How we changed US politics

A Major Rights Group Says Israel Is Guilty of Apartheid. It Might Fracture the Status Quo in Washington

On Tuesday, the U.S.-based rights organisation, Human Rights Watch (HRW), accused Israel of two crimes against humanity: the crime of apartheid, and the crime of persecution.

Moreover, the designations declared that elements of the crimes were applicable not simply in the occupied Palestinians territories but within the internationally recognized borders of Israel itself.

More people now understand that the problem is not how much territory Israel occupies, but what Israel is. And this is owed to our relentless fixation on anti-racist logic expressed in the simplest possible form:

1) Israel is a Jewish ethnostate.

2) Ethnostates should not exist.

3) Therefore Israel should not exist.*

None of that pathetic “Two-State Solution” nonsense! Israel must be destroyed!

(* Advanced section:

4) So long as Jewishness exists, they could create another Israel even if the current one is destroyed.



The assessment was predictably met with ferocious indignation among supporters of Israel in Washington D.C.; but mostly from the right-wing of American politics and not the left. The HRW report is just one report, but it’s a significant milestone in a particular trajectory, leading us towards the moment when the bipartisan pro-Israel American consensus that has endured for decades breaks apart.

This was our aim from the outset. Now it is an inevitability and only a matter of time.

Progressive Democratic congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, were at the heart of that shift going against the party line. Their support for a boycott movement aimed at pressuring Israel to change its policy toward Palestinians was met with resistance from the overwhelming majority of House Democrats in 2019, who supported a resolution to condemn that movement. But Tlaib and Omar’s push received help from an unlikely quarter: Donald Trump, probably the most pro-Israel president in living memory. It’s ironic indeed. The Trump White House had withdrawn funding for UNRWA, the UN’s organisation for taking care of Palestinian refugees; closed the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s office in DC; and had moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

But Trump made a crucial mistake. In 2019, it was widely suspected Tlaib and Omar were banned from Israel owing to a direct request by Trump to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; and that forced criticism of Israel by senior Democrats.

But the seeds were laid before then. The more progressive wing of the Democratic Party, with whom Tlaib and Omar are immensely popular, is growing in strength due to simple demographics. Disproportionately, younger Americans, and Americans of color, are more likely to be progressive.


Contrary to popular misunderstanding, Demographic Blueshift was never solely about increasing the % of Blue voters (relative to Red) in the US, but just as much about increasing the % of BDS supporters within Blue politics. Politicians like Biden are a dying breed. Politicians like Tlaib will be the centrists of the future. Even today we already have people who consider AOC too rightist:

so imagine how far left we could take Blue politics within another generation!

At the same time, mainstreaming of white supremacy in the Republican Party only invigorates progressive activists on the Democratic side — and because of the deep polarization of American politics, it makes sense for the Democrats to resist fracturing at all costs, and hold a united front against the Republicans. That means, inevitably, more, not less, progressive influence within the party. And, invariably, that will mean more critical voices on Israel.

We look forward to it. Just one correction: we are not “progressives”. BDS calls for turning Israel back into Palestine, hence by definition is regressive, as are similarly all calls for decolonization (ie. reversion to pre-colonial conditions), which we also cover here:

Indeed, progressivism itself is a Western idea, therefore leftists (who hate Western civilization) cannot be progressive:

Thus mainstream journalists continue to lag far behind where the discussion really is:

Join us!

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5 Responses to How we changed US politics

  1. Twin Ruler says:

    Actually, Trump– in his genius– actually got them to reject The State of Israel by associating it with him. He played his role very well.

  2. Dawid says:

    May I ask were did all the major topic pages on the main site have gone? None of them are available…I‘ve enjoyed some of them so much! The trueleft-forum is a bunch of crappy discussions, nothing substantial where a mind like mine could find the contemplative flavor like with the articles…

  3. RP says:

    “ May I ask were did all the major topic pages on the main site have gone?”

    They are currently under revision:

    The forum is the main focus right now. Also, how do you know they are “crappy discussions” if you haven’t even participated in them?

  4. Dazhbog says:


    I second RP’s point. If you don’t like our level of discussion, sign up, contribute and raise it!

  5. RP says:

    Exactly Dazhbog. It’s not like anyone is stopping him.

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