Aryanism vs MacDonald’s culture

I’m not talking about the fast food chain (though that is also on the boycott list). I’m talking about the guy covered here:

Now that delendaestziobot has got the ball rolling, I will throw in a contribution of my own. In several of his articles, Macdonald likes to include a two-column table to show the differences between Jews and Gentiles. To provide more comprehensiveness, I have added Aryans in a third column (everything in black is Macdonald’s, everything in blue is mine):

Be careful of those who promote MacDonald while also claiming to support us. The excuse of “providing more sources for study” doesn’t cut it any more. We could spend our whole lives studying this subject from all the different available angles, but if we did that, the movement would never take off because we would never finalize what the movement is supposed to be about! A certain amount of study is necessary, but then there comes a time when we must just pick a side. It follows that the best trick our enemies can play at this point is to confuse the survey of the available sides by piling on the information. This is what MacDonald and his supporters are doing.


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  1. Delendaestziobot says:

    After the unfortunate experience of reading more of Kevin Macdonalds work, I find the Protocols of Zion more relevant than ever. I think it was a good idea by Aryan Sanctuary to make an example of this Macdonald, so to make it abundantly clear as to what we are against. And it is not a difference of opinion or in-house dispute, Aryanism is totally opposed to Kevin Macdonald, there is no common ground whatsoever. I see him as nothing more than a cynical Zionist suffering from a bad case of 20th Century institutionalized indoctrination.

  2. Longinus says:

    I liked Dr William Luther Pierce better. It is hard to listen his lectures about slaughter of Europeans in Haiti by the bloodthirsty Woodoo hordes of Zambos (initiated by the Masonic and Humanist bourgeoisie and inspired by rationalist philosophers). The NIGGERS had healthy jungle instincts and prevailed over degenerated and overly intellectualistic Europeans. When it comes to instincts jews are just like niggers, only more intelligent.

    I’m sorry folks, this is where we fall apart. I love Europe just the way it is (was), and also other places inhabited by the White Gentiles such as Russia and USA (especially the RACIST South). Jew is the ultimate enemy, followed by negroes, troppical races, turks, levantines, mexicans and mongols. It’s not about “hate” but survival. I can respect or even like individual members of other races but as groups they represent our death – physical, spiritual and intellectual. It is Aryan to resist and it’s slavish to rationalize.

  3. Marduniya says:


    “Jew is the ultimate enemy”

    The Jew is our eternal enemy until he is destroyed. There are countless other difficulties the world faces besides Jewry. Overpopulation, the influx of inferior and decrease of superior individuals and the destruction of our environment to name a few. Once the Jew is destroyed, do you believe all the problems listed above will disappear and the world will magically transform into a utopia? Believing so is foolish; one must accept the fact that the masses, the Gentiles (racist folks like yourself), are of inferior stock incapable of sculpting society and man into perfection.

    As you have stated yourself, the meaning of your existence is simply to survive. Aryans aim much higher than mere survival.

  4. oregoncoug says:

    Fellow Aryan Longinus,

    Please allow me to speak to you in EXISTING standard English.

    Dr. Pierce, one of the great geniuses of our time, is the Voice of Boromir. He is a “Humanist… rationalist philosopher” if ever there were such a thing. We Aryanists can not ask you to have any personal liking for “negroes, tropical races, levantines” because that would violate your personal freedom. And it’s true that N/nigger does basically mean the same as N/negro or B/black in our English language and standard English is what we speak. From there we may have to fall apart, but I do not see you addressing Aryanist facts as you should when your not doing so must grievously divide our Aryan Folk for no good reason.

