Foppery 1, Aryanism 0

This is the picture I saw in my mind while reading through the 50+ comment debate in the Warwolves of the Iron Cross post:

Credits to EruptingLight for at least realizing it was a total waste of time, and trying to point it out. I honestly believe that the time it took you guys to write those comments would have been enough to fill several Gold in the Furnace delegations.

Anyway, please join me in welcoming a new site into our network:

I will be following both the blogs and the forum with interest, though I doubt I will be posting much. I look forward to seeing what kind of crowd the forum is able to draw on its own, and I wish Lewenhaupt and Makela the best of luck sorting the Aryans from the BS Gentiles among your forum members. If anyone over there wishes to fill some delegations or submit content for posting over here, feel free. We’ll see how it goes.

In other news, Stop Islamophobia Week appears to have concluded without incident. Here is one more video from MPACUK covering the Bosnian massacre:

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31 Responses to Foppery 1, Aryanism 0

  1. ancient_man says:

    ZION cannot be a Worlds policemen when Muslims are to be exterminated due to ZION induced conflict.
    How many Palestinian children did you murder today, jew?

  2. ancient_man says:

    @Warwolves of the Iron Cross

    I guess the ethnic diversity commercial promo has failed to justify it’s self.

  3. Adal says:


    I think it means your a douchebag actually.

  4. ancient_man says:

    Kevin Coogan is a ZIONIST and his mission is to defame Hitler and NS.

  5. Longinus says:

    Friends, this is how I cured my self from Veganism.
    Take your time to listen…

    ‘Horus the Avenger’ has named him self ‘the White Rabbit’ because demoralized Europeans like your selves are more sympathetic toward non-human animals than your fellow men.

    It’s about how the smart little white rabbits (Gentiles) can paralyze the good Hebrews with words. About how the powerful White mantra can humiliate all the sick White animals in self-denial.

    Haha! ‘Usul no longer needs the weirding module’. :D

    Your “inevitable future” (European racial suicide) is not going to happen. Not as long as healthy, merciless, smart (un-idealistic) Russian FEMALE is around. Just listen to the Little White Rabbit you death worshipping WORDISTS! Other, less fearsome humans and animals had to adapt them selves to the environment but us. We adapt the environment to our selves!

    The good Hebrew has got him self a dormant White tiger on the leash. It will get very messy for the most Noble Hebrew when the Beast recollects that it is not realy a herbivore.

  6. Longinius,

    Veganism isn’t something to be cured from, rather it is the cure. It is the goal of a higher ethical concept that is really far our from today’s typical drudgery. Note Aryanism’s definitions of violence and how veganism is central to that. Then, your analogy of the tiger is basically just another illustration of the human condition. Aryanism is trying to rise above that naturally conditioned base. I have no interest in setting my ideal and goal as a just a powerful beast that can dominate and kick ass whenever it wants. I see the tiger concept as a tactical analogy rather than a practical living analogy. And even then, it is not fully accurate.

    Also, if you are REALLY that interested in a PRACTICAL lifestyle, then please feel free to consult the Jewish Talmud.

    “In the Aryan mind no religion can ever be imagined unless it embodies the conviction that life in some form or other will continue after death. As a matter of fact, the Talmud is not a book that lays down principles according to which the individual should prepare for the life to come. It only furnishes rules for a PRACTICAL and convenient life in this world.” – Adolf Hitler



    Start posting something concise and stop with the double-posts. Think before you write.

    For instance, Hitler wasn’t a type of “vegetation” (LOL…) unless you think he was a plant. He was a “vegetarian,” which in the early 20th century meant what “vegan” does today… a vegetable based diet, though this also includes fruits and legumes and anything not taken from animals.

    Aryans work for their food, harvest crops, etc… they do not take it, from other creatures. If you grow and maintain a field, either by yourself of with your community, then said field is yours, you worked for it. The flesh of an animal was never yours, it was taken and the animal did not want to be killed. Consult the Aryanist definitions of violence and universal compassion to understand.

  7. ancient_man says:

    @Miecz Elizejski

    I was only looking for the answer about Hitler and the alleged Hitler’s favourite recipe
    Brown trout with butter sauce.
    Not what Aryans do.
    Simple answer like yest it is true about Hitler’s favorite recipe or no, it is a hoax would do.
    I’ve come here to learn the truth not to crate or alter any NS ideologies.

  8. Adal says:

    garbage_man wails: “Kevin Coogan is a ZIONIST and his mission is to defame Hitler and NS.”

