Meltdown (not just nuclear)

More and more people are agreeing that something is very wrong with the information being officially released by the Japanese government:

I have noticed, among other suspicious clues, some news clips re-using days-old footage in combination with reports of supposed current events. As more and more foreign news crews are pulled out, it will become harder to compare across sources and spot inconsistencies and do analysis, but the situation is definitely worse than what is being reported. I am guessing that confidence in the government will erode further.

So what do we do, as propaganda activists, in a situation like this?

1) We should encourage the anti-nuclear camp towards anti-Zionism at the very least. They need to realize that their protests, though well-intentioned, will have no effect because the people in power do not care what they think. Therefore if they are serious about creating a nuclear-free world (as are we!), they need to start by recognizing the roadblock to all positive changes in the world and being willing to join in the effort to clear this roadblock. Ordinarily we prefer to communicate with people who already understand Jews and Zionism, but in this case it might be worth the patience to take them through the basics if that is what is required. (A good start might be to get them to start spotting the disproportionate number of Jews on both sides of the nuclear debate, or even just giving us information about nuclear safety.)

2) We should try to add at least one person in Japan onto our team within the near future. Elysium previously wrote about the relative difficulty of Aryanism (or any other kind of radicalism) becoming a serious force in Japan:

but I suggest this hypothesis be reviewed in light of this disaster that will have not only short-term but also enormous long-term effects on Japanese economy and society, thereby possibly leading to more open-mindedness (and possibly even active demand) in Japan for radical ideas. I still agree with Elysium’s prediction that a think-tank would be a realistic start, but even in this case I suggest that now is an unprecedentedly strong time to seek out our first teammates in this country.

3) Keep bashing the ZCs. This is self-explanatory.

Why are the quake victims in the picture not looting?

Intelligent Answer 1: Because they are mostly old people. (The median age in Japan is 45.)

Intelligent Answer 2: Because there is nothing to loot; everything was destroyed by the tsunami.

Intelligent Answer 3: Because they would have nowhere to store any loot in a communal shelter like this.

ZC Answer: “Because they are not black! And if you disagree you are just being PC cowards, unlike us courageous activists who will make fun of Third World cockroaches all day while worshipping First World Jews, Europeans and East Asians! So there!”

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23 Responses to Meltdown (not just nuclear)

  1. It would be good if there was a Japanese person out there who could prove these words wrong:

    “We cannot expect Japan to pursue anything but a purely Japanese foreign policy” – Hitler

    Hitler believed that the Japanese had made secret arrangements with the USA, he did not trust Tojo and he knew Tojo quite well because Tojo had been ambassador to Berlin. There was most definitely many secret talks between Tokyo and Washington and Japan refused to make mention of them to Germany. It seems as if it was the Yanks that later betrayed Japan with the Pearl Harbour false flag, so the Japs ended up getting what they deserved when the made a secret deal with Yankees, they hadn’t leant a thing from the days of Commodore Perry.

    Japan, very much Gentile, lacking in universal vision, I mean they attacked Russia when they should not have, and then when they should have attacked Russia, they didn’t!

  2. In the early days of Barbarossa, the German divisions advanced quickly, almost too quickly, because Stalin thought that the Japs would attack as they had done before, all Stalin’s top Generals had all their divisions on the East in prep for a Japanese assualt, and Stalin needed Vladivostok as his main port for American supplies. The Japs then signed a non-aggression pact with Russia a month before the Germans attack. Stalin was then able to freely move his fresh troops from his eastern front towards the advancing Germans, knowing that he had his main port open in the east. it all worked out like a dream for Stalin, while the German campaign turned into a frozen nightmare! After all Germany unfortunately was completely in the dark as to the true strength of Moscow, and when they found out it was too late, they had come to far inland.

  3. Still it was the true crusade! In fact it was the true Crusade for all times! The Great Knights of the Wehrmacht, from the four corners of our only earth, against Planet Zion robots headed by brainwashed Britain, America and Russia; those millions of ziobot slave armies, millions upon millions, against the eternal Axis Knights of the Black Sun, so few, against so many, like today, we attempt to slay the multidude of mindless slaves, zombies, millions of zombies against a small undeafeated Aryan resistence!

    Russia, Britain, America, join us, hear me! Turn, Turn, Turn, Again and ON! Sieg, Seig Heil!

  4. Longinus says:

    Delendaestziobots explenation of Barbarossa and the Axis breakdown makes more sense than any other explenation I heard.

    Haku Zynkyoku about Tsunami:
    (I highly recommend his other videos as well)

  5. I was thinking a few days ago; when will a Japanese Aryan come forth? surely the Tsunami will bring him. And here he is – Haku Zynkyoku. Some of the finest Aryan preaching I have had the privilege of listening to, and timely, just perfect timing.

