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I have just recovered from having been locked out of my own private email account basically throughout March. (At first I didn’t realize that I was locked out; after I stopped receiving alerts for new mail, I initially assumed that nothing was coming in. It wasn’t until last week that I found out my password, security questions, etc. had all been changed.) I will get round to responding to the accumulated emails soon. To all who have been waiting for a reply from me, sorry for the delay!

Things are looking worse and worse. The Rutuli success in the Italian elections last month foreshadow further expansion of Turandom unless something is done:,_2018

(Is MS around? If so, please post below to update us on the situation on the ground.)

And now everyone is discussing the Freedom Caravan headed towards the US border (in a scene that reminds me of the Atlanteans in Aryan Diffusion Part 7 - read the caption, they are literally coming from Oaxaca!):

Our enemies are behaving TO THE LETTER as I almost a decade ago predicted they would:

On March 30, approximately 30,000 Gazans marched to the Israeli border demanding a return to the land they presumably fled during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence. They tried to breach the border fence, and the Israel Defense Forces opened fire.

Though he is facing both legal and health troubles, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not backing down. He congratulated the IDF on its actions, even as the United Nations Security-General demanded an investigation. Israel is far more forthright about demographic threats than European nations, with the prime minister declaring non-Jewish migrants a greater threat than terrorists. He is right. What American reporters would call “undocumented immigrants” Israelis call “infiltrators.”

President Trump has taken a strong pro-Israel position since entering office. The best way he can put “America First” is to learn from Israel’s example.

We need martyrs. I am being serious. This is what it has come to. If Trump is going to put troops on the border, those troops need to be filled with Ahimsa bullet holes by American militias, consequences be damned. This is the kind of situation the Second Amendment was designed for. This is why all the US False Leftists calling for a ban on civilian firearm ownership precisely at a troubled and distressing time like this are beyond retarded and an embarassment to the rest of us. How do they intend to protect their fellow Atlanteans? If the troops open fire on the refugees, are the False Left going to deflect the bullets back at the troops using their cardboard protest signs?!?!

Just now we have a crazy willing to shoot up the YouTube office over petty private issues, but well over a year and still no martyrs willing to shoot Rehabs even though the future of the whole world hangs in the demographic balance??? Please prove me wrong…..

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  1. Sun of the Isles says:


    “The Rutuli success in the Italian elections last month foreshadow further expansion of Turandom unless something is done”

    Just for the sake of clarification on your stances towards the Italian election, are you preferring the Five-Star Coalition over the Lega Nord in the Italian election? Or are you thinling that both major parties are as rightist as each other?,_2018#/media/File%3AItalian_2018_elections_Chamber_of_Deputies_constituencies.svg

    Our enemies are behaving TO THE LETTER as I almost a decade ago predicted they would:

    BS shall forever be idiots. As quoted from the article above:

    “Will he hold firm like Israelis or crumple like Spaniards?”

    And at the same time they would claim that the so-called “White Genocide Plan” was formulated by the Jews . BS mentality in a nutshell.

    “If the troops open fire on the refugees, are the False Left going to deflect the bullets back at the troops using their cardboard protest signs?!?!”

    Well, the Americans of now-a-days are definitely cowards. Long gone are the times of their glorious revolution in the late 18th century. That’s what happens when your country projects too much strongly abroad, that the civilians put to much trust in the military, and are either too cowardly to hold a gun, or too barbaric to put a gun to the right uses.

    I bet that only in the event of a direct foreign invasion of mainland America, will the ordinary American be able to put a rifle to its proper applications.

    I am willing to bet, that it is the Jews, who are the main force in the gun-control scheme.

    Speaking of gun-control, the Shoguns of Japan disarmed the civilian population, once they took control of Japan (in the 17th century). What do you think of their policy?

  2. Nussun says:

    I doubt Americans would even defend America from a real invading army at this point.

    Even the usual suspects are now speaking on the possibility of an American economic collapse.
    On Contact: The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System with Richard Wolff:

    I think America is destined to become one giant gulag ruled by corporate feudalism.

  3. Nussun says:

    For-the-most-part Americans are extremely cowardly.

  4. Lucius Rhine says:

    Before I post this, yes I know people from “Central America” are not Spanish. But they speak Spanish! So without further ado, I give you Spanish Caravan by The Doors.

  5. Sun of the Isles says:


    Just wanted to get everybody’s attention on the “Punish a Muslim a Day” terror letters spread in England two days ago:

    The culprit, as of now, hasn’t been identified yet (they even misused the address of an English legal institution).

    I don’t know what the motive of these threatening letters could be. They could be either:

    a) seriously created as a threat towards Muslims in England, but the creator of these letters must be DEADLY stupid (nuke Mecca? Seriously?!) in order to create such letters. But you recognise the stupidity of some of the Islamophobic scums…

    b) A mischievious prank.

    c) A “false-flag” designed to wreak havoc among society in general, intending to both terrorise Muslims, and encourage Islamophobes to terrorise Muslims.

