French election 2017

Six months ago, Trump was running against Clinton. Millions of Americans, despite disliking Trump, chose to abstain or to vote for a minor candidate because Clinton was considered to be “just as bad as Trump”, even though her campaign promises were nowhere near as scary. Today, as the Trump administration proves to be every bit as gruesome we had warned you it would be, everyone knows deep down that, whatever might have been the problems with a Clinton administration, it wouldn’t have even come close to comparing with the orange snuff horror porn that the entire world is now forced to wake up to every morning, all the while aware that JUST A LITTLE MORE AMERICAN VOTER VIGILANCE COULD HAVE PREVENTED IT. So I wonder: have the French learned a lesson from this as they go into the second round of their own election?

In the US, while the useful idiots were doing Pepe the Frog memes about Clinton being the Zionist pick and Trump somehow being the Zionists’ worst nightmare, we had been pointing out the rather obvious that, although Clinton doubtless would have been acceptable to the Zionist agenda, it was actually Trump who was by far the preferred Zionist candidate:

In France we see a similar pattern from the useful idiots. Macron is held to be the Zionist pick, while Le Pen is held to be somehow the Zionists’ worst nightmare. I don’t get it either:

Apparently Le Pen is ’anti-Zionist’ because she promotes Islamophobia, and to the useful idiots these days, Islamophobia = ‘anti-Zionism’. Yes, they really think this. It must be all those Red Pills they swallow.

It is possible that the one-eyed creature is actually a Red Pill. (Thank you Miecz for the graphic.)

But how do we know that Le Pen is the actual Zionist pick? Because both Trump and Putin support her? Not to mention Wilders? Well, when we examine how the media has been herding the masses, it all becomes clear.

If we recall, election season began with Fillon bursting onto the scene and copying Le Pen’s Islamophobic, traditionalist rhetoric, and consequently being heavily promoted by the media as the front-runner. With both the far-right and the centre-right spouting such talking points, such ideas were psychopolitically mainstreamed. Once this was achieved, the media swiftly demolished Fillon with Penelopegate. Now all those who would not have been Islamophobes or traditionalists from listening to Le Pen alone, but who had been converted to these ideas via the apparently more moderate Fillon, have been left with no second round candidate but Le Pen to vote for.

Next, in the final stretch before the first round, the media suddenly hyped up Melenchon. What Melenchon has in common with Le Pen are anti-EU (and pro-Russia) views. Thus with the far-left as well as the far-right being anti-EU (and pro-Russia), being anti-EU (and pro-Russia) was psychopolitically standardized as the chief anti-establishment position. But the media knew all along that Melenchon had no real chance of getting to the second round given that Macron was absorbing most of the former PS voters. So with the first round over and Melenchon eliminated, which candidate alone remains for obsessive anti-establishment voters to vote for? Hmm……..

And let’s not forget the Champs-Elysees false flag shooting to make absolutely sure Le Pen would reach the second round…..

With these basic herding tricks that we should be familiar with by now, the media have conspired all the way to maximize the number of first-round Fillon/Melenchon voters who will vote Le Pen in the second round. All the while the same media have fooled the Red-Pilled useful idiots into believing that the media are behind Macron, just by throwing out a few useless fluff pieces about the history of the Macron-Trogneux couple (including deliberately unflattering photos of Trogneux to boot).

If the remainder French electorate have learned enough from the US election to not complacently repeat the American mistake of abstaining, it should still be enough to save France from Le Pen. But have they? We will have to see. (Even now as the media portray Macron as certain to win by a huge margin, all they are really doing is lulling would-be Macron voters to complacency and thus to not bother casting their votes on May 7th based on the assumption that others’ votes will comfortably suffice, while at the same time galvanizing every would-be Le Pen voter to vote in order to try for the long-shot result, thus once again boosting Le Pen’s chances by encouraging disparate turnout.)

As for Macron, there may not be much in his centrist platform that particularly appeals to us (he is no Corbyn; that’s for sure), but I would suggest that a presidential candidate prepared to take a hit to his own popularity during election season in order to pass ethical judgement on a historical event (when silence on the topic would have been safer) is worth at least a modicum of credit:

Emmanuel Macron, the centrist French presidential contender, struggled to get his campaign back on track on Saturday after losing his poll lead over controversial remarks on France’s colonial record and gay marriage.


