Anti-Zionist harvest: Sweden

No foreword necessary; straight to the enemy article:

Sweden’s Government Funds Anti-Semitism

Many organizations that spread implicit anti-Semitism receive no attention from either the Swedish media or the so-called “anti-racist” movements. The group Youth Against Settlements (YAS), for example, which has its base in Hebron, visits high schools and holds lectures in Sweden, and is conducting a campaign against the Jewish residents of Hebron.

That public high schools received visits from an organization that demonizes Israel and makes false and outrageous anti-Semitic statements should, at the very least, have been investigated by the media. But the Swedish media ignored the defamation and neither verified nor repudiated the information. Instead, the two individuals who represented YAS and were touring in Sweden, Zleikha Al Muhtaseb and Anas Amro, were described as “peace activists”.

YAS was invited to hold lectures for public institutions in Sweden; and the foreign minister of Sweden, Margot Wallström, met with YAS when she visited Ramallah in December 2016. As such, YAS became an organization legitimized by the Swedish government.

Another organization that clearly has anti-Semitic tendencies and is supported by public institutions in Sweden is Group 194.

Group 194, a pro-Palestinian political organization, has close ties with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), a terrorist group that has murdered at least 36 Israeli civilians, and which supports the Assad regime in Syria. That is why it seemed strange when the Labor and Social Services Board of the Municipality of Malmö, on October 27, 2017 granted 132,000 kronor (roughly $15,000) to Group 194 and two other organizations, so they could patrol the suburb of Rosengård at night, supposedly in order to make the area safe. For full disclosure, the author, as a member of this municipal board, and a few of his fellow party colleagues voted against this proposal; the majority of the board, however, supported it. Today, it is a fact that pro-Palestinian organizations are funded by the municipality of Malmö.

Group 194 supports violent extremism. On their Facebook page one can see pictures of minors holding Kalashnikov rifles. There also have been anti-Semitic images on Group 194′s Facebook page, such as a defamatory cartoon portraying a Jew drinking blood and eating a child. Why does the municipality of Malmö support such an organization with taxpayers’ money? The reason is that Malmö and Sweden have serious problems in dealing with imported, Middle Eastern anti-Semitism. When Swedish politicians — because of ignorance or tolerance for intolerant behavior — accept anti-Semitism in an important Swedish city as Malmö, that is an unacceptable problem. It is also unacceptable when a majority of local politicians in Sweden’s third-largest city support taxpayer money going to a pro-Palestinian organization that has made anti-Semitic statements and promoted violence. It reveals that too many Swedish politicians apparently cannot even recognize what anti-Semitism looks like and when and how to take a stand against it. What are Swedish Jews to think? Group 194 was also given an award by the municipality of Malmö at a gala it organized, and has received contributions from various municipalities in Sweden for several years, including Sundsvall and Landskrona, where the municipality has a close cooperation with Group 194. When Landskrona had its official summer party, one of its organizers was Group 194.

Ship To Gaza is an organization that usually gets a lot of media publicity. When one of its activists, Ferry Saarposhan, stated that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians “is worse than the Holocaust,” the Swedish media stayed silent. The video clip of his statement is posted on the official Facebook page of Ship to Gaza-Sweden, a page that has more than 35,000 “likes”. But no one has yet responded to his slander.

Different factors end up reinforcing each other, as this author has already noted. They create an echo chamber that then leads to a situation where Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism becomes accepted by Swedish authorities. These factors include:

  • Large-scale immigration from countries where anti-Semitism is normalized.
  • A strong pro-Palestinian engagement among Swedish politicians that has resulted in a totally inaccurate and surreal debate about the Israel-Palestine conflict, in which Israel is unjustly demonized.
  • A desire among political parties in Sweden to win the votes of immigrants.
  • A Swedish multiculturalism that is so uncritical of foreign cultures that it cannot differentiate between culture and racism.
  • A fear of sounding critical of immigration.
  • Important Swedish institutions, such as the Church of Sweden, legitimizing anti-Semitism by endorsing the counter-factual Kairos Palestine document.

