Anti-Zionist harvest: Netflix edition

Did you ever imagine a day when Netflix docudramas would feature Jewish villains? Back in the 2000s it would have seemed impossible, right? Well, it has happened in When They See Us:

Here is the villain:

Linda A. Fairstein was born of Jewish heritage into an upper-middle-class family on May 5, 1947, in Mount Vernon, New York. She was the daughter of physician Samuel Johnson Fairstein and registered nurse Alice Atwell Fairstein.

She was the head of the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office from 1976 until 2002.

During that time, she oversaw the prosecution of the Central Park Five case, wherein five teenagers, four African-American and one Hispanic, were wrongfully convicted for the 1989 rape and assault in Central Park of a white female jogger. All five convictions were vacated in 2002 after Matias Reyes, a convicted serial rapist and murderer, confessed to having been the sole perpetrator of the crime, and DNA testing showed he was the sole contributor of the DNA of the semen on the victim. After Reyes’s confession in 2002, Fairstein still maintained that the wrongfully convicted teenage boys were guilty and she lauded the police investigation as “brilliant”.[3]

In May 2019, Netflix released a four-part drama series, When They See Us, about the case, directed by Ava DuVarnay. In it, actress Felicity Huffman portrays Fairstein. Soon after the release, Fairstein’s publisher, E.P. Dutton, released her as a client.[6] Fairstein was also forced to resign from various non-profit board roles, including Safe Horizon.[27]

Among the awards Fairstein has received are the Federal Bar Council’s Emory Buckner Award for Public Service, Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year Award, and the Nero Wolfe Award for Excellence in Crime Writing.[2]

In 2018, the Mystery Writers of America announced that it would honor Fairstein with one of its “Grand Master” awards for literary achievement. But two days after renewed controversy erupted in connection with her role in the case, the organization withdrew the honor.[35] In 2019, shortly after the release of the Netflix series When They See Us about the Central Park Five case, Glamour Magazine said that the 1993 Woman of the Year Award to Fairstein was a mistake and that it was given to her before the full facts of the case were known.[36]

People are accurately associating Jewishness with racism: (comments)

Fairstein is a racist Jewish woman who had exculpatory evidence- the SEMEN/DNA that did not link any of the 5 boys to the crime-
Nor did police find any physical evidence placing them at THE SPECIFIC SCENE OF THE CRIME…..
FAIRSTEIN in an act of criminal judicial malice did NOT DISCLOSE the exculpatory evidence/DNA-SEMEN to the defense attorney’s.
The coerced confessions ALL had conflicting story lines and were at odds with ALL 5 BOYS them being fed DETAILS by police interrogators which corrupted the process.
None of the 5 coerced FALSE CONFLICTING confessions are admissible.
True the 5 boys were part of a larger group that ran wild that day in the park beating people up mugging a few…..
However CENTRAL PARK IS LARGE- very very large a BIG AREA….bigger than several football stadiums COMBINED.
Any given day there are many crimes happening in central park.
Yes the boys were engaged in general hooliganism – BUT they were not participants in THIS particular crime just as they were not participants in MANY crimes that happened in that VERY LARGE general area that day.
The police, the prosecutor this racist Jewish woman FAIRSTEIN all engaged in judicial and police misconduct with criminal malice in a coordinated conspiracy to LYNCH PUBLICALLY the 5 boys in a fit of RACIALLY DRIVEN MOB VENGENCE with DONALD TRUMP leading the pack calling for their heads via the death penalty by placement of full page adds in NYC newspapers.
IMMUNITY should be REMOVED from police and prosecutors who act with CRIMINAL MALICE as is shown to have happened in THIS CASE.
The BIG DANS POOL ROOM rape case depicted by Jodi Foster in the movie THE ACCUSED.
Set legal precedent to IMPRISON Donald Trump for exhorting Mob violence by his acts of placing newspaper adds – so too are the NYC newspapers who PLACED the adds ….their managers editors etc who signed off on the adds.
All that for 5 BLACK BOYS ???
Yes In 1 simple word YES.
Either the USA is a nation of LAW or it’s a nation of mob hysteria……one or the other.
And by the election of Racist hysteric Trump we all know what the USA and that Racist Jewish woman FAIRSTEIN ARE – criminally corrupt ugly racists.

By the way, lest you may be tempted into giving Fairstein the benefit of doubt as being generically overzealous to prosecute out of excessive sympathy towards rape victims, consider a different case, in which the forensic evidence was actually stronger:

On 14 May 2011, Nafissatou Diallo, a 32-year-old maid at the Sofitel New York Hotel,[63][64] alleged that Strauss-Kahn had sexually assaulted her after she entered his suite.[65]

Strauss-Kahn was indicted on 18 May and granted US$1 million bail, plus a US$5 million bond, the following day. He was ordered to remain confined to a New York apartment under guard.[66] A semen sample was found on the maid’s shirt, and on May 24 it was reported that DNA tests showed a match to a DNA sample submitted by Strauss-Kahn.[67]

Fairstein’s reaction?

