as did just about everybody else) hated them pretty severely. Also, what are your exact thoughts in regards to the Ford Translation of Mein Kampf? I don’t trust what E. Michael Jones had to say about Ford and he seems like controlled op to me personally. I’m a racial NatSoc type, but I’ve always kinda been sympathetic to the Arabs/Muslims. Speaking of which, John Alan Martinson had a lot of “9/11 truth” stuff up on YouTube back in the day. I even remember that video he had on abortion that I found on 8chan a while ago. It’s kind of funny considering how I might have some Middle Eastern admixture myself.

  6. Edward Ingersoll says:

    Oh yes, and also what are your thoughts in regards to Jews? I remember sometime ago that article you had on Robert Bowers. It was pretty extreme, I must admit. I personally agree with it. My personal position on the Jews is that the only solution is the final one, and resettling them in their own “respective homeland” over the frozen carcass of what used to be Palestine is an abomination to humanity. Even Madagascar I can see going wrong eventually, because Jews are power whores. If you were to look at humanity the same way you did nature, as humans are not exempt from the Divine Laws of it, you could say that white people and Arabs are the Lions, while the Jews are the hyenas. Also what is your stance on the Palestinian conflict? Do you adopt the same “two-state solution” approach that the traditional American left adopts (because they’re controlled op set up by the Jews themselves) or do you have a different, more radical approach? Also, is Hamas controlled opposition as well? I’ve heard a lot of people say this.

  7. Christian Bethel says:

    So you’re just going to ignore me and delete my comments when I voice a legitimate criticism? Nice.

  8. Twin Ruler says:

    This is all very interesting to me. After all, the Nazis actually hurt the cause of White Supremacy by attacking Great Britain, in the Blitz. Also, Heinrich Himmler may indeed have been motivated to seek revenge against the Witch Hunts of the Medieval Period, which mostly targeted women.
    Nowadays, though, many say that the Nazis were, and are, Pro-Muslim. They are condemned for being anti-Jewish, yet also condemned for being Pro-Muslim. Go figure. I find that truly ironic to the point of absurdity.
    For a while, I had pondered Eric Zuesse’s strange tome, “WHY The Holocaust Happened: It’s Religious Cause and Scholarly Cover-Up.” Of course, despite what he says, the Christian Zionists claim Hitler was not so much a Christian but rather a Pagan. Would be interesting, if said Christian Zionists, though, were the true Pagans, would it not?

  9. Twin Ruler says:

    I am sure things will change, once the 100th Anniversary of The Second World War comes around. Mind you, it is really strange: most of the racist ideas, associated with National Socialism, do indeed seem eerily like British and Anglo Saxon ideas. Could it be that Britons, and US Citizens of British ancestry, are in truth merely projecting their very own White Supremacist drivel upon Hitler? I have always wondered about precisely this point.

    Again, Hitler actually hurt the cause of White Supremacy precisely by attacking Great Britain. And, I have always found it very interesting about Doctor Fu Manchu. For a supposedly Asian character, he seems remarkably like Adolf Hitler (how Hitler is depicted in the US Media at any rate). Could the Jewish people merely be projecting their own desires for World Domination upon both the Yellow people and the Germans alike? One has to seriously wonder about precisely that point.

    I really began to see things differently when I read John Dower’s book, “War Without Mercy”, about the war in the Pacific. Very intriguingly, some of the anti-Japanese stereotypes were more than a bit eerily like the anti-German ones we know too well from Hollywood.

  10. Twin Ruler says:

    The Talmudic Jews, obviously, are projecting their very own ethnocentric bigotry unto the National Socialists. Jews call themselves The Chosen People, and they are the ones who dream of ruling over all the rest of Humankind.
    Moreover, Great Britain never recovered from the Blitz. Afterwards, they could never cling unto their overseas Colonial Empire anymore. And, that is precisely why so many hate the National Socialists. In truth, Hitler actually hurt the cause of White Supremacy by doing so.