Mr Macron provoked outrage on the Right by describing colonial rule as a “crime against humanity” during a visit to Algeria, once the jewel in France’s imperial crown.

And again, if anyone claims that people of whatever minority ethnic group in France are “not French”, remember that the quickest way to shut them up is to show them this picture:

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  1. Kasper says:

    Another Things Check this site

    “Hamas are not the only anti-Semitic organisation to have claimed a link between Jews and Communism. Nazi publication Der Stürmer frequently and hysterically attacked ‘Jewish Communism’ii. The anti-Semitic pamphlet The Jewish Bolshevism, produced by the WHITE Russians shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, purported to show how Jews had been the driving force behind the Revolutioniii.”

  2. Numinous_Sun says:

    This article makes me laugh:

    I ended up skimming over the rest of it after reading the first two paragraphs, so perhaps I missed it, but I don’t believe the author mentions the obvious fact that Marx himself was a Jew, as is the Rothschild international banking family that funded much of the Bolshevik revolution!

    That was enough for me to lose all respect for the authors point of view.

  3. Gallery Guy says:


    Karl Marx was also in favor for restricted immigration, much like how Trump is today.

  4. Numinous_Sun says:


    Good point!

    Also, it doesn’t matter which form of Jewish economics a society chooses, whether it be Capitalism, Communism, Neoliberalism, etc., there is always one constant underlying theme:

    “Unto a foreigner thou mayest lend upon interest; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon interest; that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou puttest thy hand unto, in the land whither thou goest in to possess it.” – Deuteronomy 23:21 (20)

    The fact that the Jews tell you exactly what they’re about in their “religious” texts, and the fact that humanity still suffers Jewishness 2,000+ years later, doesn’t bode well for discussions on human intelligence, morals, or ethics. I think next time I get into a discussion with a “progressive” I might bring that fact up, and then ask: “where is all this progress you keep referring to?”.

    When you look at it like that you really start to see how pathetic this all is, at-least I do…

  5. Gallery Guy says:


    Yes, I know, Karl Marx talked openly against excessive immigration when he wanted to chastise the “upper-class”. But he came with no real solution for the problems between the “classes”. So, he is like trump, even if they’re approach is different.

  6. Gallery Guy says:


    Somebody I know is using the Tanakh to justify the acceptance of refugees into the USA. I don’t think this person understands that the Tanakh also said that it’s okay to charge foreigners interest while not charging your “brothers” interest.

  7. Numinous_Sun says:


    Speaking bluntly here, I find it hard to respect anyone who could derive any spirituality from the either the Torah, or Tanakh. I think people like that wouldn’t understand God from a hole in the ground. Hard to take anyone like that seriously, on spiritual matters at-least. So, to answer your question, I’m not surprised at all.

    Plenty of imbeciles on this planet, and Jewry has more than its fair share in that regard also…

  8. Gallery Guy says:


    I despise the fake leftists in my area. They’re almost impossible to work with. A lot of them worship “A Clockwork Orange”, a despicable book to educationally show a spiritual game between hooligans and an authoritarian society; and even it’s an author, a conservative, has denounced it, especially when it’s viewed as actual art!

  9. NuminousSun says:


    Interesting. My intuition has always steered me clear of that book, “A Clockwork Orange”, for some reason. Apparently for the best then. I remember once a long time ago I was able to stomach about 5 minutes of the film, and I don’t remember anything about it…

    From the sounds of it after what you have described, perhaps some interesting parallels can be drawn between “A Clockwork Orange”, and the “Orange Nightmare” we are currently living today? Lol…

  10. NuminousSun says:


    Macron: Anti-Zionism Is a Reinvented Form of anti-Semitism
    “Macron condemned Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in France today, saying that it has taken a new shape, and that anti-Zionist and anti-Israel expressions should be opposed. “It’s a new type of anti-Semitism,” he said.”

    When someone calls you an anti-Semite the best response is: “I’m anti-Jewish, not anti-Semitic!”

  11. Hypnotix says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake, wasn’t he pro-recognizing Palestine before the election?

