Anti-Zionist harvest: Helsingborg edition

Our enemies again do the reporting for us, as has become normal now:

a woman in her 60s belonging to the Jewish congregation was severely stabbed in Helsingborg.

The Israeli media, however, who were interested in the case the same day because of the woman’s Jewish affiliation, quickly published information that the suspect was a Muslim man.

The information came from the Israeli Foreign Ministry and also said that the suspect was previously known to the Swedish police.

Today, a man in his 30s has been charged for the brutal knife attack.

According to News Today (Nyheter Idag), the man comes from Tunisia but has received Swedish citizenship. … the female victim is reported to be on the road to improvement.

The good:

A knife was used this time, rather than mere punching (as I was complaining about previously).

The bad:

A woman in her 60s is almost certainly post-menopausal, in other words has already done whatever reproducing she is going to do. Why bother to go after such demographically inefficient targets in the first place? Why not younger Jewish women (or men, for that matter) who have not yet reproduced but who are likely to do so?

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