Anti-Zionist harvest: Illinois edition

More than 400 Jewish students from fraternities, sororities, Chabad, Hillel and other organizations walked out in protest earlier this week during a student government meeting at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) at which a motion was approved denying any link between anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

On Wednesday, the UIUC student senate passed the resolution titled “Condemning Ignorance of Racism and Equating Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism” by a vote of 29-4, with four abstentions. The document was authored by five student senators aligned with the UIUC chapter of the group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

“This resolution was written without Jewish input,” Lauren Nesher — a member of the pro-Israel group IlliniPAC — said during the meeting. “Not a single Jewish cultural house was consulted, and yet it purports to speak for the campus community.”

That’s the whole point of the resolution! If Jews wanted inclusion as part of the wider community, they should never have invented Jewish identity for themselves.

Or should we also consult WN organizations for input prior to such resolutions?

The sole Jewish senator in student government, Ian Katsnelson, was only made aware of the resolution when it was made public. “They choose to willingly not listen,” said Katsnelson, who also joined the walkout.

Of course we choose not to listen! Should anyone listen to WNs complain about “anti-Whiteness”? If not, then why should anyone listen to Jews complain about “anti-Semitism”?

“concerns were raised about a recent presentation with antisemitic content at a staff development program by a Housing student-worker.”The presentation in question was titled “Palestine and the Great Return March: Palestinian Resistance to 70 Years of Israeli Terror” and was delivered by an SJP member during a regularly-held staff training session on diversity.

The anti-Israel group described the resolution’s passage as a “powerful victory.”

“The time for silencing Palestinians voices under the guise of combating anti-Semitism is over,” the group said on its Facebook page.

But Jewish students had a different message. “We do not negotiate antisemitism,” was the rallying cry of many of them as they streamed out of a standing room only hall filled with members of SJP and their supporters.

And we do not negotiate with people who complain about “anti-Semitism”.

Katsnelson also said that he was completely unfazed about the result of Wednesday night’s vote.

“I feel that it’s actually pretty ironic, this resolution has even brought our community closer together on such a common purpose and common goal of being proud to be Jews on this campus,” he said.

This in itself shows why hostility to Jews is justified: they instinctively react to anti-racism by becoming more racist. Just like some other groups familiar to us…..

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3 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: Illinois edition

  1. Mza9 says:

    If you want to laugh and throw-up at the same time try and watch “The Devil Next Door” on Netflix, I dare you!

  2. Mza9 says:

    I take it no FBI agent has ever actually read the Old Testament?

    “Old stereotypes”…. You mean the stereotypes that one is forced to see whenever they read any of the texts associated with the racial doctrine known by non-Jews as Judaism?

    Undercover in the Orthodox Underworld

    I must think this one thought atleast twice a day, everyday, if not more: How could any person read the Old Testament and believe the “god” contained with in to by Holy and good? Only an insane person could pull something like that off, and be serious about it, right?

  3. Mza9 says:

    This must be the type of stuff that happens when you let Aryanists infiltrate your organizations?

    Leak from neo-Nazi site could identify hundreds of extremists worldwide

    Considering how many Jews have been implicated in White Supremacy since it’s emergence in America in the late 1600′s, and have been caught trolling on the internet for Neo-Nazism, I cannot help but wonder how many of those names in that leak belong to Jews?

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