    The origin of that White Europe you so rightly love is situated in the western edges of ASIA. We Europeans and Americans are all of us also ASIANS by origin. You will discover this if you are serious enough in your study of our Anglo-Saxon and Germanic poetry and art. Therefore we, as WHITES or racial Europeans, share the nomad-farmer spirit of Asia with the Turks, Mongols and Mexican-Indians. Recent true scientific studies are showing that the racially-white Ainu of Japan are the racial root of several of the American Indian peoples (usernamen on You Tube has some recent videos about this). Quetzalcoatl, the God of Mexico, was a Nordic White Viking, so to see Mexico as your enemy is to reject a valuable part of our own WHITE race. White Creole Spanish Mexico is, in 2010, incomparably more truly White European Aryan and proudly race conscious than any racial population in the U.S.A.

    Also our beloved Russian Folk is thoroughly shot through with Mongol blood and heritage, so to see the Mongols as your race enemy is, down here on planet earth, also to see the Russians as your race enemy. And our infinitely beloved Holy City of Constantinople is also clearly ever so slightly Turk? White Europe without Constantinople will never amount to much, so I urge you to reflect with great seriousness on what your emotional identification of the existing Turk as our race enemy MUST mean for WHITE Europe. The existing Turks are, again down here on planet earth, themselves half-Greek Aryan to begin with anyway. In race the Turk is similar to the Hungarian, Finn and Estonian, all of them roughly part Altaic-Mongol and at least half Indo-European. Are the Hungarians, Finns and Estonians also our race enemies? Speaking of which, have you never noticed a streak of FIERCE HUN BLOOD in the Germans?? We Germans are not called Huns for nothing!! Mein Herr, the Founding Father of my most beloved German Reich is none other than: ATTILA THE HUN. But for that fine gentleman, the Pater Familias of my own German Nation, there would most assuredly never have been a Germany!

    You speak of loving Europe just the way it is and was. That is like saying: “I love my mother drunk or sober.” If you truly love your mother she will not be a drunk to begin with and, in a similar way, if you truly love Europe and America, you will act like a proper nobleman and compassionately teach your peasants better ways (with Roman Laws, flames and whips if needs be). That would show a father’s manly true love for our White Race.

    Survivalism is unworthy of our NOBLE White Race. Competition is the way of ignoble inferior races. A superior race bravely fights and faces Death as Destiny inflicts it. A NOBLE man is not afraid to face death and die when the time comes, as it must. Please forgive my Norman English, but you appear to value survival like a swarthy peasant.

    If you love our White Race, then know it well enough to understand that it is the INDO-European Race, the ASIATIC Race in Europe and the European Americas. Learn about our racial ancestor’s Aryan Invasion of Europe from the East and their innate connections with Asia and the Americas. Then it must dawn on you how our Indo-European Race (always a language first and a genetics only second) has become the one true UNIVERSAL ARYAN RACE that is destined to liberate everything noble in this world and lead it upwards to its true Eternal Freedom Beyond the Stars.

  5. Longinus says:


    It is unavoidable for humans, animals (!), microbes, galaxies and even atoms to collide. Why do you think it is different with races? Truthfulness concerning all things including race is a noble trait but high-pitched anti-racism is a mark of the timid. Your self-assumed nobility backed only by moralism does not except you from universal carnage, nor does it make you superior. Quite opposite, it’s the trait of ‘chosen’ and the feminine.

    All free men are necessarily strong, they are “slaves of their own strength” and destined to enslave others. Indeed, “man doth not live by bread alone, but also by the flesh of good lambs” (Nietzsche) LOL

    There will be enough time for “freedom” when we die. In this life we fight, rule and serve. Those who achieve perfection in these activities can truly be called noble. Yes, I’m concerned about survival. Lust for life is the mark of the strong-willed man, a noble trait.

    ‘Kalos tanatos’ or the fair death must be perused only when dignified survival is not an option. That time for gentiles is knocking at the door as we are speaking. Those who really are noble amongst them shall die killing as much enemies as possible and Helot souls amongst them shall bend their knees, talk, rationalize, moralize while their wives and daughters spread their legs to the more virile invader.

    True Racists choose to die first, therefore by what other name can we call but Aryan.