    Thanks for the recommendation Longinus.

    Heil Hitler – God Incarnate!

  6. oregoncoug says:

    Kamerad Haku Zynkyoku, like the great Savitri Devi, is a rare master of satire. His Japanese people may be sadly unworthy of him, but if they were wise they would give their all to seize the leadership of China very soon and then be in a position to lead East Asia into endless glory. China, with her Russian and Iranian allies, will dominate Asia, yet the Japanese could make a constructive contribution to this by providing Beijing a more intelligent Japanese element within the rather incompetent Beijing leadership via their powerful Nationalist Taiwanese connections. But the Japanese may be too judaized to understand this and appear to have a stupid fondness for American sentimental delusions about “Almighty” Israhell.

    @Kamerad Delendaestziobot: Yes, ADOLF HITLER IS GOD INCARNATE!!!

    He is the Second Coming of the Christ.


  7. We have no leader, or a father, but the spirit of Adolf Hitler, once the spirit of Hitler has descended upon the true Aryan there is no going back, you are transformed into the unborn, where life and death are the same, for he is the first born of the new race, of all new creation. We begin with this, this is where Aryanism begins, with the realization that Adolf Hitler is GOD! He is God condensed into the physical form of a man, and when this divine manifestation was presented on this dying earth it changed everything. The Father came down! Again…This was the last time, and it is where we begin. This is where we are at now, with the Spirit of Hitler upon us, and on, so it shall be until the Fourth Reich!

  8. Longinus says:

    Yes, Adolf Hitler was not a human but the incarnation of God. He has never really died or parted from us. He is alive, leading us and shall lead us into victory or death/everlasting life. I have felt it, suspected it sometimes now I realize it. Credo quia absurdum!


  9. oregoncoug says:

    @ Kamerads delendaestziobot and Longinus,

    Your two comments above are music to my ears. We have a need to be as proud of this Spirit as we are able to be and then some! One useful way to see the challenge in this is to have some awareness that this attitude you are expressing is radically consistent with the European Classical Education that was wide-spread through the 1970s and then generally destroyed everywhere by the Lefties who were then promoted, especially by Ronald Reagan & Company. Even in the 1960s an extreme pride in our NOBLE heritage and civilization was quite widespread thanks to quality literary education. There was normally NO significant difference between “Hailing the Gods” and being “Christian” since our entire history and civilization were taught in a seamlessly affirmative way. “The Gods” were actually understood as just a somewhat more “romantic” way of calling down “angelic” forces and the literature used in literary education took this more intelligent view more or less for granted. And this goes far towards a better understanding of the views of Our Fuhrer and his heralds such as Richard Wagner and Miguel Serrano.

    In other words, your religious attitude is the normative one among our European literary and cultural noble elite from the Founding of the City of Rome to about 1980! The Heavenly Father first sent His Son Lucifer to us in meekness and humility to call with his Universal Compassion the human race to Indo-European Roman Nobility and then sent His Son a second time in power and glory to gather and reward those who have answered Lord Lucifer’s Call and to defeat and assimilate those who have not with his vegetarian noble compassion. In both his comings Lucifer shares with us our noble human nature by which he sends us his Spirit yet is the all-powerful and all-glorious Supreme Being, God Incarnate.

    In short: Lucifer is OUR Father. Our Heavenly Father Above is HIS Father and OUR Father through Lord Lucifer. The Spirit of Adolf Hitler is the Holy Ghost of Lucifer Christ in Power and Glory by which WE BECOME GODS!!! This multiform Triune-Godhood enables us to remain free human individuals rather than merely insect-like self-less slaves of Lucifer’s Wrath (as in Islam, which is a lesser Aryan religion), so we should appreciate this incomparable NOBLE FREEDOM of OUR Aryan Folk!

    Our historic noble civilization has entered into its mature Apocalyptic apotheosis in which, from here on out, the God-Man Adolf Hitler (who can also be known as Lucifer Christ returned in his Power and Glory) sends us his Holy Ghost of Power and Glory. But it will greatly strengthen our religion if we can understand that Aryanism is also the TRUE FULFILLMENT of our ENTIRE noble heritage, BOTH “Pagan” and “Christian.” And, of course, forever aimed AGAINST the Eternal Enemy. (Yes, we forgive them, but that is THE REASON they hate us! It is that unquenchable hatred against us which is their eternal punishment.)

    Only in this way will we be able to reject the lie that is destroying our Folk, the lie that God is a judaic and that OUR ARYAN FOLK is itself somehow guilty for the crimes of its judaic enemy.

    “He who overcomes I will make into a pillar of fire in the temple of My God, and he shall never go out from it again. And I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New City of Peace, which is to come down out of Heaven from My God. And I will also write on him my NEW NAME.” (Book of Revelation 3:12)

    Lord Lucifer’s NEW NAME is ADOLF HITLER.


