Idiot’s Guide to Gun Laws (Connecticut school shooting)

What are gun control laws about? The answer is simple. Gun control laws are about people like this (the Zionist agent woman doing all the talking):

preventing people like this:

from properly defending themselves against people like this:

The only gun laws that should exist are laws that require everyone who is physically able to use a firearm to carry one so that he is ready to protect fellow citizens at any time. Props to the kid who said he knew karate and wanted to protect his teacher and fellow students, as well as of course to the teacher herself who would surely have done everything she could to protect her students. Yet these heroic people are the people who are prohibited from carrying firearms to school, whereas any killer can walk into campus with a firearm and start shooting.

This is what we keep telling leftists: the more you dislike firearms and violence and hence are a better person, the more you deserve to and need to carry firearms and be prepared to use retaliatory violence. If you don’t arm up, the rightists will end up with all the firearms. You think Anders Breivik was bad? Wait till far-right gangs are prowling the streets AND the Zionist government deliberately sits back and lets them do their thing (as with Golden Dawn thugs and the corrupt Greek so-called “police” who just watch and laugh while the thugs beat up innocent people in broad daylight). When the police start siding with the far-right gangs, we will be the only ones left to stop them, and we will need to be well-armed (as well as paramilitarily organized) to do it. Earlier I was talking to illyrios in private about the Serbian war crimes during the Yugoslav wars; that’s what could end up happening in many other countries in coming decades if leftists do not start arming ourselves now.

All leftists need to listen to this classic address, one of the most important speeches of the last decade by the only leader left who can possibly save America:

Someone should start a blog specializing in educating people about the leftist pro-firearm position (ie. obligatory firearm possession) in contrast to the rightist pro-firearm position (ie. liberty/”right” to possess firearms) and of course to the leftist anti-firearm position (ie. ban firearms), with a view to establishing a gun community for leftists only, which would be extremely refreshing as it would avoid all the crap about shooting animals etc. that fills the rightist gun community discussions. Any takers? Jason, perhaps? Or mandrake?

(offtopic) Pandorastop, I sent you an email on 7th Dec. Did you receive it?

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9 Responses to Idiot’s Guide to Gun Laws (Connecticut school shooting)

  1. mandrake says:

    In my opinion. I think the shooting is horrific. It’s vile that young lives have been taken for what ever reason the gunman thought was justifiable, it’s simply indefensible as any rational mind would agree with.

    As for gun ownership. I believe it is the right of every human being to defend themselves with or without a gun. In the UK the guns are owned by the Police, the Armed Forces and criminals. The honest law abiding citizen is a sitting duck. If you dare to possess an imitation firearm you can be imprisoned for up to 3 years. I have personal experience of this, which will remain a private matter, but don’t doubt my experience with the Police upon this matter.

    Guns don’t kill people, people do. Murder happens in the UK, via knives, bats, bludgeons, weapons from fireworks to samurai swords to house bricks. All are tools of murder or killing if one desires to do so. However nothing is more effective than the gun. For this very reason, firearms are allowed by the State for those who are the most unqualified to use them.

    They’re used by criminals, to further their degenerate aims, for wealth and power. They are used by ‘farmers’ and country folk for the murder of innocent animals in the name of ‘sport’. They’re used by the expeditionary armed forces for invasion and murder of citizens of foreign lands for exploitation and capture of resources, not in the name of protecting the nation. They’re are used by the Police so that legitimate resistance against a corrupted Parliament can never be achieved by citizens of the nation. All in all they’re tools. Tools which are constantly used by degenerates for the enforcement of degeneracy.

    I propose that firearms be legalised for all householders for legitimate protection. Protection from the corrupt enforcement agencies of the Police and criminals. The honest citizen is told that if the Police adopt weapons the criminals will adopt them. This is a lie wrapped in a sugar coating. The Police own guns and use them, the criminal owns guns and use them. The citizen is the loser here, incapable of defending themselves. Regardless of the sickness that allows some ‘people’ to murder innocent children and teaching staff, we should all be allowed firearms.

    In the Aryan state, such matters would not occur since we intend to build an Aryan nation populated by noble volk.

    Nobility Uber Alles.

  2. Ossendowski says:

    “I propose that firearms be legalised for all householders for legitimate protection. Protection from the corrupt enforcement agencies of the Police and criminals. The honest citizen is told that if the Police adopt weapons the criminals will adopt them. This is a lie wrapped in a sugar coating. The Police own guns and use them, the criminal owns guns and use them. The citizen is the loser here, incapable of defending themselves. Regardless of the sickness that allows some ‘people’ to murder innocent children and teaching staff, we should all be allowed firearms.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. Criminals and other sick minds manage to acquire (and use) firearms regardless of what their countries’ gun laws are like, the armed authorities are there chiefly to protect their Zionist governments and not the citizens. Thus, the citizens have no one to rely on but themselves. Gun ownership really is a necessity under present circumstances.