  6. oregoncoug says:


    Great vid! Recall that the early Klan were mostly Anglicans and Catholics who “ate the flesh of good lambs” in the magical form of eucharistic bread. Even Nietzsche was himself in a torturous process of conversion into that same viewpoint and accordingly often criticized the Human-All-Too-Human carnivores. The “unavoidable” collisions of universal carnage IS Judaism! Lust for life is seamlessly consistent with everything I’ve been advocating and even kalos thanatos is an extreme form of that same holy lust. Judaism and its universal carnage NEGATE that same lust for life. There is a terrible inconsistency at the heart of your argument.

    The Struggle for Freedom is not for the next life, or at least not only for it! Napoleon said the main military virtue is endurance while he emphasized that courage is only the second most important strength of a victorious warrior. Your anger needs to be periodically released by compassion so that your warrior endurance can be perfected and achieve harmony with your great courage. Then you are MOST welcome to “die killing as much enemies as possible and Helot souls amongst them shall bend their knees, talk, rationalize, moralize while their wives and daughters spread their legs to the more virile invader.” But you will then have the military discipline to do so effectively and legally!

    You imagine nobility is backed only by feminine morality, by domesticity. Our heritage of European and American Roman law, religion, government and military power are not exactly domesticity. Some might see our European Aryan Emperors and law-enforcing Nobility, with their National Socialist heirs, as among “the more virile invaders.” They have rarely been condemned for their feminine domesticity.

    “To die first…” THAT is the GREAT WEAKNESS of your argument. That is BOROMIR talking! Your sense of life as suicide is deeply scared by this JUDAIC mentality!! We do not need to live as suicidal losers. Aryans are the Twice Born, not Boromir-like losers with his unhealthy judaic Death Wish. Your Boromir Syndrome indicates you DO NOT TRULY WANT TO FIGHT the Juden but instead would rather die and lose than stand and fight to the end no matter the cost.

    Your words “men are necessarily strong” indicates you only want to fight for as long as it doesn’t injure your self-pride but would much rather die than face the reality of combat that requires nothing so much as a humility to hang in there come what may until VICTORY. No, men are necessarily loyal. MY HONOR IS LOYALTY! Not “my honor is looking good until the going really gets tough and then the tough get going with me as the first running fastest out the door.”

  7. Longinus says:

    People who promote race-mixing often point out some ancient nonwhite admixture in Europeans. Dr. Pierce has compared this with dirt under fingernails – there shall always be some microscopic dirt on our bodies but that is not the reason to stop bathing. Distant, historic admixtures are really not that important.


    Ancient Aryans came from Asia but the were not Asian (Mongol) but old Persian and old-Indian. Greeks and Persian elite (“Sons of Perseus” as Pythia reffered them) were of the same stock. It does’t really matter where you come from but what you are.


    That was not the way old Teutons reasoned – Nibelungenlied heroes like Gunther, Hagen, Giselher, Gernot. Their choice was death instead fraternization with Asiatic “kin”. If memory serves me well Hagen von Tronje has even gone so far to kill Attila’s and Brunhild’s child and drink blood of the dead Huns.


    They were far more bloodthirsty than Spaniards who vanquished them, but because Catholic Spain was (is) not so popular amongst English, Dutch and protestants the brave Conquistadors are frequently badmouthed (especially by jews, liberals, commies and other modernists). What a pity von Tilly has not won the war, sensitivities today would have been completely different. We’d probably have Holly Inquisition (meaning no jewish, muslim, feminist or ‘gay’ problems in our countries.)


    Turks have sinned beyond repentance against Balkans, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria, Italian city-states and Spain. They look nothing like real Hungarians. Like Hungarian Gypsies and Jews perhaps but not like White Hungarians. My grandfather was a real Hungarian so I should know. Hungarians mostly look like eastern and central Europeans, not like Armenoids with big fleshy noses and black curly hair. There were large colonies of Jews in Asia Minor during the antiquity and these people look nothing like fair ancient Greeks. Jews have also LOVED the Ottoman Empire and Gypsies have used this state to spread like the pest into Christian countries.