    Everyone is a Zionist to you, clown. Shut up.

    As for Hitler’s quote about Islam, he said something almost identical to that posted above to Albert Speer. It’s in Speer’s memoirs. As I said before, you’re a douchebag garbage_man. You need to wash up dawg, here step in my shower.

  9. ancient_man says:

    Slavic org just open officially in Poland. Poland has the largest community of potential NS members in the World.
    Poles did not follow communist instruction from Russia and instead developed National Socialist state based on Hitler’s model of NS. Polish shipyard was the largest in the World and Japanese ware buying the largest ships for cargo and oil shipping.
    When it became economically independent and competitive against ZION capitalism, jews in Russia decided to destroy it. Solidarity was the jew Trojan Horse led by crypto-jew Lech Walesa.

    Nowa S?awia

    The official jewtube channel is:

  10. Devoted Aryan says:

    Adolf Hitler’s favorite recipe… And what’s next ?

    I live with the firm certitude that our Führer was a true vegetarian, with only pure intentions towards the Living and the Fair. I simply can agree with the statement put earlier, which reminds us the veganism is the cure and not something to get cured of. I in fact do stand against all the alleged aryanists that simply shut up regarding the slaying of innocent beasts to get disgustingly into some dish for one’s dinner. A true aryan, nay, aryanist, should care naturally of the animal condition and thus refuse exploitation thereof.

    Still, there is as much as fact-denying as fact-defending post-war statements about how Hitler lived currently and how did He feed himself. On a first half, you have people who tell He was not vegetarian, on another half, you find the remaining who bear the sacred flambeau of sound recollection of our Führer’s lifestyle, and who tell He was vegetarian in reality.

    As I said earlier, I am convinced that He was. And I always will.


  11. ancient_man says:

    Jews did it again. Using jew invented and run NEO-NAZI to destroy a grave of one of the finest Aryan soldiers.

  12. ancient_man says:

    @Devoted Aryan

    Thank you. I have the same opinion. Also, Hitler’s doctor documented the diet and there is no evidence supporting the trout hoax.

  13. Devoted Aryan says:


    And this jewess Knobloch (or maybe Knoblauch, which means garlic) who tells that people were terrorised… Correction: Jews were terrorised… Real Germans are not. Cannot be. To the opposite of their longtime invaders.


  14. ancient_man says:

    @Devoted Aryan

    In this case the garlic jewess is telling the truth. You see, Neo-NAZI was created by jews and acts strictly by their orders.
    Neo-NAZI is ZION’s political false flag operation in Germany. The members are low esteem, low IQ, skinheads the margin of German youth. The public group appearance exhibits violence, vulgarity and the original NS symbolism like swastikas and etc.
    In the result of such actions the German public is terrorized as they most often damage public and or private properties.
    New Generation of German people get wrong impression of what National Socialism of 1930-ties was. The ZION jews
    achieve their objective of dividing Germans and removing of NS relics.
    Again, the garlic jewess is shifting your attention onto the effects hoping you will not attempt to investigate who is the guilty party.

    If you are not convinced that Neo-Nati are run by jews see the picture of the NPD boss rabbi:

  15. Devoted Aryan says:

    Thank you. In fact, I know that Neo-Nazis are not National-Socialists, but are they all skinheads, are they ? Apologize my ignorance on this subject. I do not even know how to define myself in these darkening times, we get all labelised anyway.

  16. ancient_man says:

    @Devoted Aryan

    See the video an judge for yourself.

    There many NPD and or Neo-NAZI demonstration videos on jewtube.

    This is not unique to Germany, see the Neo-NAZI organizations around the World to convince yourself that majority of the members are skinheads. Jews supply them with all the dope they can take at fraction of the cost (NPD Party Bonus).

  17. Devoted Aryan says:

    @ancient man

    Then you must be right.

  18. ancient_man says:

    The latest political jewtrending is “The diversity is not working” flow by MOSAD terrorist attacks to provoke multicultural violence.

    In Germany Angela Merkel: “The diversity is not working” means a call for racial violence.

    Norway’s Prime-minister “Multiculturalism is a failed experiment. Diversity is not a strength” means a call for racial violence.

    Multicultural Britain is not working, says Tory chief: means a call for racial violence.

    You will find that all EU country bosses are calling for violence using the same psychological code message: “The diversity is not working”.

    They are all ZION avatars serving modern psychological war up on population of the World.

