New forum

From now on, please discuss news, current events, broad ideology, etc. here:

This blog will return to a narrower topical focus. In this way, I hope the comment sections will also suffer less foppery henceforth.

As for the new forum, please feel welcome to invite leftists that you know from elsewhere to join up!

(IIWII, please feel welcome to share your True Left content over there.)

In other news, Chad has defected:

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2 Responses to New forum

  1. Anon says:

    I thought you meant ‘Chad’ as in the stereotypical normalfag for a few seconds then. Made me giggle.

  2. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    The president if Chad would have done well to watch my latest video that YouTube censored titled: The Truth That Most “Whites” And “Blacks” Can’t Handle!

    Thank you YouTube for proving my point! It’s good to see that YT is adamantly going out of it’s way to shoot Jewry in it’s feet as much as possible! Brilliant I tell ya!

    This is Jewry’s downfall for sure, they cannot handle the truth, nor do they understand how best to respond. They seem intent on making themselves look as bad as possible in the eyes of God, and humanity, at this point….

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