Calling Aryanists in Norway

Remember last year when I said that among those massacred by Breivik might have been some potential Aryanists? It seems that I might have been correct after all, considering the current pro-Hitler mood of the AUF in Norway:

Any of those Hitler fans and anti-Zionists in the AUF (or any others with similar sentiments anywhere in Norway) are more than welcome to contact us at any time:

Please read through our site to understand why our movement is the future of non-racist opposition to Jewish power worldwide. We would love to help you work from within the Norwegian Labour Party to infuse it with anti-Zionist and ultimately authentic National Socialist ideas, which would save the trouble of starting a new party in Norway.

In other news to our regular visitors, we are too busy over here to cover the reports about the latest and ongoing IDF slaughter of Palestinians, but please regularly visit Sonnenschein’s blog for Israel-related posts; we are leaving this topic in his capable hands:

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