Back in the early days of post-9/11 anti-Zionist activism, many supposedly “Jew-aware” rightists tried to persuade me not to “waste time” with BDS. Their argument was that BDS was solely against Israel rather than against Jews, and thus was “damage control” intended to spare non-Israeli Jews. Their real concerns (which I had already detected at the time), however, were that BDS compared Israel to Apartheid South Africa (the latter which they strongly supported), and that BDS could lead to sympathy towards Muslims as victims of Jews (whereas they wanted Muslims to be portrayed as “Semitic” adversaries along with Jews). Anyway, I told them that BDS would surely come round to a more general anti-Jewish attitude over time as a matter of ontological inevitability. And as usual, they told me this was “impossible” as BDS was based on anti-racism, whereas according to them only racists can be anti-Semitic, because anti-Semitism is a “virile”/”uncucked” reaction to seeing Semites outcompeting one’s own ethnotribe. My position, of course, has always been the opposite: only anti-racists can be truly anti-Jewish (and anti-Judaism), because Jews themselves are racists (and Judaism teaches racism).


The Facebook groups examined in this report are focused on promoting the Palestinian cause and Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. In this report we present posts that appeared in eight BDS groups between January 2016 and July 2019, with explicit and blatant antisemitic incitement against Jews and Judaism without any context linking them to Israel or its policies.

Groups Examined (see Appendix for details):

  1. Boycott Israel[1]: Public group with 10,000 members.
  2. BDS FIRST[2]: Public group with about 2,000 members.
  3. Stand with Palestine[3]: Public group with 60,000 members.
  4. ANTI ZIONIST – BOYCOTT ISRAEL[4]: Closed Facebook group with 4,000 members.
  5. A group for Palestine and its friends[5]: Closed group with 24,000 members.
  6. Boycott Israel…. Support the BDS[6]: Closed group with more than 35,000 members.
  7. Boycott Israel?. Free Palestine  ANSWER ALL 3 QUESTIONS PLZ!![7]: Closed group with more than 11,000 members.
  8. BOYCOTT ISRAEL NEWS AND MEDIA.[8]: Closed group with 800 members.

This report focuses solely on posts[9] published in these groups (most of which are very active) that express explicit hatred and vilification of Jews and incite against them

Members of BDS groups and pro-Palestinian Facebook groups often claim that Jews are nefariously behind various major global catastrophes throughout history. They claim that Jews regularly carry out “false-flag” attacks in order to implicate other groups (most recently Muslims) and to bring war and strife worldwide. They also claim that Jews falsify or stage attacks and persecution of their own people in order to gain sympathy and to further their plans for world domination. This can include accusing Jews of orchestrating their own persecution during World War II, and denying the veracity and/or extent of the Holocaust as well as of other modern antisemitic events.

A post in the group Boycott Israel… Support BDS features a cartoon image of a gun-toting, hook-nosed Orthodox Jew, calling for an attack against Muslim countries. The post states: “Fuck them dirty scum of the earth zio-maggots, peace in the Middle East can only exist when Israel doesn’t.” It was posted by Tommy Swan, a self-identified liberal from New Jersey.[11]

A comment posted on April 20, 2019 in this group, in response to a report from Palestine Post 24 about the Paris Notre-Dame fire,[12] featured the Happy Merchant meme,[13] a caricature of a stereotypical antisemitic portrayal of a Jew, with the text: “They burned a big mosque the same day. That’s [how] you get two other groups to hate each other. You attack each of them. This makes each think the other attacked him. I wonder who would want Christians and Muslims to hate each other. Must be someone who will profit from the situation.” The comment was by Frank Johnson of Wichita, Kansas, who vehemently opposes U.S. President Trump and particularly his immigration policy.[14]

Om January 26, 2017, in the group Stand with Palestine, Bradley Omar Farid[22] posted: “the Jews killed the people of China with opium under the British banner.”

