Our enemies admit National Socialism is incompatible with the Confederacy

When we first started in the 00s, it was common for rightists to use both Third Reich and Confederate iconography to represent themselves. Our position has always been that our enemies should not be using the former (which belong to us) but are well-suited to the latter. Nothing makes this more obvious than the simple observation (which we have pointed out from the beginning) that Hitler himself was an explicit supporter of Lincoln:


Now finally our enemies concede that, on this point as on so many others, we were correct all along:


I know something about Nazis and Nazi propaganda. I can assure you that I have never seen a Nazi image of the future that in any way resembles the political structure desired by our Confederate ancestors. In fact, some historians state that the South “died of State’s Rights.” National Socialist Germany was a dictatorship run from the top. Most of those individualistic Confederates would have wound up in concentration camps under the Third Reich.

I agree. I am always happy to reach academic agreement with our enemies (all of whose bloodlines should be in concentration camps and would be if the present-day US were run by a serious government instead of by the Biden administration).

It is interesting to note that the man who was Supreme Allied Commander and fought real Nazis, General — and later President — Dwight D. Eisenhower kept a portrait of General Robert E. Lee in the oval office.

In short, WWII was the Lee fan killing the Lincoln fan. More about Eisenhower:



Dwight Eisenhower on Immigration (ontheissues.org)

Back to enemy article:

To call our ancestors “Nazis” when General Eisenhower and Winston Churchill held General Lee and other Confederate leaders to be noble, courageous, and worthy of emulation is abysmal historical ignorance.

We have already covered Churchill’s racism (and Jewishness) extensively in the past:


In short, racists (and hence certainly Jews) cannot be National Socialists.

Many of the leading officers of the United States Army in the Second World War, to say nothing of a disproportionate number of enlisted men, were of Confederate ancestry. Confederate descendants helped end of the Hitler government.

Yes. We authentic National Socialists have not forgotten this, which is part of why it is our duty to eliminate every last Confederate bloodline.

Prove that you are a descendant of your honorable and courageous patriotic Confederate ancestors and not merely descended.

And we will prove we are the deserving successors to Hitler by waging war on the heirs of the Confederates.

Further information:




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