Anti-Zionist harvest: Holland

Operation Gaddafi continues to yield steady results. Our enemies report:

Anti-Semitism on Dutch websites is beginning to spill out, reports the anti-Semitism watchdog CIDI today with the release of a new report on Internet anti-Semitism. The websites with the most anti-Semitic utterances are and, as the group discovered in collaboration with the investigative bureau, Kantar.

On as many as 286 Dutch websites anti-Semitic utterances are found, which vary from remarks that the September 11 attacks were allegedly carried out by Zionists, to Frans Timmerman being a puppet of the Jews, to the “Jewish lobby”, which is allegedly behind all kinds of sinister developments. Anti-Semitism is also rampant on Twitter and CIDI, and Kantar found some 750 tweets in which Jews were attacked because of their origin.

Remarkably enough, the websites that stand out as to the extent of anti-Semitism are often aimed at Dutch people with a migration background. On the Internet pages that have a lot of “incidental anti-Semitism”, tops the list. Aside from some consumer websites, can also be found in the top ten— this site calls itself the “virtual house of Turkey”.

On the other hand, “structural anti-Semitism” is practiced on web pages of Moroccan-Dutch origin. (“the oldest online forum for Moroccans in the Netherlands and Flanders”) contained no fewer than 85 anti-Semitic utterances, followed by forums.marokko (“‘the largest Moroccan web community in the world”) where Jew hatred showed up 53 times.

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2 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: Holland

  1. Mza9 says:

    The proper anti-racist response to a Jew that levels the “anti-Semite” charge against you: I’m not anti-Semitic, I have no issue with most non-Jewish Semitic people. I am anti-Jewish because I am anti-Racist and Jewish identity is racist!

    I actually said this to a Jew on Twitter once and they responded: “You’re selectively anti-Semitic!”, at which point the Jew’s whole argument falls apart. The term “anti-Semitic” literally implies a person is against all Semitic people. I replied, “No, I’m just anti-Jewish, like I previously stated, and I’m anti-Jewish because I’m anti-Racist”. The Jew stopped responding after that….

  2. AS says:


    Good advice! I would remove the “most” (which could make it sound like there are still some non-Jewish Semitic people you discriminate against), and instead say:

    I’m not anti-Semitic, I have no issue with non-Jewish Semitic people for being Semitic. I am anti-Jewish because I am anti-racist and Jewish identity is racist!

    (I also removed the capital “R” from anti-racist. Not sure why you included it.)

    “I actually said this to a Jew on Twitter once”

    This needs to be said over and over again until it is all over the internet. See also:

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