Duginism in action

Fucking Turanians:


Study and discuss. Let’s see if we can get this blog back to more productive commenting. The enemy psyop described in the linked article was conducted with just one Twitter account. And how many more similar psyops are going on that we don’t even know about yet? In comparison, what are you guys doing with all your Twitter accounts? And you wonder why our side is getting hammered?

Also, I am re-linking the following important article previously linked in a comment, as I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of discussion over there on the topic (I’m the only one who has commented so far!):


Imagine if the hundreds and hundreds of comments over the last few months had been spent posting ideas in support of this article’s objectives, instead of endlessly discussing [insert foppery here]. Heck, even a digression into retro video games would be more valuable, as it would at least remind readers of how much better aesthetics used to be before Westernization (3D etc.) set in…..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hAORTllxgY (I used to play this…..)

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  1. RP says:

    Great anti Putin article:

    The article describes how the racist Soviet Union deported alleged “Nazi collaborators”. Perhaps we can use this to garner sympathy for National Socialism from anti racist leftists? Once leftists see that the far rightists are not “Nazis” but actually WNs who support Russia, hopefully they will reconsider.

    Thankfully, Gentiles are already discussing whether they should reject the National Socialist brand altogether. It is about time they did.

  2. Amaleq says:


    Thanks for the links.

  3. Craig says:

    Heck, even a digression into retro video games would be more valuable, as it would at least remind readers of how much better aesthetics used to be before Westernization (3D etc.) set in…..

    I’ll take advantage of this as permission from the site administrator to go off the topic of the story.

    If you like video games, then why isn’t there an article about video games under the aesthetics section on the main site? You would increase your chances of getting hits from a younger demographic; it most certainly would be an art topic more interesting to them than paintings and sculptures. If you do heed this suggestion, I would recommend being careful with the nostalgia glasses and provide positive examples in modern gaming. The last thing you want are young readers to see you as bitter old men whining about “Back in my day, blah blah blah…”

    This site makes references to Dune 2 a bit. I find it interesting that the game introduced the non-canon House Ordos, who are described as “insidious”‘ in the intro, and whose unique weapons are a sneaky structure saboteur and a missile launcher that temporarily converts units to their side. The Ordos also enslave the emperor when you beat the game with them. The three houses correlate almost perfectly with the three “races”. I wonder if the developers were trying to send a message.

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