    What do you think about Norman Lowell endeavours (Imperium Europa)?

  8. Delendaestziobot says:

    I just do not see how the comments are relevant to Kevin Macdonald and Aryanism, there really is not much common ground between Kevin Macdonald’s theories and Aryanism as a movement. Kevin Macdonald is Holohoax believing, Darwinian political Zionist who offers inaccurate history and false science to justify Jewish crime and degeneracy, in fact Macdonald considers the very things that we despise to be superior quality racial traits, that should be emulated, he considers them a success! Well an Aryan does not consider them a success, a true Aryan considers the Jews to be Nature’s most unfortunate dismal failure, we aim to be less like them, not more like them! They are not biologically successful and they certainly will not be politically successful, but if Gentiles wish to hitch their wagon to Jewry, then they can go right ahead, but there is no scientific basis for doing this, its not a evolutionary survival strategy, its just a short term cop out, that’s all it is.

    Lets put aside the non-sequitors, and stick to the subject, that way problems can be solved more efficiently.

  9. Colin says:

    Yes Delendaestziobot, let us focus on political solutions and real action. I feel that discussions on race are highly irrelevant at this point but if one needs to vent about who did what to who, there is always youtube I guess…

  10. oregoncoug says:

    Delendaestziobot and Colin,

    Good points. I’ve made my critique of the BS, refuting it even on its own ground and shown fatal contradictions in its own internal logic. Boromir is, as AS has analyzed so well, merely a dead soul who can never contribute to any solutions or real action. My venting cast out Boromir’s ghost and I am done with it. Enough…

  11. Longinus says:

    Unlike Norman Lowell you have offered no solution Europe’s immigration problem. Jews and liberal capitalists cause Muslims to flood into Europe, but you don’t even think it’s a problem so that makes you a part of the problem.

    Muslim immigration can be solved peacefully. If Muslim religious leaders refuse to call Muslim immigrants back into lands they came from we can starve the entire middle east to death. If Arabs wont sell cheep oil we can starve them to death. There is really no need for war or “conflict of civilizations”. In racialist Empire people would have race id card without witch they wouldn’t be able to use public services. If they refuse to moove out they can die of thirst and hunger in the street, so there’s no need for concentration camps.

  12. Colin says:

    Mr. Longinus, you obviously have no place posting on this website. We are against cruelty to all living things so what makes you think we would support or come around to the idea that “we can starve the entire middle east to death”? Read the slogans or begone, it is unity through nobility not unity through clever and painful deceit.

  13. Colin says:

    Furthermore Mr. Longinus, try to realize that a) “Muslims” – as used by right-wing Europeans, acting very similar to “Conservative” Americans in relation to illegal Mexican immigration- is really just a sword wielded by our Zionist-Correct institutions/politicians used to hack us to bits. It is a distraction much like baseball stats and “western” culture in general
    and b) Realize how ridiculous it sounds to use “Muslims” in a demographic racial sense. It is a very diverse religion just as Christianity is!

  14. Delendaestziobot says:

    These so called ‘Nations’ are corporate entities, they don’t represent Aryans, they do not represent anyone at all, as it stands now Aryans have no allegiance to any modern Nation State nor can they, as they have no allegiance to us. The Nation State today represents only its own corporate interests under international Uniform Commercial Code and Maritime Law, Nation States today are corporations. I have already explained this;

    No need to preserve these current nation states of oppression, we will have to create a new Nation, from scratch. The Nations as they exist today do not represent any people, no biological flesh and blood human being is recognized by a single Nation State on the entire earth! How do you like that? Situation is dire brother, not good, we been sold out down the river, thats why im sitting here typing to you cyberspace, its not I want, but that is what I got, and I must do something about it.

    Right, ‘NATIONALITY’, its legal definition is; “the relationship between a person (corporate fiction) and a state (corporation), the person (corporate fiction) becomes subject to the state’s (corporation) laws (UCC), EVEN WHILE NOT PHYSICALLY PRESENT IN THE STATE, IN EXCHANGE FOR THE STATE’S (CORPORATION) PROTECTION.”

