Can they feel the rope around their necks?

Zionists paid for the rope intended to strangle us which we are now taking out of their hands to hang them with:

A debate about the power in Washington of the pro-Israel lobby is underway, after Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., responded sharply to reports that Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was targeting both Omar and fellow Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Michigan.

Omar quoted rap lyrics — “It’s all about the Benjamins baby” — to suggest McCarthy’s move was driven by the lobby’s prolific spending. Asked specifically who she was referring to, Omar responded, “AIPAC!”

The debate over the influence of pro-Israel groups could be informed by an investigation by Al Jazeera, in which an undercover reporter infiltrated The Israel Project, a Washington-based group, and secretly recorded conversations about political strategy and influence over a six-month period in 2016. That investigation, however, was never aired by the network — suppressed by pressure from the pro-Israel lobby.

In November, Electronic Intifada obtained and published the four-part series, but it did so during the week of the midterm elections, and the documentary did not get a lot of attention then.

In it, leaders of the pro-Israel lobby speak openly about how they use money to influence the political process, in ways so blunt that if the comments were made by critics, they’d be charged with anti-Semitism.

David Ochs, founder of HaLev, which helps send young people to AIPAC’s annual conference, described for the reporter how AIPAC and its donors organize fundraisers outside the official umbrella of the organization, so that the money doesn’t show up on disclosures as coming specifically from AIPAC. He describes one group that organizes fundraisers in both Washington and New York. “This is the biggest ad hoc political group, definitely the wealthiest, in D.C.,” Ochs says, adding that it has no official name, but is clearly tied to AIPAC. “It’s the AIPAC group. It makes a difference, it really, really does. It’s the best bang for your buck and the networking is phenomenal.” (Ochs and AIPAC did not immediately return The Intercept’s requests for comment.)

Without spending money, Ochs argues, the pro-Israel lobby isn’t able to enact its agenda. “Congressmen and senators don’t do anything unless you pressure them. They kick the can down the road, unless you pressure them, and the only way to do that is with money,” he explains.

He describes a fundraiser for Anthony Brown, a Democrat running for Congress in Maryland, as typical. “So we want the Jewish community to go face to face in this small environment, 50, 30, 40 people, and say this is what’s important to us. We want to make sure that if we give you money that you’re going to enforce the Iran deal. That way, when they need something from him or her, like the Iran deal, they can quickly mobilize and say look we’ll give you 30 grand. They actually impact,” Ochs tells the reporter.

Such a claim is not so different from what Omar was describing, and for which she was roundly condemned.

In the censored documentary, Ochs went on to describe a fundraiser hosted by Jeff Talpins, a hedge fund giant, as similar, as well. “In New York, with Jeff Talpins, we don’t ask a goddamn thing about the fucking Palestinians. You know why? Cuz it’s a tiny issue. It’s a small, insignificant issue. The big issue is Iran. We want everything focused on Iran,” Ochs says. “What happens is Jeff meets with the congressman in the back room, tells them exactly what his goals are — and by the way, Jeff Talpins is worth $250 million — basically they hand him an envelope with 20 credit cards, and say, You can swipe each of these credit cards for a thousand dollars each.”

It is too late for them. The False Left is on its way out. The True Left is breaking through everywhere we look:

A high-level Democratic political power broker in Florida ripped his own party to shreds for, among other things, inviting a speaker with anti-Semitic views to speak at a local Democrat event.

Fladell read a quote from actor Damon Dash that was shared on the Facebook page of Reginald Cox, an architect and former member of the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency board.

“A Jewish businessman told me, ‘We call you (black people) liquid money. The same way that water falls out of a man’s hands, money typically seeps out of a black person’s hands the same way. Your community gets money and immediately gives it all away to people who aren’t black. We see that as a huge business opportunity,’ ” Fladell read the quote which he said sounded like “hate speech.”

In fact, Delray Beach Vice Mayor Adam Frankel had slammed the post shared by Cox last year, declaring it was offensive to himself and his constituents. Cox countered, however, and defended the post, along with another that included a video prefaced with the comment,“If you’re black and contemplating visiting Israel, think again.”

Fladell pointed to another post by Cox in which his direct comments on Facebook allegedly addressed the killing of millions of Jews by Hitler in Germany in light of the “100 million Black People exterminated by American Plantation Owners in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.”

“Jew-ish people call us the ‘N’ word yet we are forced to mourn for them over our OWN ancestors? We have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray, run amuck…” (sic) Cox wrote.

Cox is scheduled as the guest speaker for a local Democratic event set for Feb. 14.

“The person that posted what you just read is the guest speaker at the Delray Democratic Club next week, being honored, speaking about Black History Month,” Fladell emphasized.

“This is the new Democratic Party,” Fladell noted, explaining that the event was still set and Cox would still be honored, despite complaints from the city’s council members and vice mayor.

“Doesn’t it just make you feel wonderful? Doesn’t it give you a good solid feeling?” Fladell, who earlier referred to himself as a “proud Democrat,” asked sarcastically.

It gives me the feeling that all our effort over the years was not for nothing, at least. But it is not enough. When the debate is about choosing between conventional and nuclear warfare against Israel, then I may have a good solid feeling.

“If Terrie Rizzo, the chairman of our party allows this to happen, she’s sending you a message,” he added. “If you don’t react to this, show it to your children. See if they’re proud that this is happening in your city.”

Future generations of leftists will only not be proud that it took so long to happen.

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  1. SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Daniel says:

    We don’t even use the term master race you buffoon, and you’re getting that from a Zionist site that knows nothing about National Socialism/Aryanism. Herrenvolk does not even properly translate to the English words ”master race”.

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