Vanessa Pearce, who is a moderator of the group Stand with Palestine, posted a meme on April 6, 2017 claiming the Jews were behind the Israeli attack on USS Liberty in June 1967, as well as the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. The meme claims that Jews carried out these attacks and tried to pin it on Arabs. “The war on terror is a Jewish scam,” the meme states. Pearce prefaced: “…Henry Ford on ‘The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.’ The strategies noted by Henry Ford are apparent in this Age of Big Lies when one realizes that it was Zionists, not Muslims, who did 9/11. This Age of Big Lies has been in development for hundreds of years. The assumption that America was attacked by Muslims on 9/11 also lies behind the widespread perception of Islam as an inherently violent religion and therefore of Muslims as guilty until proven innocent.

A meme insinuating that Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks was posted in the group Boycott Israel… Support BDS by user Munther Bin Ahmad from Abu Dhabi.[25] The meme shows two men, with the Laughing Merchant superimposed over the faces. The text reads: “We’ll have two planes come in like this. Then we’ll drop the buildings.” Derek Dlowe[26] commented: “Fucking COCKSUCKER JEW BASTARD.”

On March 3, 2017 a video of a news report claiming that a Jewish student had painted swastikas on her own dorm room was shared in the same group by Jimmy Stephen.[29][30] In response to the video, Brett Gardner, a poster from the UK[31], commented with a meme that appears frequently in BDS groups in different versions: An Orthodox Jew is holding a two-way radio[32] with the caption reading: “Spotted a few smart Goyim they’re on to us. OK, activating Holocaust Antisemitism mode – Rabbi #1_out.” On June 16, 2019 another popular meme based on the same photo was posted by Charles Hansen in the group Anti Zionist – Boycott Israel, of which he is an administrator (as indicated by the shield icon near his name.) This meme accuses Jews of staging false-flag attacks intended to implicate Muslims.

On December 6, 2016, Menssen commented to a post in the group with a meme featuring Hitler and other SS military personnel, the caption reads: “They told you that we were monsters we were the last warriors who fought the satanic Jewish banking cartel that rules you today.”[35]

Hemmet quoted the article: “Who knew it would be as simple as voting for a radical socialist like Jeremy Corbyn, whose public support for the Palestinians has so angered and “terrified” the Jews in the U.K. that they are willing to leave, perhaps to Israel, just to make a point and hopefully ‘tarnish’ England’s international reputation as a senile lapdog for the interests of the Rothschilds?

Phillip Julio Long, a Libertarian, according to his Facebook page,[59] commented: “That is called an EXODUS a planned organized RETREAT to FLEE FROM JUSTICE because they know their plans have failed and they are about to lose their  and possibly their lives as well for high TREASON.” Taggert Hodge, a supporter of the U.S. Democratic Party ,[60] responded to Long by saying: “Like rats from a sinking ship. Let’s hope that they all drown. That would be justice.”

In the group Stand with Palestine, Peter Thompson, who opposes the Republican Party and supports asylum seekers in America,[82] posted a meme on May 26, 2017 from the antisemitic website, stating that “American presidents are slaves of the Jews [...] The Jews control America! Wake the hell up!”[83]

The cover photo of the group Boycott Israel News and Media is a cartoon falsely attributed to Ben Garrison[88] in which the media (depicted as the Happy Merchant with dollars in his pocket) is shown to be run by Jews but disguised as Gentile (depicted by a blonde woman who appears to be lawyer and columnist Ann Coulter) stating “Israel is our greatest ally!” and “never forget the 6,000,000.” The photo was added on June 4, 2019 by Jay Skinner,[89] the group admin.

In the group Stand with Palestine, on December 13, 2017, Giles Leveson-Gower[94], a U.K. Labour Party supporter, wrote: “Round 98% of those identifying as Jews are European converts with ancestry to nowhere else than Europe.

Alan Diggle, an administrator of the group Boycott Israel… Support Palestine changed the group cover photo on June 22, 2019 to a very popular meme featuring children wearing kefiyas with the caption: “Someone once asked me if I am Antisemtic. I replied, ‘not at all, I like the Palestinians people.’”