Today this process has gone so far that many in Sweden seem to have totally internalized this imported, Middle Eastern anti-Semitism and made it an integral part of their ideology.

Today in Sweden, supporting organizations that demonize Israel and spread anti-Semitism is considered completely normal. It is not even the subject of discussion — unless an extreme statement is uttered.

This all goes back to our considerable achievement from a few years ago:

My message is simple: all this described above and much more, this finally blossoming anti-Zionist culture that we had spent so long building up, is what we STAND TO LOSE OVERNIGHT if the Sweden Democrats are allowed to rise in the upcoming September elections.

The recent coordinated arson attacks on cars in Gothenburg, Helsinborg, etc. are prudently being called out as far-right black-ops intended to boost the SD vote at the last-minute (same as the Champs-Elysee false flag in France last year) to boost the FN vote):

The coordinated nature of the attacks made some suspect an attempt by the far right to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment ahead of the election, in which the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are vying to become the country’s largest political party.

Daniel Riazat, an MP for the Left party, said on Twitter: “I would not be surprised if far right extremists were involved in some way.”

During a concert in Malmö yesterday, the artist Silvana Imam accused the Sweden Democrats or the Nordic Resistance Movement of being behind the car fires in Gothenburg.

The artist told her that she had a friend in Gothenburg who saw that SD people filmed some of the fires. In connection with this, she urged the audience and journalists to reveal who is behind the fires.

This in itself shows how far we have come: back in the 2000s it would have been only us and a few other conspiracy blogs saying stuff like this; now mainstream politicians and celebrities are willing to raise similar suspicions. But it will ALL BE FOR NOTHING if we fail to stop the SD and their shamelessly obtuse Make Sweden Great Again narrative as here presented by Kent Ekeroth (Jew) himself, incidentally one of the earliest names to be included in what is now our Backlash Herders list:

Even now rightists are predictably blaming the arson attacks yet again on “Muslims” and “Third World immigrants” despite such groups having nothing to gain from such attacks, especially not prior to the election when Islamophobia and anti-Third World bigotry are being deliberately played up by the SD in interviews, debates, etc. (even when irrelevant to the issue being discussed).

If you are able to vote in these elections, please make sure you turn up to vote tactically against the SD. If in doubt, just vote SAP – they deserve re-election just for their achievements mentioned above! Whatever you do, do not behave like those letdown US (non-)voters who insisted on “abstaining for the sake of principle” in 2016 but then started complaining as soon as they saw the election results, and have continued complaining about Trump ever since even though they themselves could have stopped him during the election but did not bother to.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy firearms and ammunition if you have not done so already, and if you have done so, buy more if you can afford to. If (God forbid) the SD actually win, firearms will then be all that Swedes have left to realistically fight back with.

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  1. The Jewish Gambit… …that the Alt-Right types keep falling for, and what the Backlash Herders encourage as the guy pictured.

  2. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    Technically speaking, isn’t claiming someone is an “anti-Semite” on a media platform when it’s almost impossible for someone to be one defamation of character? Maybe we should start a legal fund so we can sue whomever is dumb enough to make those claims? I myself have never actually ran into a true anti-Semite in the time I’ve been on this planet….

    Furthermore, how much longer is humanity going to tolerate Jews defaming non-Jews in the media?

  3. Neutron Hammer says:

    Incredible to see again how confused you are, or you seem to be.

    1. The Jews in Sweden are around 20.000 elements idetified plus a not specified number of other jews. There is no evidence of consistent threats to jews that live in Sweden, apart from the claims of the jews themselves, that are completely fitting the recitation of the role of the “persecuted chosen ones”. Apart from that, no significant threat is directed towards jews in Sweden.