  12. NuminousSun says:


  13. NuminousSun says:

    Great quote: “Creation destroys as it goes, throws down one tree for the rise of another. But ideal mankind would abolish death, multiply itself million upon million, rear up city upon city, save every parasite alive, until the accumulation of mere existence is swollen to a horror.” – D.H. Lawrence

  14. AS says:


    It is possible to recognize Palestine but also Israel. It is called the “two-state solution”, which has been the PC position for a long time.


    That is not a great quote. It misrepresents idealism. Ideal mankind would abolish death by abolishing birth first.

    Recently, you have developed a bad habit of casually promoting enemy (in this case, Counter-Enlightenment) quotes just because they criticize the same things that we criticize (but for different reasons). Please be more careful, as visitors will see your swastika and assume you speak on behalf of the movement, thus you will create confusion as to what our movement is about.

  15. NuminousSun says:


    I think D.H. Lawrence was being sarcastic when he used the phrase “ideal mankind”…?

    You may remove the swastika from my name, I never asked for it, nor does it make any difference to me in the bigger picture.

  16. NuminousSun says:


    “Recently, you have developed a bad habit of casually promoting enemy (in this case, Counter-Enlightenment) quotes just because they criticize the same things that we criticize (but for different reasons). Please be more careful, as visitors will see your swastika and assume you speak on behalf of the movement, thus you will create confusion as to what our movement is about.”

    Excuse me, could you please give me examples, as I seem to remember asking questions about quotes, not promoting them?

    No need to remove the swastika, if I comment here again I will use a different name.

  17. NuminousSun says:


    Now I don’t trust your leadership, so perhaps it’s best I am not part of this “movement”. I will continue the work on the True Left website on my own, as that is what is most important at this point anyway. More important than myself, or anyone here.

    I’ll catch up with all of you at some point later on down the road I’m sure.

  18. Board owner says:

    Hehehe, this ‘movement’ is so fucking fractured, it’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. I wish we could all get along better but I guess promoting indivudualism has drawbacks too. It might help if there was an ‘official’ ‘leader’ but as I understand nobody yet is worthy of that title. Nevermind, despite ‘RY’ ‘Captain Capslock”s opinion, I still have hope. C’mon, fellows, we’re supposed to be better than this. Whatever, we will all continue our individual efforts, right? That is what really matters. Keep on kampfing, kameraden!

  19. AS says:


    “could you please give me examples, as I seem to remember asking questions about quotes, not promoting them?”

    Great quote: “…”

    I also chose ‘Cato the Wise’ intentionally over some of his other aliases.

    “I will continue the work on the True Left website on my own”

    I wish you well. I hope you improve your debating skills on your own by regular clashes with our enemies, which is the ultimate form of feedback.

    Please feel welcome back anytime to discuss True Left ideas either in public or in private. Ideological distortion of the True Left must be assiduously guarded against in times like these, yet your current conceptual grasp of the True Left is incomplete as far as I can discern based on your recent debate against SJ and other recent comments, and as such still liable to confusion. In your own words, the True Left is “what is most important at this point anyway. More important than myself, or anyone here.” I agree with this. So I hope you do not for the sake of avoiding interpersonal friction sacrifice any discussion needed to keep the True Left firmly on track.


    “Whatever, we will all continue our individual efforts, right?”

    But is that enough for victory? 100 lone wolf units is no match for an army of the same number, and our enemy in fact outnumbers us by orders of magnitude, so our only hope is better organization.

  20. John Johnson says:


    “I think D.H. Lawrence was being sarcastic when he used the phrase “ideal mankind”…?”

    I agree. However, (this may or may not be what AS is getting at) so many modern criticisms of society and culture are absolutely poisoned by cynicism (such as Lawrence’s). This type of depressing attitude ensures counter-culturalists have psychologically defeated themselves before even encountering their enemies…

    I have often seen the quote “1984 was not meant as an instruction manual”. This quote shows that the counter-culturalists have identified what the problem is, but they keep on making the same mistakes in their propaganda… By making all counter-culturalist propaganda worst-case scenarios of what the world will be like after an enemy victory, it gives the enemies themselves ideas. They can easily convince themselves that “it won’t turn out that bad if we can just figure out how to control technology X,” which, in their hubris, they can honestly convince themselves. (This is why there are robotics/AI companies today that have fucking named themselves after the companies that lead to the Terminators being built..)

