Dutch election 2017

Today I will discuss the psychopolitical pitfall of vision concession, which is the term I am coining for what I have been watching mainstream politicians do immediately after the results of the May 15th Dutch general election were announced.

Basically, before the election, Geert Wilders was talking about how the PVV with its platform of shutting down all mosques (even Trump hasn’t gone that far (yet…..)) would easily win the whole thing. For newcomers, here is a brief refresher on Wilders and the PVV:


The country’s fast-rising far-right leader, Geert Wilders [Jew], is getting help from American conservatives attracted to his anti-European Union and anti-Islam views. David Horowitz [Jew], an American right-wing activist, has contributed roughly $150,000 to Mr. Wilders’s Party for Freedom over two years — of which nearly $120,000 came in 2015, making it the largest individual contribution in the Dutch political system that year, according to recently released records.

Daniel Pipes [Jew], another conservative American activist and a Harvard-educated historian known for his controversial statements on Islam, said in an email exchange that he hoped “the rise of the insurgent parties leads not to their forming governments but their sending a strong message to the legacy parties to wake up and deal with the imperative issues they have so long ignored.”

Mr. Pipes said his foundation, the Middle East Forum, provided money in the “six figures” to help pay legal bills in Mr. Wilders’s trial over the film, but specifically to a legal fund, and has not provided political support. Mr. Pipes has called Mr. Wilders “the most important European alive today,” but has differed with him on his view of Islam, though he himself has expressed inflammatory views on the subject.

Dutch records also show that two American foundations paid for Mr. Wilders’s flights and hotels on trips to the United States last year. One, the Gatestone Institute, lists John R. Bolton, a combative former United Nations ambassador under George W. Bush, as its chairman. Another, the International Freedom Alliance Foundation, is backed by Robert J. Shillman [Jew], a wealthy Trump supporter who paid for a digital ad in Times Square last year depicting Mr. Trump as Superman.

As it turned out, the PVV came second behind the VVD, though it gained a larger share of the vote (13.1%) than it had been holding before (10.1%), and thus increased its number of seats to 20 from its former 15.

What disturbs me is how mainstream politicians are interpreting this as a “defeat” for the PVV, despite the fact that the PVV has actually become more powerful, merely because it did not become quite as powerful as Wilders claimed that it would. In other words, mainstream politicians have in their own minds already conceded to Wilders’ vision that the PVV is the party that is supposed to win in present times, and hence view merely stavng off this win as “success”, when – by any absolute measure – seeing the PVV move nearer to its goal compared to its previous position should obviously be interpreted as failure.

Here are the mainstream politicians in their own words:


Dutch people rejected “the wrong kind of populism”, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said

How is it a “rejection” when the PVV has outright gained seats? Not to mention that Rutte himself(!) has been effectively pressured by Wilders to move his own rhetoric rightwards during this campaign, so he should be the last person able to talk with a straight face about “rejecting” PVV rhetoric…..

(Also, the PVV is no kind of populism at all. There is nothing “populist” about any far-right party. The correct definition of populism is standing up for ordinary people against the power elite. Virtually all “Third World”-origin immigrants – especially refugees – are ordinary people; virtually none are power elite. The far-right does not stand up for “Third World”-origin immigrants. Therefore the far-right is NOT populist.)

French President Francois Hollande said he had won a “clear victory against extremism”

How is it a “victory” when the mainstream parties have lost aggregate territory to the PVV?

(Also, the PVV is bad not because of its extremism. The PVV is bad because of its Islamophobia and pro-Zionism. Extreme anti-Islamophobia and extreme anti-Zionism are good, the more extreme the better!)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed a “very pro-European result, a clear signal… and a good day for democracy” and her chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, tweeted: “The Netherlands, oh the Netherlands you are a champion!”

How is it a “clear signal” when the PVV is not on a consistent downward trajectory? (It won 9 seats in 2006, 24 in 2010, 15 in 2012 and 20 in 2017. OK, 20 is admittedly lower than its own record high of 24, so at least it is not breaking records, but there is nothing “clear” about its trajectory in the eyes of any non-delusional statistician.) And how is the Netherlands a “champion” for allowing the PVV, which had been declining between 2010 and 2012, to start rising again?