    2. Sweden is generically said to be pro-Palestinian and anti-zionist, another false claim. The central Sweden bank, Sverige Riksbank, is Rothschild dependant, hence the Sweden has no authonomy on financial matters. The most prominent media in Sweden are all Jewish-led. I suggest you to do some research about:

    a) “the Bonnier Group” (Bonnier family was originally named Hirschel, and the family is Jewish)
    b) Peter “Hjörne”, whose real Birth surname is Kaplan.
    c) Helle Klein
    d) Robert Aschberg
    e) Marianne Ahrne
    f) Per G. Gyllenhammar
    g) Leif Pagrotsky
    h) Barbara Lerner Spectre and its jewish organizations

    These are only some of the jews leading the most prominent media not only in Sweden, but in Denmark (which has a long history of protecting and hiding jews, alongside with Sweden) and Finland.

    So can you figure out what is it happening? The jews lie about a vague “pro-Palestinian Sweden” which is only an excuse to import all kind of foreign Races elements, with the purpose of destroying Europeans and carrying on the genocidal silent miscgenation policy which you that claim to be “aryanists” support.

    3. The “alt-right” question: you have presented the cases of jews among the ranks of “alt-right”. Well, this time I completely agree with you.
    This is because “alt-right” is just another one of the jewish controlled sides, part of the strategy of controlling every side under the disguise of “multiple alternatives”, which in reality are non-existent.
    This is why for example you find the Ekeroth brothers in the swedish “Democratics” party. The “Democratics” party in Sweden is born in 1990. No jews were originally among the ranks. Jews like Ekeroth have through years infiltrated in the “Democratic” Swedish party in order to gain support and control for jews.
    This is the part you already know, as you already know how a lot of jews are infiltrated among ranks of most prominent “alt-right” groups.
    This includes theatrical acting of the jewish screenplay as “jews that go against the jewish Ekeroth” part, for example, which is totally a fake facade built to lead gullible minds into deflection and confusion.

    Prominent “alt-right” parties don’t have any serious racial policy as the NS Racial Policy. They generally and vaguely speak about “ending immigration” (which, as an absolute, is completely correct to end immigration of elements of foreign Races here in European lands) but without saying nothing about any racial criteria. Plus, the “alt-right” never criticizes the jewish entity in Palestina, nor considers the jews as immigrants.
    The purpose of alt-right is creating a permanent facade of “alternative” in which to channel all the individuals which could potentially be a danger and a threat -serious- towards world jewry. In fact, sometimes it happens that a “alt right” -or supposedly- “leader” (read: puppets) is appointed to a chair (ex. Donald Trump). All added with false acted “oppositions” and other facade trinkets and ornaments. After all, a “scandal” or a “protest” or various disorders are created, in order to return to the “old-kind” jewish facade as for example Social-Democracy. And then it happnes the same thing with the newly-re-established former facade, and the cycle re-starts.
    All in order to give the impression to gullible humas, the vast majority, of “free will” and “free choice”. Alt-right is just one of the Actors of the jewish screenplay.

    4. Foreign Races elements are not “refugees”, they are a tool used by jews in order to carry out their world dominations plan, of which European miscgenation and subsequent racial pollution is a part of their plan.
    In fact, I suggest you to search who funds the “refugees” trafficking. I give you one of the names involved: Gyorgy Schwartz, aka George Soros. Where are you statements against it, for example? Where are your statements against Barbara Lerner Spectre? About Pagrotsky? Against Yoram Gutgeld?

    5. Policy against all this is:

    a) racial laws to exclude all those that are of different Race (ie.not belonging to the Caucasoid Europids), plus the Mischlinge (every European in order to be considered as European has to provide a family tree going back to 1800, that plus other measures would exclude all the racial foreign elements)
    b) labour camp for mixed couples, sent there for Rassenschande (you should know what means since you claim to be National Socialist), plus sterilization for men and women who have polluted the Blood (and elimination through hard physical work, through starvation and organic consumption).
    c) systematic sterilization (then euthanasia) program directed to hereditary ill elements, to mixed couples offspring (child and adults) to mentally and physically deformed elements, to criminals, to every addicted (alcohol, drugs, gambling), sexual perverts
    d) a program about the replenishment of European decrement of population based on racial criteria. Contrarily to what you say, number of March 1941 of Neues Volk, the SS literature, the Lebensborn (childcare for European children), plus many other writings and Adolf Hitler speak about the importance of having children.