    I would like to hear opinions regarding this matter. Should this be taken seriously?

  6. LG says:

    Why does this website not default to HTTPS? I have to manually put it in every time I visit, and also when I navigate from the main site to the blog or vice-versa. If this website were to open up as HTTPS automatically, individuals who visit would be protected from their ISP. It also might come off as more professional for the website.

  7. Lucius Rhine says:


    As a web developer, I know that HTTPS means nothing if the site itself does not have certificates or encryption. What you’re saying is false in nature.

  8. RP says:

    Has anyone followed the news lately? The West is preparing to bomb Syria:

    Meanwhile, we have ZC TV personalities like Tucker Carlson who are supposedly defending Assad:

    Carlson (like Trump) has spent his career supporting every war and then later changing his position. I find it hard to believe that he is defending Assad out of sincerity. Yet in BS (and also some PC) circles he is being hailed as “the only anti war voice”.

    I suspect that some in the Israeli government would rather prefer Assad remain in power. In ZC infiltrated wings of the alt right, I have seen many Jews saying that Assad is good for Israel because he is “fighting ISIS” (which the Israelis themselves helped fund). The Jews are also scapegoating Saudi Arabia for ISIS when it was in fact Israel who masterminded the operation.

  9. AS says:


    “are you preferring the Five-Star Coalition over the Lega Nord in the Italian election? Or are you thinling that both major parties are as rightist as each other?”

    M5S is nicer-sounding in its rhetoric, but in practice not much better than Lega at present:

    The problem is that the entire political spectrum is shifting rightwards by insane degrees. And most people do not even notice how insane it is, in other words they are part of the mass insanity. The mere fact that the centre-right parties were still willing to form a coalition with Lega despite its increasingly far-right stance (e.g. switch to ENL from EFD) reflects the extent to which the far-right ideas are mainstreaming.

    No matter what new government forms, it is not looking good for refugees….. Until now, Italy has been one of the main landing countries for refugees crossing the Mediterranean. If Italy abandons this role, the sea crossings will become even more dangerous.


    “I think America is destined to become one giant gulag ruled by corporate feudalism.”

    Again I must resist posting a link to JJ’s forthcoming American nationalist blog which will prove otherwise, because I have promised to wait for him to do so himself when he feels ready…..


    “yes I know people from “Central America” are not Spanish.”

    Though if anyone from any of the marked regions voluntarily choose to move to Spain:

    they should be unquestionably accepted as Spanish.

  10. Sun of the Isles says:


    “I suspect that some in the Israeli government would rather prefer Assad remain in power.”


    “In ZC infiltrated wings of the alt right, I have seen many Jews saying that Assad is good for Israel because he is “fighting ISIS””

    But do those Jews sincerely believe that ISIS wasn’t the Zionists’ pawn to begin with? Or do they just want to look good to their ZC puppets?

    “The Jews are also scapegoating Saudi Arabia for ISIS when it was in fact Israel who masterminded the operation.”

    Both Saudi Arabia and ISIS are Israel’s puppet all-the-same, and the three of them are terrorist states, no different than each other (remember the Sauds’ terror on Yemeni civilians).

    Of course, while the US’s (and Trump’s) aid on ISIS is covert in nature, Trump has openly aided, and conspired with, the Sauds:

    I think this can be used in anti-Trump propaganda.


    “reflects the extent to which the far-right ideas are mainstreaming.”

    Fortunately, this phenomenon has spread itself only in the West. The West isn’t that much of a global geopolitical centre anymore.

  11. Nussun says:

    The West is looking increasingly desperate though, which makes it very dangerous. It also lacks good leadership, and then there’s the western press… Jewry is getting desperate also. Their whole identity is falling to pieces currently on the internet due to the anti-circumcision campaign that is picking up steam in the West, which was kicked off by that little island country Iceland of all nations…

    It’s so easy to show people that Judaism is not actually a religion if you put pressure on its circumcision tradition. Anyway Jews try and play it, they can’t wriggle out of that one. It leaves Jewry completely exposed to the bright light of the truth.

  12. Nussun says:

    There’s now a porn-star named Veronica Clark, from the Ukraine of all places. That reeks of desperation also….

  13. Nussun says:

    Lest we also forget that the hard-line Neocon position is that WWIII is worth it for the West to remain the sole hegemonic power of the world, led by America.

  14. Lucius Rhine says:

    I stumbled across this article today and found it interesting, painting nationalism in a positive light, as well as differentiating patriotism from nationalism in a true leftist style. My only complaint, of course, is the allusion to “jack booted thugs” in regards to nationalism. This is an article I definitely will be critiquing soon.

  15. Nussun says:

    This sentiment is also growing among some Trump voters:

    “You guys are right I voted for trump and I apologize I was tricked every American should be ashamed?…”

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