  19. AryanAim says:


    I don’t agree with your presumption that the “diversity is not working, multiculturalism is a failed experiment, diversity is not a strength” reeling is simply the origin of “Zion avatars”. The reason for my repudiation is that Jews are admittedly the connoisseurs of “multiculturalism”, IE unlimited foreign immigration into Western lands. The resulting ‘racism’ was inevitable – not only due to the unchecked immigration but the Marxist laws that grant foreign bodies special interests – what proud American/European, irregardless of ethnicity, wouldn’t become intolerant over time! – and the same Zionist Jews knew what they were doing, it was and is still a warring effort for Jewish profit.

    The ethnic tension derives from a real source of resentment for being made second class citizens in one’s own country, and the racist aspect comes from both media incited tension and the fact that the immigrants are majoritarily Nationalistic and devout to their own homeland and people, often sporting flags, making unreasonable demands, and some are explicitly racist themselves. LaRaza is one example, others are the innumerable tribalistic gangs. How this can be ignored or thought a non-issue is perplexing. How does racism stop and a universal effort for Aryanization or “new Aryan race” commence if the ethnocentrism of merely ethno-Europeans is repudiated, while there’s apparently little concern for the ethnic collectivism of others?

    I read a great Hitler (Mein Kampf) quote earlier in the comments directed at Longinius that I’d recently read from Mein Kampf, which I thought was too ironic not to posit, on the religious attitudes of the Jew vs that of the Aryan – basically that their religious text is instructive and practical – in the now – rather than transcendent, which says a lot for the Jew’s lack of creativity and culture.

    I mention this because the excerpt is from Chapter 11: Race and People, which delves into ideas on race that don’t exactly correspond with the ideas of this network, namely how the Aryans are an identifiable race to-day (Indo-European types), are the forebears of all culture, enslaved and subjugated inferior races throughout history in order to make advancements to mankind, and furthermore the dire importance of the Aryan to mate within his own type is explicit throughout Hitler’s words.

    While I realize Mein Kampf is partially propaganda, I wonder to what extent, and if there is any proof Hitler really believed differently. And is it justifiable to use some of his quotes, like the former mentioned, while ignoring others, or basically to arbitrarily choose what is and isn’t mere propaganda based on one’s own idealistic presuppositions? The same query can be presented when examining many of the NS authors/proponents like Alfred Rosenberg (not Jewish) and Savitri Devi, who similarly support the Nordic/Indo/Aryan racial ideal.

    I personally believe in quality over quantity, and that the best of every people should prevail and be ennobled to ascend via National Socialism, and that “the Aryan Way” is a universal effort, and in my heart believe Hitler believed the same. Though this attitude might not be explicit in Mein Kampf for the purpose of empowering the German people, he exuded such spirit in his actions, words, subtext and alliances.

  20. Anthony says:

    @AryanAim I too think that Hitler disliked racial interbreeding in the sense it is normally used, but nor do I think he hated other races. He said in his Last Will and Testament ‘I promise you I am quite free of all racial hatred. It is, in any case, undesirable for one race to mix with another’. Still, as much as I admire Hitler, I agree with the ideas on this site more. Although there are many good aspects of European culture, such as its music and much of the art and literature it has produced, most Europeans are at a very low spiritual and moral level (remember that Europe has also embraced democracy, capitalism, caused many of the world’s problems and traditionally followed an insane version of Christianity), and the same can be said anywhere in the world. On the other hand, I also admire Indian culture, like you do, and Islamic culture. Once you begin to admire other races, it is necessary to look for a reason that these races have produced a civilization worthy of admiration. Since I began to admire these three civilizations most (although I admired some other civilizations too, but to a lesser extent), and the people of these civilizations were descended from common stock that is prehistoric, the factors giving them the traits to produce such civilizations must have been prehistoric. This is why I accept the prehistoric explanations given on this site, although I cannot speak for the author, who I assume is AS. Once you accept that the people who were at a high enough standard to produce these civilizations have these desirable traits because they are descended from Neolithic farmers, it stands to reason that people with similar ancestry all over the world will have these traits. It may just be that in some populations, there were too many people of different ancestry for the civilization the best people could have built to take off.

  21. Anthony says:

    Of course, if we could develop foolproof tests for the kind of traits we want, we could completely disregard ancestry (even Jewish ancestry.) The problem is that although we can define which traits are desirable, I am skeptical that we can test for them systematically in laboratory conditions.