When the PVV has been reduced to fewer than 9 seats – that is to say, fewer than its own record low - then perhaps we can begin to speak cautiously of its decline. When the PVV has been reduced to the condition that Britain’s BNP is in, then perhaps we can relax slightly. Not until then. Few things are so dangerous as a false sense of security.

(And even in scenarios where the PVV has no seats at all, it should still be treated as an active enemy organization. An enemy organization is only fully defeated when every last idea behind it has been discredited and every last bloodline behind it has been wiped out.)

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy praised Dutch voters for their “responsibility”

How is it “responsible” to allow the PVV to get 13.1% of the vote? The turnout was 80.2% and the Dutch population is roughly 17.1 million, so that means roughly 1.8 million people voted for the PVV. Did you know that Israel had a population of <1.5 million in 1948? Even so it was able to win the Arab-Israeli War against Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Eypt, Jordan, and more opponents! And a few years later Israel had nukes! Please pause and think about that for a moment.

Only a few are not so dangerously deluded:

Defeated Labour leader Lodewijk Asscher agreed that “populism is not over”. The anger and insecurity of voters was reflected in the increased vote for Mr Wilders and the wider fragmentation of Dutch politics, he said.

Did Wilders fail?

In reality his party gained five seats and, as he pointed out, it is now the second biggest in parliament not the third.

This is a more realistic assessment. (Except, again, ”populism” is the wrong term for describing the PVV.)

Even one vote for the PVV is one vote too many. 1.8 million votes is atrocious and terrifying, and to describe such a result as a “defeat” for the PVV is insane. In even a minimally vigilant world, Wilders would have been assassinated long before such a result were possible. In even a marginally sane world (such as we had before the 9/11 Zionist false flag), the ideas espoused by the PVV would be considered too ludicrous for anything other than a stand-up-comedy routine. In even a vaguely reasonable world, democracy itself would not exist. In even a remotely heroic world, we would be willing to invade Israel despite the Samson Option, and similarly any other tribalist states (Myanmar, Hungary, etc.). In a truly fair world, all tribalists would be burning in eternal hellfire, as Jesus promised they would. We must never concede our vision for the sake of claiming false victories.

If you are in the Netherlands and hate Wilders, we would love to hear from you. Please comment below or better yet send in a contact form to volunteer for activism:


And if you see anyone saying that Muslims, or this or that ethnic group, are “not Dutch”, remember that the quickest way to shut them up is to show them this picture:


In order not to end on too negative a note, it is my pleasure to introduce several new blogs.

Firstly we have Aryan Medicine, which at long last sets out on our long proposed but hitherto untouched quest to develop a new theory of medicine (which, as many of you know, was something National Socialist Germany wanted to do due to its dissatisfaction with Western medicine, but never got round to doing):


However, the author of this blog has told me that he considers himself extremely underqualified for this undertaking, and requests guidance from others more knowledgeable in the field. So please do not hesitate to offer him advice and constructive criticism.

Next we have the Jamia Project:


which is what you have seen me bringing up in comments for a long time: the idea of removing Tanakh influence from the Koran. Saifullah started this blog, and he too needs whatever support you can offer, for there is much substantial work to do.

There is one more blog that I had been planning to announce but which is not quite ready yet, so maybe next time. Finally, I hope to see all other Aryanists who have privately promised to start their own projects doing so ASAP. As this post has shown, mainstream politicians do not have the mindset required – and we have always said that they aren’t and have never been seriously trying - to defeat those like Wilders who undeniably offer a strong vision for the future, unethical though its content may be. It is up to us to do so. A vision can only be defeated by a better vision. We surely have a better ideology, but an ideology only becomes a vision when it inspires people to work on its behalf. We need your help to make our ideology into a vision.

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  1. Hypnotix says:

    Since the author of Aryan Medicine said he wasn’t averse to help, please know that I can assist as an editor, if you want.

    The Jamia project is looking nice, I like it.

    Also, AS, I’m aware things have been pretty hectic as of late, but I wanted to know how far along you were with the scripts for the Aryan-Diffusion game. I’m not rushing you or anything, just asking.

