Anti-Zionist harvest: Paris

Our enemies report:

Protesters shouted antisemitic chants, including “dirty Jews,” at a massive demonstration against racism in central Paris, France, on Saturday.

Our message is now firmly embedded all the way: Jews are racists, and anti-racists are anti-Jewish.

The incident, which was caught on video, occurred in response to a counter-demonstrators who dropped a banner in Paris’s Place de la République that read, “Justice for victims of anti-white crimes.”

The original protesters, who had gathered in the square to protest the death of Adama Traoré — a Malian French man who died in police custody in 2016 — shouted the antisemitic slogans in response.

And to complain about “anti-whiteness” is no different than to complain about “anti-Semitism”. The complainers are the racists, and this is now clear to anti-racists.

(By the way, the counter-demonstrators are members of our longtime enemy group Generation Identity.)

Returning to the article:

Protesters were also seen wearing T-shirts with the slogan “Justice for Palestine” and waving Palestinian flags. Placards included the phrases, “Israel, laboratory of police violence”; and “Stop the massacres by Israel. Liberty and justice for Palestine.”

And we achieved all the above via entryism into BDS.

The slogans about Jews in Paris “are an insult to the Republic but also to the cause that the demonstrators claim to promote,” Francis Kalifat, president of CRIF, an umbrella group representing French Jewish communities, said in a statement Sunday.

CRIF added that the antisemitic slurs also demonstrate “a desire to infiltrate a just and universal cause — anti-racism — with hatred of the Jews and Israel.”

Give it up, Jews. The truth which we have irrevocably brought to light is that anti-racism could not be a just and universal cause without including hatred towards Jews and Israel. That Jewish organizations reflexively try to convince us to exclude Jews and Israel from anti-racist critique only serves as further proof of the Jewish racism that believes in different standards for Jews than for non-Jews.

In response to the incident, the European Jewish Congress called on anti-racism protest organizers to ensure that “antisemitism is not being adopted by some within their ranks.”

“The people who claim to march against hate and racism while shouting violent antisemitic statements are hypocrites and acting against the worthy cause of the majority,” EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor said.

“They are trying to hijack and piggyback on the justifiable anger and hurt of anti-racist demonstrators.”

“They have shown that they would rather sabotage an important rally for their own hate, displaying their true colors and showing their priorities. They are not anti-hate or anti-racist, they are just antisemites and the authorities should deal with them as people who incite to violence.”

See what I mean?

I agree that we are not anti-hate, though. As sincere anti-racists, we necessarily hate racists, and therefore we necessarily hate Jews because Jews are racists. This is one element of True Left anti-racist education that has not yet broken through into public consciousness to the same extent as the above elements, but we are working on it (and some headway has been made):

So, let’s go through it once again. Jews do not hate non-Jews. Jews are herders, and non-Jews are their herds. Why would herders hate their own herds? Do meat-eaters hate the animal that must be slaughtered so that they can eat their steak? Of course not!

If there is any hate, it is from the animal being slaughtered towards the slaughterer, from the herds towards the herders, from non-Jews towards Jews. It is only ever the oppressed who hate the oppressors, never the other way round. Therefore hate is always justified, in that it is never anything other than the noble emotional reaction to oppression.

The Jewish deception of PC was to create a taboo around the very notion of “hate”, and thus make many anti-racists afraid of their own noble emotional reaction to racism instead of letting it guide them. Anti-racists so deceived have since wasted their time inanely trying to prove they do not hate racists (why should they not?). Then fence-sitters seeing this predictably started to think: “How bad can racism really be if even the anti-racists don’t hate the racists?” It was this confusing behaviour by anti-racists that indirectly led to racism becoming more and more accepted in society, until we have reached the terrible condition we are in today with V4 and other states openly emulating Israel.

If you do not emotionally hate racists, it is likely that you even as an anti-racist are responsible for spreading racism.

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16 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: Paris

  1. Manuel Nigao says:

    Well you can bark on about whiteness as much as you want, but now people are waking up and supporting the white nationalist cause. Many after seeing what happened in London, Minnesota and other European countries during the protests in support of a beastly, drug taking nigger named George Floyd, are now sick and tired of the leftist jew owned media attacking whites through promotion of white guilt and traitorous whites who support the destruction of white civilization by endorsing third world filth.

