Falangism back in Spain?


A far-right party has won seats in a Spanish regional election for the first time in decades.

The Vox party took 12 parliamentary seats in Andalusia on Sunday, beating expectations that it would win five.

In some respects Vox resembles other parties on Europe’s far-right. Its success has been at least partly due to its call for tougher immigration controls. That strategy has worked particularly well in Andalusia, the region that has received the vast majority of the nearly 53,000 migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean to Spain so far this year.

But there is another, uniquely Spanish, factor behind the party’s recent rise – the recent attempt by Catalonia to become independent.

Although all mainstream parties take a unionist stance, Vox has gone further.

It has called for much tougher action against the independence movement and has even taken legal action against Catalan leaders

Who are Vox?

Founded in 2014, the party has struggled to make an impact on Spain’s political landscape.

Vox has been derided as far-right and populist, anti-immigrant and anti-Islam but its leader Santiago Abascal believes its recent surge of support is because it is “in step with what millions of Spaniards think”.

Its leaders reject the far-right label, insisting it is a party of “extreme necessity” rather than extremism. Its overall support for Spain’s membership of the EU, it says, differentiates it from many populist and far-right movements across Europe.

The party proposes to “make Spain great again” and critics have described its ideology as a nationalist throwback to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

And of course:


By the way:


Further analysis here:


Vox – a Falangist split from the PP in 2013 – won 12 seats, 11 per cent of the vote, up from 0.5 per cent in 2014.

How did Vox do it? The two obvious sparks for the far-right’s rise have been the increasing number of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East coming to Spain and the Catalan independence crisis.

50,000 migrants have arrived in Andalucía this year with Spain, rather than Italy or Greece, now the main destination for refugees travelling to Europe. Central to the pitch of Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, is tough talk on deporting refugees and virulent opposition to “extreme Islam”.

The 2017 Catalan crisis led to the first Francoist protest movement in Spain since the dictator’s death, with PP and PSOE both accused of not being tough enough on the independence movement, despite the jailing of elected Catalan ministers and suppression of the independence referendum.

Election analysis of the Andalucían election by Europe Elects found Vox did “stronger in urban municipalities with high average age, high average income, high average education”. This rings true with the general analysis of the Vox base being generally older, upper middle class Francoists, fed up with the PP. But it has also won some votes from the new anti-establishment forces of Podemos and Ciudadanos.

What emerges is a fractured picture in Spanish politics, with strong pro-independence forces (generally progressive in nature) in the Basque Country and Catalonia, two Spanish parties of the left and three of the right and far-right. Spanish politics, previously a stable if corrupt entity in the post-Franco era, has exploded all over the political map.

And as a final note: it may be time for those on the Spanish left who saw Catalonia as the nationalist threat to have a re-think. Spanish nationalism is where the real danger for progressives lies.

You may recall that we supported Catalan secession from the beginning, not least as the only way to take Spain off the trajectory that would otherwise lead sooner or later to far-right ascent:


At the time many people did not understand the significance of this, and as usual it is now too late. As I keep saying, it is useless for us to be able to see several steps ahead if no one believes us:


Cassandra was cursed to utter prophecies that were true but that no one believed. … Her cursed gift from Apollo became a source of endless pain and frustration to Cassandra. She was seen as a liar and a madwoman by her family and by the Trojan people.

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17 Responses to Falangism back in Spain?

  1. Manuel Nigao says:

    LOL, this site thinks Falangism is racism because it believes in Hispanidad. Franco was anti-Jewish and believed in the Judeo-Masonic union like you all do. Falangism was a great ideology that the people of Spain flourished in and one that Mussolini supported during Franco’s reign.

    Franco also consistently met with top NSDAP men such as Hitler and Karl Wolff in the 1940′s. Even the Falangist regime allowed NSDAP and Italian Fascist U-Boats to be stationed in Spain.

    There’s nothing pro-Jewish about Franco.

  2. RP says:

    Remember ZCF? He has become a full on Falangist who now runs a website called “alt-right.com”

  3. Robert Young says:


    ‘There’s nothing pro-Jewish about Franco.’

    Franco, even with his attitude against certain Jews, was pro-Jewish by opposing Hitler’s calls for Spain to be have a more aggressive policy against Britain and Jews. But, unfortunately, too many anti-Franco people are even more insincerely pro-Jewish than Franco himself.