  2. Saifullah says:


    Thanks, I started by writing a brief article about Ibrahim, Salih, Isma’il, regarding the issue of their quite opposing characters as prophets. I should find the actual reference in the books about the traditional connection between the prophet Salih and Hajar. It would add weight to the argument.

  3. AS says:


    “Ibrahim, Salih, Isma’il, regarding the issue of their quite opposing characters as prophets”

    I suggest either not calling Ibrahim a “prophet” at all, or calling him a “prophet of Yahweh”/”false prophet” for the sake of not confusing him with the true prophets.


    “Since the author of Aryan Medicine said he wasn’t averse to help, please know that I can assist as an editor, if you want.”

    Please talk to him over on his blog. The best way to get momentum going is to start a detailed discussion over there.

    “The Jamia project is looking nice, I like it.”

    You can probably already guess the broad idea:


    Basically, whoever appears in Column 1 must be removed from Column 3.

    Those who remain in Column 3 after this must also be removed if they (e.g. Luqman) display more qualitative similarity to Column 1 people.

    And of course Zoroaster from Column 4 will be added to Column 3.

    “I wanted to know how far along you were with the scripts for the Aryan-Diffusion game.”

    Sorry, I haven’t recently been able to get into the state of mind required to visualize prehistoric times. I will keep trying. In the meantime, please keep looking for an illustrator. As long as the script finishes before the drawings do, the overall release date is not delayed.

  4. Saifullah says:

    @AS – I refined the article, according to what you were saying, making things more clear and definite. making it clear that Ibrahim was a prophet of Yahweh, as opposed to Salih, a Prophet of Allah.

    “So the Message that Salih brought from Allah had a distinctive quality of universal compassion that the message of Yahweh that Ibrahim lived by was devoid of. One had no qualms to slaughter the fatted calf, whereas Salih protected the she-camel with threats of divine destruction.”

    I looked over that list, and probably one question I would have is that the Quran called Lut (Lot) a prophet, whereas the Torah doesn’t, but then the stories of Lut in the Quran are basically directly from the Torah and mostly relate to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    It will be interesting to look some into Zoroaster too actually…

  5. Hypnotix says:

    @ AS

    “Sorry, I haven’t recently been able to get into the state of mind required to visualize prehistoric times. I will keep trying.”

    No rush.

    “In the meantime, please keep looking for an illustrator.”

    The only one I had hoped would voluntarily do the work wasn’t willing, so I’ll have to either pay some professional to do it – which is surprisingly expensive – or I’ll have to do it myself.

    “As long as the script finishes before the drawings do, the overall release date is not delayed.”

    Indeed. By the looks of it, it’ll be quite some time before any drawings are ready, so you have that much more time. For better or for worse…

  6. AS says:

    In mildly positive news about the election, new party Denk won 3 seats:


    On the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the party advocates that Europe strengthens the international position of Palestine and that the Netherlands recognises Palestine as this would work better than a large number of interfaith dialogues.

    Weak, but better than nothing, I suppose. (And this just goes to show how right-leaning the Netherlands default is even without the PVV.) If not for Wilders moving the entire political spectrum even further right over the last decade, perhaps DENK would be bold enough to openly advocate ceasing to recognize Israel.



    “the stories of Lut in the Quran are basically directly from the Torah”

    You are correct. In the stories of Hud, Saleh and Shoaib is a consistent pattern of emphasis on free will:

    1) the prophet teaches
    2) each individual listener makes a free choice
    3) those who chose to reject the teaching are punished

    In Lut’s story, on the other hand, the archons had already planned beforehand precisely what would happen to whom, and everything that subsequently happens is just a “playing out” of pre-scripted events.

    (Not to mention that archons don’t appear at all in the other three stories!)

    Even if we had never read the Torah, we would know that Lut’s story could not have come from the same source as the other three stories.

    “It will be interesting to look some into Zoroaster too actually…”

    Actually I might have been overenthusiastic in my previous comment, for which I apologize. On second thoughts, it seems more appropriate to mention Zoroaster (also Mani etc.) on the side, but not to include him within the eventual Jamia text, as – let’s face it – we don’t really know for sure that he was in the original text. At most we can argue that Mohammed almost certainly knew about him, but this does not imply that Mohammed ever explicitly referred to him in public. And REVELATION, which is what the Koran is supposed to be, is by definition is not what Mohammed knew, but only the fraction of what he knew that he decided to REVEAL to a general audience.

