Get your soapboxes!

The fourth Beyond Propaganda page is up:

A few of you guys have said that you were preparing country-specific platforms, but so far nobody has sent in anything yet, so I hope to see some drafts soon.

Please pay particular attention to the idea of the Citizen Party. If anyone would like to suggest logo designs for this initiative, please send in your ideas.

Speaking of graphics, our movement now has a Deviantart presence:

If you are the owner of this site, I look forward to conversing with you. In fact, Miecz told me a while ago that you would be contacting me, but I haven’t heard from you yet.

On a different subject, I want everyone’s opinion. Do you think this photo is adequate reason for moving Paul Weston to the Chosenite section on the ZC List?

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Weston is the Gates of Vienna blogger who has now become leader of the BFP. Here he is being interviewed by Michael Coren (Jew):

If anyone can provide definite evidence that Weston is Jewish, please let us know. Not that it matters, as he is a Zionist agent regardless. Remember, it is the Second Christ and the Mahdi fighting side by side which will defeat the Antichrist/Dajjal/Jewish Messiah, so keep speaking up in support of Christian-Mohammedan unity at all times!

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9 Responses to Get your soapboxes!

  1. fakenews says:

    No, photos do not matter and never did.
    He is the leader of BFP thus becomes a jew regardless if he knwos a word in Hebrew or not.
    Even in some Muslim countries jew had infiltrated into religious groups and lead them into conflict with its self.
    The Polish pope was a jew and the new German one is a jew.
    jew have being infesting humanity for thousands of years and now it seem to have taken over the planet completely.

    Humanity needs another AH to be saved and or liberated.

    The World free of jew parasite is called heaven on Earth.

  2. fakenews says:

    Werwolf1945 gallery looks like jew.
    The military side of NS was only 10% and what the World needs to see the hidden 90% which is related to welfare and progress of humanity. The 90% of NS which jew hides from the eyes of the World.
    Also the Zionism is only a tool of jew and jew can create such tool of distraction anytime, anywhere and name it as anything like NPD of Germany, Jehovah witness, Chrstianity, al-Qaeda, BFP and etc.
    The symbolism of NS should be put in archives to rest. Displaying it in current affairs is associating oneself with NAZI which is jew invented fakery which demonizes NS.
    Ones again, the nickname for NS was SOZI not NAZI.

  3. fakenews says: is spied on by jew hook called quantcast…

    Watch out!

  4. Longinus says:

    I would like to express my outrage by Afghan protest rage over quran burning, Obama’s apologies and quran-burning soldiers facing the trial. The heroic US soldier who recently killed 16 Afghan civilians and awanged their shamed comrades were probably outraged by the same events.

  5. fakenews says:

    jew scam to sniff-out the real patriot US marines.!

  6. Ricardo Gonzalez says:

    What’s with all the Jesus/Mahdi Semite fairy tale filth all over this site? Oh that’s right. It’s an Islamic front group. Yes, the Jews need to go [preferably wiped from the world forever] — but so do you. You Saracens love NS so much? What’s stopping you from doing it in your own countries?

    You don’t have metals in the ground? You don’t have stones to build with? You cannot implement urban farming techniques readily available to anyone with an internet connection? You can’t build desalinization plants with all your raghead oil money?

    Down with the lot of you. Hail Pagan Europe!

  7. asd says:


  8. selfie says:

    maybe his romanian ex-wife was Jewish but I haven’t been able to confirm that. In his videos he seems almost disoriented and he is extremely arrogant and his skin tone is simply not English. His name smacks of crypto, just like Robert Spencer. Neither he nor “the baron” would engage me when I genuinely began to question their line, which is odd, since I had been in touch with them after “waking up” and falling into the neozionist trap. The GofV peeps had been encouraging almost “mentoring” me after I woke up from being a liberal journalist. Now I think it’s odd that they ran a comment of mine as a post in which I defended Mandela, because he is so beloved in my country, everyone thinks he saved us from civil war. Now I can tell you the names of all the Jews who created the ANC, who handpicked and groomed him out of one of their law firms, but at the time, I hadn’t noticed any of that. Now I think they wanted to muddy the waters some more since the Jews have done such a fantastic job here. Keep their readers’ minds confused. No doubt if I’d mentioned how Lubamba was killed by the CIA, they wouldn’t have turned it into a post.

    To the reader above, I also like paganism and there’s no conflict between anything here. Remember, the ego compares, God combines, and pure evil mimicks. There will always be four elements and spirit. So it seems silly to focus on the tribalism of the jews. Their defining feature is not tribalism, it’s that they hate JC and think they’re God. Their “tribalism” is how their leaders keep them strong. We need our “tribalism” too, it’s powerful. I live in Africa and I know a lot about tribalism. Some tribes are dark and stupid, other tribes are quite light. It depends on their shamans and who the tribe members are looking up to. If you get the Zulus looking to Buthelezi, Zwelethini or Zuma, it changes. It’s a very interesting topic and there’s great power in the old forces. It’s not good to discard the idea just because the Jews have used it effectively. Rather use it effectively ourselves … As always, power must be transcendent to God.

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