    That is the only recognition, the only meaning, a ‘person’ is a ‘corporate fiction’, you don’t even exist, you only exist in the Nation’s eyes when you submit to their ‘PROTECTION’, no matter who you are or where you come from. So this preservation of nation states is ridiculous, they got you all running round in circles, demanding more ‘PROTECTION’, why? Because that is the only reason why a Nation State can legally operate as they are now.

    What has a Muslim got to do with any of that?

  15. Delendaestziobot says:

    Do you think Kevin Macdonald knows anything about survival? The armchair Judaism critic from the Zionist halls of Americana Academia! The guy has never even had a real job before, the guy is a token, something Jews beat with a stick when they’re bored at a party – Numbers 22:27, Kevin Macdonald is a like a University PINATA!

    I mean, if you cannot see it, what’s it going to take, we can’t just keep on typing away for 3 months until the penny finally drops, for the last time HE IS NOT ONE OF US!!!!

    Now I’ve had enough of the subject.


  16. Longinus says:

    My dear Mr. Colin it is me who should feel deceived. It was dishonest of your crew to highjack the genuine Aryanist images and Adolf Hitler’s quotes to promote well known and established niggerloving ideology. Yes, you are the elite – the elite of race-Iscariots! Goodbye and may God have mercy on your souls.

  17. oregoncoug says:

    I’ve removed the recent “Longinus” comments from the blog. We can pity Boromirs but we do not need them. Mr. Norman Lowell, although not an Aryanist, is a Nietzschean who is also intensely anti-nationalist and aware of at least the possibility of common interests with Muslims. He uses propaganda in non-Aryanist ways, but he is intelligent enough to see through the arguments of undereducated BS nationalist meat-heads.

    He is no Boromir who thinks himself too good TO FIGHT for the freedom of his island.

    What Kamerad Delendaestziobot is saying about the existing nation-states, (which means Kevin McDonald too because he is among their leading defenders!), is the truth, no matter how much personal pain that must cause to many of of his readers, myself among them. We who love our nations must realize that the only way they can ever exist again in truth (beyond McDonald’s fantasies) is as confederal provinces within a Greater Fourth Reich of Arya. Then legitimate national heritage could be respected. Some provinces might have a monarch while others would have other political arrangements under the firm hand of Guides who will embody the Spirit of Adolf Hitler.

    Among our best political models must be the examples of Caesar Augustus, Constantine, Frederick Barbarossa, Frederick II, Napoleon and the Fuhrer. McDonald is like a siren calling us to wreck our ships on the rocks of Boromir Syndrome defeatism.


  18. Longinus says:

    These speakers really are overly concerned about survival (race, genes, darwinism and immigration). But what is more important for a truly noble race – survival or victory? There really is something ignoble about Darwinism/survivalism…a noble man is not a rodent nor can he function in rodent society, nor compete with natural born rodents in terms of survival. Survival does not equal victory or freedom or decent way of living. It can also mean slavery or life not worth living. An Aryan knows that death is not the same as defeat and that one can be triumphant even in death. As Dr. MacDonald has mentioned, German working class has disappointed the 20. century marxist zionists but Muslim immigrants shall disappoint liberal zionists as well, and liberals know it! Class-conflict in 20. century Germany has similarities to the “conflict of civilizations” in 21. century West (with Jews as major warmongers). National Socialist attitude concerning jew-manipulated conflicts between german classes and european races was clear. So it should be ours concerning races and civilizations of humanity.

  19. RP says:

    “Be careful of those who promote MacDonald while also claiming to support us. The excuse of “providing more sources for study” doesn’t cut it any more.”

    ZCF/Brandon Martinez was promoting MacDonald while claiming to be an anti-Zionist, and is now a white supremacist, so that makes me suspicious of his motives in the first place.

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