Fairstein assisted District Attorney Vance in his decision not to prosecute Dominique Strauss-Kahn for sexual assault in 2012. Fairstein’s writing skills came into play in writing up the declination or decision not to charge.[34]

I wonder why?

Strauss-Kahn’s father was born to an Alsatian Jewish father and a Catholic mother from Lorraine; Strauss-Kahn’s mother is from a Sephardic Jewish family in Tunisia.[6]

Please draw your own conclusions.

Fairstein on the docudrama:

Linda Fairstein, the original New York prosecutor of the case, wrote of the Netflix series in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that it was “so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication.”[23][24]


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12 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: Netflix edition

  1. This type of thing goes way back. In the infamous Jack the Ripper case was obstructed since Jews refused to provide evidence or testify when it could indict other Jews. Situational and tribal ethics at its finest.

  2. Mza9 says:

    Come on you guys, Jews have “black” friends, they can’t be racist! Just ask Spike and Stan Lee for crying out loud! :D

    How ‘Black Panther’ Could Heal Black-Jewish Relations
    Created by two white Jews and featuring a mostly African American cast, ‘Black Panther’ might lead to reconciliation between African-Americans and Jews

    Seriously though, it never ceases to amaze me how comfortable they are putting their mental and spiritual sickness on display for the world to see…

  3. William Eastfield says:

    Checkout “Lord of War” on Netflix as well. I’ll try not to spoil much, but there’s this one scene that shows a bunch of IDF soldiers executing a handful of Palestinian kids, with the kids being put in a heroic and dignified light. It’s safe to say that seeing such a blatantly anti-Zionist scene in a mainstream movie, on a mainstream movie site, surprised me a fuckton.

  4. Mza9 says:


    Will do! You should check out Leila on Netflix too!


    I’m creating an archive of anti-Tribalism quotes for my website, and was wondering what you folks thought of this one? I’m tempted to discard it because of the “anti-intellectualism” claim, as if intellectuals are automatically above tribalism…

    In a neurotic society, insane ideas can become ‘normal’, the current triumph of tribalism is the result of rabid global anti-intellectualism. — Martijn Benders

  5. Mza9 says:

    Off topic:

    Journey creator’s new game is designed ‘to battle against the human nature’
    Sky: Children of the Light is a theme park for altruism

    “We also have to make sure the social dynamics don’t become hostile,” Chen says. “We want this to be a friendly experience … we designed so many things to battle against the human nature, to keep this world friendly…”

    “Accounting for all the ways players can use each other has also taken time to sort out. The developer rebalanced the game’s economy in an attempt to make its interactions more genuine. “[If] the only way to get karma is from people, then I will be thinking about how I will get these people to give me karma,” Chen says. “You become manipulative.” But if you offer players another way, their kindness toward other players feels genuine….”

  6. Mza9 says:


    Ended up watching Lord of War as you recommended. Not usually a Niclolas Cage fan, but the movie was good and worth a watch. I like how they point out at the very end that the five members of the UN Security Counsel are the biggest weapons exporters in the world. U.K., USA, Russia, France, China. Fascinating that four out of the 5 are the western “victors” of WWII, and all four are heavily Judeo-Freemasonic nations.

  7. William Eastfield says:

    That’s what happens when you sell your (nation’s) soul for silver! And I’m glad you liked the movie. I’m gonna watch WTSU sometime soon, and I’ll post my thoughts on it after I see it. I’ll be sure to checkout Leila too!

  8. William Eastfield says:

    Also, I will definitely be keeping an eye on Children of the Light. One of the first things that came to mind when I first read through all of that is how it’s very possible that game can perhaps become a beacon of noble inspiration for the youth of the world, similar to AS’ relationship with the Legend of Zelda series.

  9. William Eastfield says:

    Aighty, I just finished WTSU.

    It was emotionally painful to watch, but it was by no means a bad series. The irrationality of the Western court system in that series reminded me a lot of some legal, bureaucratic nonsense I’ve recently faced myself, so the producers really hit that nail in the head. I just wish that Fairstein ~at least~ was given all the sentences she gave the boys she framed, as punishment for her crimes.

  10. Mza9 says:

    On Netflix: Exhibit A, Episode: Touch DNA -

    20 Shomrim beat-up a “black” kid for simply walking through their neighborhood.

  11. Mza9 says:

    The above also ends up being an expose on how the Jewish community corrupts the local police department….

  12. Christian Bethel says:

    I’m currently performing a detailed analysis on this series. So far, as a “black” person myself, I find it infuriating. It reminds me of the overt and abundant racism in Sons of Anarchy, except no one in WTSU has used the word “nigger” yet.

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