    Offtopic: I’ve been reading your site and your blog for about a year now and I decided to register on your forum the other day, but the link (I followed the one on Sword Of Elysium’s page) doesn’t seem to work. Has it ceased to exist? Or was it moved to another domain?

  3. AS says:

    mandrake, you are still using right-wing rhetoric. It is not enough to legalize ownership of firearms; we must make it illegal to NOT own a firearm. Do you understand the difference between these two positions?

    Think about it this way: what would you think of a soldier who arrives on the battlefield without bringing his equipment? We don’t say that a soldier has a liberty to bring his equipment, because that would imply it is also acceptable behaviour for him not to bring his equipment, which would be absurd. If he does not bring his equipment, we say he is FAILING in his duty and endangering his fellow soldiers by being a liability to them, therefore he deserves to be kicked out of the army.

    The same applies to all citizens. A teacher or a student who turns up in the classroom without a firearm is FAILING in his duty to protect his class and his school, and deserves to have his citizenship revoked. A householder who does not keep a firearm in his house is FAILING in his duty to protect his neighbours and his street, and deserves have his citizenship revoked. And so on. Firearm possession is not a liberty, it is a duty. This is left-wing pro-firearm rhetoric.

    It is not just about possessing a firearm, it is about cultivating an attitude of Ahimsa to go with it:

    Ossendowski, welcome to our community. If you are asking about Lewenhaupt’s forum, he has closed it down due to a combination of several issues. If you would like to help out, please send in a contact form:

  4. mandrake says:

    AS Right wing rhetoric is the only way to promote the idea that citizens SHOULD be armed, especially in the UK. We’ve been systematically brainwashed into believing that firearm ownership is the preserve of the criminal. I don’t know what it’s like in the US or any other country where firearm ownership is not illegal.

    Before we advance toward an Aryanist state of mind, necessary use of right wing rhetoric is of absolute importance. I’m not commenting on the Aryanist position. I’m commentating for those who aren’t familiar with the lofty ideals of the Aryanist, reversing the brainwashed herd mentality that we are safer by being a gun controlled society.

    I think I adequately addressed the point of ahimsa though not directly “They’re used by criminals, to further their degenerate aims, for wealth and power” a point which I have made a part of my life for the last 15-16 years. I understand it fully and I live it.

    I think it’s fairly obvious that the kind of people who use firearms I have mentioned to ply their various trades are the example of what is ‘hinsa’ or the will to harm and hurt.

  5. AS says:

    If you use right-wing rhetoric, the only people who will listen to you will be right-wingers. And most wouldn’t even need to listen to you, as they are pro-firearm already. The people who are currently anti-firearm are mostly left-wingers, which is why I addressed this post specifically to them. Left-wingers are anti-firearm because they have been trained to associate the pro-firearm position with right-wing views – that, if anything, is the media brainwashing. We are here to tell them that we can be pro-firearm and still be left-wing.

    This exact same pattern recurs on many of the issues our movement covers. There used to be opposition among left-wingers to getting rid of Jews because they associated this position with racism (right-wing). We have already changed this having re-introduced the need to get rid of Jews as anti-racism (left-wing). Left-wingers used to be anti-religion because they have associated right-hand-path religion with obedience and fear (right-wing). We are in the process of changing this by re-introducing left-hand-path religion as conscience and heroism (left-wing). Left-wingers used to be anti-monarchism because they have associated it with patriarchy and elitism and tradition (right-wing). We will soon start changing this when we re-introduce monarchism as romance and chivalry and enlightened rule (left-wing). Our position on firearms is just another exponent of this same model.

    All these exponents mutually reinforce each other in formation; that is our strength. But if we are tempted to break rank on any one issue for the sake of quicker gains on that issue alone, the entire formation collapses. Please bear this in mind.

  6. mandrake says:

    I’m well aware that left-wingers are opposed to guns. It goes with the territory. Anarchists and left wing types are noted for their opposition to guns and weaponry in general.

    I don’t see Aryanism as left wing or right wing but rather apolitical. Something as broad as national socialism couldn’t possibly be one or the other, since it encompasses far more than politics. Politics is something to transcended, not immersed in it’s muddy pool of left and right.

