Calling Aryanists in Venezuela (Hugo Chavez RIP)

Please join me in paying respects to President Chavez for expelling the Israeli ambassador from Venezuela and helping to build anti-Zionist sentiment in South America, as well as his various other positive efforts for Venezuela and its neighbours. (After the recent Hurricane Sandy, Venezuela was the first country to send aid to Cuba, Haiti and other countries. It was also the first country to send aid to Haiti in 2010 after the earthquake.)

Chavez on many occasions spoke vaguely of his expectation for the rise of a new ”21st century socialism” without ever clearly defining the content of such a trend. I suggest that we have the content right here. As such, we invite any Venezuelans who share our views (which you can find on the main site) to join our movement. We must do everything we can to help Venezuela stay anti-Zionist, and at the same time develop ideologically into something deeper that could one day become a positive example for countries around the world.

If you are an Aryanist in Venezuela, please contact Anthony:

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5 Responses to Calling Aryanists in Venezuela (Hugo Chavez RIP)

  1. Jason says:

    He will be missed. It is essential that leftist countries with strong central governments remain so, and future Aryanist communities/nations form alliances with them. Their economic models are not necessarily staunch examples for Aryanist intentional communities — for instance, the role of personal responsibly and private ownership will be important in order to sustain the developing Aryanist economy; and social projects by governments as advocated by “21st Century Socialists”
    will be partially out of the question.

  2. mandrake says:

    Can’t agree more.

  3. Trino says:

    Hugo Chávez will always be remembered as the promotor of the awake of the people of Latin América.

    He´s Revolution is getting multiply by others. Besides him, Nicaragua and Bolivia also break diplomatic relations with Israel.

    A lot of people still don´t know that he´s government is also helping the poor people in the US by the Citgo Venezuela Heating Oil Program.

  4. Trino says:

    Oh and I forgot about mentioning that Chávez, besides breaking diplomatic relations with Israel, I think I am not sure, that Chavez was the only brave President who literally curse the state of Israel, since the creation of that Zionist State. He did that as a reaction of the Israeli attack on the Turkish flotilla.

  5. Raul says:

    As the author of this parragraph, says to join him to respect Hugo Chavez for expelling Zionist Ambassador from Venezuela, I will add something else. Lets pay respect to Chavez also for cursing the murderer state of Israel,

    Damn you State of Israel.

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