  4. Jack says:

    Is the usage of the phrase “falangism” on this site referencing falangism as in the nationalsyndicalist ideology of Jose Antonio, Redondo, Ledesma, and others? It would appear that the word is being used incorrectly to refer to Franco’s system. Franco appropriated falangist aesthetics and propaganda but his regime was a vague bourgeois-serving rightism that was not nationalsyndicalist.

  5. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    “Remember ZCF? He has become a full on Falangist who now runs a website called “alt-right.com””

    That amazes me. It really goes to show that a BS infected person really does have an incurable infection. I actually thought back in the day Brandon was just a little confused by his time spent in “white nationalist” circles around the likes of Mike Delaney and co., and that he would eventually see the error in his ways, especially after JJ’s commentary to his post here on this blog. Now it’s obvious he was in place the entire time. Incurable.

  6. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    *Now it’s obvious he was in right place the entire time.

  7. RP says:

    He is a Jew aware activist who believes that simply spreading Jew awareness is the main goal. So naturally he believes the right is in the right, since they are the only ones willing to name the Jew and break the PC taboo.

  8. RP says:

    He doesn’t realize that (ironically) the only reason the left is not willing to name the Jew is precisely because of the existence of BS Gentiles. Its very unfortunate because he is extremely intelligent and had great potential. I believe it is because he failed to effectively transition from the information war to the propaganda war.

    This seems to be a pattern; the extremely intelligent anti-Zionists who became Jew aware in the early stages have all become infected with BS syndrome and have jumped ship, while the ones who are not as intelligent, but have good intentions, have not bailed. This article from the main page does a good job explaining this issue: http://aryanism.net/politics/upgrading-anti-zionism/

  9. Edward Ingersoll says:

    NS view on race, taken from Mein Kampf:

    “Nature does not desire the mating of a weaker species with stronger individuals. Even less does she desire the mixing of a higher race with a lower race. If this were allowed to happen over thousands of years, the efforts of natural selection would be for nothing.

    History shows us countless examples which prove this law. It shows with alarming clarity that every time Aryan blood has mingled with inferior races, the result has been the end of the greater civilization whose members were the flag-bearers of superiority. The North American population consists overwhelmingly of Germanic elements which have mingled very little with inferior colored peoples and this shows a very different sort of civilization and culture from Central and South America. In Central and South America, the mostly Latin (meaning people of Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese origin) settlers mingled, sometimes on a large scale, with the people who were native to the area. This one example by itself clearly and distinctly shows us the effect of racial mixture. The racially pure and almost unmixed Germanic peoples on the American Continent have risen to become the master of their land. He will remain the master as long as he does not yield to blood pollution by mixing with lesser races.

    The result of any crossing of races is this: A. A decline in the level or quality of the superior race. B. A slow but certain wasting disease of physical and intellectual degeneration begins.” ~ Mein Kampf pg. 188 chpt. “People and Race”

  10. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    There are inferior, and likewise superior people, in every ethnic group.
    This should be self evident to all, but unfortunately it’s usually only evident to the superior people in every ethnic group. For example, just because the Neolithic Revolution did not begin in Europe, doesn’t necessarily mean that all Europeans are inferior peoples…

    As Goebbels stated:

    “Subhumans exist in every people as a leavening agent.” – Joseph Goebbels
    Speech at the “Weltgefahr des Bolschewismus” (“World danger of Bolshevism”) (1936)

    As compared to the Jewish tribe, and tribalism in general, which treats everyone who is not a tribal member as subhuman, of course turning a blind eye to the subhumans existing within their very own tribe. This is one reason tribes usually degenerate rather quickly. One need only take a gander at all the degenerates within the Jewish tribe to see a prime example of the above….

  11. Edward Ingersoll says:

    “There are inferior, and likewise superior people, in every ethnic group.
    This should be self evident to all, but unfortunately it’s usually only evident to the superior people in every ethnic group. For example, just because the Neolithic Revolution did not begin in Europe, doesn’t necessarily mean that all Europeans are inferior peoples…”

    This is true, however Hitler was still a racialist. And what were Hitler’s ideals of racialism, you might ask?