  11. Twin Ruler says:

    The British, and those of British ancestry around the world, do not hate the German Nazis for being Racists, but rather for discrediting the entire idea of Racism in the eyes of the World. The British, the English in particular, are Racists themselves. Indeed, I would advance the argument here, if I may do so, that the British are about the most Racist people in the World. Many, many Racist ideas, including but especially Eugenics, actually originated in The United Kingdom.

    What is really interesting, in my view, is this: the British, the English in particular, think they are hurting the Germans, by leaving the EU. In truth, the British are hurting themselves. Once BREXIT occurs, the United Kingdom, I foresee, shall in its turn disassemble into England and Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  12. Mza9 says:

    @Twin Ruler:

    “Many, many Racist ideas, including but especially Eugenics, actually originated in The United Kingdom.”

    Including British Israelism, which is the foundation of Christian Identity. CI has permeated every White Supremacist organization on the planet.

    “Once BREXIT occurs, the United Kingdom, I foresee, shall in its turn disassemble into England and Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

    It will be interesting to see what happens. I would be surprised if BREXIT ends up being beneficial for the UK.

  13. Twin Ruler says:

    Great Britain might not have much of a future now. Besides, Donald Trump only campaigned for election, so as to make his fellow German Americans look bad. Never truly intended to win at all. That is the true reason for his gaffes and bigoted tweets. Did (((someone))) put him up to running against Hillary to make Hillary seem good by contrast? I wonder!
    Again, Hitler was no White Supremacist. Indeed, most of National Socialism’s victims were other Whites. Moreover, he actually hurt the cause of White Supremacy by attacking Great Britain, weakening the latter’s hold on its overseas, colonial empire. Also, he took the side of Imperial Japan. I always thought that intriguing!

  14. Mza9 says:

    @Twin Ruler:

    ” Besides, Donald Trump only campaigned for election, so as to make his fellow German Americans look bad.”

    It actually recently came out that Trump’s father is not even German. Iranian Press TV also carried the article.

  15. Twin Ruler says:

    @Mzaq “It actually recently came out that Trump’s father is not even German. Iranian Press TV also carried the article.”

    Oh really? That is news to me. Hillary, of course, claims Trump’s family is from Germany. Never occurred to me she was lying.

  16. William Eastfield says:

    Off topic, but hey Philistine/Usul and Hypnotix ~ are you still around my dudes?

  17. William Eastfield says:

    Hanjar and anyone else I might have forgotten too

  18. KronoSS says:

    “An additional elaboration conjectures that the Etruscans were[13] …an ethnic island of very ancient peoples isolated by the flood of Indo-European speakers.”

    I think this movement makes an error in considering all the Indoeuropeans as coming “from the steppe” and being “nomadic pastoralists”. This is a theory born in American (jewish-funded) universities by Marija Gimbutas (turanian and crypto-jew) in order to propagate feminism on the assumption “old neolithic matriarchal Europe vs. steppe pastoralists kurgan warriors patriarchal indoeuropeans”.

    This is a total lie in order to herd people, using another of the jewish herding tactic of the false opposite. In the false “indoeuropean steppic kurgan hypothesis”, the crypto-jewish Marija Gimbutas and the jews behind her obtain this double effect:

    1. The false-left wing would identify itself with “old matriarchal europe”;
    2. The right wing would identify itself with the “kurgan steppe indoeuropean warriors”.

    1. Feminists and feministic females would identify with “old matriarchal europe”;
    2. Masculists and masculistic males would identify with “kurgan steppe indoeuropean warriors”.

    The kurgan theory is properly made by the jew and its zionists servants in order to deceive and bring further divisions.

    The fact is that the opposition of “old neolithic matriarchal Europe vs. kurgan steppe pastoralists indoeuropeans” is totally false and artificial.

    I would like to talk also about this in private with some prominent member of this movement.