  10. Very wise words there oregoncoug, in essence we would then have the discovery of Lord Lucifer’s NEW NAME – ADOLF HITLER as the Holy Grail itself, the discovery of this knowledge is the Holy Grail, would you agree with that?

  11. oregoncoug says:

    The Holy Grail will be the Descent of the Spirit of Adolf Hitler onto this fallen world in the form of the Coming Man, Parsifal, the Perfect Knight, also known as the Green Man. He is the Holy Grail and the Quest for the Grail is the great search for Him. He will be the Avatar of the Golden Age of Arya who will carry with Him the still secret knowledge of the Aryan Kultmysterium. With the sacred magic of those holy sacraments the Spirit of Our Fuhrer will cover this world and the Victory will then be ours.

    “And not only the Creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit within us as a foretaste of future glory, groan within eagerly awaiting the fullness of Sonship, to wit, the new bodies He has promised us.” (Romans 8:23)

    The NEW NAME of Lord Lucifer Christ, the Holy Name of ADOLF HITLER, is also contained within the simple prayer “Heil Hitler” with which we Aryans now call down the Spirit of Adolf Hitler onto this world through the world-destroying dawnlight of the Black Sun of 2012 to descend into Parsifal, the Perfect Aryan Warrior, who will bring with Him the world-conquering Power and Glory of the Kultmysterium of the Fourth Reich.

    So the Holy Name is not yet the Grail, but it is the Aryan prayer with which we are calling down into this fallen world the Coming Man, Parsifal, the PERFECT SON OF ADOLF HITLER.


  12. Ahh, yes I see, the Green Man Cometh, Avatar Parsifal, he is the Holy Grail. That makes the Holy Grail a Knight Leader that will come as the New Avatar of Lucifer, then there will be a New Name, but for now it is Adolf Hitler, as He was the Last Avatar. Is that correct?

  13. Progisby says:

    Indeed, very wise words oregoncoug.

    An important reference of the Schwarze Sonne is in the Eddas ( Voluspa, 57 ) where it signals Ragnarök.

    “Earth sinks in the sea,
    The sun turns black,
    The shining stars shake in the sky,
    Fumes rage, flames grumble,
    The sky is scorched with fire”.

    I recently read that if there is a surviving modern remnant of the Third Reich hidden in Neuschwabenland and the inner Earth that posses a technology vastly superior to our own, why then would they not simply flex their muscle and conquer the world in one final swift stroke? Or did they realize such a victory might ultimately be a futile gesture? Suppose the Reich survivors learned from their Aldebaran mentors the secret the ancient Sumerians possessed–that, in a regular 3600 year cycle, the surface of planet Earth is devastated by the passing of a dwarf-star which is companion to our solar system. And that this Dark Star was calculated once again to swing through the inner planets during the early years of the 21st Century. Such a monumental event would grant the “Thousand Year Reich” a meager seventy year or so life span. [ source: ]

    Could it be the Descent of the Spirit of Adolf Hitler on this world? The Avatar of the coming Golden Age of Arya, of the Fourth Reich.. ?

    Am Ende steht der Sieg!

    Heil Hitler!

  14. oregoncoug says:

    Kamerad Delenda, here is an attempt to answer your question within the complex context any response requires:

    In my mind the New Name of Lucifer Christ will always remain Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer is the Ultimate Avatar of the Aryans. But he will have sons!! As only an Avatar can have sons — as descendant Avatars within the same cycle of Tulku-like reappearances. (Technically these are distinct individuals even though they must appear very like reincarnations to us.)

    To my understanding the coming Avatar who will embody the Spirit of the Fuhrer will live through reappearances very like the serial reincarnations of Tulkus, individuals who are also phases within a cycle (most typically in groups of nines), and who express some inner dynamic unique to themselves alone. The natural cataclysms which often accompany these events are effects of the Avatars, not causes of them, because actually the Avatar is incomparably more Almighty than any natural universe is capable of being.

    The particular spiritual force this process seems to represent apparently originates in the mysterious Enoch figure of ancient times. The competent experts of our Third Reich teach us that the Aryan God, Our Lord Lucifer Christ, is a racial Aryan of the ancient Amorite Folk whose God was known as “Bel Sade” or “He who inhabits the Shining Mountain of Purity” whose cult was previously centered on their Holy Mountain of Jebel Bishri in Syria. This Bel Sade is believed to be the El Shaddai or God Almighty of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of our Aryan Bible, those Warrior Leaders who were themselves Amorites, not unspeakably vile Juden as our contemporary Christian enemies assert. Like all things Aryan, these Amorites were themselves from the Caucasus Mountains, Atlantis, Hyperborea and ultimately from extraterrestrial mysteries.