    What we view as fundamentally evil, our enemies view as fundamentally good. Lawrence describes what evil people view as ideal, but it leaves unanswered what good people should consider ideal.

    What we so desperately need is positive propaganda focusing primarily on what it will be like in an ideal society where the good guys win. We cannot achieve victory merely by “attack ad” style propaganda on the enemy–we must demonstrate that we ourselves actually have values/principles as well as a positive vision for society, or else society will continue to drift in a negative direction regardless (no thanks to us, who will be aiding it by providing no alternatives via our focus on cynicism).


    Also, not to add fuel to the fire, but if constructive criticism from allies causes this much strife, I shudder to think what will happen when faced with constant bombardment from the enemies…

  21. AS says:


    “(this may or may not be what AS is getting at)”

    Lawrence himself has a low opinion of idealism. I agree with your description that he is cynical, but his cynicism is towards idealism as a whole.


    Lawrence was Counter-Enlightenment (late 19th century-early 20th century movement), not Counter-Culture (1960s-1990s movement). Counter-Enlightenment is covered on this page:

    “Lawrence describes what evil people view as ideal, but it leaves unanswered what good people should consider ideal.”

    Lawrence also has a different conception of good and evil than we do in the first place. Lawrence elsewhere proposes what people should aspire to, and it is the opposite of idealism. Contrast:

    “It’s the man who dares to take, who is independent, not he who gives.” – D. H. Lawrence

    “If somebody or other objects that the continual giving involves too heavy a burden, then we must reply that that is the idea of a truly national solidarity. True national solidarity cannot find its sense in mere taking.” – Adolf Hitler

  22. NuminousSun says:


    “I can discern based on your recent debate against SJ and other recent comments, and as such still liable to confusion.”

    What should I discern from the fact that most people would rather gossip on a discord server than debate the fictional right-wing characters you make up in-order to leave comments on an otherwise dead blog?

  23. AS says:


    “fictional right-wing characters you make up”

    If you are claiming that SJ is me posting under a different username, you are not in a sound state of mind. I hope you take a break and calm down:

  24. NuminousSun says:


    Good to know it isn’t you then. Either way, I no-longer believe that the internet is really worth all that much in regards to building a movement, nor am I interested in “internet debating” all that much anymore. I also feel that Hitler, and Aryanism, are a hindrance to my own activism, nor have I found that there’s usually ever an opportunity to correctly apply them in the average conversation with the general public. I also do not feel myself being that enthusiastic about correcting people on those particular topics, so clearly this movement is no-longer for me, or am I good for this movement. Lastly, the game of: ‘who’s an Aryan and who isn’t’ just ends up irritating me more than anything, considering what else need happen here first…

  25. NuminousSun says:

    That will be my last comment here. I wish you all success in your endeavors!

  26. RY. says:

    @Board owner

    >”Nevermind, despite ‘RY’ ‘Captain Capslock”s opinion, I still have hope.”


  27. RY. says:

    @Board owner



  28. Board owner says:


    I don’t see hope and faith as mutually exclusive. Why not have both? I have faith that things will work out more or less okay but I hope they turn out even better.

  29. RY. says:

    @Board owner



  30. Steven says:

    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen… Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the active part that brings about the things we are hoping for. I don’t see hope as a passive thing, like just sitting around waiting for what we’re hoping for. Hope is more like the vision, and faith is the impetus to act in ways that are steps along the path to our hope being realised…

  31. Board owner says:


    Maybe I’m not familiar enough with the mythical story but I thought that ‘hope’ was the one thing that wasn’t supposed to get out of the ‘jar’. The evils wanted to escape but they also wanted the jar sealed before hope got out too, or did I misinterpret it? It admittedly has been a while since I studied the tale, I’ll look back into it.

  32. William Eastfield says:

    Off topic.

    Since it obviously won’t be as easy for Aryanism (this actual website, not the organizations branching off of it) to go as public the way a crypto-National Socialist political party probably could, I was thinking that, perhaps, as far as activism goes, we should to focus primarily on intentional community building, and / or starting one.

