Kristallnacht tribute

On the old forum I had posted a set of pictures of synagogue architecture. Originally I planned to simply repost them in this topic:

but I then thought they would be better off posted here. By noting the similarities with what Westerners in general (see above link) considered beautiful during the height of the colonial era, there should be no dispute that Jews (who by no coincidence were among the most notable colonialists) are aesthetically Westerners, and hence, in aesthetics no less than in ethics:!/

because it goes without saying that we find this style of architecture utterly vampiric, and collectively a perfectly accurate portrayal of the personality of Yahweh (a.k.a. the Devil/Demiurge, creator of the material world) whom these synagogues were built to worship:

After looking at all that, hopefully you can now better appreciate how aesthetically cathartic Kristallnacht actually was:

Kristallnacht – Wikipedia

The rioters destroyed 267 synagogues throughout Germany, Austria, and the Sudetenland.[6] Over 1,400 synagogues and prayer rooms,[39] many Jewish cemeteries, more than 7,000 Jewish shops, and 29 department stores were damaged, and in many cases destroyed.

It did not take long before the first heavy grey stones came tumbling down, and the children of the village amused themselves as they flung stones into the many colored windows. When the first rays of a cold and pale November sun penetrated the heavy dark clouds, the little synagogue was but a heap of stone, broken glass and smashed-up woodwork.[41]

After this, the Jewish community was fined 1 billion Reichsmarks (equivalent to 4 billion 2017 € or 7 billion in 2020 USD).

Notice how peaceful and relaxed the rubble feels compared to the synagogues:

In an article released for publication on the evening of 11 November, Goebbels ascribed the events of Kristallnacht to the “healthy instincts” of the German people.

Of course, Western colonialists disagreed:

Former German Kaiser Wilhelm II commented “For the first time, I am ashamed to be German.”[46]

What do you think?

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3 Responses to Kristallnacht tribute

  1. AS says:

    Since I have recently been including samples of Western classical music to accompany pictures of Western architecture over in the forum topic (in order to emphasize the same inferior aesthetical values underlying both), I might as well do the same here:

    Of course:

    Born in Cologne, the son of a synagogue cantor

    Jewish demographic overrepresentation in Western classical music is common knowledge to the extent of being an overused stereotype. While nepotism may be a factor, their greater overrepresentation in Western classical music than in other musical genres (where they could be expected to similarly practice nepotism) suggests something intrinsically compatible between Jewish blood and Western classical music.

    (See also: )

  2. AS says:

    individual wanted for questioning for multiple acts of vandalism of synagogues in @NYPD50Pct in Riverdale.

    Demographic Blueshift is the key to Kristallnacht revivalism!

  3. Dazhbog says:

    “Notice how peaceful and relaxed the rubble feels compared to the synagogues”

    The rubble goes well with David Bowie’s Ambient works, ‘Moss Garden’ in particular:

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