Our enemies concede that Spenglerism is incompatible with National Socialism


Written in 1933, 15 years after Spengler’s masterpiece of cultural and historical reasoning, The Hour of Decision is a warning to the white race of two perils, one from below and one from without: class war and race war. By the first, he meant a working class uprising led by professional revolutionaries; by the second, colonial rebellion against white rule. The first threat has passed, but the second has been realized: White minority rule has been overthrown everywhere; South Africa was the last holdout.

For Spengler there were no victors in the world war of 1914 to 1918. All white nations had lost because they had squandered their best men and valuable capital for no good purpose. He called the result “a defeat of the white races;” the division and carnage emboldened the colored peoples to think they could free themselves from European rule.

He considered this a bad thing.

However, Spengler warned that the colonial peoples were motivated by more than the desire for self-determination. They were driven by “hatred of the white race and an unconditional urge to destroy it.”

If only this were the case. We are trying to make it so:


But at present I see much more blind worship of “whites” than anything else:



He believed this hatred was driven by envy. “Envy is the crooked glance from below at something higher, which remains uncomprehended and unattainable, and must therefore be pulled off its perch, sullied, and destroyed.”

No, we do not envy you, any more than an ethical vegan (which we also are) would envy a meat-eater. Does anyone seriously believe I fantasize about eating meat/hunting/etc. in my spare time? Similarly, neither do I fantasize about being James Bond*. We want you destroyed because you are evil. It is that simple.

(* I know many “non-whites” who do, unfortunately. So here is the truth: there are some who hate “whites” and others who envy “whites”. It is the former who want “whites” destroyed and the latter who do not. Spengler, however, erroneously mixed them up into a single category.)

the envy of non-whites for whites, because non-whites can achieve neither the aesthetic perfection of whites nor their refined way of life.






Neither education nor money changes racial characteristics. The closest a person of color can come to “becoming white” is to marry a white woman or a white man, and have lighter-skinned children.

Which we ridicule here:



Clearly, the brown and black races will be satisfied with nothing less than the expropriation of all white lands.

Including Israel.

Spengler believed Peter the Great had westernized Russia and brought it into the white world, making it white by both race and culture. The Bolsheviks had reversed that achievement and Orientalized Russia. One could argue that President Putin, an Eastern Orthodox Christian and a white patriot, has brought Russia back into the European world, while the United States, now officially multi-racial, has ceased to be part of the West.

This part I agree with. Russia is far more Western than the US. America is anti-Western:


and the parts of the US which for now remain Western should be considered anti-American:



It is therefore a surprise to learn that after the National Socialists came to power they quietly proscribed Spengler and suppressed his books. The German press was directed not to write about Spengler and his books were taken off the shelves. The Decline of the West would not be available in Germany again until 1950. Spengler’s projected second volume of The Hour of Decision never appeared, either because he did not finish it or because the Gestapo confiscated the manuscript after he died in 1936. The regime suppressed Spengler because of his alleged rejection of the biological basis for race, his mild opposition to anti-Semitism, and for negative comments he made about Hitler. Spengler was not a Nazi.

HAIL HITLER! And no, it is not a surprise. We pointed this out long ago. Indeed:


Spengler viewed Nazi anti-Semitism as self-defeating, and personally took an ethnological view of race and culture.[46] In his private papers, he remarked upon “how much envy of the capability of other people in view of one’s lack of it lies hidden in anti-Semitism!”, and arguing that “when one would rather destroy business and scholarship than see Jews in them, one is an ideologue, i.e., a danger for the nation. Idiotic.”[27]

So Spengler not only believes that I fantasize about being “white”, but that Hitler fantasized about being Jewish. Who is the real idiot here?

Why does Spengler consistently attribute all hatred to envy? I suspect it is because Spengler himself has never genuinely hated others, but only ever envied others. Thus genuine, envy-absent hatred – MORAL hatred – is incomprehensible to him. Which is what we would expect. As I keep trying to point out, moral hatred is a leftist emotion:


The last thing Spengler would be is a leftist.

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2 Responses to Our enemies concede that Spenglerism is incompatible with National Socialism

  1. Manuel Nigao says:

    It’s just so clear to see that you’re full of hatred for European people. And it’s also obvious you’re either an African, Arab or some Turk who just cannot stop hating on white people.

    Your geopolitics page is full of this and so is this blog page. For instance, you want Turkey to join the EU purely because you want Northern and Western European nations to be flooded with immigrants of Middle Eastern and African stock.

    Indeed, the anti-white hatred showcased by non-whites like yourself is done in such a snide manner that it’s just a declaration of their own racial solidarity against whites, so they can try to eliminate whites. It accomplishes nothing to preach anti-white hatred to those who despise liberalism along with everything else derived from the rotten leftists and Jews who promote immigration into white countries.

    The claim that the concept of Western Civilization enables racism and so-called white supremacy is just a trick game that leads to white replacement and white guilt.

    Aryanism.net and your pathetic True Leftist movement is finished. Your ideology has nothing to do with what National Socialism truly is.

  2. Vervactor says:

    “How much envy of the capability of other people in view of one’s lack of it lies hidden in anti-Semitism!” ~ Oswald Spengler

    “When one would rather destroy business and scholarship than see Jews in them, one is an ideologue, i.e., a danger for the nation. Idiotic. ~ Oswald Spengler

    The more things change… …

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