Last anti-Zionist harvest of 2018

Last weekend, LeBron James, the biggest name in basketball, posted on Instagram the lyrics to a song by the rapper 21 Savage.

The line James typed out to his followers feeds off the ancient libel against Jews, that they control the world’s money supply: ”We been getting that Jewish money, everything is Kosher.”

Alice Walker, African-American novelist (“The Color Purple”), is being called out for her embrace of the notorious British Jew hater David Ickes, and for a poem she penned condemning Israel. It’s a fair argument that criticizing Israeli policies in regards to the Palestinians, as Walker does in her poem, doesn’t automatically equate to anti-Semitism. But the author confirms her bigotry by rambling on about the evils of the Talmud, the Jewish holy book.

Leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement have shunned Jews, who played such a critical role in the struggle for civil rights, and produced a manifesto declaring Israel guilty of genocide and apartheid.

Tamika Mallory, co-chairman of Women’s March Inc., is accused of marginalizing Jewish women. A women’s march scheduled for next month in Chicago blew up over charges of anti-semitism.

What we have to do now is defend these people – and in so doing teach others how to defend them – from those who seek to discredit them, as the remainder of the linked article attempts to do:

I know nothing of the rapper 21 Savage. But he also apologized for the lyrics of his song and, like James, expressed amazement they were deemed offensive. Would he be as nonchalant if a white singer threw around such trite stereotypes about blacks?

This is a false equivalence which we have covered on the main site. Jews invented Jewishness for themselves, thus can blame none but themselves for all retaliation from those whom their identity is designed to exclude. “Blacks”, in contrast, had “blackness” forcibly imposed upon them by “whites” (including Jews!), thus justly attack those who saddled them with an identity they never asked for. The correct equivalence is between Jewishness and “whiteness”, both being identities invented by the tribe members for themselves. The correct question to ask, therefore, is whether 21 Savage would be as nonchalant if a “black” singer threw around trite stereotypes about “whites”. In fact, this occurs rather often, and is widely sympathized with, because all people possessing even the most basic sense of honour intuitively understand what I have just explained, even if not all of them are yet able to articulate it quite as precisely.

Years ago I wrote a column asking when Jews got moved to the back of the bus of victimhood. I questioned then why folks can say hideous things about Jews and not be driven from the spotlight (the Rev. Jesse Jackson). The question persists today.

When the Jewish claim to victimhood got discredited? Probably from the moment we exposed Judaism as a racist religion, and hence that the Jewish gene pool has been self-selecting for racist traits for millenia.

Why we can respectably express disgust towards Jews? Is racism not disgusting? The correct question should be: could we remain respectable – indeed could we even respect ourselves – if we were willing to refrain from condemning it?

Anti-Semitism is the most murderous force in history. It’s not OK to engage in it as casually as James did, nor as whole-heartedly as Farrakhan does.

Firstly, we are anti-Jewish, not anti-Semitic (a linguistic category). Secondly, if there were something unethical about being anti-Jewish, Jews should complain about the unethicality itself. They do not because they know perfectly well there is nothing unethical about it, exactly the same as how WNs have been trained (including by Jews!) to call anti-racism “anti-white” because they too cannot oppose us on ethical grounds.

You don’t get a pass because you’re a member of a group that has also endured racism and discrimination. Hate is hate.

No, Jews don’t get a pass just because WNs dislike George Soros. Racism is racism, and all racism deserves our hatred.

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  1. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    Figured this would be a good place to reiterate the fact that the term “anti-semitism” is a misnomer. Most Semitic peoples are not Jewish, therefore for a person to be a true anti-Semite they would need to be against ALL Semitic people. Most anti-Zionists on the left for example are quite fond of Arabs, so cannot be anti-Semites. The term “anti-Semitic” appears to be a disingenuous Jewish attempt at unity with other Semites, and is also an excellent way to cover over the fact people are anti-Jewish in particular.


    Out of curiosity, do you believe that the term “anti-Semite” will ultimately backfire on Jews. I ask this, because in the Israeli produced film “Defamation” many of the Jews questioned about the term “anti-Semite” actually disagree with it, and seem genuinely nervous about its use. Do these Jews instinctively know that this term has the potential to backfire right in Jewish identities face?

    Defamation-Excellent Israeli Documentary on “Anti-Semitism” MUST WATCH

    Interestingly, American “blacks” on the street are asked what they think of Jews in their community in the film linked above. A worthwhile watch for all Aryanists I think, if you have not watched it all already. It is a great excercise in: ‘can you count all the Jewish lies’….

    And since the Anti-Defamation Leagues former director Abe Foxman appears in the film linked above, and the topic Jews and money came up in the article, I hope everyone here knows that Abe Foxman actually wrote a book about Jews and money where he apparently tries to make the case that Jews don’t actually care about money above all else. I have not read the book, however, I would be curious to know how he explains why so many Jews CHOSE for themselves last names that have to do with material wealth? Example some: Goldstein, Silverstein, Goldberg, Rubinstein, Silverberg, etc….

    Lastly, why do Jews in Israel sing praise to the Rothschild family and its material wealth, literally singing how they wish they too were as wealthy as a Rothschild, if Jews truly do not care about material wealth above all else?

    The fact that anyone believes these ass-clowns and their numerous lies baffles me. Their lies make me literally sick to my stomach. They are so belligerent and sloppy in their tribal lies, I’m baffled that the world has entertained them for two thousand plus years…

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