  7. SolAryan says:

    -”Anarchists and left wing types are noted for their opposition to guns and weaponry in general.”-
    These so-called “left-wingers” don’t have a leg to stand on,ideologically speaking.. I can certainly understand their opposition to firearms at its face-value-ie that they can be a tool in hands of criminals and violent madmen.. Although in many cases , I don’t think they even get that far (realizing that the gun itself is but a tool), condemning the Gun as the cause of the Evils, not the ignoble barbarians who use them for nefarious ends (or the conditions which abundantly churn out such degenerates in the first place).. In their call for legislation and enforcement of “anti-gun laws” or “gun control” they are not only brazenly announcing their lack of willingness to actively resist tyranny should it come knocking on their door, but also effectively condemning their fellow citizens (or “subjects” depending on how you look at it) to perpetual victim status and inability to defend themselves from violence initiated against them (be it from the lowliest common criminal or the highest offices of corrupt government officials).. Where is their Idealism? Where is their Fighting Spirit? These weak-kneed simpletons do not deserve the title of “Left-Wing” (in so far as this term is understood within the context of “Left-Hand Path” modalities of thought and Religio-Spiritual endeavours)! Mandrake, I understand and agree with your view about the transcendent nature of National Socialism, and indeed the Eagle requires two wings to fly,— but seeing as how we are still in the process of that Struggle for transcendence within this material realm, we must be willing to utilize the terminology and nomenclature required to be understood amidst the artificially contrived dichotomy that has been set up by our enemies(the “muddy pool of left and right” as you put it)in addition to our own unique Aryanist lexicon, if we are ever to see this Earth transfigured into something more than a mere prison of endless cycle after Demiurgic cycle.. Granted, this nomenclature will be used on our terms and with a decidely Aryan re-interpretation.. It’s a matter of awakening the “blood memory” of those Aryan souls who would take up struggle against such perpetual tyranny and cultivating that honourable sense of duty and willingness to sacrifice which is the hallmark of the true Aryan Vira (warrior-hero).. The “Left” of the liberals, the “False Left” as it has been referred to here, is nothing more than an intentional diversion set up to lead those idealistically minded individuals who may grow to become a potential threat to Zion and its acolytes into a morass of ambiguous and confusing rhetoric, ineffective attempts at “reform” or “progress”(all within the paradigm pre-fabricated for them of course), and ultimately what amounts to political castration.. (Yet again, true to their Herder lifestyle Archetype, the hand of the Jew can be uncovered pulling the strings of these misguided fools).. However, their seeming Idealism may be their redeeming characteristic, as opposed to the general lack of it amongst many “right-wing” types (other than the oft-repeated Ideal of “Tradition”). It is this that must be worked upon to demonstrate to these individuals that it is precisely those who are most averse to guns on the grounds of abhoring initiated violence who are the most trustworthy candidates to use them in the case of defensive or retaliatory “violence” (ie the protection and security of their Liberty).. Only state-mandated, Compulsory firearm ownership as a requisite duty and condition of citizenship can effectively deal with this issue once and for all.. No matter what laws are passed to bestow or remove the “right” of firearm ownership (or anything else for that matter), criminals will still find a way to initiate violence against their intended victims.. However, it is exactly that that the criminals seeks, a VICTIM. They are not looking for a FIGHT.. A fully armed citizenry would effectively put an end to any status of victimization and would make criminals think long and hard before setting out upon their errands of violence and exploitation.. I have never seen a cardboard sign or a piece of paper with flowery language written upon it stop a fist or a flying bullet, have you? Neither have these so-called “leftists”, these liberal false-leftists under Judeo-Freemasonic control. And well are their puppet-masters aware of this fact as well.. Through proper guidance and awakening of Aryan idealism and Kshatriya warrior spirit amongst the ranks of these tragically mislead “leftists” (those who at least inwardly,resonate with our aims of course–certainly there is much chaff to be sorted from the grain) I firmly believe that they could be molded into a formidable fighting force and a worthy adversary against Zionism to boot! Especially those who would claim to be seeking the safety and protection of the future generations would seem to be receptive to these ideas; their seeming compassion is worthy of commendation, but their attempts to implement it on a wide-scale basis have hitherto failed them.. Perhaps our solution is that which they have been intuitively seeking all along.

    P.S.- For those newcomers who may be present here, I would highly suggest the following articles to gain an insight into the Aryanist view on the whole “Left/Right” “Conservative vs. Liberal” issue: and



  8. mandrake says:

    Good post SA. I do however agree with the post, especially the first few paragraphs. I especially see the need for leftists and pacifists to embrace the warrior spirit, not with the pen but with the sword. The warrior is adept with both. The ideal of Byron’s anti-hero, is of importance to the general population.

    I also agree with the point you’ve made that the idealistic left are manipulated into thinking self-defence (with a firearm) is somehow agreeing with the false hunter archetype, we see this daily. Why would the genuine noble soul shun what can protect those innocent and weaker from the harsh and ignoble?

  9. The video from JAM has been removed from here… I would have liked to have seen it.

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