  4. AS says:


    “I suggest you to search who funds the “refugees” trafficking. I give you one of the names involved: Gyorgy Schwartz, aka George Soros. Where are you statements against it, for example?:


    I repeat: the establishment governments are not on our side; if they were, they would be deploying naval vessels as an emergency ferry service so that refugees would not need to travel in dinghies in the first place. It’s ridiculous for the establishment governments to complain about “people smugglers” while not using the most obvious method to put them out of business literally overnight: namely by offering the refugees a safer and cheaper service than the smugglers can offer. This would have the additional benefit of regulating the inflow of refugees to a steady, orderly pace, which would be much easier for accomodation staff to then handle than the current uneven flow with sudden spikes and troughs leading to bottlenecks and other trivially avoidable logistical problems. (Not to mention it would mean that lifejackets could actually be re-used.) I refuse to believe that mere administrative incompetence is behind this. It is much more likely that establishment governments WANT such logistical problems to occur so that they can then show it on the news every day as part of their plan to deliberately incite far-right backlash.

    Again I repeat my question: why aren’t navy ships being deployed as emergency ferry services? Not only would it be vastly safer, more efficient and more orderly (predictable numbers of arrivals per day, lifejackets could be re-used, paperwork could be done during the voyage, etc.), but all the profit currently being made by the people smugglers (who charge up to tens of thousands of euros per refugee) could be going instead to the states willing to offer such a service, which could in turn help pay for subsequent costs (asylum centre expenses, etc.). It’s not even that the states are saving fuel, because they are sending out navy ships anyway, but only to patrol the sea for refugee dinghies, when there wouldn’t be any dinghies in the first place if the ships themselves were operating as ferries!

    “If we create legal paths for these people to come to Europe, then they will not have to risk their lives in the hands of smugglers … The more open we are, the less dangerous traffickers there will be. But we must be fundamentally prepared to accept more refugees in Europe for that to happen.” – Klaus Vogel

    [A report this month by the Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis project concluded that a failure to open up safe and legal routes is directly driving refugees into the hands of human smugglers, who resort to more dangerous routes as a response to increased controls.
    “Smuggling is driven, rather than broken, by EU policy,” it said.]

    The next obvious thing to do is for the Italian navy to start directly ferrying refugees across the Mediterranean so that they don’t incur debts to the shady human traffickers in the first place. Italy could charge a fee for this service to cover transport costs. As long as the fee is lower than what the traffickers charge, refugees would surely choose the state service (which would also be incomparably safer), Italy would be getting the refugees’ money (which they can later effectively give back to the refugees in exchange for their labour) instead of the traffickers (who probably change it to a whole other currency). It is all elementary economics.

    “So can you figure out what is it happening?”

    Yes. But you can’t.

  5. Neutron Hammer says:

    To AS:

    Interesting. None of your quotes has mentioned its name. Only pompous circum-locutions.

    “Yes. But you can’t.”

    I can. You can’t. But what could be expected from you, that deliberately ignores all the National Socialist Racial Doctrine?

  6. Neutron Hammer says:

    Plus, you clearly avoid mentioning all the jews that actively promote multiracialism.
    Given this fact, should I trust you?

  7. John Johnson says:

    “Plus, you clearly avoid mentioning all the jews that actively promote multiracialism.
    Given this fact, should I trust you?”

    I thought you read our website?

  8. rocketlotus says:

    Having visited this site for years and studied its content, I found the ideology it advocates and the arguments it poses absolutely coherent and sound. They appeal to sensible and rational thinking, raising awareness on new perspectives of values both moral and socio-political that awaken us to the direful world situation of the day.

    I think NH is here just to confound and disrupt, and no matter how many times they are repeated, his scattered quotes from the few sources would at most amount to only nuisance.

  9. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    “Having visited this site for years, read it and translated it in my own first Language, I have certified how low this site is since it is based on cherry-picking assertions, same 3/4 quotes taken out of context and paradoxes masked behind pompous circumlocutions. I am quite fed up about repeating those things.”

    You have NOT read the site over the last few years, stop LYING!