  7. Numinous_Sun says:

    ‘Iran one of the most generous in hosting refugees and keeping borders open’:?UN

    While Iranians would bear the brunt of Donald Trump’s visa ban, which has been blocked on the orders of a US court, international officials say the country has quietly emerged as one of the most generous towards refugees.


  8. Hypnotix says:

    @ AS

    “Please talk to him over on his blog. The best way to get momentum going is to start a detailed discussion over there.”

    How do I contact him through the blog? I couldn’t find anything to that effect there. Do you mean through his Google+ profile?

  9. AS says:


    Aryanization in the UK as a whole too:


    Nick Griffin says he will move there in the next six months, which has left some people scratching their heads due to his negative views of immigration in the past.


    Since you have switched back to this username, does this mean you are ready to start activism again?


    “How do I contact him through the blog?”

    I meant you could post comments on Aryan Medicine and get a discussion going in public. One reason why many of our past allied blogs were abandoned after a few months was due to lack of discussion and failure to build a commenter community of its own. This discourages most bloggers except the most dedicated (e.g. Miecz) from continuing.

    But yes, Aryan Medicine also needs a contact form, and this is something you could certainly remind him about (I already suggested it to him once).

  10. Gallery Guy says:

    New to this site after researching Gnosticism and genuine anti-Zionism

    What I find most disturbing about this election is how most people I know, who proclaim to be against Zionism, have very little to say about the recent Dutch elections and are rather more concerned with more trivial issues like having their “human right” (yes, I know people who use that exact term) to smoke marijuana being taken away! (I’m a resident of New England myself by the way.)

  11. NuminousSun says:


    My activism never stopped and would continue even if you all were gone.

  12. AS says:

    @Gallery Guy

    “New to this site after researching Gnosticism and genuine anti-Zionism”


    “What I find most disturbing about this election is how most people I know, who proclaim to be against Zionism, have very little to say about the recent Dutch elections”

    What are your own thoughts about the election? Any good ideas on how to crush Wilders and the PVV?

    Wilders said Jordan should be renamed Palestine.[132] The Jordanian government responded saying Wilders’ speech was reminiscent of the Israeli right wing. His speech said “Jordan is Palestine. Changing its name to Palestine will end the conflict in the Middle East and provide the Palestinians with an alternate homeland.” He also said Israel deserves a special status in the Dutch government


    Still, even if the PVV is crushed, other similar parties will soon form to take its place so long as Islamophobia continues, just as in the UK we have seen Britain First, LibertyGB, etc. emerge in the wake of the BNP’s fall, showing that merely defeating the BNP was insufficient to solve the problem. Only definitively ending Islamophobia will restore politics to anything resembling sanity as we took for granted back in the pre-9/11 days.


    “My activism never stopped and would continue even if you all were gone.”

    I am relieved to hear this. Please provide a status update in relation to your priorities as outlined in this comment:


    I had previously assumed that your plan was on hold after you posted this comment:


  13. Gallery Guy says:

    Currently, I think the best thing citizens of the USA, such as myself, could do here is to keep chastising Wilders and his party and be politically active in general. If people are willing to move to the Netherlands and get politically active there, that’d be even better; but I’m interested in getting active here myself though. Any suggestions? I’m also looking to move out from New England to head out west in the near future.

  14. AS says:


    “Currently, I think the best thing citizens of the USA, such as myself, could do here is to keep chastising Wilders and his party and be politically active in general.”

    Yes, but this is the place for developing specific lines of argument for such chastising. For example, PC types claim that Wilders is wrong and that Islam is compatible with Western civilization. I find this both cowardly and stupid. Wilders is obviously correct: Islam is indeed incompatible with Western civilization. That is what we like about Islam! That is what Hitler liked about Islam! We have to be unafraid to declare that Western civilization is the problem. Only then can we genuinely start attacking Wilders and others for daring to defend it.

    “Any suggestions?”

    As an American you would probably be better off doing anti-Trump activism. Since Wilders supports Trump, by discrediting Trump you implicitly discredit Wilders also.