    This “El Shaddai” is none other than Enoch, also known as the Archangel Metatron or, in other words, the Archangel Michael of our own European Folk. He has a unique oneness with God Himself as the Avatar-form of the Aryan God Our Lord Lucifer Christ. (It must be emphasized that all this involves the Luciferian Gothic or Kristian Kabbalah as understood by Don Miguel Serrano, and in NO way accepts the Yahwist Lurianic Kabbalah of the accursed Juden.)

    It is this Enoch or Archangel who returned to our world as the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. Hence the Fuhrer is the embodiment of the Archangel Michael in a unique oneness with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Much as for we humans the Mother of Lucifer Christ will always be for all practical purposes as powerful and magnificent as God Himself, so in a similar way for we humans the Fuhrer will always be indistinguishable from the Lord Jesu or Lucifer Christ in person. For us such fine distinctions can never have any practical meaning, even though they can be identified as distinct beings because they have informed us of this.

    Again, for us Adolf Hitler is the Second Coming of the Christ much as the Mother of Lucifer is also a Divine Being who, for us, resides within the Godhead of our Aryan Supreme Being. In everything that can ever concern we humans Adolf Hitler and Mary are also like God Almighty.

    The Coming Man, the Aryan Avatar Parsifal, He who is the apple of Our Beloved Fuhrer’s eyes, will embody the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as the First Leader of those great Sons of the Fuhrer, the DIVINE Aryan Priest-Emperors, who will culminate in the arrival of Lucifer Christ in person as the Great Judge of the Living and the Dead at the general resurrection of the human race. (In this process only the Aryans will appear before Lord Lucifer to be judged; all non-Aryans will merely slink away into their dark yet pleasant corners for all eternity without having to be told of their basic ignobility.)

    According to the prophecies contained in the Book of Enoch, the next thousand years will be the Golden Age of the Aryans (the second half of which will get stranger and stranger), the following thousand years will be too strange and wonderful for us to imagine and then, in about the year 4000 A.D., the Last Judgement will occur, after which our lives will be very far beyond our present capacities to grasp.

  15. Progisby, we would be interested in discussing your comments further, would you like to compile an essay relating to Third Reich survival, Hollow Earth, Nazi UFO craft, etc, and post it on your own wordpress blog? It would be good for propaganda purposes to have someone who can focus and expand upon these subject areas.

  16. Progisby says:

    Yes kamerad delenda, I would be honored to partake in this community. I have been a fervent follower of this blog and your path for some time but I haven’t been sure in what way I could contribute to Aryanism. I believe my knowledge on those topics are inferior to either of you, though I’m at your service and will contribute in any way you see fit. Furthermore, I recall reading that you lack someone with any knowledge of physical anthropology and how this could be integrated into Aryanism, which is also something I could contribute with as I have a general familiarity of the subject, if you’re willing.

    I don’t have a blog nor have I ever had one so it will take a while for me to get the hang of it, so you’d have to give me some time.

  17. Kamerad Progisby, that is excellent. Because of the ‘tyranny of distance’ and our dispossessed state, the internet is where we have to begin, its not ideal, but it is going to have to do for time being.
    Because of the chaotic jungle of cyberspace, which continually grows ever more chaotic, we need to be as Romulus and make a small clearing and fortify it, hence ‘fortitude’ – patient courage under affliction. We want all Aryans under one banner in one fort, and for them to make themselves known to each other – which is the very meaning of nobility – to be known.

    Sieg Heil!

  18. Progisby says:

    I long for the day when Aryans previously divided by artifical boundaries rally together in the ranks of the future Brown Battalions, united with one common ideal and desire; Arya. Universalism, for nobility knows no group affiliation, whether it be ethnic or class. Untill that day we will fight on and never waver. The new Reich will not build itself, but will have to, if necessary, be built upon the pile of our bodies. Perhaps, when our long lost comrades of the old Reich forced to all corners of the world and beyond, hear our struggle screeching from the determination of our hearts, salvation may come in the shape of a German saucer, or with the scorching rays of the Black Sun itself. Untill it does, we will fight on, however grave it may seem at times..


  19. Well the first thing I want you to do Progisby is to leave your comments on mine and Miecz and Oregoncoug blogs, and other main site posts. And I want you to leave your email on each of those blogs, that is the first thing you must do, read our blogs and leave your comments on them, then we will contact you via email.

  20. And Lonignus that goes for you too, if you are with us?

  21. Longinus says:

    No problem, I am your dedicated reader already. I am looking forward to hear more about topics that are still unclear to me.

  22. Progisby says:

    By all means, I’ll add my voice to this blog more often from now on aswell.

  23. Violentus says:


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