  19. KronoSS says:

    Actually I think the things are different. I try to explain some main points of my view:

    1. Aryans weren’t from the steppe nor they were nomadic pastoralists in their origin and surely not all Aryans were indoeuropean speakers. In this we agree.

    But surely in more recent epochs (we still speak of millennia ago) definitely there were Aryans speaking indoeuropean languages. If not, the Aryan aristocracies (same root of word) would have imposed over non aryan masses non-indoeuropean languages and nowadays we would speak non-indoeuropean languages.

    Definitely at some point or epochs Aryans were speaking indoeuropeans languages.

    Of course this si different to say that all Aryans spoke indoeuropean languages. In more remote times Aryans spoke different languages, maybe proto-indoeuropeans languages or something even more ancient.

    2. Neolithic revolution is something surely important, a milestone in Aryan history. But surely in more ancient times there were Aryans before neolithic times.

    3. The “steppe area” is already pseudo-historical and historical time. This means that in the steppe area this time ago there were already many populations, maybe already mixed.

    For example, we know that in the steppe there were the Massagetae, which were an Iranian tribe, of nomadic pastoralists. They sacrificed horses to the Sun; there is still a Sun cult which is proabbaly of Aryan origin.
    These could be Aryans which deviated from the Aryanism, or mixed Aryan-giant or Aryan-turanian tribes.

    Scythians are another example of this. The term Scythian itself is broad and imprecise. Surely there were Aryan scythians, mixed aryan-turanian tribes, turanian tribes, pelasgians excetera.
    After all there were found Scythian crania, and some showed clear nordic/mediterranean racial types (trojan-new trojan types), so definitely among the Scythians there were Aryans, the same among the Sarmatians and Cimmerians, Alans and other steppe tribes. Whether they were deviated Aryans, mixed tribes or else I actually am trying to figure it out and it is not simple. So I ask for your opinion.

    3. About haplogroup, do you think R1a and R1b are Turanian haplogroup, aryans or is it too difficult to determine at this point of history?

    We know for example that R was present among Yamnaya (R1b) and Corded ware (R1a) and now R1b is the main haplogroup of western Europe and R1a of eastern Europe. I know you associate Yamnaya with turanianism, but crania show some dolycocephalic types, which means that Yamnaya was mainly a mixed culture, at least, probably aryan-giant-turanian mix. But still there were Aryans among Yamnaya, maybe some Aryans which deviated from agriculture and chose pastoralism, who knows. So I ask for your opinion about this. Cimmerians were also associated with R1a and Alans with G2a and R1a.
    Yet, Hittites which you consider as Aryans (and at least to a certain degree I agree) were also (but not only) R1b. And also the Latins which founded Rome were, as the Celts, R1b people (of course not all, some).

    I make clear that I am talking about yDNA haplogroups here.

    So I ask you: according to you, are there relations between haplogroups and Aryans or nowadays people is so mixed that it is impossible to tell? And if yes, which haplogrpuos are to be defined with Aryans, to you?

    4. Is it reliable to think that some pelasgians and turanian groups came from the steppe area and were Vanir? Could you suggest me some sources apart from the usual northern european literature?

    5. You say that Zeus is pelasgian, but also Latins worshipped Ivppiter, and also Hittites worshipped a Diespater which was Zeus. So maybe Zeus is Aryan but then corrupted by pleasgians with their stories. What do you think?

    6. You say Indra to be a turanian god, yet in earlier RgVeda Indra is described as an Asura (which you consider as Aryan), then it seems Indra switches sides and becomes Deva. Could this be an account for some Aryans which switched side and went with the Turanians?

    Or actually the Deva were Aryans and the Asura Turanians and Zoroaster was deceived and was wrong?

    I would like to talk with you about these things, and about others too.

    If publicly is too problematic, could we exchange information and talk about this in private? Who can I contact of this movement?

    Thank you for all.

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