    “When we try to find the inner core meaning of the word “racialist”, we come to the
    following conclusion: The ordinary concept that exists in politics is that the State, in itself, has creative and cultural energy it can use to build a civilization, but it has no understanding of the essentials of race in the creation of a State. The State is thought to be more of a product of economic necessities, or at best, the natural result of a political lust for power. If we extend this view to its logical conclusion, it leads to a misconception of racial forces, and it leads to the idea that the individual is of little importance. If we deny that the different races vary in respect to their general powers of creativeness in their own culture, then this must mean that when we evaluate the individual person, he too does not vary in his powers of creativity. The assumption that the races are alike leads to a similar attitude toward peoples, and thereby toward individual men. Consequently, international Marxism itself is just the transformation, by the Jew Karl Marx, of a long existing World-Concept into a definite political profession of faith. Without the widespread pre-existing foundation of such a poison, the amazing political success of this doctrine would never have been possible. Among millions of people, Karl Marx was the one man who, with the sure eye of the prophet, recognized the poisons essential to his plan were already in the swamp of a slowly decaying world. He separated and identified those poisons, like a black-magic wizard, to make a concentrated solution he could use to speed the destruction of the free nations on this earth. All this was done to serve his race.

    Marxist doctrine is the extract of the intellectual soul of today’s universal World-Concept that is boiled down into a concentrated form. For that reason alone, any struggle against it by our privileged-class is impossible and I would even say such a fight would be ridiculous. The privileged-class world is already saturated with all these Marxist poisons. It has already declared its devotion to a similar World-Concept which differs from the Marxist concept only in its degree and in the character of the privileged-class people who hold those beliefs. The privileged-class world is Marxist, but they believe they can somehow dominate and keep the privileged-class in control. However, true Marxism works day and night to deliver the world into the hands of the Jew. The racialist World-Concept , on the other hand, recognizes the importance of the racial component of humanity. In principle, it sees the state only as a means to an end and its end is the preservation of the racial existence of mankind. In other words, racialist theorists are far from believing all races are equal, but understand different races have inferior or superior merit along with their differences. This understanding obligates racialism to honor the universal Will of Nature that rules the universe and assists in the victory of the better and stronger and to demand the subjugation
    of the inferior and those weaker. In principle, it acknowledges the aristocratic idea of Nature and believes in this law’s authority down to the last individual creature. Racialism recognizes that races have different values and there are different values of individual men. Out of the masses we see the significance of the individual emerge, and this effect results in the organizing force of racialism and not the disorganizing force of Marxism. It believes the ideal of humanity is a necessity since it regards the achievement of this ideal as the sole essential element for the existence of mankind. However, it cannot allow an ethical idea to prevail if that idea represents a threat to the racial life of those who maintain a higher ethical ideal. In a world that has become bastardized and negroid, any concept of what is beautiful in humanity and noble and any image of an idealized future for our part of humanity would be lost forever.

    Human culture and civilization on this planet are inseparable from the existence of the
    Aryan. His extinction or downfall would bring the barbaric uncivilized ages on the globe once more. In the eyes of any race-based World-Concept , undermining of the existence of human culture by destroying the one group that sustains it, is the most repulsive crime possible. He who dares to harm the highest likeness of the Lord on this Earth offends God, the Creator of this miracle, and is the cause of our expulsion from this Paradise.

    Therefore, the race-based World-Concept agrees with the profound will of Nature. It
    restores that free play of natural forces which lead, stage by stage, level by level, to a
    continuous improvement of the race by natural selection until the best of humanity acquires its rightful possession of this earth and finally wins a free hand to rule which will extend throughout the world and even beyond this world. We all have a feeling that in the distant future, man may be faced with problems that are so big, only an outstanding race and a powerful ruling nation which is supported by the entire world will be capable of solving.

    It is obvious that attempting to impose such a general definition on the extensive meaning of a race-based World-Concept may lead to a thousand different interpretations. In fact, there is hardly even one of our newer political organizations that does not in some way fall back on this concept of the world. The very existence of racialism, as opposed to the multitude of other variations, proves there is a difference in their concepts. The Marxist World- Concept , which is led by a unified head organization, faces a jumble of opposing views which makes little impression on the enemy’s united front. Victory cannot be achieved by such weak weapons. Only when the international World-Concept that is politically led by organized Marxism is opposed by a racebased concept that is equally unified and equally organized and equally well led, will these two camps meet on even ground, and that is when victory will stand with the camp that has eternal truth on its side. However, this is only possible if both sides possess equal fighting energy from their members.