    And please make sure every anti-Trump American you know owns firearms and plenty of ammunition, and try to organize them into paramilitary squads. These do not have to be large battalions with hundreds of soldiers. A small squad familiar with guerilla tactics would be enough to make ICE agents fear to show up in a local neighbourhood.

    As for moving west, it does appear that the West Coast is where the strongest opposition to Trump is coming from:



    ….. And it looks like we have another Zionist false flag terror attack, this time in London, that will undoubtedly be blamed on Muslims again:


    Let’s run through the usual checklist. Initial reports of multiple attackers but official story of single attacker? Check. Scapegoat Alleged perpetrator killed on the spot as usual so he cannot testify in contradiction to the official story? Check. Perfect timing for psychopolitical herding effect: between the Dutch election and the French election? Check. Who benefits? Marine Le Pen. Check.

    And, if all this were not suspicious enough already, Tommy Robinson of all people just happened to be filming something else “a couple of minutes away” from the location when the attack happened, so he could start spinning covering the incident almost immediately. And somehow he already knew that the scapegoat alleged perpetrator was a Muslim. Who writes this shit?!

    http://gatesofvienna.net/2017/03/tommy-robinson-in-westminster-it-has-everything-to-do-with-islam/ (someone just give him a Best Supporting Actor award and tell him to shut up already…..)

    But will the majority care that such an attack makes absolutely no strategic sense if it had been done by who the media claims it had been done by? Somehow I doubt it. The problem is, for every one person we educate about false flags, ten people become Red Pill junkies whose minds become permanently closed to any explanation that does not involve bashing Muslims, “Third Worlders”, LGBTs, women, etc..

  15. Gallery Guy says:


    That actually makes a lot of sense, and will do. I’d even be up to moving to Hawaii and commit to political activism there if need be.

    Also, for the record, I am no disciple political correctness. I used to be at one point, but not anymore.

  16. Numinous_Sun says:


    Get back to your other questions later. I just had to say, of all the people who were there, Tommy fucking Robinson was there filming. UNBELIEVABLE!!! You just can’t make this shit up if you wanted to. So absolutely ridiculous!

    I feel bad for laughing, considering how absolutely pathetic our current situation is. Such a large percentage of humanity is made up of absolute shyte! One need only read the headlines these days to realize there may be some credence to the fact that humanity is suffering from genetic degradation.

    If Tommy Robinson had a grain of honor he would have put a bullet through his own head a long time ago…

  17. Ganbaru says:

    It’s unbelievable how people are celebrating his close to 2 million vote count, if I were a rightist I’d be confused with his statements and all the false National Socialist anti-jewish and far-right propaganda on youtube…


    There’s nothing to learn from this video for those of us who know about him, but I like how accurately his agenda is portrayed in these 8 minutes.

    I also remember taking a Psychology class in college a few years ago where they told us people should celebrate more because it’s supposedly good for the mind and can motivate us to persist, but I always remind myself about Olympians celebrating too early and losing their assumed victory.


    “The problem is, for every one person we educate about false flags, ten people become Red Pill junkies whose minds become permanently closed to any explanation that does not involve bashing Muslims, “Third Worlders”, LGBTs, women, etc..”

    I agree, but in my experience the “Red Pill” can sometimes (probably very rarely) open one’s eyes while radicalising them when they realize our civilization is extremely flawed.. I found myself lurking on these forums for a while but I always blamed the Jews instead of Islam and Women, etc. I’ve talked to a few Red Pilled people here in Quebec where Islamophobia is extremely common and they abandonned the hate pretty quickly upon learning that the Jews are the real problem (Though I must be extremely lucky), I believe they might also join the CNSP but I need to observe them for a little longer to make sure of their intentions.


    Glad to see you’re still around after seeing your post in December.

  18. AS says:


    “people should celebrate more because it’s supposedly good for the mind and can motivate us to persist”

    I would be happy to celebrate events that deserve celebration. Trump’s impeachment would be worth celebrating, for example.

    “when they realize our civilization is extremely flawed”

    It is not our civilization.

