Even “Holocaust educators” work for us now

Yes, really:


One of Britain’s leading Holocaust educators has suggested dropping the use of “antisemitism” because students do not understand what it means.

Dame Helen Hyde, a trustee of the National Holocaust Centre and Museum and a vice-president of the Jewish Leadership Council, instead advocated using the phrase “anti-Jewish racism”.

“Even when I talk to students at university, they don’t know what antisemitism is,” she said at a panel discussion on Holocaust education at the JW3 in London on Tuesday evening.

Pointing out that in most state schools there were no Jews, she said, “I was in three schools this week… When I used the word anti-Jewish racism, they understood.”

A JC poll last week found that fewer than half of adults in Britain, 47 per cent, understood what “antisemitism” referred to.

More than half of those aged 18 to 24 when asked to identify antisemitism, said they “don’t know”.

Of course they don’t know what it means. I don’t know what it means either. It was always a nonsense term. For one thing, those accused of being “anti-Semites” are very often Semites:


Being anti-Jewish, on the other hand, is self-explanatory. So I agree 100% that “anti-Jewish” should replace “anti-Semitic” in all usage.

Once that is done, all we have to do is point out that there is no such thing as “anti-Jewish racism”. Anti-Jewishness is anti-racism, because Jewishness is racism. We did not invent Jewishness and impose it upon Jews to mark them as the outgroup; Judaism invented Jewishness to mark non-Jews as the outgroup. Those who understand this trivial logic for “whiteness” (invented by Western civilization to mark “non-whites” as the outgroup) have no excuse not to understand it for Jewishness.

Or if you insist on the For Dummies version commonly displayed on campus noticeboards nowadays:

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3 Responses to Even “Holocaust educators” work for us now

  1. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    “Goyim not to scale”… LOL!

  2. Troll the establishment, start a Goy Students Club at school.
    No Jews allowed… but their own rules.

  3. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    “anti-Jewish racism”

    So, Jews are now finally admitting to the world that they do indeed consider themselves a race after all? Which also happens to be one of Hitler’s primary concerns with Jewishness, stating that Jews use Judaism as a camouflage for Jewish racial doctrine.

    “The great trick of Jewry was to insinuate itself fraudulently among the religions with a religion like Judaism, which in reality is not a religion. Simply, the Jew has put a religious camouflage over his racial doctrine. Everything he undertakes is built on this lie.” — Adolf Hitler

    If true then any and all support for Israel is clearly also racism, and Jewish identity is racist to the core because it is tribal. Every tribe must have at least one thing to be considered a tribe in the first place, and that one thing is an out-group dichotomy as the cornerstone of their belief system. Even with the best of intentions tribalism is dishonest because one group cannot refrain from doing harm to another group forever on a finite planet. What makes Jewish identity even more dangerous to all non-Jews\”goyim” is the fact that the “religious” part of IT happens to also promote anthropocentricism and capitalism, on a finite planet….

    Some have said that anthropocentricism is the “most dangerous ideology on the planet”. Add tribalism, a racial doctrine masquerading as a religion, capitalism, and Marxism, to that ideology, and you have Judaism and Jewish identity.

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