    “Much scholarly research is available from many mainstream and non-mainstream sources on Adolf Hitler, the NSDAP, the Third Reich and WWII, which will therefore not be reiterated here. Instead, we suggest a more intuitive approach. As Hitler said himself: “To study history means to search for and discover the forces that are the causes of those results which appear before our eyes as historical events.” Applying this principle, to study Hitler means to understand the psychology that drove the historical decisions made by him during his life. Why did he make such a statement at such a timing? What considerations and reservations he did have in such a situation? What kind of people had he surrounded himself with at each stage of his life, and how did having to work with all of them affect his way of doing things? In whom did he confide his innermost thoughts, and to whom did he speak merely pragmatically? Who were his true friends, and who were merely career acquaintances?

    Only via such an approach can we then imagine how Hitler might be responding to the current world situation had he been born in our era, and hence build a serious and confident movement inspired by his essential personality, as opposed to merely by his circumstantial actions. It is this which distinguishes the Aryanist movement from other post-WWII Hitlerist clubs that merely reiterate what Hitler said or did in his own vastly different era with little or no regard for context and present-day relevance.”…

    “Besides being an artist, Hitler was a politician. This does not mean that his wisdom was inferior to that of a purely theoretical philosopher, but it means that he was required by profession to conceal, disguise or even grossly misrepresent his true beliefs and express instead whatever would motivate his audiences to quick action so as to further his cause. As such, his words cannot be considered but in context of the capacity and pre-existing biases of his various audiences, private as well as public. In his own confession: ‘All propaganda has to be popular and accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach;” and “A great and popular orator … will scarcely ever repeat the same argument or the same material in the same form on two consecutive occasions. He will always follow the lead of the great mass in such a way that from the living emotion of his hearers the apt word which he needs will be suggested to him and in its turn this will go straight to the hearts of his hearers.’”

    “The truth of what Hitler believed will never be known for sure. It falls to us to fulfill his wish on his behalf using our own imagination.”

    “Accounts about Hitler are helpful when combined with his own words in order to sort through rhetoric, simplification and outright lies to find his core. While the primary accounts on Hitler are obviously biased, they are at least absent of the insidious opinion of secondary sources. Even if not written until long after WWII, or even if written under external pressure, they remain accounts by those who had first-hand experience with Hitler.”

    If you have read the site then your reading comprehension is truly horrid!

    “No, I am not the one that Always keep repeating the same 3/4 quotes taken out of context.
    I have provided sources and large parts of speeches/writings/books of the Third Reich Era where the topics of Race and Blood are widely addressed.
    I am not the one that brings confusion, you are the ones that lie, since a “”quality-based racial theory”” is nothing even similar to the NS Racial Doctrine.”

    Not only are you lacking good reading comprehension, you’re also a useful idiot.

  10. Bernard says:

    ANYONE who promotes mass immigration and satanic race mixing should be executed with a Flame-Thrower…preferably in public! Period. End of the story.

  11. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    “ANYONE who promotes mass immigration and satanic [Devil] race mixing should be executed with a Flame-Thrower…preferably in public! Period. End of the story.”

    Indeed. Aryans should never mix their blood with non-Aryans. The world would have been a better place had Aryans not mixed their blood with non-Aryans.

    “ANYONE who promotes mass immigration… should be executed with a Flame-Thrower…”. Are you saying that all “whites” should be executed for migrating to the Americas, and Africa? If that’s what you are advocating then I would agree, right along with Mbuyiseni Ndlozi of the South African opposition party:

    “Yes, any community in the world would be a better place without any one referring to themselves as ‘white’.” — Ndlozi

    South Africa: Taking farms from whites is justified because ‘it’s not really their land’, says EFF spokesman‘White people ought to accept the crime of apartheid’:

  12. AS says:

    Behold the Sweden we have arduously built over the last few decades, a wellspring of potential which SD will unceremoniously dismantle if allowed to rise:

    The most prominent of these candidates is Said Hadrous, number 7 on the Left Party list. Hadrous, who grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, is a member of the DFLP Central Committee and chairs the Palestinian lobby organization, Group 194, which is closely linked to the DFLP. On his Facebook page, in a post from 2013, Said Hadrous praises the DFLP terrorist Samer Issawi, convicted in Israel of possession of explosives and attempted murder. After being confronted recently by the Swedish newspaper, Världen Idag, about a 2016 photo on Facebook in which he appears dressed as a militant brandishing a weapon, Hadrous responded by referring to the paper as part of the “extremist racist Zionist media.”