    It is natural for peoples to be tribalist, miscegenation is a bad thing and so is multiracial societies. When European and American societies were homogeneous we had harmony. Now that we’ve left mass waves of coloured people into our country we have got such a huge problem and lot’s of blood shed, thanks to Jews and anti-white politicians.

    I’m sick and fucking tired of people like AS and other leftist scum who want to kill all white people and destroy white countries. I can’t wait for the day when Europeans start to fight to defend our fatherlands.

  2. hanjar says:

    @Manuel Nigao

    “Well you can bark on about Jewishness as much as you want, but now people are waking up and supporting the Zionist cause. Many after seeing what happened in London, Minnesota and other European countries during the protests in support of a beastly, drug taking non-Jew named George Floyd, are now sick and tired of Aryanism net attacking us through promotion of anti-racism and Aryans who support the destruction of Western civilization by endorsing third world anti-Zionists.

    It is natural for us to be tribalist, miscegenation is a bad thing and so is multiracial societies. When European and American societies were homogeneous we had harmony. Now that we’ve left mass waves of coloured people into our country we have got such a huge problem and lot’s of blood shed, thanks to anti-semitic politicians.

    I’m sick and fucking tired of people like AS and other Aryans who want to kill all tribalists and destroy racism. I can’t wait for the day when Europeans start to fight to defend Israel.”

  3. Manuel Nigao says:


    Ah, I see you try and modify what I’ve said like a typical leftist scum would do. Judging by your name you’re probably another Muslim invader who is helping to destroy the European continent.

  4. Manuel Nigao says:

    When whites and especially white children get murdered brutally by coloureds it makes no major news headlines but when it’s a nigger it causes the biggest outrage and we have savages burning down streets.

  5. hanjar says:

    @Manuel Nigao

    Don’t come on here and pretend you give a fuck about kids victimized by violence. Anyone who attacks children should expect to be executed, ethnicity irrelevant.

    Where was your anger when toddlers and babies were smashed up by Israel’s Protective Edge in 2014?

    Care about ALL children not just “white” children. Even kids born Jews deserve protection from the bastard adults around them.

    Someone like you would teach children to fear “coloureds” and actually contribute to inter-ethnic violence.

    You’ve obviously never witnessed people do anything loving or heroic towards another of different ethnic background.

    Go and help some poor black kids and maybe you might earn respect from others who love them.

    It’s never a choice of “it’s ours or theirs”, there is always a way to put others before yourself, and perhaps you aren’t trying hard enough.

  6. The whole wave of refugees started when Western military alliances, egged on by Western banking and corporate interests, destroyed the most stable state in the area when the refugees fled from: Libya. Destabilization followed in a chain, as Israeli hand-rubbing intensified, as reached a peak with the was in Syria, which caused even more refugees.

    The reason all those people left their homes was because a Western-initiated series of events led to those people’s homes being destroyed. So, partially the West’s own actions are coming home to roost and the planned Israeli-emulation is happening, thereby legitimizing Israel.

    @MN, you’re looking at one symptom is a large canvas of Joker-style chaos and like the henchmen in the The Dark Knight’s opening scene, one by one you’ll kill each other while the Joker (Israel) gets away.

  7. Mza9 says:


    “When European and American societies were homogeneous we had harmony.”

    So, the Vikings never killed any Europeans, and there was no 30 years war, or hundred year war, no Battle of Hastings, etc.?

    Why did Europeans flee to America, “The New World” again? (No need to answer, I already know you’re an ignorant fool).

    You cannot be serious, or are you really this ignorant?

  8. Mza9 says:


    “When European and American societies were homogeneous we had harmony.”

    This is how dumb and ignorant you are:

    “The combatants of Bacon’s Rebellion were the English Colonists against the Indians and Colonists against the upper classes who governed Virginia….

    Bacon’s Rebellion – Land: The United States adopted the European practice of expansion and of recognizing only limited land rights of indigenous peoples. A major cause of conflict in the 1600 and 1700′s

    Bacon’s Rebellion unified different races and economic classes

    Every effort was made to improve the image of those who governed Virginia

    Taxes were reduced

    Freeman were given back their rights

    The colonists were also appeased by the adoption of a more aggressive Indian policy

    The notion that Indians and whites could not live together peaceably was enforced, which led to the introduction of the Indian Reservation system in 1677….

