Anti-Zionist logic harvest

according to Die Welt, “The work of constitutional protection against right-wing extremism is to be intensified” and measures be taken so that “security authorities and the judiciary are adequately equipped to combat politically motivated crime from the right as necessary”.The new governmental initiative, however, appears to be directed only against anti-Semitism committed by right-wing extremists. It appears, for example, to ignore anti-Semitic acts committed by Islamist extremists — a peculiar omission, considering the findings of the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA): “Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in the EU, published in December 2018. According to the survey:

“With respect to the most serious incident of antisemitic harassment, on average, across the 12 Member States surveyed, the most frequently mentioned categories for perpetrators were: ‘someone else I cannot describe’ (31 %); ‘someone with an extremist Muslim view’ (30 %); ‘someone with a left-wing political view’ (21 %); ‘work or school/college colleague’ (16 %); ‘teenager or group of teenagers’ (15 %); ‘an acquaintance or friend’ (15 %); ‘someone with a right-wing political view’ (13 %)“.[1]

Of course we here know that Muslims count as leftists, but under the poorly planned category choices above it looks like the 21% refers more narrowly to non-Muslim leftists, which would mean that in reality up to 30% + 21% = 51% of anti-Jewish activism is coming from the left, compared to a mere 13% from the right.

“The recording of these events proves that anti-Semitic events with an Islamist background are not uncommon in Germany. For the period from January to December 2017 alone, more than 100 incidents were recorded, ranging from anti-Zionist sermons to anti-Semitic graffiti to verbal and physical attacks against individuals. Probably this is just the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’. [Emphasis added].

“Violent events have so far been recorded only to a limited extent. Even individual cases, however, make it clear that the ideological radicalization of people and the incitement to hatred and violence through anti-Semitic ideas provide the breeding ground for violent escalations.

“It is also noteworthy that numerous incidents have been caused by individuals, who have so far had no evidence of a link to organized Islamism. For example, in April 2016, a woman in Berlin was addressed by two Arab men because of her necklace pendant in the shape of the land of Israel. The two men then insulted her with the words ‘You shit Jews! You are the scum of the world’. In December 2017, an Arab classmate attacked a Jewish high school student in Berlin with the words: ‘You are child murderers; you should have your heads cut off!’ Also in December 2017, two unknown persons attacked a synagogue in North Rhine-Westphalia and insulted the staff there with the words: ‘Al-Quds belongs to us! Disappear from here, you sons of whores!’

“Such events suggest that the anti-Semitic ideas spread by Islamists are increasingly also found in Muslim social groups outside Islamist organizations. Whether this is a permanent phenomenon – perhaps even a sustained trend – remains to be seen.

“Irrespective of the perspective, however, it should be noted that the anti-Semitic ideas spread by Islamist groups and individuals already present a considerable challenge to peaceful and tolerant coexistence in Germany today”.

(Care to bet on how many of the above activists are also Hitler fans? Probably more than you think.)

But now we get to the main point of the enemy article:

The question, then, is why jihadi anti-Semitism does not appear to have been included in the German government’s package of initiatives to combat anti-Semitism?

Given the official threat scenario, the German government owes all its citizens an explanation as to why it is so “selective” in its response to anti-Semitism.

Because leftist anti-Zionism is not the same thing as rightist anti-Semitism. Most importantly, the former is ethically justified whereas the latter is not.

Leftist hostility to Jews is retaliation to Jewish racism towards non-Jews. Anyone wishing to claim that this is unjustified would have to argue that racism is justified.

Rightist hostility to Jews, in contrast, is a desire to reclassify Jews from “white” to “non-white”, in conjunction with promoting “white” racism towards “non-whites”. Anyone wishing to claim that this is justified would again have to argue that racism is justified.

The same foundational attitude – that racism is unjustified – must logically condemn rightist hostility to Jews and at the same time sympathize with leftist hostility to Jews. This explains the divergent response of the German government towards the two types of hostility towards Jews. It is not “selective”. It is logical. Nor is it unique to Germany:

Is anyone ethically tonedeaf enough to describe this as a “selective response to punching”?

Leftism = punching up. Rightism = punching down.

Leftism is American. Rightism is not.

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2 Responses to Anti-Zionist logic harvest

  1. Polinc Socjus says:

    So, in short,
    Rightists hate Jews because they think Jews aren’t “White” people.
    Leftists hate Jews because Jews are no better than “White” people.

  2. hanjar says:

    I see the German government is mentioned here, so I am posting an update.

    Remember last year when everyone here signed a petition to help a German-based Gaza charity team whose members were under attack by the government, which included dawn raids, interrogations, and smearing their names and doxing them to dangerous far-right islamophobes.

    Despite failing to produce evidence to support the accusations, because the charity was sabotaged they could no longer provide support for a homeless little boy, Wassem Albatran.

    Waseem has died.

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