    Another Left Party candidate in the upcoming elections, Dr. Ali Hadrous — who is running for the Landskrona City Council — is also a member of Group 194. On his Facebook page, he often shares posts showing sympathy with jailed Palestinian terrorists.

    Then there is Osama Tamim, who was a high-ranking member of the DFLP in Syria and is now running for the Åmål City Council on the Left Party list. In November 2016, the Left Party branch in Åmål, together with Tamim and his organization, Amal Palestina, held a “day for integration,” arranged partly to commemorate the UN’s annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. At the event, held at an old church that was converted into a hall for political events, the chairman of the Left Party’s Åmål branch, Peter Sund, told attendees that “it is global Zionism depleting the land [of Palestine].” Sund, too, is running in the upcoming municipal election in Åmål.

    During the self-described “cultural event,” children were taught to scream in Arabic that they will sacrifice themselves with their blood and souls “to liberate Palestine.” They also sang a song in Swedish about “launching rockets at their enemies” and “throwing stones at soldiers and police” as well as “smashing Zionism.” Tamim delivered a speech in which he praised the “intifada youths of Palestine, the young people confronting the occupation with their bare chests and household knives.”

    On his Facebook page — under the name of Abofras Ta — Tamim praises the Hamas terrorist, Abdul Hamid Srour, who in 2016 carried out a bus bombing in Jerusalem, wounding 20 Israelis. Two other terrorists praised on Facebook by Tamim are Fadi Aloon, who stabbed an Israeli youth during the so-called “knife intifada” of 2015, and Muhanad Halabi, who murdered two civilians and wounded two others, including a small child. According to Tamim, Aloon and Halabi are “correcting the compass,” and their actions are “the path for our people until their rights have been restored.”

    Tamim also praised the Arab-Israeli terrorists who killed two border policemen, and wounded two others, in a July 2017 shooting attack on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem — the site of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

    In 2016, Tamim’s organization, Amal Palestina, distributed to children in Åmål a booklet in Arabic — called “I belong to Palestine” — in which youngsters are portrayed favorably as instigators of violent activities; a child attacking Israeli soldiers with rocks is described as brave, for example. In addition, the booklet includes a map replacing the entire state of Israel with “Palestine,” and in a chapter on the history of the land, only Muslim ties are mentioned, while the Jewish connection is omitted.

    The Left Party is open about its connection to the DFLP, which it considers its sister party; and one member of the Left Party’s local board in Malmö, Hussein Shobash, revealed in the Left Party magazine, Folkviljan, that he has a background in both the DFLP and in Group 194.

    In 2015, Group 194 held an event during which children performed terror monologues and dialogues calling for stabbing attacks against Israelis, and expressing a desire to become “martyrs” through terrorist activities.

    As recently as 2016, members of Group 194 and the DFLP – at an event at the Left Party headquarters in Malmö — celebrated the 1974 Ma’alot Massacre, an attack committed by DFLP terrorists who entered Israel from Lebanon, murdering 27 people, including 23 children. In a Facebook post with photos of the event, Group 194 refers to the massacre as “the heroic operation of the heroes of the revolutionary armed forces of the DFLP in Ma’alot-Tarshiha.”

    According to a recent poll, the Left Party — which reportedly has increased its national membership by 100% and its Åmål membership by 300% since 2012 — now enjoys the support of 10.1% of Sweden’s voters. It is therefore highly likely that members of an extremist anti-democratic group, which should be illegal in the EU, will gain seats in the Swedish parliament and on city councils.


    Thank you for helping remind all leftists to purchase firearms to fight back against those like you. (And some people think I was exaggerating when I warned about The Turner Diaries becoming reality…..)