    “Though I must be extremely lucky”

    I think you are. This video which I was just watching is an example of how unbelievably poor Jew-awareness is these days:


    Here is Islamophobe Bill Maher (Jew) debating anti-Islamophobe Louise Mensch on the London false flag. Look at the comments. Not only are no commenters pointing out that Maher is a Jew, but many commenters are convinced that Mensch is a Jew even though she isn’t! (Compare their faces FFS…..) Today, Red Pill junkies call all anti-Islamophobes “Jews”, when Jews were the ones who started Islamophobia and who continue to push it every day, like Maher is doing here in plain sight! As NS was saying above, you cannot make this shit up.

    “I need to observe them for a little longer to make sure of their intentions.”

    Good idea. Remember: people who are neutral are not good enough; we need people willing to positively defend Muslims from Islamophobes. From my encounters, it seems that what is considered “non-Islamophobic” is itself shifting rightwards, so that many people will tell me they are “non-Islamophobic” just because they do not want to KILL all Muslims, though they they have already ceased to view Muslims as individuals. We have to hold our standards fixed: by non-Islamophobic, we mean the attitude towards Muslims pre-9/11, when they as a group were viewed simply as ordinary people (or, for the more knowledgeable, a group which had helped fight communism and a group which has led the fight against Israel), and as individuals were viewed as individuals.

    I tell people that back in the pre-9/11 days, not only did none of today’s negative stereotypes of Muslims exist, but we didn’t even notice whether or not someone in daily life was a Muslim! People think I am lying. I’m not. Back in those days we saw people on the street wearing a headscarf and would just think: “Oh, they like to wear a headscarf.” We also did not assume anyone was Muslim based on ethnic background (which itself was much less noticed back in those days). The only way we would know anyone was a Muslim was when it came up in conversation. In other words, everyone whom we eventually discovered was a Muslim was someone whom we first already got to know as an individual. Maybe that was what made the difference. Anyway, that was the world that I remember, and what we have to get back to.

  19. John Johnson says:

    Not long after the London attack, some US guy made a ‘viral’ tweet spreading fake news of a ‘heartless Muslim walking past victims’. The original tweet only had 2000 retweets last time I checked, but many news outlets have considered that enough to publish stories criticizing the guy for lying.


    Of course, the news articles are just giving this idea more exposure for rightists, who won’t bother to believe the content of the articles anyway.


    “but I always remind myself about Olympians celebrating too early and losing their assumed victory.”

    Not to mention all the False Leftists who openly celebrate and are proud of their flaws and even failures (e.g. cardboard sign protest failed to stop rightist violence? Pat yourself on the back and celebrate for taking the “high ground” and not fighting back! Lose the presidential race in what should have been a massive landslide victory? Don’t get mad–celebrate that Clinton got almost 3 million more votes and “technically” the majority supports her and not “Agent Orange” so everything will somehow turn out fine in the end…right?)….

    Overconfidence is disastrous.

    “I found myself lurking on these forums for a while but I always blamed the Jews instead of Islam and Women, etc. I’ve talked to a few Red Pilled people here in Quebec where Islamophobia is extremely common and they abandonned the hate pretty quickly upon learning that the Jews are the real problem”

    I remember 5-10 years ago seeing WN-leaning people online who thought Jews were the cause of all the world’s problems (even acknowledging that Jews were the ones behind “multiculturalism”, immigration, etc.) being duped into hating Muslims, women, etc. because they could not resist the bait the media (which they acknowledged was controlled by Jews!) put in front of them on a daily basis. When directly asked why they shifted their hate from Jews to Muslims if they believed Jews in power were ultimately the ones responsible for the “immigration crisis” and in charge of the media telling them about all the supposed crimes committed by “non-white immigrants”, they basically just shrugged and thought the ‘Muslamic hordes’ prosed a more urgent existential threat than Jews.

    I recommend you be cautious, because if the people you talk to are identitarians, they could easily flip their hatred back to Muslims the instant they believe they pose a greater threat to Western Civilization than Jews.


    “but many commenters are convinced that Mensch is a Jew even though she isn’t!”

    Since 2011 she has been married to Peter Mensch, who is a Jew. For many, this is enough for guilt by association.

  20. Gallery Guy says:

    We ought to be careful with people who say that they’re against Islamophobia. They may seem rather noble, but they could just be “secret agents” (for a lack of a better term). I personally have my problems with Islam, but not Muhammad himself at all.

