Anti-Zionist harvest: Ivy League edition

In 2010, Penn was just under 20 percent Jewish, according to data collected by the Steinhardt Social Research Institute. By 2016, only 13 percent of the campus identified as Jewish by religion, a decrease of over 600 Jewish students. (When including students who claimed only ethnic or cultural affiliation, those numbers jump three percentage points.) And Penn is far from the only Ivy League campus to note a decline. To take another example, throughout the 2000s, about 20 percent of incoming freshmen at Yale University identified as Jewish, according to data collected by the Yale University Chaplain’s Office. In the 2010s, that number was closer to 16 percent. For the past three years, The Harvard Crimson has reported that about 10 percent of incoming first-year students identified as Jewish, according to their own survey. For the incoming Harvard class of 2020, that number has dropped to 6 percent.

Attention to declining Jewish numbers is not new: In 1999, The New York Times noted that the Jewish presence at Princeton University had fallen to 10 percent in the past decade, from a high of over 18 percent in the early 1980s, and warned that these “figures closely track a nationwide pattern; the percentage of college students who identify themselves as Jews has declined steadily over the last two decades.”

while 13% of campus identified as Jewish when asked about religion, the same criteria used for the 2010 numbers, an additional 3% identified as having no religion but indicated they were Jewish “aside from religion,”

In other words, Jews admit that Jewishness is not just about religion. But non-Jews who point out the same thing are “anti-Semites” (even those who themselves are Semites).

Then there is plain demography. The applicant pool at elite schools has broadened and become more diverse, including not just more Americans but international students, too. It may not be that fewer Jews apply to Ivy League schools, or are less likely to identify as Jewish, or are even less-worthy candidates, but simply that, as Penn’s Uram puts it, “It’s really hard to get into college today.”

In the same years that Penn went from being 20 percent Jewish to 13 percent Jewish, the overall population of white students—a category that would include most, though certainly not all, Jews—at Penn declined from 64 percent to 44 percent. That’s pretty huge.

Asian-Americans, the new subjects of admission controversies, have sued Harvard, explicitly fighting what they see as unofficial quotas that artificially limit their numbers. If they win their current court case, the number of Jewish students could decrease further.

In other words, the increased competition for spots at Ivies has resulted in fewer Jewish students, but has also opened these institutions up for other groups. There is no reason to think that Jewish students feel any less pressure to get accepted to top schools than their parents—but these schools are harder to get into than they were for their parents.

And as Orthodox students know, if the community falls below a certain threshold, it can be hard to build up again.

And that is how mindblowingly simple our strategy of demographic replacement is.


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  1. I know this question will be quite extraneous in regards to the subject of this article, but I must ask: what does have to say about the NSDAP’s suppression of freedom of speech and generally heavy use of censorship in the Third Reich?

  2. Mza9 says:


    Why was Hitler banned from speaking initially?

    “Who is Adolf Hitler? The man from the people, for the people! The German front soldier who risked his life in 48 battles for Germany! What does Adolf Hitler want? Freedom and food for every decent working German! The gallows for profiteers, black marketeers and exploiters, regardless of religious faith or race! Why is Adolf Hitler not allowed to speak? Because he is ruthless in uncovering the rulers of the German economy, the international bank Jews and their lackeys, the Democrats, Marxists, Jesuits, and Free Masons! Because he wants to free the workers from the domination of big money! Working Germans! Demand the lifting of the illegal ban on his speaking!

    “Heavy use of censorship in the Third Reich?” Really, can you prove this?

    The German press during the Third Reich had fewer taboos than the American press today. The only taboo I can think of evolved around Hitler, and, during the war, there was a law that prohibited “defeatism”. This was because of the negative role the German press played in the German defeat of 1918. — Living in Hitler’s Germany, A letter from Hans Schmidt of GANPAC, Published in the Hoskins Report, Dec. 1993 Richard Kelly Hoskins, publisher.

  3. Mza9 says:


    Have you ever read Goebbels and Hitler’s Wikiquote pages?

    You might want to….

  4. Just looked at both pages. There’s a lot of quotes that are either outright fakes or from false or biased sources.

  5. Mza9 says:

    I take it you did not read the ‘discussion’ tab on either page? I highly recommend reading those tabs on any given subject found on Wikiquote or Wikipedia….

  6. You must be “Nazrac”.

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