  13. AS says:

    My post-election message is the same one as has been delivered before (referring to other countries):

    SD INCREASED its vote by 4.7%, from 12.9% to 17.6%. Unless the SD is shrinking in absolute terms, we cannot claim any kind of success. That the SD is growing in absolute terms is FAILURE on our side:

    And sure, take a few seconds if you must laugh at the Identitarian nutcases predicting as recently as yesterday that SD would get 30+%, but the same nutcases are now already calling it a “Fake Election”, based on nothing but the fact that SD underperformed relative to their own nutcase expectations. In short, we are dealing with LITERAL nutcases. I do not consider this a laughing matter; I consider it all the more reason for leftists to buy firearms and organize paramilitarily.

    The only real good news is that anti-Zionist party V (the Left Party, mentioned above) also increased its vote by 2.2%, from 5.7% to 7.9%.

    But the truth is, if only the state had listened to Annie Loeoef (of C, the Centre Party) a few years ago, we would not even have to worry about the SD today:

    Will the state adopt the Loeoef Solution before the next election to electorally shut out the SD once and for all? And will every leftist buy firearms ASAP?

  14. RP says:

    “And will every leftist buy firearms ASAP?”
    “Guns are a necessary form of self-defense so long as there is an oppressive, racist state that exists to uphold white supremacy.”

  15. AS says:


    Thanks for the link (added to the main site)! I’d like to be optimistic about armed leftists, but the simple fact is, to date not even one ICE agent has been shot yet, while American children have died in deportation camps. And soon there’ll be more dead in hurricanes because Trump did this:

    Of course, “Fake Deaths” according to him:

    Armed insurrection should have happened long ago. I don’t know how many leftists have purchased firearms, but they sure as hell are not using them in an effective way (in which case why bother to purchase them?). The following is NOT an example of effective firearm use:

    (P.S. When is someone going to shoot the jaw off this piece of shit? )

  16. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    Sweden: Anti-Immigration Party Becomes Kingmaker

    Swedish police received more than 2,300 reports of potential crimes linked to this year’s election, including voter intimidation and threats of violence against property or persons. An international team of observers found irregularities in 46% of the polling stations visited.

    With tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of migrants receiving welfare payments without having made any contributions, Sweden’s current welfare system seems destined to collapse, according to Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson.

    So, why doesn’t the government provide jobs for the immigrants instead of just handing out money?

  17. So, why doesn’t the government provide jobs for the immigrants instead of just handing out money?

    That is the Aryanist position, as I understand it.

    “Lastly, for cases of extreme distress, county workhouses might be established, supported by rates upon the whole kingdom and free for persons of all counties, and indeed of all nations. The fare should be hard, and those that were able obliged to work. It would be desirable that they should not be considered as comfortable asylums in all difficulties, but merely as places where severe distress might find some alleviation. A part of these houses might be separated, or others built for a most beneficial purpose, which has not been unfrequently taken notice of, that of providing a place where any person, whether native or foreigner, might do a day’s work at all times and receive the market price for it. Many cases would undoubtedly be left for the exertion of individual benevolence.” ~Thomas Malthus, Essay on the Principle of Population

    This essay is available in PDF form in this site’s archive.

  18. AS says:

    Sweden has begun to understand how Jews think tribally:

    The court, in other words, speculated that because Feras tried to burn Jews, which “can also be perceived as a serious political crime directed against other Jews,” Israel has a security interest in questioning him. For that reason alone — with no evidence or details set forth — returning him to the region of Israel and Gaza would supposedly be in contravention of his “fundamental human rights”.

    The precedent that this case establishes — if the case is not appealed and reversed by the Supreme Court — is disturbing: If you commit crimes against Jews that can “be perceived as a serious political crime directed against other Jews,” then you might be eligible for asylum in Sweden.

    Of course, the real solution is to destroy Israel entirely. Of course, even after Israel is destroyed Feras should not be deported. Indeed I am sure he would be most willing to help clean up the Jewish diaspora that would by then have no Israel to retreat to.

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