  21. AS says:


    “Since 2011 she has been married to Peter Mensch, who is a Jew.”

    (Perhaps that explains why she didn’t argue better against Maher even though it would have been easy to do so.)

    I myself have been called a Jew countless times by Red Pill junkies over the years (and I promise I am not married to a Jew…..) despite my explicit position that all people with Jewish blood should be prohibited from reproducing, just because I am anti-Islamophobic, anti-racist, etc.. When they eventually concede that I am not a Jew, another thing they call me is “Jewified”. By this term, they mean I DISAGREE with basically all the teachings in the Tanakh. Yes, you read that correctly: in their minds, to be “Jewified” is to disagree with the Tanakh, whereas to be “un-Jewified” is to agree with the Tanakh. This degree of inversion is right up there with what we were talking about in private about how these same Red Pill junkies watch the Creed/Balboa vs Drago fights in Rocky 4 and root for Drago while calling the Creed/Balboa fans “communists”.

  22. Gallery Guy says:


    Maybe off topic, but are you a fan of boxing movies and in real life? Also, I’ve never seen Rocky IV; is it any good?

  23. AS says:


    “are you a fan of boxing movies and in real life? Also, I’ve never seen Rocky IV; is it any good?”

    I like many pre-CGI-era (mostly 80s/90s) action drama movies, within which boxing was one story setting, but I like other settings also, so I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of boxing movies in particular. I consider myself a fan of the Rocky series for sure. Rocky 4 is much more over-the-top than the earlier movies, but I still enjoyed it overall. In a political context it is worth seeing to understand the 80s American impression of communism, which is somewhat more accurate than what popularly gets called “communism” today. I’ll just paste the email excerpt that I was referring to above:

    But what is most absurd is how today’s US rightists caricature “communists” as wimpy metrosexuals, when back in the Cold War era communists were caricatured as ultra-buff cyborgs e.g. Ivan Drago in Rocky 4:


    While the Cold War era caricature is obviously an exaggeration, it at least resembles how Soviet propaganda portrayed its own people:




    The truth is that real (ie. Soviet) communists and US rightists have THE EXACT SAME reverence for masculinity. When US rightists talk about how much more masculine the “white working class” are compared to the “hipster fags”, they are making almost the exact same association between prole and masculine, and between bourgeois and non-masculine, that the real communists used to make in their propaganda. In this sense, US rightists themselves resemble real communists much more closely than those whom they wrongly label as “communists”.

    The only difference is that the US rightists add “white” in front of “working class” because they feel no solidarity with the “non-white” working class.

    (I’ve seen US rightists worshipping Drago and cheering about how he killed Apollo Creed in Rocky 4; that is how anti-American they are. Then in the next sentence they will say that only “communists” would support Creed….. And they don’t notice anything wrong with this picture…..)

    PACPO needs to cover all this.

  24. Sam says:

    LOL. How pathetic. A few months ago, Trump was the savior of the alt-right.

  25. Solar Wanderer says:

    I honestly don’t know how much it would take to stop this current madness. Maybe WW3 is really needed to finally gain peace.

  26. Ganbaru says:


    Hilarous picture, I’ve been sharing it for a while

  27. AS says:


    And of course the Mossad did the Champs-Elysees false flag (scapegoat suspect killed on the spot as usual, and we are supposed to believe “a note defending ISIL fell out of his pocket after he was shot” - who writes this shit?!) in order to give the right a last-minute boost. Apparently the false flag happened literally during the candidates’ debate, so that the live TV coverage of the debate was interrupted by an emergency news broadcast, in other words so that viewers listening to the candidates’ arguments would get a literal real-time validation of the rightist narrative. Polls indicate Le Pen got +0.97% more popular within 24 hours. Would a real ISIL sympathizer choose such a timing?

    But at least we know Trump is in on the plan:


    The right-wing blogs want both Le Pen and Fillon (who is almost as bad) in the second round so that they get Islamophobic policies either way. Let’s see how it goes.

  28. Hypnotix says:

    I came across this just now:


    “A group of teens, who filmed and mocked a disabled man as he slowly drowned in a pond, would not be criminally charged as no laws were broken in recording the video, Florida Police said Thursday.