    Picture this: Maybe an Aryanist IC can become a sort of Rivendell from LOTR? Maybe an Aryanist IC can become a powerful and impregnable fortress? Maybe an intentional community could expand into an intentional COUNTY if enough of them open up from an original IC? Why couldn’t it when like all of these at once? Eventually, on way or another, Aryanist influence and Aryanism will spread and grow.

    The point is, although this is obviously easier said than done, I think we can easily manage a few ICs and at the same time work on launching several political parties around the world. It’s just a matter of starting up the momentum and getting our gears moving.

    - Note, by “crypto-National Socialist” I mean parties / people who support authentic NS and Aryanism without using the same exact symbolism and whatnot.

  33. John Johnson says:

    If you have the resources to start an intentional community or have a plan for one, feel free to send in a contact form.

    “Maybe an intentional community could expand into an intentional COUNTY if enough of them open up from an original IC?”

    Or even better, an entire state/province, as our enemies have already been planning:

    In the past, I have suggested Vermont would be a good small state for leftists to try a similar plan, given their preference for independent candidates and leaning towards progressivism/social democracy (as opposed to right-libertarianism as in New Hampshire). Although it would also mean we would have to contend directly with Bernie Sanders and the “Berniecrat” wing of mainstream liberals for power in Vermont.

    Perhaps it is still worth looking at New Hampshire as well:

    “The state’s government is uniquely susceptible to the influence of a small but dedicated minority. The largest democratic legislative body in the English-speaking world is the British Parliament; the second largest is Congress; the third biggest, with 400 delegates for 1.3 million people, is the New Hampshire House of Representatives. With a $200-per-term stipend, it’s a terrible way to put food on your table, but no other state makes it easier for a determined activist to gain access to the mechanisms of power.”

  34. Board owner says:

    Would an ‘intentional community’ not have an easier time establishing itself in relatively unoccupied areas? I have read of North Sentinel Island before, it is home to a stone age tribe. Such a population would be fairly powerless to resist a violent takeover. The island is large enough to support a decent number of folk. I have considered this idea before.

  35. RY. says:

    @Board owner


  36. Coyotl says:

    Yeah, it would be pretty unproductive/pointless to start an intentional community on a small island in the middle of nowhere instead of in the borders of a country where activism is taking place.

    I could think of one reason
    >The Sentinelese maintain an essentially hunter-gatherer society subsisting through hunting, fishing, and collecting wild plants. There is no evidence of either agricultural practices or methods of producing fire.

  37. Hypnotix says:


    “The Sentinelese maintain an essentially hunter-gatherer society subsisting through hunting, fishing [...] There is no evidence of either agricultural practices or methods of producing fire.”

    So they eat raw flesh?

  38. Board owner says:

    I see the point about working within established areas, though if the Sentinelese are to be Aryanised or wiped out at some point, we could start sooner rather than later. With our advanced technology they would likely see us as gods. That sounds fun. An idea I had about the island was to make it a sanctuary of sorts, for the Aryanists of India perhaps primarily, considering the proximity. Currently occupied ‘modern’ areas no doubt are going to become hotly contested once people start seceding/forming ICs. North Sentinel is remote and relatively unobserved, so it could be taken and held without the international community even becoming aware, at least initially. Then again, I’m just spitballing really.

  39. William Eastfield says:

    @John Johnson
    As frustrating as this sounds / is, I am currently incapable of running an intentional community. However, the idea of starting an IC still sets my head spinning, and I don’t see why I could not start such a project sometime in the future when my situation has changed.

    @Board Owner
    I see what you’re getting at by suggesting to have an Aryanist sanctuary on an island, but it isn’t practical to go through the trouble of killing an entire tribe for a particular island when there are thousands of other uninhabited islands in existence and hundreds of acres of relatively isolated land in pretty much any country.

  40. John Johnson says:

    We are not escapists looking to find some isolated place for ourselves to abandon the rest of the world. How are we supposed to protect refugees and other innocent individuals from Gentile mobs if we aren’t even around to offer assistance??? A real fortress is built in a strategic geographic location to slow down the enemy; or, when close to population centers, to maximize the number of individuals it can protect/send aid to, and minimize the response time for sending that aid. They are not built in the middle of nowhere where it can serve no purpose.