    The organized embodiment of a World-Concept can exist only if there is a precisely defined formula that lays it out. What doctrines are for religious faith, the party principles are for the political party. Therefore, a tool must be made for the race-based World-Concept , just as the Marxist party organization clears the road for internationalism, the racialist movement needs a party organization that will allow it to take its rightful place in battle. This is the aim of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

    The party’s ability to embrace and integrate the racialist idea into its own organization is indispensable for the victory of the race-based World- Concept . The best proof is a fact that it is admitted, at least indirectly, by those who oppose the integration of race-based ideas with party principles into a party unit. The very people who never become tired of insisting that the race-based World-Concept is not the “hereditary property” of an individual party, and cannot be claimed by a single party because it sleeps or “lives” in the hearts of millions of people, are proving themselves wrong because the fact that this idea exists in millions has not stopped the approaching victory of the opposing World-Concept of Marxism. If this concept did exist in a clear way in their hearts, the German people today would have already won a tremendous victory, and they would not be standing on the brink of an abyss. What brought success to the internationalist World-Concept of Marxism was the fact that it was maintained by a political party organized as an offensive militant storm troop. What defeated the opposing World-Concept was a lack of the uniform and united support needed to fight for their cause. A World-Concept doctrine cannot fight and win if it allows the unlimited freedom for anyone to interpret its meaning. It can only fight and win if it is clearly defined in the limited and consolidated form of a political organization.

    For this reason, I took it upon myself to sort out the extensive and unformed substance of a general World-Concept and to remodel those central ideas into a rigid dogmatic form. These clearly defined doctrines are capable of unifying the people who pledge themselves to these principles. In other words, the National-Socialist German Workers’ Party adopts the essential elements from the race-based World-Concept. These principles form a political declaration of faith by taking into consideration practical realities and limitations, the times we live in, and the available human resources as well as their weaknesses. This creates a closely-knit organization consisting of the greatest mass of people possible, and it provides the basis for a fight to victory on behalf of this World-Concept.” ~ Mein Kampf pg. 256 – 258 chpt. “World-Concept and Party”

  12. Manuel Nigao says:

    @Edward Ingersoll

    Can you just invite more people to laugh at what Aryanism thinks of NS. And get White Nationalists to take note of this website.

  13. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    “Can you just invite more people to laugh at what Aryanism thinks of NS. And get White Nationalists to take note of this website.”

    And I’m sure that would probably end up looking like the bottom image of this meme, and perhaps even the top image if you “whites” degenerate any further than you already have by taking on “white” identity in the first place: https://www.minds.com/media/789605084643201024



    “This seems to be a pattern; the extremely intelligent anti-Zionists who became Jew aware in the early stages have all become infected with BS syndrome and have jumped ship, while the ones who are not as intelligent, but have good intentions, have not bailed.”

    Well, if all things go accordingly and I’m able to get back on the internet in full force in the near future, intelligence and nobility are a subject I have been planning on tackling on my blog.

    Could one argue though that a mark of intelligence is a person being able to view an argument or position from all different possible angles before making a decision, and then being able to change ones on views accordingly when new information presents itself? If the above were true, could we actually say that Brandon Martinez a.k.a. ZCF is intelligent?

  14. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    Perhaps Nobility vs. Intelligence is a subject line Aryanists should tackle on their own website in the near future? I know for certain it is a subject that a lot of American “whites” and “blacks” are confused about. Both groups seem to be under the impression that intelligence itself is inherently good. I’ve often reminded people that psychopaths are usually highly intelligent, yet are extremely ignoble because they lack empathy for anyone outside of themselves. A psychopath is a tribe of one in some sense, right?

    In fact, if I were psychopathic, and wanted to bend a culture to my will in that regard, I would probably also promote intelligence as the ultimate good. In that note, it is also interesting to point out how many “whites nationalist” inferior types love to state how intelligent Jews are….

  15. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    The connection between psychopathy, intelligence, and Jewry, may not be as abstract as you think. There is a documentary on Netflix, not sure if it’s still there and I forget the title, about the terrorism attacks in the early 2000’s in America where a pizza delivery man had an explosive device strapped around his neck, which eventually detonated before police could help him, right in front of the TV news cameras. Both suspects that were eventually brought in for questioning were Jewish. Both suspects believed they were highly intelligent. The Jewish man who designed the device, when first brought in for questioning, made sure that the first thing he told investigators was, “I’m the smartest person in this room.”.

  16. RP says:

    Martinez’s work was having noticeable impacts in the real world, but he seemed frustrated that the False Left was simply appropriating True Left ideology and was not giving him any credit.

  17. RP says:

    “A psychopath is a tribe of one in some sense, right?”
    Yes. The psychological trauma associated with becoming Jew aware, as mentioned on the main page, causes one to become psychopathic. ZCF was an expert in exposing the Jewish conspiracy, and in doing so most likely trained himself to trust no one, therefore losing empathy, effectively becoming a psychopath.

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