    Jamel Dunn, 32, drowned in a retention pond July 9 as the teens recorded his ordeal and did not bother to help him, or call for help in Cocoa, Florida. Dunn’s body was not discovered until three days, according to Florida Today, a part of the USA Today network.

    The video that police called “disturbing” surfaced online after his body was discovered, and showed him in his final moments.

    “He started to struggle and scream for help and they just laughed. They didn’t call the police. They just laughed the whole time. He was just screaming … for someone to help him,” Yvonne Martinez, spokesman for the Cocoa Police Department said.

    “The kids were at the park that day smoking marijuana and apparently saw him walk into the water. He walked in on his own. They were watching him,” he added.

    Dunn walked into the water from the west side and then struggled as he drowned as the teens watched and recorded the incident from the south side of the pond, according to the police. “They just started recording what happened and watched until he died,” Martinez said. “Everybody is just horrified by this.”

    “Get out the water, you gonna die,” one of the teens was heard yelling in the video.

    “Ain’t nobody fixing to help you, you dumb,” another one was heard shouting. Police said the teens warned Dunn, who walks with a cane, not to go into the muddy waters. However, no one bothered to call 911 or help when he struggled to keep his head above water.

    In the video, when the man is seen trying to stay afloat, the teens continued to joke and mock him. “Oh, he just died,” a teen said and the group broke into laughter.

    Police were informed about the video after a family friend of Dunn saw the disturbing footage on social media. Authorities said they interviewed the teens but did not charge them as they broke no law, even though their actions had “no moral justification.”

    “While the incident depicted on the recording does not give rise to sufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution under Florida statutes, we can find no moral justification for either the behavior of persons heard on the recording or the deliberate decision not to render aid to Mr. Dunn,” the Brevard-Seminole State Attorney’s Office said in a statement, Nbc4i.com reported.”

    The entire thing is extremely strange. The man seems to have voluntarily entered, but then screamed for help as he subsequently began to drown. Perhaps he did not expect the pool to be as deep as it was?

    About the teens: Apparently, they were stoned. While I highly doubt anyone can be high enough from marijuana to be so completely devoid of empathy – meaning that, as far as internal ethics are concerned, they are probably more or less like this in general – it still made me wonder: What is our position on voluntary consumption of marijuana, and other, similar substances? And how should these kids be punished for this (aside from being prohibited from reproducing)? (Unsurprisingly, they broke no law of the State of Florida, so IRL they will not be punished in any way.)

  29. NuminousSun says:


    The entire thing does seem entirely strange. Their actions do seem very callous to say the least. Could any of the teenagers swim themselves, odd that no one asked them that question though? I did take Lifeguard training when I was a teenager, and perhaps it was best that none of them went in after him if they were not strong swimmers themselves, as a drowning person will quickly take an unsuspecting rescuer down with them; and I only say this in consideration of the fact that the teenagers apparently told the man not to enter in the first place.

    Other than that it could also just be seen as another sign of the times. There are many videos on Youtube for example that show how callous and unsympathetic many people are in regards to the plight of others. Quite a few of those videos are much more disturbing than this incident. Add factory farming practices into all of that as well…

    Marijuana is a cash crop that has many benefits, including medical benefits. Technically it is a “weed”. Many of the beneficial compounds of marijuana can be digested without the psychological effects, and without even getting “high”. Unlike so many drugs marijuana does not need to be chemically altered by man in any way to be effective. I would also say that alcohol is much more the “gateway” drug than THC has ever been.

  30. Robert Young says:


    ‘Here is Islamophobe Bill Maher (Jew) debating anti-Islamophobe Louise Mensch on the London false flag.’

    Mensch has admitted that her psyche has been compromised by abusing hard drugs, and has attacked Jeremy Corbyn for his ties with Russia, so it is pretty ironic that you even promoted Mensch in the first place. Granted, there are similarities between you and Mensch, such as suggesting that certain campaigns against sexual misconduct are basically highly orchestrated false flags, while still playing your own brand of ‘whataboutism’ games towards the issue of sexual allegation and other subjects, much like how Trump does.

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