    You clearly do not understand history at all. You’re a fucken moron!

  9. Mza9 says:


    You know what I was just thinking? I actually fit the Nordicist ideal to a ‘T’, and I was born in the Rhineland. I can honestly say that one of the last reasons I hope to see identitarianism and “White” identity destroyed is because I know many people who fit the “white” ideal who would be absolutely mortified if they had to live in a community of idiots such as yourself simply because the color of their skin.

    It’s hilarious to me that you “white nationalist” types never take into account all the people who have the same skin color as you who would never want to live in any community with imbeciles such as you and your type surrounding them. Why is that do you think?

    I mean, it’s pretty evident that most humans-beings are not that bright or noble for that matter, but people such as yourself are the absolute bottom of the barrel genetic trash….

  10. AS,
    Not related to the topic but I found some interesting information in the book of Frank Usbeck, The Image of Native Americans, National Identity and Nazi Ideology in Germany (New York-Oxford: Berghahn Books 2015, p. 90-91) about the fact that National Socialists considered (among others) some of the Indians (especially Sioux), Polynesians, Japanese, Turks and Mexicans to be Aryans. This may not be a new information for Aryanists, but it is a valuable addition to the information on the main site.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    In another book I found a possible explanation for this information: “Berlin claimed that the personality and the traditional military character of the Sioux clearly resembled those features found among true Germans. Thy even went so far in their explanation to advance ‘the idea that lost tribe of Germanic people had wandered into the New World in the distant past and bred themselves into the native population, thus building link to German ancestry”. The National Socialists hoped that “identification of Native Americans as Aryans would encourage the reception of Nazi ideology by a larger Indian Audience”, (…) “propagandists pointed to the literary works of German novelists such as Karl May, who, in the late nineteenth century, asserted the notion that Indians could adopt and bear German culture – a concept similar to Hitler’s view of Japanese society.” And “(…) it derives directly from the sense many Nazis shared with other Germans that Germans and American Indians had similar origin in warrior societies, with similar characteristics, abilities, and morals”. (H. Glenn Penny, Kindred by Choice. Germans and American Indians since 1800, Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press 2013, p. 153).
    This is racial idealism in its purest form.

  11. Manuel Nigao says:


    Well those whites who won’t want to live in a white ethnostate will regret their decision because those whites will be subject to an inferior civilzation with peoples who can create no decent standard of living, live in ghettos and other shitholes. In white civilization you find the best standards of living than anywhere else on the planet and that is facts.

    The only genetic trash are Jews, mulattos/half-breed peoples and ”Aryanists” like yourself who want to mix and dilute different cultures and racial groups.

    If you’re a Nordicist like you say you are then you’re a traitor to the greatest race that has existed on this planet, the Nordic type is responsible for creating some of the greatest civilisation that has existed on this planet.

    The only reason we have had conflict between European brothers and sisters is because the Jews like they did during the time of communism and the Second World War and also the Zionist Legion of British Army in WWI, have divided our people and want us pitted against each other to weaken the white race just like Hitler said they would in Mein Kampf.

  12. AS says:


    Thank you very much! Added here (click on “of” “no” “importance”) in Hitler’s quote:

    “Karl May”

    Hitler was a May fan ever since he was a schoolboy.

    “(especially Sioux)”

    Note that while we strongly support the spirit of National Socialist Germany’s approach, which as you say (and I agree!) is “racial idealism in its purest form”, we do not consider their research to be final. On this topic, our own theory is that the Pueblo (descendants of the Atlanteans, hence their use of canals) as well as the Choctaw and Chickasaw (descendants of the non-canal Balsas-Oaxaca farmers) were the original carriers of Aryan blood in North America, although we believe the Pueblo myth that their blood spread widely to other groups in North America (this would be our theory on how the Sioux got however much Aryan blood they have):


    By no coincidence, the Balsas and the Oaxaca are both located in present-day Mexico.



    ” Turks”

  13. Zurvan says:

    This blog and its site are such hit or miss. What you hit you hit really well, so I have a good deal of respect for the research Aryanists are doing.

