How to worship the Devil

Normally about this time of the year I do an annual roundup post, but in observance of the supposed end of the world before the end of this month, I’ve decided to leave the roundup until the beginning of next year (if the world is still around then).

Instead here a new and long-requested page:

Like all the pages in the Religion section it is relatively short, because analyzing small details in religion leads to foppery quicker than anything else. The defining characteristics are what matter to us. (By the way, LOTR fans, you do know that the Tabernacle is basically the Ring, right?)

I have also got rid of the Article Submission and Propaganda form pages after it was revealed that some material sent through those forms was not making it through to our inbox. So if you sent us anything through either of those two forms recently and have received no response from us, chances are we did not receive it, therefore please resend it using the form on the Contact page, which is the only one we have kept:

In other news, while everyone else is still not finished discussing the results of the US Presidential Election, the truly important point is not who won the election, but that the election season is now over. This means that the possibility of Zionist invasion of Syria and/or Iran is back on the table:

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6 Responses to How to worship the Devil

  1. Jason says:

    Great new page. I suggest a page under Judaism with the quotes of Moses or a collection of quotes from the Talmud and Tanakh. More and more tribalists claim their tribe to be the Israelites, for they all want to be the Chosen; they want to out-Jew the Jew… During my study of religions I regarded the Old Testament as so barbaric and unethical, I felt I had to compel myself to “obey” such a god, otherwise I couldn’t find the likeness in it to culminate Jewish theology with Christianity.

    I would also suggest a page on Vedanta, a philosophical system much like Buddhism, but theistic. If you need help on this, I and several people can do so!

  2. Gaizka the Dynamiteman says:

    You don’t need to read the Old Testament to witness the true nature of jews, only by knowing names (Ben Klassen, Howard K. Stern…) it’s enough

  3. SS says:

    ‘Amalek “knows his Master and consciously rebels against Him.”’ Where could I find the original line (before I use it for future purposes)? Thank you!

  4. Anthony says:

    It is in the Midrash, I believe in the book commenting on Leviticus, but I’m afraid I don’t know the exact line.

  5. SS says:

    Thank you, Anthony. I’ll look into it.

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