    “I could think of one reason”

    The amount of violence the tiny Sentinelese population has introduced to the world via reproduction and exploiting animals is orders of magnitude less than their neighbor India, or even the least populous and lowest-tech “third world” countries, inflict. That’s not even considering the high-tech Western nations responsible for raising the global population from 1 billion to 7+ in less than a century and inventing mechanized slaughtering methods to increase yield… To idly talk about reasons for wiping out a random “stone age” group while cutting-edge tech Westerners are actively making plans for space colonization as we speak (thereby threatening not just Earth, but the entire universe) is not productive. Their way of life has no place in an Aryanized world, of course, but they rank quite low on our list of global problems to fantasize about.

    Like all people who have not thoroughly demonstrated themselves tribalists devoid of empathy for others (e.g. WNs, Jews, humanists), I think the Sentinelese should be educated and allowed the opportunity to voluntarily stop hunting and/or stop reproducing before violent retaliation is ever considered.


    “With our advanced technology they would likely see us as gods. That sounds fun.

    For non-Aryans, yes. For Aryans, power is not an end in itself and we certainly do not derive pleasure from pursuit of it.

    Your reasoning is identical to the Western colonialist reasoning of “these primitive groups are weak and don’t follow our culture, let’s wipe them out and take over their land since they don’t matter!”

    “Such a population would be fairly powerless to resist a violent takeover. …I have considered this idea before.”

    Remind us to never put you in charge of an intentional community…



    Even if you are not able to start one immediately, if you are seriously interested in such an endeavor, you can always begin making detailed plans which can be implemented as soon as you are able to start the intentional community. As a bonus, these plans can be applied by others even if you are unable to build the community yourself.

    Any bit of research or planning for ICs can go a long way, and starting sooner is always better than waiting until later.

  41. William Eastfield says:

    @John Johnson

    Good points.
    In regards to ICs, I had a thought that simply paying attention to the nearby town would make it much easier to open up multiple ICs from the one original community.
    Obviously, we would start out with entryist projects, which, when fully optimized, would act as a powerbase supporting a campaign that would have someone from our ranks (namely the leader) run for some public office, say, the mayorship of the town. From there, not only will we be able to be a guiding light to the townspeople, some may become inspired and ennoble enough that they would be interested in helping us start another community. Perhaps if we repeated this process enough times, we eventually will we be able to assume controll of the given town, then the given county, then the given state, the country, etc.

    Considering what you told us about New Hampshire, perhaps IC leaders should prepare thsemselves for becoming the future governor of whatever state they build in, as far fetched as that may sound.

  42. William Eastfield says:

    Please pardon those typos and grammatical errors.


  43. Gallery Guy says:

    Hey, new account/email!

    Anyways found this article online that I thought I should share:

    Not endorsing the article btw. I found it downright infuriating.

  44. William Eastfield says:

    @Gallery Guy

    I agree. That article is just laughable… You’d think that simple logic would dismiss that idea. Like how hunt(ing)(ers) are usually obsessed with strength and dominance, and that high levels of testosterone is what encourages such lovely things, whereas female hormones rarely do. That alone should disprove the theory that sexism wasn’t around during the Paleolithic era.

    Then there’s the fact that hunters and gentiles in general are almost always pushing for traditionalism, and basically the return of 1950s America. Not exactly a fair society as far as sexism goes, hah.

    Speaking of “hunting”, I’d love to hear a meat eater (“Carnist”…?) tell me about how humans are omnivores / carnivores. That way, I can ask if he / she goes to the store to buy meat just like real carnivores do, LOL.

  45. Gallery Guy says:

    @William Eastfield

    The most absurd thing about this article is how a few people I kind of know online are falling for it. They’re using this article to “fight” the patriarchy in the name of feminism…

    Heck, one individual almost went as far to use this article to justify his belief that sexual dimorphism is generally low among humans…

  46. Gallery Guy says:

    @William Eastfield

    The 1950′s, as presented by conservatives, was an era that is “just plain ignorant and often unbelievably dumb”. Granted, I’m only talking about the 50′s as how conservatives make it out to be.

  47. Gallery Guy says:

    @William Eastfield

    The desire to buy meat and animal-products at a supermarket is rather turanian, imho. I know individuals who feel so “adult” when they do it…

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