    “Why Race Matters” is a thought-provoking article, and the only decent challenge to race realists since it doesn’t just attempt to ignore the research they have highlighted and the inequalities between different racial groups. Maybe I’m misinterpeting the article, but it seems there are a few unignorable flaws to the Aryanist approach.

    It seems to me that any pursuit of a eugenics policy in a western society would be implicitly pro-White, as NE Asians are too small a minority and high-IQ Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Amerindians, Dravidians, Aboriginals, etc are too few to contribute significantly to the gene pool of the newly-created race.

    If the pursuit of engineering a noble race relies on promoting the reproduction of the plentiful high-IQ Whites in White countries as a starting point, how long do you think the leftists with whom you’re attempting entryism will accept your plan before they realize it is “systemically” (e.g., incidentally) racist? Their Zionist anti-White programming already runs too deep.

    There are also some practical issues with taking this perspective in the here-and-now, i.e. no one finds themselves walking down a wide-faced neighborhood late at night.

    The self-identification of people into racial groups seems inevitable, and IQ is just one factor that makes multiculturalism problematic. The degradation of social capital stemming from cultural incompatibility is another strong argument for homogenous societies.

    Not only does racial grouping seem inevitable, it also doesn’t seem like a tendency that needs to be corrected, either. If homogeneity generally results in happier, healthier societies, why are we trying to find a way to ingest food without mouths? You can hypothesize that it would be really great if we could eat through our ears, but that doesn’t make shoving food into the side of your head any less uncomfortable.

    The sad truth is that the pursuit of an ethnostate, or multiculturastate or whatever you want to develop to challenge Jewish supremacy is a lost cause. Any meaningful attempt to challenge the Talmudic order is squashed instantly. I think the best we can hope for is that their reign somehow implodes on its own so surviving freethinkers can rise from the ashes and come up with real solutions to the world’s problems. They just can’t be implemented now under the current despotic circumstances.

  14. Manuel Nigao says:

    What you Aryanist should be focusing on is pointing out the fact that the Third World governments are corrupt and starve their own people. Africa is full of corrupt regimes which creates poor standards of living, the leaders of each country take all the money for themselves, constant civil wars and secessionist nations. What the Western nations should do is cancel all foreign aid to Negro nations which should force the coloured citizens to rebel against the governments for more help. This should be in conjunction with a mass repatriation programme orchestrated by European governments.

    The low-IQ governments of Western and Central Africa can’t even use their own great natural resources such as the diamonds they have. They have had resources greater even ones in Europe but didn’t have the genius to utilise them. But the white man did have the genius and so do the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and some other Asian populations.

    Without the West, Africa would be in an even worse state than it is now. Without the West countries like Ghana and Nigeria wouldn’t be starting to thrive without the teachings and principles of the Europeans and European Civilisation.

  15. Manuel Nigao says:

    The main aim of this site is not only to get whites to intermingle and interbreed with the coloured reces, but to spread white guilt just likes the Leftists and filthy Jews do. I HAVE NO WHITE GUILT! I did not enslave negroes. I will not take no guilt for what my ancestors done.

  16. Zurvan says:


    I think that’s an inaccurate interpretation of what this site seeks to accomplish. If I’m not mistaken, their goal is to refine the “Aryan” (noble) aspects of humanity while recognizing that the starting point we’re working with is quite “gentile” (e.g. flawed, ignoble).

    This is true of not only Whites, but all races (except Jews, which this site’s authors deem too dangerous to even use as a starting point toward breeding an Aryan ideal).

    I don’t disagree with many of these premises, and surely you’ve observed enough cucks/ethnomasochists and otherwise stupid and vicious people throughout ancient and recent history to know that.

    This site’s authors don’t seem to care if the path toward an Aryan race involves interbreeding of races, but I’ve never seen anything from them indicating that doing so is a requisite task.

    Given the natural human tendency to breed with people with similar phenotypes, and the great deal of high-IQ Whites in White countries, the “Aryanist” program would likely be de facto White Nationalism.

    In the face of overwhelming Jewish power in society, any disagreements you may have with this blog seem trivial. Even if they intended to be the vile infiltrators you make them out to be, the ramblings on a fringe blog seem unlikely to change anything vs the mass broadcasts of CNN, Fox, Facebook, Google, et al.

    Take it as an educational opportunity, a contrast to your own perspective, and leave it at that. It’s not worth getting worked up over.

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