  22. AryanAim says:


    Well said, I basically share your disposition, the problem is, as usual, how to determine the practical application of eugenically ennobling or ‘Aryanizing’ the population. I imagine the forms of media and education under National Socialist State control could effectively influence and suggest mate selection based on the proper analysis of everyone, thereby leading people to make the best decision.

    My ancestry is overwhelmingly European, and although I see the beauty in the tall Norse woman, I’m more attracted to the dark haired Irish type, like singer Enya (but perhaps shorter and more shapely), an Indo-Aryan/Mediterranean ethnic hybrid also prevalent in Scotland, France, Wales, Italy, and parts of the Middle East. This type is ethnically similar to myself. I believe in spiritually healthy societies, and evident presently among healthy individuals – like mate with like, and similar ethnicity – although not always indicative of similar biology – often goes hand in hand.

    I’m not promoting inbreeding today (not because of the stigma but because the inherent impurities of modern man negate positive results) but often the best constituted couples today look as if they could be siblings, and not ironic that in racially pure societies long ago cousins and even siblings regularly married; there was no stigma against it because the offspring knew no adverse effects. I imagine a future Aryan (noble) folk would vary ethnically, and even once racially solidified would still differ depending on region, as diversity is the way of Nature.

    Like this network I promote this to attract the most noble, open minded and empathetic type to National Socialism, and am sure the turn out will be people who are biologically similar, who share a certain likeness that transcends the present racial categories; though given the majority demographic where I live I expect most will be “white”, which unfortunately might give the wrong impression given the widely accepted Zionist image, and what’s worse, ward off noble “non-whites” from becoming involved. Time will tell.

  23. Anthony says:

    On the subject of attracting the most noble, this use of attraction, rather than selection from an already existing population, could be one way to filter different kinds of people. For example, in the recent page on immigration, it is said ‘Such a policy would automatically discourage immigration of dishonourable workers …while at the same time it would encourage immigration of honourable workers genuinely wishing to contribute, thereby improve the quality (likely including genetic quality) of the folk.’ So if a state is governed in a certain way, it will attract high-quality people to settle there.

    I am not sure you will ward off ‘non-whites’. If you are American, and swear allegiance to JAM, it will be obvious you are not a white nationalist, as he is ‘non-white’. Moreover, he can easily argue against anyone who accuses him of misunderstanding NS – he really knows his stuff. The fact that he is not white is convenient because no-one can accuse him of insincerity, and his knowledge of articulacy means that when that tactic fails no-one can accuse him of ignorance.

  24. Anthony says:

    As for your idea of using the media – this has some merit. I would say that people tend to select people they can relate to as mates anyway. What the media could do is encourage people to get to know their prospective partner, discouraging things like one-night stands and enhance people’s ability to make the right choice, since they might otherwise think certain behaviour implies the person has a certain characteristic they find desirable when it does not.

    I think we have already formulated the concept of the ideal person (in the Arya section and elsewhere) very well – it far exceeds the formulation given in Greek virtue ethics, for example. We just need to develop the means of identifying such people. If we cannot do it in laboratory conditions, then teaching people how to do it over time in daily life cannot but help.

  25. nic says:

    Islam and judaism are very close. Materialist religion, Get outing of zionist shit, to find another kind of oumma shit is absurd and stupid.

  26. AS says:


    “Islam and judaism are very close.”

    No more so than Christianity and Judaism. But it is Christianity and Mohammedanism which are closest, both being non-tribal, unlike Judaism.

    “Materialist religion”

    “Love of the world is the root of all evil.” – Mohammed

    “This world is a prison for the faithful, but a paradise for unbelievers.” – Mohammed

    “God does not remove anyone from the world, but that he wishes to pardon him.” – Mohammed

    “Be in the world like a traveller, or like a passer-on, and reckon yourself as of the dead.” – Mohammed

    “Get outing of zionist shit, to find another kind of oumma shit is absurd and stupid.”

    The Second Christ and the Mahdi joining forces to defeat of the Antichrist/Dajjal/Jewish Messiah is ancient prophecy, and we will be the ones to fulfill it.

  27. “The Second Christ and the Mahdi joining forces to defeat of the Antichrist/Dajjal/Jewish Messiah is ancient prophecy, and we will be the ones to fulfill it.”

    Ameen. Some of these hadith are my favourite. I have been learning more about the one about Islam, Iman and Ihsan.

  28. AS says:


    Did you receive my email sent 8th September about the Jamia project? If so, please reply soon.

  29. I will reply… It is certainly not an easy thing.

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