On June 15, 2019, Fidel Rodriguez Arguinzoni[96] shared a link to an article[97] in the same group, claiming that “Ashkenazim are genetically European”.

I will take applause now.

Which will not to say that our work is finished, quite the contrary, the BDS scene is still full of confusion:

On the other hand, many posters consider the Nazis and Hitler as evil, and they claim that the Jews or Zionists learned their evil deeds from the Nazis and now perform similar atrocities against the Palestinians or they even surpass the Nazis in their cruelty. Many of these posters believe in a conspiracy theory claiming Hitler himself was Jewish or in cahoots with the Jews, Zionists, Rothschilds or any combination thereof. In contrast, other posters support Hitler and Nazi ideology, and they consider such accusations an insult to Hitler. By no means does this view of the Nazis and Hitler as evil indicate acceptance of the veracity of the historical facts of the Holocaust, such as the existence of death camps or the figure of six million Jewish victims. A good example to such a debate can be found in a thread from May 2017 in the group Boycott Israel… Support BDS. Raja Mahmoud, a poster from the UK,[107] wrote: “They [the Jews] need to be eradicated. Come back saint Adolf Hitler.” Muhammad Iqbal Afridi, from Pakistan,[108] responded: “Adolf Hitler himself was a Rothschild. Kindly research.”

Another issue that is a bone of contention between members of BDS groups who post antisemitic statements is the issue of race, specifically attitudes towards white supremacy. Interestingly, attitudes towards racism are not always consistent. These groups carry views that are critical of white supremacy, posts that accuse Jews of white supremacy, and posts that support white supremacy views.

But rest assured that we will keep clearing it up:

Another example is a debate that followed a meme posted by Zubaida Ali[111] in the group Stand with Palestine on February 9, 2016, suggesting that “Zionism is a new version of Nazism.” Angela R Schacht, a member from Australia,[112] responded with a meme featuring a quote by Adolf Hitler in support of Islam“. Angela Beverley, another member from Australia,[113] liked the meme and added the distinction: “[...] the correct term is National Socialism which has nothing to do with Zionism.”

Shaun Kingston[124] shared a link to an article from the in the group Anti Zionist – Support BDS on March 24, 2019. The article states that white supremacy and Zionism are “birds of a feather.”[125] Charles Hansen wrote “that’s a fact” and shared a meme claiming America is controlled by Zionists.

(And what are those “Jew-aware” rightists of old doing these days? As far as I have seen, they have mostly moved on to complaining that women are the real biggest problem in the world….. And they know they are correct because they can show that even the Tanakh agrees with them…..)

For more on BDS:

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6 Responses to BDS MkII

  1. Mza9 says:

    “Zionist cause is very close to my heart…. I am very confident of the happy development of the Jewish colony and am glad that there should be a tiny speck on this earth in which the members of our tribe should not be aliens…” — Albert Einstein

    “Aliens” always precisely because they are a “tribe”. Amazing…. :D

    Did he really say this too?

    “Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in non-Jews by the Jewish group. This is a normal social reaction.”

    For a person to be truly Anti-Semitic they would need to be against all Semitic peoples. I’ve never met anyone like that before. I have met people though who have absolutely no problem with most other peoples on the planet, except for Jews and “Whites”. Funny how that works out eh?

    Obviously everyone else’s fault!


  2. @Mza9

    Did he really say this too?
    “Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in non-Jews by the Jewish group. This is a normal social reaction.”

    There’s a bit more to the quote than that, but yes, in short Einstein is documented to have said something like that.

    Documented here. Click the link for the book page with the full quote.

  3. Dr. Giallio says:

    For those of you who did not know, I am in a few of these aforementioned groups.

  4. SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Daniel says:

    @Dr Giallo

    What group is that?

  5. Pyratani says:

    @Daniel – The ‘aforementioned groups’ that Giallo is referring to are the various BDS and Boycott Israel groups mentioned in the post. I’m a member of a few of these same Facebook groups too.

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